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  1. Mel Grimson Personal Information: Birth Name: Mel Grimson Occupation: Special Agent - UK/EU Legal Status: [Redacted] Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Matthew & Melicia Grimson (parents) Concept: Irish version of the Gran Turino lead Nature: Survivor Physical Traits: Weight: 160 lb. Height: 5'8 Age (apparent age): 40 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality (place of origin): Born American, Irish all his life Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Red Handedness: Right Appearance/Personality: Mel's ruddy skin, short red hair and menacing brown eyes combine to inspire unease and spell trouble for people. He comes off as a crass, stony old man, fighting Irish and everything. Background: Mel Grimson was born in Chicago, but his Irish-American parents split, Matthew Grimson taking Mel back to Ulster, and it could be said that Mel never really left there. Growing up in an angry and tense era, he was a youthful member of the IRA before he realized that it wasn't getting their lot anywhere in Northern Ireland. Sin Feinn's slow acceptance in public life convinced him to put down the gun- sorta. Perhaps war had never really left his blood, but he joined the Foreign Legion and went through the expendable life for France. Such a life is never easy on the soul, and when Mel returned after nearly three decades of experience, he couldn't really get on well with the neighbors, a now largely ethnic Asian neighborhood, nor with his mother and half-siblings from Melicia's remarriage. Even an romance with a woman he thought could understand him, Cecilia, failed when she tragically died from Lyme disease she never knew she had. Mel just was lonely in a peacetime place, and life was nothing like he could deal with. Then, the arrival of powered refugees from another dimension led to trouble, when a Terat nova began causing havoc across the neighborhood. Even uneasy with his neighbors as he was, Mel dared to go out with his old rifle to shoot the bastard. Two in the head, glowing blue-fire rounds that punched through Goldsphere's force fields, and to Mel's amazement, he'd recovered a decade of his life. The UK hopped onto him immediately, giving him a re-forged opportunity to do good in the way he knew best.
  2. So this occurred to me from the Aberrant 2.0 project with Mala. We were incorporating the idea when we ditched Mega-Attributes of nova-level skills. I always thought it made a lot of sense, clearly demarcating nova capacities as reaching into potential specific skills at extreme levels. Something just doesn't feel to see a nova scientist that can outdo a passel of expert baseline physicists have a Science of 5 just like they do. Sure there's likely mega-Intelligence, but that's not all, right? Besides, this should help making stealth novas more easy for those who wish to play them. Let's start talking. Mega-Skills (as borrowed from the Arete setup) [1 NP / 1 Mega-Skill dot] Dots of Mega Skills Bonus Dice/Rerolls (Remove two dice from the bonus per reroll) Mega-Skill • Two bonus dice (or one potential reroll) Mega-Skill •• Four bonus dice (or two potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••• Seven bonus dice (or three potential rerolls) Mega-Skill •••• Eleven bonus dice (or five potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••••• Sixteen bonus dice (or eight potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••••• • Twenty-two bonus dice (or eleven potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••••• •• Twenty-nine bonus dice (or fourteen potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••••• ••• Thirty-seven bonus dice (or eighteen potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••••• •••• Forty-six bonus dice (or twenty-three potential rerolls) Mega-Skill ••••• ••••• Fifty-six bonus dice (or thirty-eight potential rerolls)
  3. I am interested in IE again, and this sounds like a cool idea. Ok, the Aberrant War though? If it got that far, it could be trouble from the get go. Because it was zero-sum, nova or human and that could just carry over to Cosmos. Maybe the Teragen and other groups tried this place as a bolthole for some, and thus we could mix our characters in the place of some canon chars and modify Geryon or other types for the versions that head through the 'Henge.
  4. Murder, Was The Order While the cops were trying to keep away the press, mollify the absurd egos and attempts to interfere by the family and lawyer, this left them barely any time or inclination to perform more than a cursory glance at the crime scene. This left Mel the sole true investigator on the New York estate of Jonathan Marcell, major publisher of cheap and tawndry magazines- and accused ironically by his own reporters of a shocking style of sexual practices with women not his wife. This was the kind of thing that would utterly destroy his reputation, plus his marriage and publicity that would sink his papers. Typical, Mel thought, knowing that the arrogance of the wealthy just got too ahead of them sometimes. Which made perfect sense that Marcell would put an end to himself. The examiner had confirmed that the magnate had -by means of what he could identify through certain pigmentation in the fingernails- died from arsenic poisoning, and the fact that he'd been alone in the study when found added credence to the signs of suicide. But Mel- who had been requested to lend a hand as a favor from a force friend- disagreed instinctively. Something was up. When he noticed the opened champagne bottle, lid on but drank from, he dusted it off for fingerprints, as Marcell likely drank from it. Strangely, the bottle seemed to have not been open for five hours. The smell and the tiny amount of froth left were indicators. Later on, Mel was explaining the issue over the phone with Whitley Styles. "His fingerprints were on the bottle, but it couldn't have been opened more than a few hours after when he supposedly died." "And what did the police make of your observations?" "Oh, Ferguson doesn't understand how that could be, deceased up and around after 'death', and his lieutenant isn't doing anything but sucking up to the rich wife." "Why am I not surprised? From what you seem to be saying, I fancy Lord Scrope is at work here." "Oh, I agree. Order picked up another high-class man in distress, and Marcell took a little bit of time to gloat before going." "How vanity reveals us all. Can you do me a favor and follow the breadcrumbs? Mel, you know how long we've had at it without any definitive success." "I'll see what I can do. Bye, Styles." When he headed back for the hotel, an alleyway shortcut sounded steps behind him. Three men with baseball bats were behind him. Mel sighed and cracked his knuckles. How typical.
  5. Name: Mel Grimson Type: Stalwart Origin: Low Class Nature: Survivor (Virtue), Cynic (Vice) Allegiance: Aeon Society Attributes Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Perception 3 Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3 Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2 Abilities Awareness 5, Stealth 3, Might 3, Brawl 4, Firearms 3, Intimidation 3, Subterfuge 3, Rapport 2, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Athletics 3, Savvy 3, Investigation 5 Backgrounds Backing (Aeon Society) 3 Reputation (Private Detective) 2 Contacts 5 Resources 2 Inspired Stats Inspiration 3 Facets: Intuitive 2, Destructive 1 Knacks: Body of Bronze, Indisputable Analysis Other Stats Willpower: 8 Initiative: 8 Speed: 5m/15m/26m Soak: [3B + Armor 2B = 5B] / [Armor 4L]
  6. Mel Grimson Personal Information: Birth Name: Mel Grimson Occupation: Private Detective Legal Status: No criminal record Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Matthew & Melicia Grimson (parents) Concept: World-weary private detective. Allegiance(s): Aeon Society Inspiration: Dynamic Physical Traits: Weight: 180 lb. Height: 5'8 Age (apparent age): 40 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality (place of origin): American Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Red Handedness: Right Background: Mel Grimson was born on April 14, 1898, in the less fortunate neighborhood of Chicago. Life was difficult for the family of three, Matthew a factory worker and the family struggling to get by. It was clear that Mel, with his energy and intensity, his parents knew, would go on to greater things than they. Indeed, in 1917, with high hopes, Mel went out and overseas to fight the Germans. The slaughter of the Argonne and the brutality of war was shocking, but only the beginning. The true aftermath that pained him was how the peace that Wilson spoke of scattered about in the wake of Versailles. And then, the rise of bootlegging and organized crime at home darkened his spirits. Indeed, on July 23, 1920, Matthew and Melicia Grimson became collateral damage of a shootout between police and bootlegging thugs. Utterly broken in spirit, Mel became more callous and hardened, taking on a private detective position for several years, fighting crime and whatnot with sheer force of will. In 1928, the Mob in New York finally caught up to him, and prepared a seven Thompson salute. When Grimson gritted his teeth and waited for the end, his body hardened up and the bullets bounced away. Having become a stalwart and thrashing his pursuers, Mel deciding on consulting the foremost experts of Inspired matters, the Aeon Society. Maxwell Mercer had the rare impact of introducing a touch of positive outlook and hope into Mel Grimson's worldview, and Mel became an agent of Aeon for some time, taking advantage of his business to send reports over to Aeon as intelligence. He hasn't regretted it since.
  7. Hmm. I am tempted by the sweet smell of Adventure! I might try reworking Mel Grimson so that he's more pulpy than the kinda gritty versions I've had so far. Either way, I am divided between Daredevil or Stalwart... - Jeremy
  8. Relentless was.... less than sure about his decision to visit. Given his past, dealing with law enforcement on a friendly, positive basis seemed the most unlikely thing in the world. But they had no real reason to look at him bad yet, and he didn't want to be the louse in the works for this emerging team, so he came as well, dressed in his costume. For Suprema and Incantatrix, the roar of a motorcycle signaled that Relentless had overcome his reluctance after all and showed up after all. He swung off the motorcycle and nodded crisply to the AEGIS agents. "Agents." Then a little more good mood in his voice: "Suprema, Incantarix."
  9. Relentless may be concerned, given his checkered past, but Trace's assurances should be enough to convince him to give it a shot. I'm up for that.
  10. Originally Posted By: RevenantWhy not give the guy some time to sort through his personal madness and get his footing back into posting here before we begin harassing about closed games. I know it might be difficult to think of something other than your own personal enjoyment, but give it a shot. Give the guy some time, geez. I thought I stated that I know this is not going to be on Kaz's list for a while. I'm just asking if this game is completely dead, or mostly dead. I'm not trying to put any pressure or time frame on anyone.
  11. Well, by now we know Ante is back, but I have gotten the sense that the return to Argonauts will not be immediate or soon. Regardless, I would like to ask, (and do hope not) is Argonauts going to be shelved for good?
  12. Relentless' mouth curled up in a wry fashion as he heard Blitz's question. He seemed to be gauging what to say, before a smile broke out. "Super-stubbornness. Really though, I'm just a man, except for the skills and fighting ability I've picked up through an eventful life. That's all to be said. Now, you can fire energy blasts and run like there's no tomorrow apparently. Anything else, Blitz?"
  13. Blitz: As far as I am aware only the people who have posted so far are actually present- Blitz, Trace, Incantrix, Relentless. Tum Tum might have been, but I'm guessing the sammiches in the Mansion weren't his style.
  14. There were flickers of movement out of the corner of his eyes, but Relentless ignored them, associating them with the other little bits of weirdness that seemed to be part and parcel of this house... and magic too, he supposed. To think this was the world he'd entered. What a strange place it seemed when you had the tight-wearing set with you. Blitz shoveled food in with an alacrity that he'd seen from some unfortunate indigents one tended to encounter in the poorer places of many cities and towns he'd been to. Damn, is this kid homeless? Shame I can't take her in without questions being asked, the problematic ones. Incantrix looked young too, but the wine and some of her earlier comments to Tum Tum suggested she either acted older than she was or... was older than she looked. Could be that, this is magic she uses. Course I ain't the brains of this outfit, am I? Relentless took a light sip of the beer Incantrix's hiding servants had scrounged up at his request. A small look of contentment was on the lower and visible part of his face, the mask pulled a little bit up for drinking access. It was amazingly better than Miller Lite. "Well, I think everyone can make their decisions for themselves as to meet with AEGIS. But right now... it's time we got coordinated. I doubt we've got the resources or official backing to be the Freedom League up here in Emerald City, but what we certainly need is the ability to communicate with each other fast and share information. If we're running into situations where we're going to have to work together from across the city... a leader then too, someone who can make the final decision if we can't agree when we need to."
  15. "How much?" Relentless asked, heading back to the group suddenly. "Sorry about leaving, but I believe in small government and privacy." He moved over to his motorcycle and checked it over for no damage. "So I heard something about Incantrix's place. Are we finally working out a group plan?"
  16. Ok, please place Relentless' house on the western side of the city, about where NW Market Street and 15th Avenue Northwest meet. Thanks.
  17. Similar to what Shae said, except also, a couple of players who said they would play didn't materialize. I guess we who remained got sidetracked as well.
  18. Hmm. Let's see. Hero points- I think it was good that you gave us a few more during the second Sortak fight. The way I saw it, we were running low, and he'd effectively gotten a full regeneration, but I'll get to that in a sec. Given that we had made a few full rounds without much success, I appreciate giving us one each. Gave us some oomph once we managed to get a grip on Sortak. Combat- The first fight was good, no issues there. Second fight... well part of the problem was that the dice were simply being pestiferous. However, I do have two thoughts. One, Sortak had apparently been given a full refresh of health and such when he appeared. I understand that this is four-color, and you portrayed it as the damage mostly being inflicted on armor, but Sortak was Staggered and -5 on penalties from being Injured. It was quite a vicious pummeling we gave him, so I feel credulity was strained a tad. The other thing is both good and bad. The Sortak micro-rocket barrage is a rather nasty power, which I honestly thought was some sort of power stunt at first. Fortunately, I appreciate your restraint in using that power.
  19. The police had little time to complain about the rain, or comment about anything at all, as they were sent flying by a speeding blur. Unfortunately, this was not the girl who had appeared to battle the initial monstrosities of the Silver Storm's outbreak. Sent about as they were kicked, punched or otherwise struck by the bullet that was the self-proclaimed Speed Demon, it looked like a very problematic situation. Officer Daniels had managed to take cover behind a damaged police car, and his few shots fired off had proved in vain, as rounds went through space that was no longer occupied a moment ago. At this point, he was praying one of the new superheroes would show up. Speed Demon was laughing uproariously, things were going well. He'd be the one people saw- and worried about. No more fly on the wall Wilford Wexler- And then the cavalry arrived. Traditionally, the sound of the arrival of untimely aid as portrayed in the media is not that of a thrumming motorcycle. Daniels, on the other hand, didn't give a flying fuck about customary signs of help, as Relentless rode down the street on the new motorcycle he'd obtained for around the city transport, and pulled up suddenly, going over the handlebars in a flying kick at Speed Demon. Speed Demon easily dodged backward from the blow, and recognized the hero who'd arrived. "You? You have no powers! You can't fight Speed Demon!" He charged forward, unleashing a flurry of blows. About a minute later, Daniels snapped the handcuffs onto a whimpering Speed Demon, limp with pain and hardly able to move. The officers who had been taken down were being gingerly helped up by Relentless. Once all that was done, Daniels walked over to Relentless, who looked a little beaten up, but not much and sighed with relief. "You all right?" "Yeah," Relentless replied, not seeming too worn by the blows he had taken from Speed Demon and the solid few but devastating blows he'd returned for each dozen. "We owe you one, thank you." That made Relentless incline his head, and he was lucky to have the mask hide his face. Never had a cop said such a thing to him in living memory. Relentless ended up faintly smiling behind his mask- and the sky exploded. Daniels and Relentless looked skyward, seeing the contrails of the burning object as it slammed into Mount Stanley. "I guess I asked for this when I put on the mask." Relentless growled, suspicious of these sudden events since the Silver Storm. Immediately, he raced to his motorcycle, and leaped on. Maneuvering slowly around the cops and parting onlookers, once clear of immediate obstructions, he went full-throttle and went as fast as he safely could within the city. Once outside city limits, the pace increased significantly.
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