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  1. Real Name: Oneca Isabel Bahaar
    Nicknames: Demona, Lilith, 'Neca
    Occupations: Mutant High School Student
    Legal Status: American Citizen, minor.
    Aliases: Demona, Lilith, DarkFlame (all 'net handles)
    Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA

    Age: 16
    Marital Status: Single, dating Warren Verona.
    Known Relatives: Mother (Scandanavian, Asa's fleshing her out as she's ported over from Jason's backstory, she's already a Valkyrie-like Superhero), Father (Rahim Bahaar), older sister (Sonja Bahaar), little sister (deceased, Saja Bahaar)
    Group Affiliation: None so far.
    Mutant Expression: Attempting to summon a demon to fetch the spirit of her dead sister.
    Height: 5 feet 7 inches
    Weight: 126lbs.
    Eyes: Tawny Gold
    Hair: Black
    Distinguishing Marks: Intricate vine tattoo over her face and down the left side of her body.
    Strength Level: Low-end superhuman.
    Known Powers: Destruction, flight.
    Abilities/Special Skills: Goth angst.
    Weapons Used: Sarcasm, hands.
    Personality: Gothier-than-thou.
    Personal Interests: Poetry, mythology, Morticia Adams.


    Oneca is the middle child and youngest surviving child of the Bahaar family. Her father is a wealthy banker that married a Scandanavian super-hero; her elder brother became her elder sister a few years ago and was sent off to the mutant school in upstate New York. Her younger sister Saja died from injuries and exposure after sneaking out of the house when she was supposed to be down for a nap when she was about 6. Her parents have always felt guilty over the death, but Oneca took it the hardest and became obsessed with finding a way to contact her dead sibling. As she became a teen, this morphed into an obsession with the goth culture and magick (because with a 'k', it's real!). She triggered as a mutant last Winter Solstice while trying to summon a demon to go fetch the spirit of her sister while her parents were at a Christmas party. Her powers have morphed through her somewhat twisted view of the world and reflect demonic powers.


    She has shown the ability to destroy items with a controlled brimstone-smelling fire, although she doesn't seem to be able to control fire itself. She has the ability to fly, most likely inherited from her mother as is her well above human level of strength, though it is on the weaker end of the mutant scale. During initial testing she also once ripped through brick and wood using only her hands; there were burn marks left on the material. The triggering also greatly enhanced her body, though save for the strength only to the limits of human possibility instead of beyond; she also manifested a vine-like tattoo over her face and down the left side of her body. When questioned about it she merely stated that it was a mark of 'favor', whatever that means. She is being observed at the school for any other powers, as a psychological profile shows that she could be prone to abuse of more subtle mutant abilities.

    Character Sheet

    STR: 3
    DEX: 3
    STA: 4 (Tenacious)

    PER: 3
    INT: 4 (Pragmatic)
    WIT: 3

    APP: 5 (Exotic)
    MAN: 4 (Devious)
    CHA: 4 (Alluring)

    Abilities -

    Awareness: 1
    Investigation: 1

    Intimidation: 1
    Style: 2

    Athletics: 2
    Heavy Weapons:
    Ledgerdemain: 1
    Martial Arts: 1
    Stealth: 1

    Academics: 1
    Computer: 2
    Linguistics: 1 (Latin)
    Medicine: 1

    Seduction: 1
    Streetwise: 1
    Subterfuge: 1

    Endurance: 3
    Resistance: 3

    Arts: 1

    Animal Training:
    Carousing: 1
    Etiquette: 1
    Performance: 1

    Backgrounds -
    Allies: 1 (Father, rich banker)
    Attunement: 1
    Contacts: 1
    Followers: 4 (Two girls from the school - Rachel (goes by Raven) and Lily (goes by Lilith))
    Mentor: 3 (Warren, bonuses congruent with skills from living on the streets and knowledge/unlocking of power)
    Genome: 5
    Resources: 1 (allowance)

    Uniform: 12 (Nanofluidic, 4/5/3, 10% minimum cover)

    Willpower: 4
    Focus: 4
    Soak: 9B/ 7L/ 0A
    Healing Rate: 5x

    M-STR: 1 (Thrower)

    Quantum Powers:
    Flight - 3
    Entropy Control - 2 (Bioentropy Storm, Probability Corruption)
    Claws - 3

    Merits & Flaws:
    Sexy - 1 pt Merit
    Nightsight - 3 pt Merit

    Lusty - 1 pt Flaw
    Obsession - 2 pt Flaw (Ghosts/Death/Evil)

    Addiction - 1 pt Flaw (Nicotine)

    FB's -

    5 in Attributes, 2 in Willpower, 8 in Backgrounds

    PP's -
    15 in Focus
    9 in Quantum Powers (5 for Entropy Control, 3 for Flight, 1 for Claws)
    3 in Mega-Attributes
    3 in Attributes (9 Attribute points)

    XP Log:
    +108 (108) - January 2013 XP backlog
    - 30 (78) - Uniform 1-5

    - 6 (72) - Flight 2

    - 6 (66) - Claws 2

    - 14 (52) - Entropy 2 (Probability Corruption)

    - 18 (34) - Flight 3

    - 18 (16) - Claws 3

    + 5 (21) - Bonus XP from Four Hours in Hell

  2. Oneca nodded at Mouse and didn't even roll her eyes; it was war everywhere you looked and even her stomach was tied in knots. She raised her wrist to her mouth, speaking quickly over the comm as she dodged more falling bits of building. "Well, for what it's worth, here's my idea: Curtis, go see if you can make a friend with a Dread like you did with the plane. Sonja, give 'em someone their own size to play with while he does that and take Natalie, Alex, and Daniel with you for more firepower. Those things are built to kill us and making more of a mess of the city than anyone else, so we need to take them out quickly and permanently."


    "Kia, Caitlin, Diana, Marco, and Ari, go grab the norms and move 'em to the park." At a look from the nearest of her fellow students, she quickly explained, "Kia's nice and can adapt, so she can get to them; Diana's pretty-pretty and can put out any fires blocking the way. Caitlin can make sure you guys don't get killed and keep the norms from beatin' the crap out of the four of you 'cause they're scared and stupid right now. Marco can get a good line on their location and use his TK to move stuff out of the way, too. Ari's a 'porter so it'll make things go faster all around. "


    "Warren, Morri, Kazuo, and I will go take care of the shits that started this whole damn thing." She didn't give the reasons why, in her mind, the four of them were best suited to the messy task of most likely having to kill a bunch of mass-murdering mutant fuckheads out loud, but Warren had already told her that he'd killed people before, half the time at school was spent keeping Morri from flipping out and gutting someone, and she'd made a deal with the Devil so it wasn't like she'd be getting damned a second time. Kazuo was a little more of a wild-card, but she'd heard rumors and seen him and Warren 'sparring'; he seemed like someone that would do what needed to be done and not get all squeamish and hesitant about it. "So, unless someone else's got a brilliant different idea, let's go. Oh, and Sonja?" Her tone turned from grim to a soft sombre, "Make Mom proud, okay?"

  3. Oneca's shoulders rippled in a non-chalant shrug as she lifted off the floor and hung in the air. "My boyfriend and my sister are going, so that means I'll tear anything that tries to touch them to fucking shreds and no, I don't give a damn if it's metal or flesh." Her eyes flashed over to Caitlin, simmering with the rage that had stayed with since she'd watched helplessly as her little sister wasted away and died. The red haze around her was bright now and her eyes were shimmering gold. "I have been training my powers and I don't need a pilot. Everyone else can either catch up real damn quick or sit the hell down."


    She hesitated, frowning in Warren's direction, then tossed a look over her shoulder back towards the Adults. "So," she raised her voice to be heard over the distance, "do we got a pilot or is Sonja just tossin' people there?"

  4. Oneca flew over to Warren's side, checking to make sure her boyfriend wasn't bleeding out or dying from a concussion while everyone else was plotting how to debut as Big Damn Heroes against the government's Tin Men and The Brotherhood. 'Cause those were awesome odds twenty minutes after deciding that grouping up and putting on spandex (well, whatever the hell their outfits were made of) trying to save the world from the world was a shiny idea. Her eyes flicked up to the carnage going on in Manhattan and even her cynical heart had to admit that it was just wrong. She might talk a lot about letting the world burn and she was pretty sure she'd already damned her own soul, but just sitting by and watching the sheeple get slaughtered in the streets for the shits and giggles of some psycho mutants was something that stoked even her to a righteous anger.


    "You okay, babe?" she asked as she landed next to Warren.


    He winced and sat up, rubbing his head. "Peachy," he groused, but he didn't seem permanently broken anywhere. He watched the screens and grimaced. "What the fuck?"


    "Looks like someone started the war without us," she murmured back, crossing her arms as she glanced over the different news feeds. "Pricks didn't even send invites." She sighed and gave him a look, trying her best to sound disaffected and cool. "So, we're gonna go crash the party and hope both sides don't squish us like bugs, aren't we?"


    Warren could always see through her bullshit; his hands clenched at his sides and he nodded, ignoring her sarcastic tone. "Damn straight. You ready for this?"


    "No," she answered truthfully. "None of us are." She shrugged, "So sad, too bad, war's here anyways." She tugged her cloak around herself and focused on the silver "bracelet", feeling it slide around her skin as it followed the patterns of her thought into a full outfit under her current clothes. Corsets and skirts might look hot, but they were hardly the thing to be flying around a battle zone in; as usual, fashion was the first casualty of doing anything serious. It took her a moment to undo the laces on both corset and skirt, both falling to the ground at the same time that she shrugged off the voluminous cape. The outfit underneath was still black, of course, but had given in to the practicality of pants - skin-tight and black, of course - and a black halter top that scooped down the back and showed off nearly all of her tattoo. She picked out the lacing for her corset and quickly braided her hair back to keep it out of the way, threading the black ribbon through it and using it to tie of the end to hold everything in place. She was still in her belts & buckles heeled boots, but they were pretty good for stomping on things that annoyed her anyways and she was so used to heels at this point that flat shoes felt weird to walk in.


    She fidgeted for a moment in the new outfit, tugging at it as if it wasn't already form-fitting to exactly her measurements, then called out over to the 'adults'. "Hey, Sanders, if you're got the goods on the future, a little more heads up next time, hmmn?" She looked around the room, then held out her hands. "Well, are we going or are we just gonna stand around and stare at the tv like dumbasses?"

    Oneca's Outfit
  5. Oneca chuckled and crossed her arms, eyes still on the fight. "No, Mouse, she ain't cute when she fights. She's fucking hot. Big difference there, but then I don't suppose you'll understand for a few years still. I'll get you one of those Sex for Dummies books for your birthday, m'kay?"


    The teasing was almost good-natured, at least as close as Oneca's teasing really ever came to good-natured, but then she was a bit bloodthirsty and definitely no doctor. The fight was fun and damn if she wasn't going to enjoy the eye-candy while it lasted. She made a mental note to get Violet something sexy as a thank-you for Caitlain's outfit.


    She grinned, all teeth and dark amusement. "It'll have whole new ways for you to play 'doctor', little Mouse."

  6. "Good god, Mouse, do you ever unclench? This is a training room. Fighting is what you do. Besides, that," she waved towards the fracas, "is just foreplay, trust me. They're toying with each other and no one's getting more hurt than they can handle." She watched the two for a moment and added, "And it's hot, not that I'd expect you to, y'know, have a libido."


    "You're getting your ass handed to you by a girl!" she shouted to her boyfriend, always the supportive one in the relationship. He was right, though, Caitlain was all instinct in her fighting and Oneca was pretty sure Warren could take her once he got a feel for her....heh...images far less to do with actual fighting flickered through her mind and her grin became decided lascivious. Now there's a thought....and apparently I likey the girls. Or at least the three-ways. She cleared her throat, cheeks flushed, and tried to remember if she'd said that aloud or not. Mouse wasn't turning into a strawberry and stammering away in mortification, so she figured she'd probably managed to keep it to her inside-her-head voice.


    "If you can't handle her," she called out again, all sultry teasing, "I'll tap in for you, babe."

  7. Oneca laughed and shook her head at Caitlin. "You're hot, girl, and that accent is....yummy." The dark Bahaar sister let her eyes rove over Caitlin with same lasciviousness that her boyfriend had. "Don't feel ashamed to show it off, or to like the reaction you'll get. It's fun and if someone pisses you off, you can rip their face off from what I've heard."


    She glanced over to Warren and cocked her head, still talking to Caitlin, "Unless it's my boyfriend. Then you come talk to me, and we can figure out something." There was mostly teasing in her tone, but Caitlin could easily pick up the dark thread of implied threat from the hooded girl.


    She snorted and pointed at Mouse, "Besides, someone has to make up for that. I mean, I get Barbazilla in the pink, but seriously. At least she won't be hard to find."


    She moved on from Mouse, her cruelty all the more stinging for how casual it was, and gave Aradia's wardrobe an approving smirk. "So, I'm thinking I should arrange a girl's night out. Ari, Caitlin, me, and bar full of oh, god, I wish! We wouldn't have to buy a single drink, I swear."

  8. "Dying for something," Oneca huffed back, "doesn't take courage. Just stupidity. Anyone tells you otherwise either needs meds or is selling shit." She shrugged, not caring that the blind man couldn't see it and added, "But whatever. I have my reasons for being here, just like everyone else. Just 'cause it ain't all sunshine out my ass and American apple pie doesn't mean I won't throw down with the team, alright?"


    And that was as much ground as she was willing to give on the matter, at least for now. She headed out to where everyone was cooing over their lockers and super-spandex; her own locker was clearly and simply marked - Oneca Bahaar. She opened the door, expecting some sort of suit like the others had; instead there was an intricate silver armband laying on the upper shelf along with a folded card. She plucked up the card first and opened it, revealing elegant cursive writing:


    Make the most of it, my dear.

    You will need it.


    "Creepy and cryptic," she muttered herself. "Wonderful. Must be our new master, Man In White." She tossed the card back on the shelf and carefully pulled out the armband. It seemed to melt at her touch, warming to body temperature as it began flowing over her skin. Her tattoo rustled uneasily as the silver spread over her; the movement seemed to attract whatever the substance was until the silver was covering just the dark pattern, moving as it did.


    The goth girl smiled in spite of herself, watching it wriggle on her arm. "Cool...." she murmured approvingly.

  9. Oneca had stayed quiet and fairly sullen through the break, trying to figure out a way to make Warren see reason and walk away from the large 'oh, please kill me for being stupid' target acting like some comic book hero for Drumm would paint on him. Every time she thought up something to say, her mind rolled back over what he'd said, and she would slump a little bit more on the bench next to the basket ball court. When time was up and everyone went back inside, she followed, quiet and spiraling back into that dark place she hidden in after her sister's death.


    Drumm was talking again, and then Hunt - their mysterious benefactor revealing himself to be like some KFC commercial but without any secret spices recipe to go with. And Sonja, too, she added bitterly to the projected body count as she mostly ignored the babble around her. She isn't going to just jump into this with her eyes shut, she's going to stick her fingers in her ears and yell "La la la!" the entire time, because that's what heroes do. They were both going to get themselves killed and Professor Prophecy, with his Southern accent and "Ain't I such a white hat, I got a whole white suit", probably already knew how and when.


    So, you're just gonna stand around and watch it happen? Like with Saja? Her jaw tightened at the thought and her tattoo slithered at sharp angles across her skin. What's the point in surviving if you're the only one left?


    If Oneca said half the things she thought, she'd've been in a lot deeper therapy than Caitlin before anyone let her around other people. She squared her shoulders under her cloak and made her decision on the ride down the elevator, even managing to follow Violet's tease while Warren played with the new toys their 'benevolent protectors' were providing them with. To, y'know, go blow shit up and pick fights with other mutants. And people say we kids don't have good role models anymore. The snark actually managed to pull a smirk onto her lips.


    Well, dance with the devil and you're gonna burn, one way or 'nother. Might as well take as many bastards with me as I can before I go.


    Oneca had just made her way back into the room where everyone had gathered, completely missing Morri's request and Warren's retort. She leaned against the doorway, her cloak pushed back and her arms crossed under her corseted breasts. "So, I figure if you're gonna have us out running around like Mutant Special Forces, we at least get to be treated like adults down here. No stupid curfews or bedtimes....none of your business in our bedrooms at all, for that matter." Her smirk was sharp, the first test of their new boundaries. "So long as we play nice and get good grades upstairs, right?"

  10. Oneca recoiled as if Warren had slapped her with his words. He'd been through so much worse than she had - he was supposed to understand. The world sucked and most of the people in it sucked more. She'd learned the first lesson when Saja died and the second one everywhere from history class to clubs filled with assholes that wouldn't just let her dance and enjoy the night. She'd centered her entire world around hating pretty much everyone and now one of the very few she didn't lump into the "sheeple" category had gone and drunk the kool-aid. He was supposed to be on her side.


    She blinked back tears, crossing her arms defensively in front of her and turning away from the rest of the group to hide her shock and the swell of confusion and conflicting emotions that came quickly on the heels of it. She barely registered that the others were still talking or Morri and Curtis' exits from the room. Anger had always been her refuge from confusion or pain, but she didn't want to be angry at him. To yell at him and say things she shouldn't. He wasn't like the rest of her family. They had to love her. They had to be there, even when she was being bitch. Warren didn't. He could just...leave. She glanced over to him, averting her eyes before his could catch hers.


    The things he'd said, about wanting his mother to be proud of him, she didn't have any way to counter that. Who could compete against the memory of a dead mother? He was going to get himself killed trying to save people that didn't give a shit about him. To make his mother proud. She was going to lose him either way. The room was suddenly too hot and her corset felt like it was cinched two inches too tight. She couldn't catch her breath and everything was starting to spin. She slumped against the wall and let herself slide down to the floor, pulling up the hood of her cloak to keep her face hidden from the others. She wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling the rest of her cloak around her. It wasn't really armor and it couldn't make the stupid things about the world disappear, but she could pretend.

  11. "Are you kidding me?" Incredulity actually managed to scrub all sarcasm from Oneca's voice. "They're not going to see a difference between one group of muties or another. They'll just call it mutant gang warfare or vigilantism. They. Made. Giant. Killer. Robots. To Hunt. Us. Down."


    She glanced at Sonja, her jaw and fists tightening. "They don't even care if they kill the peons on that this point, if it means getting to us. And the sheeple are just as afraid us as the politicians and priests. Hell, they're still killing each other over skin color or dribble in different books. And you want us to stick our necks out for these people?"


    "They'll never trust us," her tattoo had darkened and was slithering angrily over the left side of her face. "We can do things they'll never be able to. Just by existing, we change everything. We mean that everything is changing. And you think running around and fighting with the other new kids on the block is going to make them happy about that?" She stood up, stepping next to Morri. "I'm with her. I'll save other mutants, but I'm not going to put my life on the line for some norm that would just as well see me dissected in a lab or hung for public amusement because I'm not like them."


    "Keep your blinders on if you want, Sunshine," she crossed her arms, "but it just means you won't see the bullet that kills you."

  12. As usual, Oneca managed to show up with Warren at just the right moment. "Yeah, Sonja, Alex, show Morri fucking now." She motioned at Alex and then burst out laughing into Warren's shoulder. "I-I'm sure it'd be....educational," she was giggling so hard she could barely speak, "for everyone involved."


    She managed to straighten up and get a hold of her giggles enough to give Morri a mock-serious look, "Though you might want to ask more experienced teachers, Morri. I'm pretty sure Barbie and Sunshine are still riding the virgin train." She gave her sister a challenging look and winked at Alex.


    Morri just stared at her with those confused red eyes, "Vir gin train?" She peered at Sonja and Alex, then declared, "Stan ding. Not ri ding."


    "They haven't had sex, uh done fucking, before," Oneca responded, knocked a bit off her teasing track by the feral mutant's child-like ignorance. She shook her head, still holding on to Warren's arm. "You guys always have the most fascinating conversations."

  13. Oneca gave a jaded slow clap. "If you burn the barn down, you're making us a new make-out spot, Sparky."


    She leaned back and watched her boyfriend work, a small grin gracing her lips as she thought over the same sort of lesson she and Warren had. If this one ended with him and Curtis making out, she was going to be a bit weirded out. And take pictures for blackmail.


    She studied the scorch mark for a moment, then asked, "So, can you do anything other than blast shit with it? I mean, that's fine, I guess, but it'd be way more useful if you could charge your cellphone with it - without blowing it up." Her words were shallow, but Warren knew that look. She really was thinking about other applications of the power, about to harness electricity itself and make it more than just a Fourth of July special effect. Curtis would probably do it a bajilion times faster than her, but she'd never claimed to be the A student.


    She had found some innovative uses for her ability to fly, though.....

  14. Oneca ghost in behind the two boys, arching a brow at the odd site. She landed on the ground with a crunch of snow and crossed her arms. "Y'know, I'm not opposed to the idea of a threesome, Rev, but him?" She strode towards her boyfriend, all sultry smolder and teasing teen. "And if this isn't about making out, you owe me. It's freezing out here and I expect to be kept warm."

    Dressed in her usual corset, skin-tight pants, and flowing cloak, she hardly looked cold, but neither of the boys were about to contradict the tempestuous younger Bahaar sister. She pulled Warren into a less-than-platonic hug, pulling him down into a show-off kiss.

    Once they both finally had to surface for a breath, she glanced at Curtis as if just really noticing him for the first time. "Hey there, Sparky. Tryin' to set the barn on fire?"

  15. Oneca arched a brow at Curtis' slip of the tongue and subsequent reaction. She shrugged, "Who the hell am I gonna' tell, poindexter?" Not that she really had any clue what he was talking about, but it just didn't do to let him know that.

    She'd finished most of her lunch while Curtis and Revenant had been debating the finer points of Milton's religious philosophy. "And why can't it be both? I mean, 'evil' as it's defined in Lost being seductive and Milton being willingly seduced." She smirked at Warren, playfully licking off the last bits of vanilla pudding from her spoon to elucidate her point. "Evil's only evil from your point of view, anyways. It's perfectly fine or completely salacious to others and who gives a shit what they think? Milton had a hard-on for the Devil no matter which way he jumped on the theological divide. I think that's more interesting. Love 'em or hate 'em, if you feel strongly about a person or people, you can't ignore them."

    Her life was study in not being able to ignore the people around her, no matter how much she put on airs about not caring nor even if the person was dead. Especially if the person was dead. She idly wondered if there was a Heaven and a Hell, if God was a dick enough to kick her little sister out of his private club in the sky. It surprised her not that she did think He was, but that the thought of her sister in Hell made her sad. But if she was, then Oneca would get to see her some day, right? There was no way any sane deity would ever let her past pearly gates. She pretty much defined the 'Naughty' list, was damn good at it, and had a lot of fun doing it. Even if she was Catholic, no amount of pretending at Confession would ever make her truly regret it, either.

    She scrunched her nose at her train of thought, then shrugged again. There was nothing for it; she'd made her Pact. If Saja was in Heaven, maybe Sonja would get to see her once she finally kicked the bucket into the afterlife.

    Oneca considered something else and added, "Maybe he was just gay and the Devil represents his conflict between the asswipe homophobic culture he lived and his feelings for that boyhood friend most people think he was in love with. Worshiping the love you're not allowed to have."

  16. Oneca slipped over next to her boyfriend and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. "They're just basking in the awesome that is you," she stated in utter confidence and sincerity. Her glance to the others around dared any of those present to contradict her.

    She was honestly a bit surprised herself at Revenant's waxing over the poem. She liked it, but he seemed in love with it. She actually had to fight down a flash of jealousy that something else had such a hold on his heart. She snuggled in a bit tighter to him and quietly quoted,

    "Knowledge forbidden?

    Suspicious, reasonless. Why should their Lord

    Envy them that? Can it be a sin to know?

    Can it be death?"

    Memories and images flicked through her mind, brought up by the oft-read quote. She curled up on her side against him, her head resting on his shoulder as her mood turned more somber.

  17. "What a self-serving twit," Oneca mused as Mouse ran past her and out of the cafeteria. Then she shrugged, letting the whole incident just slide off her like silk. "Better a monster than a mouse, anyways."

    She readjusted her tray and scanned the room for somewhere to sit, but muttered to herself, "Besides, Warren's the only reason I let them take us in. But she just has to put herself in the center of everything, like some unsung martyr. Martyrs end up bled dry, little rat." Her eyes tracked to where the girl had fled, something with a passing resemblence to concern or pity crossing her expression for the briefest moment. "Hope you learn that before some 'cides to demonstrate on you."

    She started to move off, wondering aloud, "I wonder if there are any cupcakes left.....?"

  18. "Little rat, I start in the 9th circle, thank you very much. And I don't leave notes. If I'm going to fuck with you, it'll be right to your face. But unlike you, I do have friends. And respect." If she was lying, she was well-practiced at it.

    She shook her head and gave Kia a mock-helpless look. "See what I mean? Fat little rats with swelled heads running amok in the cafeteria. Stick to strays like Morri. At least they have some redeeming value."

  19. An indelicate snort erupted from behind Daniel as Oneca swept along the table, a tray of food carelessly balanced in one had. "That's because it's actually interesting for once, Danny-boy." She grinned with that almost-but-not-quite edge of both flirting and cruelty, "I'd think with your...hotness...you'd rather like a story that shows demons as freedom fighters instead of angel-fodder. It's, like, the story of every teenager, anyways."

    She shugged and glanced around at the table, giving Sonja a non-commital nod and then glaring at Mouse once she spotted her. "Kia," she started mildly, acid rising with in tone with every word, "don't feed the rodents. Then they'll think you want them here and you'll never get rid of them. Imagine what the health inspectors will say."

  20. You always have options. People are not (usually) so rigid that they never walk a bit outside the lines or get caught up in an idea.

    You're incredibly black and white about things and give up at the drop of a hat. Do that if that's how you get your jollies, but mostly you just seem to find a reason why something can't work (from what I've seen, usually the first time there's a negative consequence for something for your character), then throw up you hands all helplessly and quit.

    Your characters and presence in a game would go a bit farther if you had just a bit of flexibility and faith in others, both the ST and fellow players.

  21. The idea was not nixed, it was simply pointed out that Drumm didn't need a super-bus and wouldn't just hand-wave approval of the idea. Not every storyline or character actions needs to be NPC-sanctioned. It's perfectly okay, even interesting, to have a character choose a path you know isn't going to go perfectly the way they want. It provides opportunity for character growth, interaction with other characters, and adding some actual pathos to the story.

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