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  1. Name: Sakura Sonja Terra akura grew up in california, raised and taught by her mother and uncle, she has never meet her father and her mother has rarely been willing to speak of him, though she appears to still care for him. Both her mother and her uncle are acomplished martial artists and run a dojo where they teach the martial arts. As she grew up, she became an excellent martial artist herself, though she favors the sword as a weapon, and has studied both kendo and fencing. She loves song and dance as well, and with regards to her schooling she has taken both as electices in high school. On a different note, she’s smart, incredibly beautiful and generally kind, especially with young children and animals. She would be one of the ‘in’ crowd in school, if she didn’t find the various divisions of high school kids rather annoying, and she has a significant distaste for bullies, enough that she has interfered a time or two at school, and has encouraged some of the students to come learning martial arts at her family’s dojo. Sakura does know that her family is keeping some secret regarding her from her, but she knows they love her and trusts that someday they will tell her what it is. She does have some desire to find out more about her father, but is at of yet unwilling to press the issue.
  2. Sakura's first concern was also Kai, but when Francis took care of that matter she turned her attention to the ravaged and tainted world of Aradia, her home, her people, and she thought the spirit of Aradia was dying, the living world, ravaged by demons, many of the beings of Aradia, Asrai, Faeries, Ascended beasts lay dead or dying, and taint ravaged the world.. now that she has her powers unlocked by Kai, Sakura could see another way, a way to restore her people, her world to it's former beauty and glory, a very terrible personal cost, but in her eyes the sacrifice was worth it. "Take care of my cousin Lily, and fair thee well my friends, light be with you, you have my love.. forever." With that she reached out with new powers and merged her spirit with that the Living World, the sentient planet was dying, but then the light of her life and energy flowed into it like a tidal wave, as her Bankai form exploded in a blaze of light and glory such that none could look at her. From that nexus point, a wave of restoring energy flowed, the world itself exorcised of taint, healed of damage as Sakura spent all of her life and energy, a wave of green exploded from her location, trees and plants restored, a glowing whirl of white and gold appearing above and the dying people of the world rising to find their wounds healed and restored.. Aradia, you have my love, my friends, you have it as well, this sacrifice is worth it, let the living heaven be made whole once more by my life and love. Mother, Father, Cousin, I love you... Everyone on the planet heard those words, and from the world, there was a wordless affirmation and return of that love, then Kai cried out, though his words were barely more then a whisper that only those closest to him could hear. "No! Sakura! I can't let you die, you are all the family I have left." As Kai reached out with the last dregs of his own power to merge his with hers and to keep her alive, and for a moment he two vanished into energy with her, even that would not have been enough, save that the restored world lent it's own spirit and energy to the power of the Skeleton Key and unlocked the mystery of life and death.. Unknown to Kai, this was part of the way that a child was born to Asrai, and though he was human, limitless potential was unlocked in being a Skeleton Key, a single egg was engendered, born of love, sacrifice, spirit and power, the first child of Asrai to be born after the invasion and fell into the whirl, to wash ashore in the seas of Asrai... but, both of them were human as well, and though the joining was not sexual, it was enough, the merging also engendered a second child within Sakura. Then Aradia itself reached out and tamed the energies that were unleashed, restoring both of them to flesh and blood, with the combined power of the world and the Skeleton Key, nearly limitless for the moment. IN the next moment, Sakura stood in the clearing naked beside Kai, for only spirit and flesh had been restored, though both had their weapons, for they two were spirit, and a look of amazement on her face, she had given up all, and gained back much more then she had expected. Then her hand touched her stomach a moment, for she knew what happened, even if Kai did not, two children, one born of her in the human manner and one born in the manner of the Asrai.. As she looked up, it was to see several of the Asrai approaching, tears falling from their eyes for the wave of love and sacrifice still rebounded though the spirit of the world, and they knew what she had done. Then her father himself landed next to her, to put a robe around her to cover her and to give another to allow Kai to cover himself.
  3. This time she decided to get more serious, lifting the blade called judgement and drawing on inner passion and zeal she struck at the foe five times, each one in swift succession to the previous attack, her sword blazing with energy on each strike, though not quite her best, still quite good, and the energy blazing from her soul enhancing the force of each blow that managed to actually strike her foe.
  4. Sakura looked upon the Demon Lord and without a word, she struck, her form a blur for those unable to follow her speed, once, twice, trice, and the final fourth blow, each time with blinding speed as the blade that was Judgement moved with terrible force and speed, but despite it all, she was only testing her foe and testing her new strength and power, using her most basic off attacks and not even at the full strength she knew she was capable of.
  5. I know there was a time limit, I will attempt to make a post soon, but I'm completely too worn out to do so now. If I still can
  6. Sakura looked down at her blade a moment as she felt the expanding potential deep within her that Kai had just unlocked and her blade spoke to her. Her eyes closed for a moment as she spoke the words and invoked the power that had been unlocked, seeing no need to say anything else "Bankai." And in that instant, she felt a change though herself, her connection to the light opened up and every deed, thought and action that she had ever taken seemed to be weighed and measured, she faced her choices, her thoughts, her desires and those that were pure, that were unselfish and made for others, were magnified.. lesser intentions, discarded as unworthy of the greatest expression of her soul Stories of angels often had them saying to those they came too 'Fear Not', as Sakura transformed, it was clear why, the form she took was unfettered, frightening as much as it might be comforting. For a moment, her entire body went incandescent as though she had literally become light, then armor made of what looked like holographic armor, semi-transparent covering the flawless white skin, six wings extended from her back, much like when she manifested any of her powers. She hovered over the air, the wings not moving, her feet not touching the ground. Her armor was embossed with blossoms and feathers, a solid representation of some of the images from when she summoned the power of her blade In one hand she held a sword made of light that shared some aspects of her armor, and there were letters down the blade, letters that were more then letters, for anyone who saw them could read the words, even if they didn't know how to read, for the words transcended language itself. Judgement Circling around her head like a crown was a halo of seven floating orbs, connected by what seemed to be a thread of light, each of them shifting though a kaleidoscope of color, shining with some internal light within them, had a word written upon them, a word that seemed to be a single word spelled out on each of them, it was whole and it was separate. The reflection of the light from the orbs seemed to reach out and touch each of her allies, strengthening each of them as much as they did her. Mercy In her left hand there seemed to be a shield of purest light, but it was also part of her aura, adding yet another aspect of light to her makeup, made of holographic light, it covered her right arm, but didn't actually touch it. It too had a word that transcended language written upon it.. Hope Armed with Justice, crowned with Mercy, shielded by Hope, Sakura opened her eyes, eyes that were now incandescent pools of light, and she spoke with a voice that seemed to be almost as striking a tuning fork. "The Avatar of the Heavens is Awake, come brothers and sisters of the soul, let us finish this."
  7. Sakura looked across the field of battle at her mother, sadness in her eyes at what she had been changed to, and at the nature of the battle required, she was doing her best to assess the situation and make her move, but there was a hint of intial hesitation, she didn't want to fight her own mother... she had too, or at least, it seemed there was no other choice.. she couldn't bring herself to make the first blow, however... the emotion was too strong, her heart was in turmoil. Her eyes widened however, as her mother came at her as she taught her from her youth, swift, fast and without hesitation.. quickly she parried as best she could, and the clash of steel on steel was the first sound that could be heard on the field of battle. Once, twice, neither of the quick attacks managed to break though her intial attempts at parrying,but the last blow got though, though her natural toughness blunted the blow slightly, but it was clearly a lethal blow, her mother was definitely trying to kill her. It was enough to decide her next choices, she would be true to the spirit her mother had taught her, not her present actions. Her first step, to increase her defenses further. “'Heaven's Radiant Defense! Armor of Light! Shield of Avalon!!'” As the glowing shield of light arched around her, to protect and refresh her, she steeled herself and set aside emotion for the moment. Then she went in for direct attacks, one blow, another, and another, not trying anything fancy, just bringing in her sword and attempting to break though her mother’s defense, but responding with the same degree of force. She could sense some sort of dark force overshadowing the woman who seemed to be her mother, but she couldn’t isolate it. Of her swift flurry of attacks only one manages to get though, and it doesn’t do the harm it should, based on what she knew of her mother’s capabilities.. Back and forth the battle continued to go, her mother’s next attacks managed to pierce her defenses more completely, but the shield of light completely protected her from the force of her physical blow, but not the spell that she sent her way. More badly hurt now, but still regenerating the damage, she turned to unleash a much more powerful attack, for someone watching it would be like seeing a hummingbird in flight, the way she buzzed around her foe, moving in all three dimensions using her flying capabilities with her melee, and as she made five attacks, all but one got through, doing a significant amount of damage, both of them now dripping blood on the field of battle.. Her mother then unleashed her most powerful attack, it should have been nearly killing force, never in her years, had Sakura ever seen this attack fail.. today, she found herself matched against it. “Crash, Ryusei (Meteor)!” Power explodes from her mother’s sword as she completes the circle and slams it into the ground, sending rubble flying, some of it managing to break though Sakura’s shield and leave some nasty bruises. She then launched herself upwards toward Sakura cloaked in a wreath of black flames, as opposed to normal gold that Sakura remembered. A moment of purest clarity, as the trio of blade strikes moved toward her, and somehow, Sakura managed to do what no one else ever had down, perfection matched perfection, blow for blow, she parried every strike against her.. she simply knew where the blade should be to stop her mother’s attack... There was only one way to free her mother from the control that she was under, only death could free her of whatever had her under control and had so darkened her powers. Sakura flew up above the arena and unleashed her most powerful attack.. Light beyond the reaches of Eternity, Golden Fire at the End of Night, Dragon of Heaven's Light.. Fury of Heaven's Fire! Heavenly Dragon Strike!!' The blast descended down upon her opponant, three times with terrible force, then she followed the energy of the spell, the light still blinding, making it impossible for anyone to really see what was happening, even as she struck her opponant with her blade... And the impossible occered, once the energy cleared, and the energy of the attack shattered against the defense brought against it, her mother appeared completely healed, but the demon that possessed her taunted with a smile and a word. "That was all you had? You never saw your mother's surprise, did you?" Rather then answer a somewhat shocked Sakura stumbled in the air a moment and then shook her head and went in for another attack, and this time.. this time the demon controlling her mother made a fatal mistake.. and in three strikes, all blocks were such that that each one strengthened the force of the next attack, the first strike breaking the bones of the hand holding her weapon, the second smashing the blade aside, and the final one ended with Sakura's blade buried in her mother's heart, severing the cord of the soul bond that the demon lord was using to control her. At that moment her mother's eyes close, then open again and she smiles. "Thank you." She spoke as she slide off the blade. "Go with my love, mother." A tear slides down her cheek as her mother passes on, slain but free, and she steps from the arena to speak to the foe that sent her against her mother. “It seems that my mother's wishes prevail.. demon."
  8. "Mo..Mom?" There was surprise, heartbreak and shock in her voice as she responded to the woman who stood opposite her at the moment. "This isn't you, Mom, you fought this darkness your entire life.." It isn't fair. She would have said that last part allowed, but her memory and training wouldn't allow it, for she remembered her training with her father. "Life isn't fair, daughter, it's not our task to bemoan the lack, it is up to us to make up for it. Don't complain about the lack of justice and fairness.. do something about it." That was one of the things he said to her only a few days at the end of her training, before she returned to earth and found everything, different. Her sword was free in her hand, as she spoke the words. "But, if I must fight you to defend the light, I know your desire, that I give it my all..." She paused and tears trickled down her cheeks that she made no move to wipe away, and she smiled, a bitter sweet smile. "I love you, I will always love you, no matter what, whatever comes and whatever must be." Holding her blade her before her, she spoke the words. "Blossom Crimson Flower."
  9. "Wait.. I assume your speaking of the primal Chaos and Order, the forces that shape the multiverse? They must exist in balance, out of balance is crystaline like stasis with order, or a chaotic every changing mess with Chaos. It seems unlikely there is any intelligence guiding either?" She paused. "If your right, I have no idea what we can possibly do about it right now, but perhaps by ending this conflict, and bringing in the Seraphim, we can guide things more to our favor? Which bring me back to the question of using my link to this world to help end the conflict."
  10. Aradia was not simply a place of miracles, it was a living world, the planet was wounded, and perhaps supressed, but in effect, the world was a sentient and powerful being in it's own right. Their inhabitants had long fought evil and darkness thoughout all of the worlds, at the moment Sakura had been trying to connect with the world, but it didn't quite seem to be working, and she went to seek out Kai.. as a Skeleton Key he could open the way and they could seek the Seraphim Assembly together. She approached just enough to hear the tail end of the conversation between Kai and Lily. "I was going to ask for your help to seek the council.. but from the sound of things that may not be necessary." She paused as the other reason she had thought to seek him out came up. "Kai.. you are a skeleton key, an opener of the way, it is your power to deal with keys and locks, on all levels, even such places as the mind and soul." "I am partly of earth and partly of aradia, and from what you told me, I am the Master Key here.. there must be a way to use this to help this world and my people here."
  11. A peaceful, serene piece of Acadia, it hurt to look at it, to know what else was happening to her world, but it was a sign of something more, or a chance to reach out and touch the world, and so she turned her attention to just that, as well as to aiding any other Asrai who were close enough to be helped. Her failure to merge her spirit with the spirit of her blade did distress her slightly, but it was what it was. In the meantime, as she recovered, she began to meditate, to try and connect her spirit with that of the living world, this precious jewel that was now under attack, if she could help, if she could understand how to revitalize this world of her two worlds, she would do whatever she could, no matter what it might cost.
  12. As Skye used her healing powers to restore her, Sakura woke up and looked up at the woman carrying her. "Wait... where am I.. what happened?" the half-angel was trying to get her bearings once more.
  13. Sakura was hurting, she was a daughter of two worlds, one of them was earth, the other was Aradia, and each time she had left and come back to a world damaged, a world under attack, a world she loved and now a world damaged. And Aradia was a living, conscious world, aware and hurting, and tears slide down the cheeks of the lovely young angel, as she listened to the worlds of the the blade she carried, the blade which had yet to speak to her, and now had at last responded, the words a mix of chiding and encouragement... Turning her full attention to the blade as she battled the creatures attacking her world.. "The time has never seemed right, but now, my friend, my companion, my ally in battle... our need is great, the battle is joined, the moment is dire, and our people are dying... let it be now then, that we seek that moment together." She turned the full attention to the blade and began to attempt what she had seen and studied the others doing. Despite the attempt to reach deep, she found that she couldn't do it, she couldn't put what she needed into it.. "I must.. I can.. I.." And with that, she fell over, unconscious the blade in one hand as she dropped out of the battle with that attempt.
  14. "Allow me, Cousin." She drew her blade and whispered the words "Crimson Flower, Blossom." As the power of the blade unfolded to her, she reached out with her soul to attempt to speak with the blade, believing in the link between them... "This beautiful world is under attack, my friend.. let us act now to defend this world that I know we both love." with that, she smiled and looked into the eyes of those who surrounded them, and unleashed the power of the blade, with passion and fury.. 'Blossom Hurricane' the power of the blade reached out to strike everyone around them out to the limits of her attack, clearing the around around them as she entered the battle in her own right, bringing her sword to bear on those still standing.
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