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  1. Mel gave a curt nod, and the guide and guided soon came to the second floor veranda. After that, Dominic left, and Mel had time to watch, wait and brood. Leaning against one of the pillars, he reflected that one of the downsides to his position was that it did behoove him to come to social occasions that he'd rather not come to. His eyes raked from above over the newcomers, noting someone there, looking at an elder there, letting his eyes gaze over the scene.
  2. As Puck prepared for the guests to arrive, a feeling of menace, that something was scarily wrong moved creepily over him. As it swept over him, Mel Ganker entered. Surprisingly, (for Mel) his red hair was reasonably combed, and his clothes actually looked presentable for a formal occasion. His cold eyes met Puck's, then inspected the surroundings. "You've been busy Puck." The statement was matter-of-fact, and merely an observation. "My spot?" he asked, in a manner suddenly evocative of a scout making sure an area was clear.
  3. Mel chillingly showed a severe nonchalance in his eyes and face. "Your intentions may be very well. But as I am the Hound of the Prince, why involve me? It's my business when the Prince decides it to be so. But if this is a Lancea Sanctum business, then don't try ordering me around. I don't get stuck in politics if I can help it. There's been no trouble now, harass them, and you'll have your problem then." He nodded to both of them. "I wouldn't be a Hound if I were stupid." he warned. "Sheriff, Lady Foscari, good night." With that, he started to turn and walk back down the aisle.
  4. Mel remained calm and still during the Sheriff's surprise showing, but he inwardly growled at being pushed around like this. "I was one of them before joining up with our esteemed leader in Chicago, Sheriff." Though Lavinia was surprised, Ganker had always called York Sheriff ever since the arrival in KC, before that, Father York. "There's several, I understand. They present themselves, set up shop, etc, etc. Like I said, it's not as if it's my business." The last word was carefully stressed. Mel did know more than he'd let on previously, but only a name or two. And since no trouble was coming from them, he wasn't likely to be involved with dealing with the unaligned anytime soon.
  5. Mel chuckled quietly, in a manner that sparked a shock of involuntary nervousness in the Daeva. Slowly and slightly, he shook his head a little. "Well, you don't seem to understand them. For every outsider who wants to kick down the court, two or three don't want anything to do with the Danse. The majority want to go their own way, not tangled up with us. If they wanted to get in our way, they wouldn't be independents. Those that are left, who do... I'd like to see them try." The final sentence was spoken with a nasty grimace playing over Mel's face.
  6. Mel ignored the tone in her voice. "'Course they're still coming." he replied quietly. "They show up at the court, do the intros, go on their way. Not as if it's my business, unless they do something extremely wrong later on." He did know more, but he wondered if he could squeeze something out of Lavinia. Something making his job easier in the future.
  7. Lady Foscari wishes to speak with you. This is an urgent matter. Mel wasn't really sure what this was about. Though Lavinia Foscari had close links with the Prince and Sheriff York, their positions were quite different. It had to be politics. Not that the Haunt didn't keep his ears open, but he didn't participate in it, other than perhaps indirectly by following his orders given by Prince Gruskov or York. Of course, lack of social or political interest notwithstanding, he didn't feel it advisable to offend Lavinia. Hence he'd come in to hear her out, clad in a clean but obviously used sports jacket, shirt, and pants that appeared to be from Salvation Army. After the servant led Mel Ganker over, he quietly knelt beside Foscari and nodded. "Personally, in a past life, I was a Lutheran." He murmured quietly.
  8. Well, unless I'm mistaken, we have or nearly have the 5 required for the Vampire venue. Hurrah!
  9. Mel Ganker Nosferatu Invictus City Status 2- Hound of the Prince. Clan Status 1- His status in the city has gotten the interest of other Nosferatu higher up in the clan. Covenant Status 1- Being the Prince's proven and loyal agent gives him some respect from the local Invictus. Blood Potency 2 Red hair and ruddy skin dominate his appearance. His eyes are cold and menacing, combined with the aura of menace given by his Nosferatu nature. Many shy away from him with unease and fear, even elders of the court, as his appearance is backed by his position as an agent of royal authority. People know he's from Chicago, but probably only the other Hounds, York and the Von Gruskovs know much more about his past. Although not very sociable, he has a well known reputation as a loyal enforcer to Sir Von Gruskov, and came as part of Gruskov's entourage. Even so, many have not recognized the danger he represents to malcontents and rebels.
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