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  1. Originally Posted By: IzanamiIzanami shook her head in response to the masked man's question, "I'm fine. It looks like some of our other helpers have wandered off." The wail of sirens could be heard now, heading in their direction. "I can stay here and help look for more survivors." She waved at the other masked or concealed metahumans, "Give everyone a chance to make it out without awkward questions, if you want. I'm already know for being...different...so it really doesn't matter to me." She shrugged, "I meant what I said, though. My mother owns Asa no Bara.* Just come by and say you're a friend of mine from the storm. She'll give me a call and I'll come over. Free food and drinks, someone to talk to." She blinked and belatedly introduced herself. "I'm Izanami, by the way. Well, I'm Izanami and I'm Setsuna Minamato." *Morning Rose Relentless slipped over, having quickly scanned the area to ensure that Cecilia was okay. Once satisfied- though he would be having a talk with her from now on, undoubtedly- he came up to the flying young woman and the masked man called Trace. "Call me Relentless. And I too can slip by, provided I can stay out of attention for the next bit. I tend to feel the same way as Trace here." Considering that his dark blue and gold costume was full-body and held a fully covering mask with only eye-holes, and his tense body language, there was plenty to corroborate his words. Admittedly, he appeared at odds with leaving for secrecy or staying to help, but then Relentless made his decision. "See you and the others around, Trace, Izanami. If that Death Magnetic bitch pops up, I'll be sure to come and deal with her." Then he headed for one of the buildings, thankful for the police keeping the media away. Entering one of the ruined but clear of victim areas, he clambered over and through the wreckage, working through the alleyways and side streets to avoid notice. He would get changed back into Mel Grimson, meet up with Cecilia, and lead her back home for now. And tell her that he didn't want her to risk herself like that again. EVER.
  2. The man and the woman were at ease, and showed the clear signs of being a married couple in their attitude and manner. Cecilia had gotten time to have a leisurely meal with Mel, and that was more than welcome in both spouses' books. However, the ease and quiet love of the moment soon passed- once Mel caught sight of the food court stalls with barbecue ribs, burgers and big hot dogs. "We're going to the Vietnamese restaurant." Cecilia's crisp voice warned Mel. He glanced back to his wife and smiled. "Nonsense, you need to remember the sensation of eating a whole rack of ribs, and hell, so do I." Her eyes narrowed slowly. "That's just not good for you, darling." "But-" Mel didn't get a chance to respond before being cut off in that same calm crisp manner by Cecilia. "We're going to Pho's House, or I'll be serving you collard greens for dinner for the next week." For the normally firm Mel, his face was struck with horror. "No holds barred I see." Cecilia smiled at his comment. "I learned from you, Mel."
  3. Relentless Real Name: Mel Grimson Weight: 200 lb. Height: 5'8 Age (apparent age): early 40s Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality (place of origin): American Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Red Handedness: Right Appearance: Mel is 5'8, 200 lbs. His muscles are definitely powerful, but belie the incredible speed also part of the package. His ruddy skin, short red hair and menacing brown eyes combine to give off the look of steely born survivor. In costume, Relentless is dressed in a full-body suit and a full mask covering everything from the neck up-except slots for the eyes- in colors of dark blue and gold. History: Somewhere in the early 1970's, Matthew Grimson and Melicia Grimson had a child, Mel, in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, then an impoverished location. Mel's childhood, perforce, was not easy. Matthew was a local mob enforcer, anti-Semitic, a rabid Daley and Democratic supporter. Furthermore being quick and harsh with his hand and words at times, but despite his harsh discipline the family held close together. His maxim of fortitude and ruthlessness that Mel has always remembered: "It's a damn hard world. Do whatever you gotta do to survive and smash the bastards." Mel took to it and soon started out smashing doors and shaking up the stingy with his father. Eventually Grimson graduated from enforcer to a mob trouble-shooter, traveling the US as work took him. However a few years ago, Mel met an older woman, widowed Cecilia Janet, and the two fell in love, and they soon lived together. Cecilia put up with Mel's criminal background, despite her being a white-collar media worker, but eventually she demanded to a reticent Mel that he quit the criminal life and they move to Emerald City. Then, several months ago, two thugs whose friend was killed by Mel went for him, vengeance on their minds. They discovered his home and turned their wrath on Cecilia. Though badly hurt, she recovered, but the pain it caused Mel changed his stance. Quietly watching her in the hospital, he disavowed his father's advice and chose to use his abilities for the better. They moved to Emerald City and married there, but Mel wasn't settled. It was soon afterwards that a costumed and masked vigilante began roaming the streets and dishing out some swift and hard-hitting justice. So far, there has been no confirmation by authorities of these reports... Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: None. For all his speed and skill, he is still a normal human being. Abilities/Special Skills: Drawn from his life experiences and decades as a career criminal, Relentless has an extensive array of skills and knowledge, including rather impressive acrobatic and athletic talents, observation and a network of contacts and information. However, it is combat in which he truly comes into his own. At peak of human speed, he is naturally gifted at all forms of fighting, but melee combat, especially his personal style mixing boxing, street fighting, wrestling and the like, is his forte. Generally he puts little effort into defense, as blocking and dodging foes come as second nature to him, and he can strike reasonably powerful attacks at a relatively low cost of accuracy if need be. Personality: Mel is a man who has been many places, seen a tremendous amount of terrible things- and committed plenty of them. Nevertheless, he is ashamed of his life and seeks to make it up with an iron determination. Beneath the tough and gruff exterior is a man who has changed for the better, and hopes for redemption. ABILITIES STR 3, STA 3, AGL 7, DEX 5, FGT 13, INT 0, AWE 5, PRE 0 ADVANTAGES Agile Feint, Defensive Roll 4, Improved Initiative 2, Power Attack, Takedown 2, Contacts, Tracking, Well-informed, Daze (Intimidation), Diehard, Fearless, Great Endurance, Assessment, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, All-out Attack, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Seize Initiative, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics), Startle, Equipment 2, Skill Mastery (Athletics) SKILLS Acrobatics 8 (+15), Athletics 12 (+15), Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+17), Expertise: Streetwise 6 (+6), Insight 4 (+9), Intimidation 10 (+10), Investigation 4 (+4), Perception 8 (+13), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+4), Stealth 4 (+11), Vehicles 4 (+9) EQUIPMENT - Motorcycle: Medium; Str 1; Speed 6; Defense 10; Toughness 8 • 10 points Combat: Initiative +15Close AttacksUnarmed +17, Damage +3 (Both often vary depending on use of Power Attack)SavesDodge +13Parry +13Fortitude +9Will +10Toughness +7/3 (Second number is without Defense Roll 4 bonus) POWER POINTS Abilities 72 Skills 34 Powers 0 Defenses 17 Advantages 29 Total 152 Complications Motivation- Responsibility: Relentless has decided to make up for his misdeeds and better things for others.Relationship: His wife Cecilia Janet Grimson.Secret: Relentless has made efforts to conceal and hide his criminal past.Identity: Mel Grimson.Click to reveal.. (PP Accounting) 4/20/11 - Issue #1 & #2 Rewards, +2 PP, Balance: 2 PP 4/20/11 - Equipment 2, -2 PP, Balance: 0 PP (Please note the above occurred with the permission of Jameson so that Relentless could be able to be appropriately present for Issue #2) 5/27/11 - Issue #3 Rewards +2 PP, Balance: 2 PP 5/27/11 - Skill Mastery (Athletics), -1 PP, Balance: 1 PP
  4. For those who don't have the relevant books but are looking for a quick summary of the FC setting: http://grfiles.game-host.org/2e_files/FC-encyclopedia.pdf
  5. Re-posted from a now deleted post in the Setting thread: Quote:Quick question, since I have seen a bit of the prologue (but will halt my advance accordingly): Is this game going to start pre-Storm, post-Storm, or other? This might affect my background when I get around to fully posting the character, though not significantly, I should add.
  6. Bloodmoney gritted his teeth. "There'd better be something worthwile in here." Then he advanced on the door and reached out at the latch-lift to open it. Then common sense intervened and he pulled back, taking several steps back. He drew the Bloodshot pistol and opened up on the door's latch lock and hinges. His first shots went wide, but his eyes adjusted to the dim light and then he was clearly on target. Click to reveal.. Attack roll: 1d20+10=18 Miss. Trying again: 1d20+10=28 Damage DC 20
  7. Bloodmoney looked on in astonishment, and then sighed. It seemed as if these things were simple creatures meant to protect the mushrooms from being taken by intruders. Which meant they had value, but if they were the only things around... fuck. Well, he could check to see if there was anything around that was else-wise worthwhile. He picked up the laptop and cautiously began searching again.
  8. I would beg to differ, Edward. If you think about it, most people have been posting. Because, technically Mel and the quartet are the majority of approved players right now. And there's ways to go it with just us you know. So consider this a poke to Max and Long: If you're still interested, let us know. If you aren't, let us know and accept these bomb-berry pies... I mean, blueberry pies.
  9. Bloodmoney growled, hacking and slashing with frustration, though he ran the risk of loosing his finesse, as he hacked at the little things. Click to reveal.. Attack roll1d20+10=15 Damage DC 20 (Penetrating 3). I doubt it hits though.
  10. For all the vicious attacks they launched, Bloodmoney was made of impressively stern stuff and drove them back with only minor injuries, before hacking and slashing again. Click to reveal.. Toughness Roll: 1d20+10=29 Not so poor, eh? Whatever the minimum result is, you didn't say if it was non-lethal or lethal. Attack roll: 1d20+10=20 If hit: Damage DC 20 (Penetrating 3)
  11. "Ok, glowbugs," Bloodmoney hissed, "if you won't attack, I will." Out with a brief glint of light to show its path, came the Blood Sword, slashing at the light creatures wickedly in Bloodmoney's hand. Click to reveal.. Attack roll:1d20+10=22 If hit: Damage DC 20 (Penetrating 3)
  12. Bloodmoney laughed lightly, though it was far less melodious than Tomas', rough and grating, though Shae and Edward could tell a strange similarity to the darkness in Tomas. It could not reach the heights of depravity that sheltered within the Night Lord, but it spoke quite eloquently for itself in terms of bloodshed in eternal war, stone men, and the like. "Considering what I've put myself through all these years, I'm more than willing to take the risks. And I have more than enough money for my purposes, gold lost its luster to me. My interests... tend to be ones that call for certain kinds of challenge." Bloodmoney continued behind the kin of Darkling, adding deadpan, "War is my trade, and not much more."
  13. Well, there was the security in this place, Bloodmoney considered, before his actions and reactions took over from direct thought. Click to reveal.. Initiative: 1d20+12=17
  14. "Almost." The red-haired man's voice, naturally gruff and harsh, conveyed this, as well making it clear that he would tolerate errors from his batch of contracted security guards no less than Edward's wife did. Of course, Mel Grimson had made sure that Edward had went only to the recommended companies, and used Grimson's special list of extensive criteria to evaluate the subjects. It was a wonder to see the man out of costume, though of course, his not quite pretty face seemed hardly less intimidating than behind the mask and coat of Bloodmoney. Though the super-villain mercenary had concealed his legal identity as best he could, someone of Mansfield's resources and willing to put in the time and effort and expenditure could reasonably connect the dots. Edward Mansfield has wanted as much a legal paper trail as possible. Though less than pleased to be contacted through the less than usual ways, Bloodmoney had been willing to provide security and bodyguard on the caveat that Darkling provide him with some of the Daemon Prince's dark magical artifacts as payment. It was not so secret in the underworld of villainy that the Mansfields were quite inextricably linked to the monster who rampaged in London at the turn of the century, after all. Grimson, having made his one-word statement, visibly holstered a heavy pistol into his coat in full view of his charges, and scooped up what at a quick glance appeared to Edward to be communications gear and a (iPad sized) computer tablet that combined portability and easy access to the security systems. Turning towards father and daughter, Grimson smiled nastily slightly. "Now we're ready. You're the principals. I'll be keeping a closer eye on you, and if the men do their fucking jobs right, we should be set." As Grimson joined them, he chose to seriously add, "And as head of security, I fear the lady of the house is on the verge of homicide."
  15. That sounds reasonable, though there is one thing I want to add. Just as the lower-tier villains positively are frightened of Darkling, Bloodmoney has them scared to a similar extent. If they were at the same party, Darkling would have seen the uppity Glacia try to pester Bloodmoney and suggest that she was better than him. BM ignored her, up until as he was eating, she started to get frustrated at being ignored, and he responded, "I'm not your mother, nina." (She was presumed to be Spanish) At that point, she attempts to attack him with an ice punch, but while sitting down, Bloodmoney catches her arm, pulls her down to his level, puts down his fork... and suffice it to say, killed her with a punch. It's the only incident to be known, but it freaks the lesser villains out. Just a detail to mention for edification. But yeah, neutrality is their current stance I'd say.
  16. Oh, he's got a mask and costume. He's not one of those named, major villains, but he's recognizable as one, provided ye have the mask and costume to go by. I think his face and true identity is pretty much been separated from the villain that people know about, which is beneficial in this case, I would think.
  17. Originally Posted By: Edward MansfieldI just put up a post in Evil titled "For Want of Power: Not to be Missed". The Mansfields are throwing a gala - reason to be announced at said gala - and this thread is open to just about everyone who has a reason and/or ability to show up. If you're anyone in society, you've received an invitation. If you're anyone in politics or business, you've received an invitation. If you're not, Edward may have hired you for security for the event (Bloodmoney, you would have been approached, if you want to participate). Or perhaps you have your own way of getting in undetected. Just pop on in, it's an open thread folks. Certainly, I would like to participate. I just want to clarify a few things for the benefit of you guys and myself. Bloodmoney is a super-villain now and hard to reach, but he naturally still has at least a few contacts left in the mercenary work he left behind. So either Edward got BM through the right people (definitely plausible from the vibe I'm getting) or this is through the Covenant network (Villain to Villain, equally plausible). So questions: 1. Which way did you take in the hiring process? 2. Is this job of being among the security, or head of security for the event? 3. What would Bloodmoney know about the Mansfields (Public-wise, Villain-wise)? He has the Library equivalent in his HQ so he can meet DC 20s for the appropriate knowledge checks, in a relative sense, just fyi. The price? Depends on how you answer the questions, but there's a likelihood to be non-monetary in nature.
  18. Bloodmoney paused for a long moment, and exhaled. Flitting little things, and yet, he couldn't immediately see any point to them, nor the use in collecting them. With an aggrieved groan, he decided to return to the mounds of mushrooms, and spent the time to pluck out a few dozen of the tiny fungi and store them in a pocket on the inside of his coat so he wouldn't go back empty-handed, if no more good luck came his way. Then, he scooped up his laptop/makeshift light source and went for the farthest ends of the room, trying to observe all that there was in this damn place. Click to reveal.. (OOC) Search roll if applicable: 1d20+9=20 Finally, something satisfactory.
  19. Bloodmoney spent half a minute or so assessing the potential uses of the mushrooms before deciding to come by a possible second night for the mushrooms. He had a bit of knowledge with explosives, as well as drugs and poisons, but mushroom cultivation was something he hadn't done before. No doubt these little fungi had some sort of use to them, but he needed time and research before plucking out any of these. At that point, he adjusted his gaze to the flickering lights, and smiled a tad. Something better now? Or something worse? The smile disappeared and Bloodmoney started a methodical progression towards the dotted lights. Click to reveal.. If you need it, Notice roll: 1d20+12=14 (I do not jest, the law of averages has chosen to take a day off.)
  20. Bloodmoney ignored the smells, there were worse odors in the world that he had dealt with, and this one hardly registered. Pausing in the midst of his progression through the houngan's hideaway, he extended the laptop screen as far back as possible, before shifting his grip so that he could hold the laptop before him easier with one hand. His free left hand plucked out the Bloodshot pistol, providing a simple line of defense if he was attacked by remaining minions of Saturday's Son. Moving about with the laptop to illuminate what was before him, Bloodmoney began an exploration of the chamber. Click to reveal.. Notice Roll 1d20+12=14
  21. Remembering the laptop above in the main store, Bloodmoney made his way back up into the shop and after some movement in the dark, plucked out the laptop from its location and turned in on, using the portable computer awkwardly to illuminate his path. After dropping back down the trapdoor while keeping a safe hold on the device, he went back to his searching, as best he could. The difficult use of the tool was going to hinder him though. Click to reveal.. Search roll1d20+9=14 Spending VP for re-roll: 1d20+9=13 Adding 10 for the re-reroll = 4 + 9 + 10 = 23 Villain Points Left: 0
  22. If I keep fumbling around in the dark and still don't find anything... it's quitting time. Bloodmoney sheathed his trademark weapon and went back to carefully groping about with gloved hands in the dark... as best one could without true super-senses. But he was willing to be slow and take his time, after all, he did have several hours of time. More than enough to search and depart if his information proved a waste, irritation as it would be. Click to reveal.. Search +9 Roll: I have some time, so I'll spend an hour to take 20 on the Search check. 20+9= 29 I suspect this won't be enough though.
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