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  1. Totally understandable. Thanks for the time spent and for your storytelling, I always enjoy getting to play Aradia in some form, and MH was particularly enjoyable.
  2. Hey guys, I'll have a post up there ASAP. Just waiting on some info from Dave first.
  3. Oneca's bluntness snapped Aradia out of her horrified reverie - she had, indeed, been staring at the projection in horror, even as people died on the display in front of them. She drew in a sharp breath, and nodded slightly. So much for preparation and training. ,, "She's right.. c'mon. Let's move it!" ,, And with that, she disappeared in a small burst, presumably heading towards the hangar bay that they had travelled through previously in the tour.
  4. I think it would be interesting to see some character development with Mouse. You've firmly established her as a very skittish, mild-mannered young lady who doesn't like to get in trouble, or become involved in conflicts or violence. That's a fun trope to start out with in a game like this, because there's BOUND to be both conflict AND violence. So I think it would be interesting to see the character learn to deal with that over time. That doesn't necessarily means she agrees with it, although there might be times when she does - when maybe violence does seem like the only way. But it would be interesting to see the character progress. Cirque here, for instance, started off as a prankster who just likes to have fun and was really lighthearted. I mean, her parents passed away several years ago, and that was awful, but in the normal realm of awful, you know? Her parents died, that sucked, but then she went and lived with her uncle and moved on cause life with him was pretty awesome. I got to the point where I felt she was becoming a little flat, and that she lacked dimension. Now that she's been attacked, and almost kidnapped, it's kind of jarred her awake to the fact that the world's kind of a scary place, on more than just the regular level. I'm also doing some character progression stuff with her growing up a little, developing the crush on Alex, that sort of thing. So I think it would be interesting to see Mouse develop more as a character, become a bit more rounded and complex. That's my suggestion.
  5. Aradia, on the other hand, had no such compunctions. In the spirit of friendly competition, she cheered on whoever had just struck the best hit. She was standing next to Alex and Sonja, and she grabbed onto the railing, stepped up onto the lowest rung, and leaned over it screaming, like a die-hard fan at an NFL game. "HELLZ YES! Nice one, Warren!!! Oh my god, she's gonna -- OH!! That had to hurt!" ,, "I sure hope so! This is gonna be awesome!" she said, watching her two fellow students go at it. "Dibs on the next fight! Who's up for it?!"
  6. She felt her heart skip a beat, and she smiled back at him softly, trying to fight the blush but failing. "You too, light bright." She wanted to just lay there for a moment, soaking up the warmth she felt radiating off of the force that was Alex. ,, "You know, every time we hang out, you end up unconscious. We should probably work on that." ,, He chuckled softly, and nodded. "Yeah.. it's not the company, I promise." ,, Wow.. you're not just flirting, you're flirting. You so have a crush on him. I mean, you've totally flirted with him before, but you're actually crushing on Alex Andrews, aren't you? This doesn't seem like the best idea, there's no way a guy like that could-- ,, Sadly, their brief conversation (and her inner self-reflection) was interrupted by the door opening, and Dr. Chase stepped back in, accompanied by the man himself, Director Drumm. "Well, how are you two doing? Dr. Chase says you seem okay, but I wanted to check on you both myself..." Drumm stepped up between the two of them, still talking, but Aradia didn't really hear anything else he had to say. Alex was okay, Caitlin was okay, she was okay.. and that was about all that mattered for now. By the time Director Drumm left, she'd drifted back to sleep. Alex was released right away, since he felt good enough to head back upstairs, and Aradia was released several hours later, once she finally woke up again. And for now, everything went back to normal... ,, --FIN--
  7. Sometime after The Lion, the Wench, and the Warzone, but before The Proposal... ,, Aradia licked her lips nervously as she leaned up against the wall outside the boy's locker room. They'd just gotten done with gym class, which was always an amusing adventure at Lawrence Hunt, and Aradia had rushed through her shower like a speed demon, in order to get done and out before the guys did. She wanted to talk to Alex alone, and unless she was going to brave wandering through the boy's dorm and exposing herself to whatever was going on in that part of the building, as well as to the teasing she'd be subject to from the girls for being there, catching him right after class was her best option. Otherwise, he and Sonja would probably be hanging off one another, and she didn't even feel like dealing with that. It only took another minute for the boys to begin trickling out, and Ari nodded to a couple of them and flashed them friendly smiles. Finally she spotted Alex walking out by himself (thankfully!), and waved him over. "Hey, Alex - you got a minute?" ,, The young Adonis flashed her that charming smile - the one he gives everyone, stupid! - and made his way over to her, hefting his backpack up onto his shoulder. "Hey Ari, what's up?" ,, "Well, I've been thinking..." She ran a hand through shower-dampened hair, and smiled a little, trying not to look like an idiot. "I just kind of thought that maybe we should do something for Caitlin. I haven't had much of a chance to talk to her, see how she's settling in. And I really wanted to do something to thank her.. you know.. for doing what she did for us. I don't know what yet, but I thought I'd see if you wanted to get in on it." ,,
  8. Aradia rolled her eyes, imagining all the sappy crap Sonja was about to start spewing about love and romance. She tried to swallow the feeling of nausea she was experiencing at the idea of listening to her giant roommate wax poetic about Alex. "This sounds like a conversation I do not want to be part of. See ya'." ,, She sat up on the edge of her bed, preparing to 'port away, but Sonja sat up quickly with a protest. "C'mon, Ari - don't go! Stay and hang with us, it'll be fun." ,, She hesitated, but remained on the side of the bed. "Educating Morri about the differences between crushes and love and lust and all that shit doesn't sound like a damn bit of fun to me, Sonja. No offense, Morri - nothing personal. It's just, everybody's ridin' on the fuckin' makeout train these days, and it's annoying. Even Morri here's lookin' for some action, it's like everyone went and ditched their brains for an extra dose of hormones." ,, Including you, dumbass. You just don't wanna have this conversation because you don't want to think about how stupid you are to have a crush on your best friend's glowstick. Not like you ever had the cup size to get his attention, anyway. ,, She hadn't left yet, but her very un-Aradia-like scowl of irritation was still firmly in place.
  9. Aradia had been quiet for most of the presentation.. unusual for her, to be sure, but this whole concept had her both nervous and excited at the same time. On one hand, it was awesome. They were going to be using their powers, they were going to be helping people, they were going to be kicking ass and taking names. But on the other hand, Aradia had never done anything more dangerous than her gymnastics, until her experience with Caitlin and Alex at the pizza shop. And that had happened to her, a feeling she wasn't comfortable with at all. But despite her nervousness, she couldn't help - just like the others - getting excited about the clothes. After watching a few of the others change, and after forcing herself to rip her gaze away from Alex, the pretty gymnast turned around and hunted for her own locker, hoping none of the others would notice her blush. ,, "Holy shit - what's all this?" She stopped in front of a locker that was a bit larger than most of the others, and upon opening it, found herself gazing at several different outfits hanging sideways inside. "Why do I have more than one?" ,, Violet made her way over to Ari's locker, grinning proudly. "Oh girl, I had fun with this. See, you're our B&E chick, right? All that teleporting, and crawling around on ceilings, and cool backflip shit? I have to admit, I was a little bit inspired. So I came up with several for you, and I've got a couple more in development. They're all made of carbon fiber, so it's got some protection to it, it'll keep you from being spotted by any mutant-detection technology we've run across, and it should conceal help any weaponry from most scanners, too. If you think of anything else you need, you can let me know. But with different outfits, you can be prepared in any situation, no matter what! Here, this'll probably be your go-to suit - try it on!" She pulled out a hanger that had a lot of black leather-like material hanging off of it, and grabbed a pair of black boots, shoving them into Ari's arms. ,, Aradia shrugged, and disappeared into the fitting rooms. After a few moments she called out to Violet, sounding a bit confused. "Vi - girl, is this a bathing suit?!" ,, "Yeah, in case you need to swim, or teleport somewhere underwater!" Violet called back. ,, "But I wear the pants over it?" she responded, sounding confused. ,, "Look, it's multi-purpose, okay! Just put it on and get out here!" Violet hollered back, rolling her eyes. ,, After a couple more minutes, Aradia walked out, looking a little dubious. She was wearing what looked like a black one-piece swimsuit, with a snug black leather sleeveless coat zipped up over it. She was also wearing a pair of skin-tight black leather pants that sported subtly padded knees. The boots were knee-height, fastened and tightened at the calves and ankles with silver buckles. She also had on a pair of black fingerless leather gloves, and a small backpack that was strapped snugly across her upper chest and over her shoulders. She also had a dual-gun holster around her waist, with the holsters themselves strapped to her thighs with matching silver buckles. There were small zippered pockets in various parts of the outfit as well, made to hold small items that she needed to reach easily, or keep from rattling around in the backpack. ,, "Violet, you've been playing too many video games." Aradia arched a brow at the other teen, but the smirk tugging at the corners of her lips betrayed her approval. "Why do I have holsters? I don't even know how to fire a gun!" ,, "Yeah, well, I thought you should learn. Director Drumm agrees that you probably have the natural talent for it, based on your enhanced dexterity. Hand to hand ass-kicking is fine, but unless you're gonna learn how to shoot lasers out of those glow-pupils of yours, you should probably pick up some kind of long-range offensive ability, don't you think? You can collect your new guns in the armory when you're ready to start learning how to fire one." Ari stepped in front of a mirror to get a good look at the outfit, and Violet stepped up behind her, grabbing the holsters that were balanced on the acrobats slim hips, one in each hand, and flashing her a mischievous grin in the mirror. "Besides.. they're hot!" ,, Cirque's Main Outfit ,, For the sake of our story, I would like to pretend this was exact outfit never existed in this world's version of Tomb Raider, and that it is instead a TR-inspired Violet creation.
  10. Vivi, that is AWESOME. LOL! Is that Jonathan Coulter? It has his feel, though I couldn't tell if the voice sounded like him or not...
  11. Before the two girls had a chance to delve further into the romance conversation, they were interrupted by a swift intake of air, a slight popping noise, and then Aradia appeared, dropping into a seated position with a quiet *whumph* onto her bed. Everyone who hung out in Sonja's room - and Sonja best of all - knew that Ari's bed was off-limits.. not because the athletic young woman was bitchy about her stuff, but more because they knew that was her dedicated "point of entry" when teleporting into the room. Even if you didn't know the rule, the "Stay Clear - Landing Zone!" sign posted over her bed was a pretty decent indication. ,, She glanced around, a bit surprised at seeing Sonja and Morri chilling out in the dorm room. Usually they hung out in the downstairs common areas with Alex. It was actually the first time in a little while that Sonja had seen Ari, other than passing her in the halls. The lithe young teleporter had been scarce lately - and on the unusually quiet side - ever since her near-abduction at the hands of the mutant terrorist, Primal. ,, "Hey, Barbs. Hey, Morri." ,, It was odd, Aradia had a moniker for almost everyone. But she'd never developed one for Morri. Sonja had asked her why, once, and her response had been a simple shrug, and a rare serious statement: ,, 'That girl's got enough to keep straight in her head, she doesn't need one of my stupid nicknames on top of it.' ,, "So, what are you two doing here, holed up by yourselves? Should Firefly be jealous? One rarely sees less than all three musketeers together these days, after all." ,, Sonja detected a trace of sarcasm in Ari's voice, which was unusual for the athletic gymnast. Ari loved to tease, but this time it had a slightly bitter undercurrent that reminded her more of her angsty sister than her normally cheerful roommate.
  12. Ari stared at him, her eyes wide with fear and shock. She swallowed, and when she spoke her voice was a muted whisper, even if her words were still Aradia-like. ,, "Holy shit, firefly.. you just went totally phoenix on us. D-do you feel okay?" ,, He gazed back at her with an angelic smile, a dreamy and slightly confused look on that god-like face of his. ,, "Yeah." A smile best described as 'angelic' spread across Alex's face. "I feel grea-" He stopped and looked down. "Naked." Her eyes flickered over his body, as if she were also just absorbing that fact herself, and then she blushed crimson, realizing how obvious she was being. Dr. Chase stepped up with a subtle clearing of the throat, and draped a fresh sheet over her still-hovering patient as Aradia gathered her thoughts.. and her hormones. Then the good doctor stepped back, critiquing him for a moment before nodding with approval. "You seem alright now, Mr. Andrews, but I'd like to check your vitals to be sure. Give me a moment to update the Director." She stepped out of the room for a moment, and Aradia glanced at Alex, her cheeks still a bit pink. "Nice.." Glowstick. "..recovery. Thought you were gonna turn us all into a triple-serving of blackened mutie for a minute there."
  13. Hey guys. I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I'm trying to get caught up. I heard things were moving pretty fast here, so I've read the main plot thread, and will try to slip in when I can, if that's okay. I know it's a stretch to imagine that Aradia would go that long without having anything to say.. (after all, she's one of my characters, LOL!). But I'll try to figure it out. Sorry for having been gone so long.
  14. Yes, with this many characters in a game, there's bound to be power overlap. As long as the characters (personalities plus powers) aren't basically duplicates, there's plenty of room for everyone. I'm not worried about it Sky, but I know some people want to do something totally original, so I just wanted you to know there was someone with a similar skill set. Although as Dave pointed out, warping is different than teleporting. Which means I have no idea what warping actually is, LOL. For some reason I'm not wrapping my mind around the difference... which, you know, isn't all that surprising, considering my mind is a little warped itself at the moment. ,, Anyway, no worries. Just letting you know there's a teleporting acrobatic prankster on the loose. ,,
  15. Aradia let out a low groan, and her glowing green eyes blinked open slowly. ,, "Thufuck? Wha.. ohhhh.. headache." ,, "Aradia? No, don't sit up, you've been sedated. Look at me." ,, The acrobatic young mutant blinked again, trying to focus. Slowly, the two Dr. Chases hovering in front of her condensed into one, and she drew in a shaky breath as the school's resident physician started to examine her. Then, suddenly, the glow in her eyes flared to life and she sat up, looking a bit panicked. ,, "Alex! And the new girl - where are they? Is everything okay?" ,, "Calm down, Aradia. Alex is right there, see?" ,, She glanced over at the still-unconscious heartthrob, and breathed a little sigh of relief. ,, "What about Caitlin? What the hell happened?!" ,, "You owe Caitlin a very big thank you, Ms. McConnell. She kept you from getting abducted. She's doing fine.. by the time you all got here, she was completely healed, nothing for me to do." ,, "I don't remember any of that! We were just.. I think we were waiting for pizza? Or maybe we had gotten it, I can't.. it's still a little fuzzy." ,, "I believe you were knocked out before the fight." ,, "The what? Man... I miss ALL the fun!!" ,, Dr. Chase rolled her eyes, and forced the young mutant back down into the reclining position. ,, "Tragic as that might be, I think you'll endure. Stay there, and no teleporting out of this room until I release you, do you understand?" ,, She nodded meekly, and settled back into the pillow. Truth be told, she still felt a little fuzzy and weak, and was in no hurry to go anywhere. Besides, whatever Dr. Chase said, she'd rest a little better once Alex had woken up, too.
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