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  1. She put one manicured purple-orchid fingernail to her lips and tapped it there, making a great show of thinking this quandary over. "Well.....I suppose there are three paths you could take. The first is to spend the evening as my bitch, constantly apologizing and doing what ever demeaning tasks I demand of you....." She grinned at his expression and crinkled her nose. "I thought not." Another tap, "The second would be to blush a lot and then avoid me for the next however many years we're stuck here before they boot us out or someone decides that a nuke is a pretty good solution to the next generation of mutants." She gave him an obvious once over as she paused again. "Personally, I'd got with path three." The silence stretched longer this time, until poor Warren finally got the clue and asked, "Path three?" "Mmm." She twisted around so she could actually face him. "That's where you realize that if a woman's going to lace herself up into what amounts to a medieval torture device that also doubles as the most effective push-up bra ever made..." the grin widened and became positively wicked, "...then she wants the attention." He'd almost relaxed when she added, "But I still get points for getting you to screw up twice in as many sentences. I'll keep them safe somewhere, 'til I need to use them."
  2. She lips twitched in amusement at the first slip-up, and she nearly laughed at the second.Her sides were shaking (along with other named anatomy parts), which wasn't really helping him concentrate on talking. Once he was done making a complete ass of himself she quirked a brow and asked, "Need a cigarette after that?" She was still smiling, though, and hadn't smacked him, so that was probably a good sign.
  3. Once tilted her head back to see who was talking, her tattoo taking the chance to slither a little farther over the side of her eye and curl into a leaf-like pattern just under her lashes. Her eyes flashed over his features, taking in the line of his jaw, the fall of his hair, and the smooth tone of his voice. So, either you're hot or you look like a reject from Darwin's Grab-bag in this school. Mark him for one on the lucky side. Aloud all she said was, "Yeah. Someone thought they'd be able to torture us with Three Days Grace and Matchbox 20 all night long. I found the hard rock channel, which is as close to not-suck as I think their cable package comes with."
  4. The Great Room, an immense lounge and games room on the first floor of the dorms, was decked out in winter and New Year's decorations. Tables lined the walls laden with enough food to feed several armies of teenage mutants, party mixer games like Twister, Apples to Apples, and even an oversized plastic picnic chess set with 14 inch tall pieces were set up in the hopes of enticing the students to actually talk to each other. An alternative rock tv music station was playing on the huge flatscreen that dominated the room, blaring out the latest Three Days Grace music video at only slightly deafening tones. Lame. Oneca's amber eyes surveyed the room and sighed in annoyance. Everything was powder blue and white, even the stupid little New Year's hats and noise makers. With the co-ed rooms and pretty much hands-off rules, she'd hoped for something a bit edgier, but then they'd probably let the cheerleading squad decorate. Scratch that, there weren't any powder blue pompoms laying about. Her own deep purple and black outfit, with it's laced-up corset, purple and black orchid nails, and matching make-up was set for a very different kind of blowout for the year. But, she'd only been her for a day or two and didn't know anyone enough yet to see if they could smuggle her off-campus for the night to a real party. So powder blue and Three Days Grace it was. She slid onto a couch in front of the tv and flipped the channel over to the hard rock station. Disturbed's Prayer blared through the room and down the halls as she amped up the sound and settled in. Hell if I'm going to be the only one at the lame party.
  5. Oneca rolled her eyes at Sonja, "Seriously? I mean, you can't even leave good enough alone for two hours? Gods, you're worse than Mom. I'm not some delicate flower maiden in need of saving." She looked around the lake and sighed, then fixed Ren with a thoughtful gaze that that lasted just long enough to have him fidgeting under the scrutiny. She pulled away from her sister and walked up to him, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Next time, get the rose for real. And ditch the key. It was cheesy." She set off towards the dorms but stopped before she was more than a few steps away, that same dark smirk on her face that he'd first seen her with. "Oh, and Ren? If you do that again without my permission, I'll burn your balls to embers and roast marshmellows over them. Got it?"
  6. Oneca raised the rose to her lips and sniffed it curiously, her lips twitching up into a an inquiring smile and she glanced up at him. "Hmn...rather perfect, Ren. Methinks perhaps a bit too perfect. What's the deal?" She waved at the perfectly Gothic room, that mischievous grin still on her face, "It's nice, but a little much. A girl might think you're trying too hard." If she could hear the others, or even knew they were there, she sure wasn't showing any sign of it; and she'd certainly not have passed up all the choice comments on her sister's state of dress of this point.
  7. "Yeah, really? Then how'd us freaks end up with it? We're not exactly top of the totem pole." She couldn't take her eyes off of the place though and quickly moved past her self-deprecating sarcasm. She smiled at him in genuine 15-year-old-girl enthusiasm and took his hand, waiting for him to lead on. "Is there anything more than just the building left? Is the second floor intact?"
  8. Her smirk this time was only half-mocking; her eyes were too glued to the honest-to-god castle! in the lake. Hell, if they'd've put that in the brochure, she'd have tried demon-summoning years ago. Her eyes were shining as she breathed, "Yeah, definitely interesting." Her spark returned with a teasing, "Oh, so you're an upperclassman? Never would have guessed." Her grin kept most of the sting out of the tease. "What's the story on this place, really? I mean, I know New York is way more old Europe than most of the country, but you don't usually see a whole lot of castles just laying about." She explored as she spoke, her hands running over the rough stone and the hardwood of the doors with equal reverence; whatever the reason for her prickly nature, he'd scored a major hit in softening her demeanor with this place.
  9. Standing out in the snow in the woods like this, she looked like part of a AFI music video. She took in the natural beauty of the place with the first genuine, non-sarcastic emotion he'd seen from her yet. "It's beautiful." He got her attention back with the mention of castle, and the brow was yet again quirked. "Castle? Like honest-to-god castle or like amusement-park-I-wish-I-were-a-castle castle?"
  10. "Mmmm." She finished off her cigarette and the butt seemed fall apart into nothing in her hands. Ren could faintly smell something that was like a mix between hot metal and molten rock. "Just a little, but I'll forgive you." She threaded her arm through his and motioned him to lead on. "How about anywhere here that's interesting. If I've got to live here for the next however many years, I don't want to be bored the entire time."
  11. She quirked a brow and said, "It means fire." Grin still playing about her lips, she lit his cigarette with hers. "Ren. You new here, too, or can you play guide for an afternoon for new student?" Her grin became unrepentantly wicked, "Y'know, civil service and all that." Okay, so the smoking hot thing, kinda fun to play with. Her eyes slid over to Big Sis Barbie and she stifled a sigh with an irritated look. Can't fucking compete, though. Couldn't have me ever outshine Mommy's favorite, now could we?
  12. Oneca puffed on her clove and gave the boy a second once-over. He wasn't as stunning as a few of the frat-boy wanna-be's she'd seen running around, but he had voice to make you shiver in the heat and keep you warm in the cold. "Oneca, " she answered. "What's yours?" The longer she could keep her relations to tall, blonde, and endlessly annoying quiet, the better. In the spirit of smoker bonding she held up her pack of cloves, "Want one? And I'm not really worried about getting caught. What are they going to do, expel me?" The sarcasm in her voice could have curdled the snow around them.
  13. The smirk deepened as she followed his eyes' path upward towards her face. Just cute enough to be malleable and easy on the eyes. Perfect. "Yeah. Just got here." Never losing the smirk, she fished a pack of cloves from....somewhere and pressed it between her lips. So much lace and black and the long cloak, she might have just materialized it in her hand while he was blinking. "Don't supposed you have a light?"
  14. Oneca had finished arranging her belongings and redecorating the room into a suitable lair. She was on her own for now, which was good, and the two other girls that shared the other room in the suite had passed the first test of being friends (not wearing pastels) with flying colors. Hopefully this school wouldn't be as lame as the one she'd been evicted from just because of a run-in with a mostly successful demon-summoning. It wasn't like she'd burned down the house or anything; adults just couldn't handle it when kids did something they couldn't. Oneca figured they didn't like being reminded how close they were to shuffling off their wrinkly mortal coil. Wusses. With the blackout curtains up and the dried roses hung in the right directional and elemental colors on the walls, she was ready to go me the rest of the freaks. She pulled on the dark green flowing cloak she'd managed to wrangle out of her Father for the winter (dark green was the darkest he'd go), and she had to admit that even though it wasn't black, it went beautifully with her now-golden colored eyes and the black-and-lace corseted dress she was wearing. She wandered the halls for a bit, not spotting anyone that seemed particularly interesting in the first round of the dorms. She spotted an Asian-flavored student walking through the snow, and not far beyond him a clutch of kids talking to her sister. Great. I'm really not going to be able to get around without bumping into Super Barbie, am I? She was about to turn about and just go somewhere else, preferably somewhere blonde-free, when she got a bit more of a look at the boy heading away from her sister and towards her. He's kinda cute, at least from far away. She gave him a slight smirk, the closest she really got a smile these days.
  15. I had Oneca done up, and the site ate my PM. I'll try for it again later, but I'm too ill (literally, not just from the PM getting eaten) to do it up again tonight.
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