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  1. Diana went to look at her own locker, somewhat curious as to what sort of gear that they had prepared for her, there were a lot of different possibilities and ideas in her own head, but when she opened the locker with her name on it, the outfit with vibranium weave was actually rather interesting, and included with it was a note. ,, Diana, your largest vulnerability is to fire and heat based attacks, this should help against those, reducing the force of such energy attacks, furthermore it gives you a greater store of energy and lets you recover your own energy stories faster, it's not very subtle however, you may want to think about that particular aspect, but it should serve you well. ,, She looked it over for a second. "Wait a minute, Daniel.. you didn't have a hand in designing this, did you? Or did someone copy a sketch of yours?" ,,
  2. Diana watched and walked with everyone else as they looked around in amazement at the Hub, which must have been here a while, and she began to consider what they had been told so far.. if it was all true, then this was carefully planned, with a precognitive guiding things, it was almost certain that not a single one of them was here by accident. She wasn't entirely sure what to think about that, she trusted that the Director had the best of intentions, but good intentions could produce terrible results, so the real question at hand, after all of the other factors were set to the side, did she trust the director's judgement? And that came out to a positive.. ,, There was a different problem then, if they were going to commit to this, then combat training had to become a priority, tactics, strategy, physical training, and that was an area that she needed a lot of work, unless she relied entirely on her powers, and that wasn't going to work all of the time, her energy stories were not infinite after all. "We need training, all of us, to work as a team and individuals, to expose strengths and weaknesses, if we're going to do this right..."
  3. She blinked at Caitlin's words, then she paused a moment to consider her actions and what had been said then she went after Caitlin, a touch hesitant but still feeling the need to encourage the other girl, she had done the whole alone thing before, she could understand why the other girl might want to take that path, but she still thought she should encourage her.. running out of the room after. "Wait, wait.. look, Warren's something of a jerk at times.. but..." She paused, logic indicated that the other girl was unlikely to listen anyway, her anger was too much a part of her, and actually made her a bit nervous, so she said her piece and backed off. ,, "Look.. just.. don't right the option off later, if you change your mind, I'll leave you be." As she saw her heading toward Curtis, let him deal with miss furious now, she turned and headed back into the room where everyone else had gathered, and then looked at Oneca in the corner. "Gee... what happened to her?"
  4. "Well, that's certainly helpful.. " She sighed. "I'm no tracker or hunter, so I guess we'll have to set this matter aside, though I really would like his opinion.. "
  5. "Alright, lets go find Curtis and see if he has any suggestions or ideas he'd like to add to our endeavor." She stopped looking at her microscope and stood up, stretching a moment, then heading for the door. "Coming with me, or shall I try and find him by myself and bring him back here?"
  6. Diana had said nothing, she listened to everything everyone else was saying and like Warren she thought it was predictable, she was able to calculate within a few variables where each person would stand and she listened to each of them. Of course, her position was almost certain as Daniels, she had already said she would support him in his efforts to find a path to peace between mutants and humanity, even though she wasn't sure of the practicality of the matter. ,, Her own words were short in terms of support for the idea. "I'm with them." She pointed first to Daniel, then perhaps to his surprise, to Warren, though she wasn't entirely sure of that, he might knew something of her own history, there were some similarities, at least in terms of losing the people she loved most in the world when she expressed her own mutant capabilities. So perhaps her agreement with him was not all that unexpected. She then shifted to indicate all of those who spoke up in support of the idea, before turning to those who were less in agreement with the idea, and she addressed Morri first. ,, "They didn't mean this the way you think they mean this, they said it wrong for you to understand, Morri, the idea is to resist those who would hurt others, mutant or human, not to protect humans over mutants, or mutants over human." She looked over at Director Drumm a moment. "With all due respect, Sir, you should have know to present this to her differently, Morri sees the world in a different way and doesn't always understand it the way you mean it." ,, After addressing the first of the wild ones, she turned to the other one. "Oneca, I'm not sure how practical this idea is, in fact, considering the bigotry and prejudice that is shown by humanity in general, but does that mean that we should discard the good ones, the ones who care and who try to help, just because some of the norms make machines that are programmed to destroy mutants? We need allies, if we're going to make this work, among both humans and mutants, and that's the reason to assist everyone who we can. No one is saying that we should help those trying to kill us, but some of our teachers and those who have helped us? Ms. Peterson is the teacher who has been teaching me artwork, encouraging my ice sculpting practice, and she's a norm, shouldn't we fight to defend those like her who support mutants rather then leaving them to die in fire?"
  7. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then replied. "Curtis might be able to help, I'm fairly sure he has the know how to assist in a project like this one, in fact, considering his sharp intellect, it might be possible he'd be even better at it then either of us." She paused a moment as a further thought passed though her mind. ,, "You know, getting together some of the smartest of us here at the school might be worth while in it's own right, I think we might be able to do some good for our fellow mutants if we put our heads together, as a sort of student think tank." As she considered that thought, another one flowed though her mind that made her chuckle a bit. "Also, it could be fun to test one another's ability with various strategy games, sharpen our thought processes for whatever the future may bring." ,, She stepped away from the microscope to turn her attention fully to Sakurako. "Your thoughts?"
  8. Attributes & Abilities Physical: Strength OO (- Brawl- Might- Throwing) || Dexterity OOO (- Athletics OOO - Archery - Drive - Firearms - Gunnery - Heavy Weapons - Martial Arts O - Melee O - Pilot - Ride - Stealth O) || Stamina (Determined) OOOOO Mega OO [Enhancements: Adaptation, Unaging] (- Endurance OOO - Resistance OOO) ,, Mental: Perception OOO ( - Artillery - Awareness O - Investigation - Navigation || Intelligence (Rational) OOOOO Mega OO [Enhancements: Analyze Weakness, Discernment] (- Academics OOOO - Bureaucracy - Computer O - Demolitions - Engineering OOO - Gambling - Intrusion - Linguistics - Medicine - Occult - Science OOO - Survival OOO) || Wits OOO ( - Arts (Ice Sculpting) OO - Biz O - Meditation O - Rapport O - Shadowing - Tactics O) ,, Social: Appearance (Luminous) OOOOO Mega O [Enhancements: Awe-Inspiring] (- Disguise - Intimidation - Style O) || Manipulation OOOO Cunning ( - Diplomacy O - Hypnosis - Interrogation - Seduction - Streetwise - Subterfuge O) || Charisma OOO ( - Animal Training - Carousing - Command - Etiquette O - Instruction - Performance) Backgrounds: Mentor OO (Katherine Peterson - School Art Teacher) || Concentration (or Node) OOOO || Resources OO Powers: Cold Mastery {Elemental Mastery: Cold/Ice – OOOOO [- Techniques:Lethal Blast(Liquid Nitrogen), Shaping(Ice), Imprison(Ice), Shield(Ice), Propel (Ice Slide)]} || Icy Resilience {Invulnerability: Ice/Cold - O} || Cold Aura {Quantum Conversion: Cold - O} || ,, Other: Willpower – OOOOO OOOOO || Focus – OOO (Energy Pool: 24) || Taint - OOOOO || Soak: 6 Bashing, 4 Lethal (+ 10 With Ice Shield) ,, Aberrations ,, Build Costs ,, ,, Experience: 108 Focus 2 || Cost: 16 Art 1 || Cost: 3 || Total Cost: 19 Art Specialty: Ice Sculpting || Cost: 1 || Total Cost: 20 Art 2 || Cost - 4 || Total Cost: 24 Mega-Stamina 2 || Cost: 10 || Total Cost: 34 Mega-Intelligence 2 || Cost: 10 || Total Cost: 44 Mega-Appearance 1 || Cost: 6 || Total Cost: 50 - 'Frozen Splendor' (Awe-Inspiring) ‘Living Cryogenics' Unaging || Cost: 5 || Total Cost: 55 ‘Icy Clarity' Discernment || Cost: 5 || Total Cost: 60 Focus 3 || Cost: 24 || Total Cost: 84 + 2 to Power Pool || Cost: 6 || Total Cost: 90 18 XP unspent
  9. "You think my own personal biology works like antifreeze on a cellular level? That would make a lot of sense, and has some advance possibilities if your correct, we might be able to make whole new discovers and leaps with regards to the science of cryogenics if it's correction. Though it doesn't entire explain some other aspects of my biology" She learned over to take a second look in the microscope looking for some indication that Sakurako might be correct. ,, "I suspect that each of us are different, even if those of us with similar powers, much of our power seem to be a outgrowth of personal issues, events, mental traits or fears, between that and the ability to consciously control such things, I suspect the mind is a very powerful force in shaping our mutant capabilities, after my family died in the avalanche, the world went cold for me, and became so literally, now I can control ice and cold, and ignore cold temperatures completely." She looked up from the microscope. ,, "How would we test it though?"
  10. Waiting a moment for Sakurako to get herself ready Diana began to respond to her words. "Part of the problem with pinning down mutant DNA is that it's all different, I mean, Morri's biology has to be insane for her to heal as fast as she does, it's certainly not at the strange state that mine is, why is it that I can control ice and cold, and not heat? They are part of the same principle, but that's not the way it works.. is it a biological imperative or a mental one, and is there really a difference in mutants? How much does out mentality affect our capabilities anyway." She paused. "There are so many questions, just about my own person biology, not to mention other mutant's, how the heck do we do some of these things, some of it should be impossible."
  11. Mouse was one of the mutants in the school whose intelligence couldn't be measured by normal IQ measurements, and her assistance was certainly welcome by Diana. "I'm trying to understand how an individual can exist in a state of cryogenic activity.. " she paused. "Actually, that's wrong, I'm trying understand how I can exist as such a state of being, or at least how close to it my own biology is. My hope is that by further understanding that I could somehow begin to understand the nature of the mutant gene as well, but I would need more samples then just myself for that sort of study." She looked up from the microscope to look at Sakurako a moment. "If your going to assist, and I welcome it, you might want to dress a bit more warmly, I'm afraid the temperatures around me tend to drop quite a bit."
  12. After her latest discussion with Daniel, Diana was brought back to something that she had wanted to know more about for some time, a better understanding of mutant biology in general and her own biology in specifics, that required study of her personal biology and powers. Why were the powers of each mutant different in some ways and yet very similar in others, how much did personality, event and experience shape one's powers? So here she was, in the school labs, doing a few tests on herself, and wondering if she couldn't get a few other mutants in the school to help with this.. sure, she could likely get Daniel to help, but that was almost a given, and she wanted to study more then just their two sorts of abilities. Many things about her own person didn't make complete sense to her, how was her biology shifted to cryogenic but still fully able to work and manifest normal, it was as though every cell was altered, and her body was tougher to, though not as tough as some of the mutants here. An exploration of personal powers and capabilities as well as the powers and capabilities of others was in order.. but first, to explore her own capabilities further.
  13. "Daniel.. " She sighed, and was silent for a long moment. "Sense my family died in Alaska, I have been somewhat afraid to have any goals, for the days I just wandered the northern wastes of Alaska, not needing food, drink or rest, I'm still not entirely sure how, but my best efforts seem to indicate my metabolism and biology are somehow in weird state of active cryogenic's, as much of an oxymoron as that is." She paused. "I've been afraid to want anything for a while, even when I agreed to come to this school, I thought if I wanted something, I could lose it, much like I lost those I loved, and I thought perhaps to let my heart freeze was the best way, that's why I chose to be Glacia, slow, steady and frozen. But that isn't really living, and I realized in the battle that despite myself, I couldn't stop from wanting some things, like you for example." "But my goal? A place of safety for our kind, where we are aren't hunted, outcast, or hated... if that can be found on your path, I'd prefer it, but if it needs to be war.. I'm willing to go there also, Daniel. After that, I'd like to gain some degree of understanding where our mutant capabilities come form... and then there are some things regarding us I'd like to discuss eventually, but that's much more personal."
  14. "Peaceful coexistent is somewhat overly idealistic, Daniel, I'd like to believe it's possible, but generally humanity doesn't do that very well at all, prejudice and bigotry are the rule of the day. If that is what we really want to do, as much as an oxymoron as it sounds, we're going to have to be prepared to fight for it." She paused. "Because not everyone is going to be willing to accept it, and plenty of folks on both sides are going to want to smash the idea." She turned on one side to rest her right hand on his shoulder. "I'm not sure it's completely practical or possible, but when it comes to certain ideas, sometimes they are worth doing anyway. But, if that's your goal, we need to start looking at enlisting as many others as we can to the idea."
  15. One Week Later It had been an interesting week for Diana, surprisingly passionate for her, who tended to be more cerebral in her thoughts and actions, she was very willing to follow Daniel's lead where he wanted to take things in their relationship over the last week, but she took the initiative herself a time or two. Still, in the midst of it, her mind was still active, still thinking and planning, and a major degree of concern for the future. Calculations filled her head, even while they were put aside for the time being, nothing was as important to her at the moment other then their relationship. Still, she had determined that there was a time that they needed to talk about the future, for mutant kind and general and for themselves in particular. Laying beside Daniel in bed, limbs entangled and her arms around him, she was prepared to speak her mind on the matter of mutant human relations at least.. the discussion involving their relationship could wait a while longer.. “I’m worried Daniel, I think we are going to need to prepare for matters to get much more tense between normal humans and ourselves... if your ready to discuss it, I’d like to consider our options.”
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