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  1. Adelle's lips pressed together. It might not be her place, as a guest, to chase the thief, but at least it would be more interesting than the party. And less dangerous. She said her words softly, but with the edge of excitement, "After him, Aravel; be my eyes. He's far more interesting than the peacocks inside." The great eagle cawed and lifted himself into the air with a few heavy beats of his wings, taking flight after the thief. Adelle followed, wishing propriety and station had made it acceptable for her to wear something more practical than the white kimono she was in. It would probably be ruined by the end of the night. She grinned. Such a pity. She vaulted the wall and landed on the other side just steps behind the Regara Earth-born, already ripping a seam in the dress to move her legs more freely. In her mind's eye, she could see the estate and the city from Aravel's eyes - and the thief. She grinned ahead at the Ragara boy. "He's going that way," she pointed in the direction that the thief was running. "Aravel's keeping track of him." Awareness Roll [Malachite] 2:06 pm: time stamp Malachite *rolls* 7d10: 10+10+4+3+7+2+2: 38 5 suxx to find/follow the thief through Aravel.
  2. Adelle flowed through the crowd of Princes with a quiet and humble grace, dressed in a white kimono her mother had commissioned for her before she had left the North. Making her way quietly after years of navigating the libraries of the Heptagram was easy; humble was far more difficult each time her name or her face was recognized and she was politely snubbed. Her heritage might be catching, you see. Stop that, she chided herself silently. You've got enough mountains to climb without giving yourself a permanently sour face to overcome as well. She made her rounds, speaking once with each of the most prominent members present to introduce herself and send the well tidings of her mother to them; to the host she also added her thanks for the invitation to attend. No one made comment that she spoke of only one parent; her father's actions stopped just short of legally disowning her and were well past casting her out socially. Polite social noises were made and Adelle sighed just a little in relief at being finished with her mother's business for the evening. She made her way through the lesser known Dragon-Blooded, made mostly of Exalts near her own age. She would pause near each cluster to see if she would be allowed to join; if so, she would stay for a brief time, long enough to learn names and faces and to take away a tidbit or two of gossip, news, or intrigue. Between forays into socialization, she sampled the various delicacies House Yoshoto had set out for the evening; when her more mercurial peers finally frayed her nerves past redemption for polite conversation, she took a handful of sweetmeats and made for the gardens of the estates where Aravel had been allowed to settle for the evening. Adelle rolled her eyes at the memory of a gardener's protestations that the large bird would eat the orchids. Orchids! Plants! As if he were some rabbit with wings! The image actually made the young Air Exalt chuckle. A pox on that silly man's orchids. Ah, now, that's not fair. The orchids did nothing wrong. And silliness is usually punishment enough for a man. Her nerves somewhat restored and her usual pensive manner softened by good humor, Adelle made her way to where her companion was watching the gardens from a high branch. When she held out her handful of treats, large wings beat a breeze through the landscape as the over-sized eagle made his perch on a branch low enough for him to snatch each morsel out of his mistress' palm. He hopped from foot to foot as he gobbled the bits of meat, the very near likeness of a young child being given pieces of candy for the first time. "You're a bit silly, too," she informed him. "But a little bit of silliness just every once in a while, that shouldn't too much harm, I would hope." She stroked his breast feathers gently after all the sweetmeats were gone and whispered with solemn gravity, "But only every once in a while, Aravel. Else we'll find ourselves as silly as the ones inside, and then what shall we have left to us?" Dress
  3. Being sent on errands was quite possibly the most demeaning task Adelle's mother had ever given her, especially on a simple errand to a place as far away from the North as Lookshy. The wink and not-so-subtle insinuations to "enjoy her Cynis heritage" while she was in the city during Calibration only added her irritation; the negotiations and correspondences could have been handled by family staff far more trained in such matters than Adelle herself, which meant her mother had sent her across Creation for a vacation. Adelle loved her mother, at least in as much as Dragon Blooded offspring were expected to, and perhaps even a touch more, but she was a Ledaal, not a Cynis. Debauchery and cynicism were not how she dealt with humiliation or her lowered prospects in the world. She should be searching for a worthy mentor or patron that would take her in, no matter if the patronage was secured on something other than her natural merits; failing that, a suitable marriage. In addition to that, she corrected silently to herself. For the moment she was indulging the one friend that had endured with her through the years as she fell from the favored daughter of her house to quiet a quiet shame now only spoken about in whispered corners of her father's house. His name was Aravel and his claws gripped tightly on the leather shoulder pad secured to her left arm; the great eagle gave a nervous caw as a group of Southern traders meandered drunkenly into his mistress' path. The most sober of the traders blinked at the large bird and then at the petite woman holding him. "S'cuze us, m'Lady," he slurred as he attempted to bow. "Meant nothin' buy it, just tryin' to git home, y'know?" Adelle had never been able to hide what she was, so after a time she'd simply stopped. She'd known some of the other students at the Heptagram to sneak out to a nearby village and gamble or whore like a patrician, but one look at her and anyone could tell that she had power beyond mortal kin. "Then I suggest you be on your way, goodman, before Aravel decides that you have other intentions." The men scurried off, too frightened in their drunken stupor to even look back to see if they were being followed. Adelle smiled at her companion and pet his beak with affection. "Well done, my friend. They smelled like an open sewer." She crinkled her nose in disgust and then laughed; she fished out a piece of moist jerky and held it up for him to take. One raptor-swift movement from the bird and the morsel was gone. "Shall we continue? I still have several letters to deliver today and then perhaps we can go for a ride outside the city before the sun sets."
  4. I've got the sheet off to you, Dave. I'll try for the background write-up a bit later, but it may be tomorrow before I can get it done for you.
  5. I forgot my sheet at home, but I'll be working on writing her up again in the next day or so.
  6. Dave - Can merits be purchased after character creation?
  7. I'm working on my character, an Air Exalted from House Ledaal.
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