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  1. Oneca watched her leave and muttered to herself, "And what if I don't want to?" She looked around the room, people suddenly finding something else to be doing just before she was looking at them. She almost stumbled back into Revenant, her adrenaline crashing now the object of her anger had fled. Some small part of her twinged at the lingering smell of sulphur and burning flesh, but she knew Sonja. Her sister would be fine. She couldn't hurt her, really. Right? She laid her head against his chest, "Sorry 'bout that." She glanced up at him, "Could we go...somewhere else?"
  2. It had taken a moment for Oneca to resurface from the pleasant haze she'd been in, although being physically manhandled out of Revenant's lap certainly sped up the process. She stared at Sonja, shock and irritation giving way to the dull ache of fury. Her tattoo turned black and wound itself into angry, burning knots across her skin and everyone in the immediate vicinity could smell sulphur and burning rock. Sonja could see the amber eyes that only a month ago had been a deep, nearly black, brown flashed into a red-gold fury. Her little sister had always had a temper, but Sonja could count on one hand the number of times she'd ever seen her this enraged. Dangling from the Amazon's grip on her dress, Oneca grabbed the arm that was holding her up and dug her nails into the sleeve. The cloth began to disintegrate, almost burning but never quite making a flame; after it was gone the smell of burning flesh joined the sulphur. "Put. Me. Down. Now." She hadn't yelled, hadn't thrown a tantrum, but the feeling of menace and imminent violence spread through the party nearly instantly. Conversations stopped, people stared, and the room collectively held it's breath for what would happen next.
  3. "I'll let you decide," was the only warning she gave him. She leaned up and kissed him. She wasn't practiced, but she certainly made up for inexperience with enthusiasm and natural talent that she was surprised she had. He could hear several high-pitched titters from either younger or drunker (or both) female partygoers that had been watching the dark pair since their dance, along with a muffled "not fucking fair" from a nearby loser without a date at the party. What a welcome to Mutant High.
  4. "Not a thing in the world," was her breezey reply as the two of them vacated the dance floor in order to avoid being bowled over by whoever was going to decide that they were the next Justin Timberlake and they could prove it. More alcohol was procured, this time mixed drinks as the cider had already been cleared out, and the two rolled some kid already passed out from slamming vodka shots off 'their' loveseat. The kid, sex questionable, muttered incoherently, burped, and crawled into a corner where they promptly turned carpet-colored and started snoring. Comfortably ensconced across his lap again, he could her tattoo had receeded back from it's angry coils of before and now looped gracefully over her face and hand. She grinned up at him, "Hmmn. More 'getting to know you' questions, I guess." Her eyes got that wicked cast that he was quickly beginning to recognize as the start of trouble. "So, what's you're flavor? Vanilla or something...more interesting?"
  5. The two dark teens slithered their way through the other dancers; Oneca had burned through most of her buzz before the song was even halfway through, but still used the excuse to lean against Revenant more than was strictly necessary. The song pulled to a close; most of the couples on the dance floor separating reluctantly or fleeing club-footed partners. Oneca slid her hands down the leather of his jacket, tugging playfully on the lapels and not quite willing to give up his warmth yet. She grinned wickedly, "So...what now?"
  6. Maybe would could have seasonal advances in the game? Just to sort of keep time moving? Just a thought.
  7. She looked up at him, a little surprised. She'd been comfortably warm for a bit now and the prospect of getting up and losing his bodyheat wasn't all that appealing. Well, I did tell him to pick. She pulled herself up slowly, setting her mostly empty cider on an end table. "Alright, but it'll have to be slow songs for a bit. I'm a little toasted." The last was said as if it was a great confidence and she fought down a case of the giggles. A drinker, she was not. She held her hand out to him and tugged him up, the two of them heading out to the dance floor and settling into the slow beat of the song; she linked her arms around his neck, letting him set the pace. Click to reveal.. Her dance pool is 4, though she's more going for a sexy slither than dancing, and staying close enough to Revenant to stay warm.
  8. "I think she'd have liked this party." She chuckled, a little surprised at how much she was enjoying the tug of war she could see in him as he leaned over her. She wasn't quite sure what she would count as 'winning'. "Then again, she was six the last I got to talk to her, so if there were pretty lights and sounds, she was set." She crinkled her nose cutely, "I don't think she'd've liked the cider, though. Always much more of a grape juice girl." Her eyes flick up to his and then out to the dance floor that was now much more bare and full of couples swaying gently to slower beat. "And remembering her isn't painful. Remembering that she's dead hurts sometimes, but I never want to end up like my parents or Sonja, always afraid to bring her up or acknowledge that she was there just because she's gone now. My mother took down all her pictures last year. She said it was to help me get past her death or something stupid like that. How is making her disappear going to do that?" She laid her head against his shoulder. "Sorry, I'm rambling and bitching. I usually get time off from my family when I go to school. I guess it just hit me that I have to deal with Sonja all year now." She took another long swig of her cider, the alcohol starting to go to her head and make the room a bit fuzzy. She poked him the shoulder and tried to grin. "You're it. You gotta pick the next topic or thing we do. I don't suggest anything that moves really fast or spins."
  9. She reached up and put her hand on his cheek, a smile that mostly reached her eyes curving her lips, and then decided she felt like being more bold tonight. She leaned up and kissed him, just to side of his mouth, and murmured, "You're sweet, Revenant. And I don't mind talking about Saja. It's the rest of my family that wants to make her invisible. Like she never happened." She settled back in the way she was before, the smile fading a little but the light still in her eyes. "Besides, you told me about C.C., why should I be upset if you ask about Saja? At least you're someone who'd understand."
  10. His compliment earned him another half-smile twitch of her lips and she accepted the unspoken offer to get more comfortable against him, arranging herself so she was leaned across his lap and could easily look up at him as they spoke. At the question about Saja, he could see a shadow settle over features. She spoke softly, making him lean over her to be heard over the din of the party, "Saja's our little sister. She died just a few years before Sonja was sent here."
  11. She shrugged, "She's mommy's darling little Amazon freak. I'm....not. She put a kid a wheelchair and the 'rents threw a party. I scorch up part of the basement, and I'm grounded for life." She sipped at the cider, not really tasting it any more as her eyes tracked her sibling through the crowd. "She thinks I'm an idiot and can't take care of myself, just because I don't do everything the way she does and just because I haven't forgotten about Saja like everyone else in the family keeps trying to." There was a level of bitterness at the end that passed well beyond the realms of teenage angst. "So we don't get along. She's the picture-perfect, Jack'n'Jill, All-American sweetheart, and I'm the freaky goth social reject that our parents spend their time wondering where they went wrong over."
  12. "Speaking of..." Oneca situated herself so that she could watch the unfolding teen drama while still comfortably warm against her unofficial date for the evening. "Looks like Barbie not only put her foot in her mouth, but swallowed the whole leg." She gave a laught that could only be described as snarky, "I can't tell if she was jealous of the red-eyed girl or the Japanese kid. God, she's such a pain in the ass." As the drama died down and the participants either disappeared or started downing liquor like fish, she settled back where she was before and grinned up at Revenant. "So you've got lots of make-up time to do on being a teen and doing stupid shit? I think I can help on that, if you want me to. Tit for tat on helping me with learning my powers, yes?"
  13. She watched him wind his way through the crowd, relaxing back into the overstuffed loveseat she'd claimed when she came back inside. She'd glanced over the room, looking for the few other faces she recognized at school, and spotted Sonja in the middle of something with a red-eyed girl and some Japanese kid with one eye. Ren was feeling up some girl (big surprise....), and Alex was dancing with a girl that was hot, purple, and dancing like she was being paid. All in all, it was a fairly fun party. She scooted over so Revenant could take one side of the loveseat and winced in sympathy at his story, "Oh, man. If you're gonna get wasted, at least do it on something worth the hang-over...boxwine...ugh..." She cracked open her cider, sipping it with far more relish than the root beer she'd polished off earlier. She tilted her head and regarded him, waiting for him to settle in so she could lean up against him and be heard over the din of the party. "So...other than boxwine binges, what do you usually do for fun?"
  14. She considered for a long moment, her devilish delight at watching him squirm finally showing through after several slow heartbeats. "Think they got any hard cider?" She shrugged, "I haven't gotten to drink all that much, unless you count a glass of wine at dinner, so I'm not really sure what to get." She grinned at him, daring him to bring her something that would meet her approval.
  15. "What exactly are your powers? I mean, you said you borrow powers, but do you have some that are always there?" She seemed genuinely curious, and more relaxed now. Whether it was the 'yes' to hanging out or just the nicotine was up for grabs. "And thanks. About the power practice. Drumm might be all pro-mutant whatever, but I don't really want to put all my cards on the table for any sort of authority when I'm still not considered a person, let alone a duly protected citizen." She took in the pristine scenery and mused, "Y'know, I'm probably gonna get hit for this, but this whole place, the whole school, it's like some really bad parody of the Harry Potter movie. Only the moldy guy, whatever his name was....the bad guy, it's not another one of us. It's all of them. Or enough of them, anyways. Makes me think they had the right idea, hiding away where no one could get to them."
  16. Oneca watched the red-eyed girl for a minute, her lips quirked in a half-hearted smirk. "She dances better than me." "Outside sounds cold and wonderful," she said as she stood up. They made their way outside and she leaned up against the wall, lighting the clove with a zippo before responding to what he'd said. "I did try, once. To see if I could get things changed around or what. I couldn't even get half-way through the ritual though. Things started going along like they did before, but then stuff just started.... disintegrating. Falling apart like it was being burned, but there wasn't any fire except for the candles. And it didn't stop at the circle that time. It ended up taking out most of the stuff in my room, including a good chunk of the floor. It's...uh....how I found out I could fly. Lucky trick there or I'd've probably shown up here with a broken arm or leg." She took a long drag on the cigarette, grateful for the nicotine making its way through her system. "So, not more demon-summoning until I got this shit under control. Maybe by then, I'll know enough to do it right." She took another pull and then glanced over at him, "So....my next question. Still gonna hang out with the crazy goth chick, or is time to start thinking up excuses that won't upset the psycho?" She was smiling when she asked, but it was a brittle carelessness, easy to see through.
  17. Now she really wanted a cigarette. "Just me. Trust me, the pansy weekend-Wiccans aren't the kind of people you want around if you're trying to do something serious. They're all..." her voice rose in pitch in universal tone of mockery "Goddess bless that, and Three Fold Law this, and harm none, and any other lame rejects of the Flower Power generation of feel-good-with-shrooms." She finished off the soda and set it on a convenient end table, "And like I said, it sorta worked." She fished out a clove and fiddled it between her fingers, leaning forward as her mind roved over the memories of that night. She debated how much to tell him, but he'd played fair up so far and she felt like maybe he wouldn't laugh at her or try and get her committed like the police did. "Truth is...." she sighed and glanced up at him, then down at the floor, "truth is, it worked, but then I went and screwed it up. I didn't really expect it to. To work. Years of wishful thinking and lots of smoke and mirrors and just crap, you don't expect to actually make anything happen." Her voice dropped even lower, almost to low for him to hear, "But it did. There was....I don't even know how to explain it. Not some red dude with horns and pitchfork and some bad knock-off of an Armani, but this....feeling....this presence." The smell was back, and now Revenant had a word for it - brimstone. The tattoo was moving slowly, slithering in a sinuous caress over her body but never straying from the left side. "And it wanted to know what the hell I wanted. I freaked. I tried to explain, but I couldn't think , couldn't speak. Then I passed out." She leaned back again, still fiddling with the cigarette and trying to look non-chalant. "I woke up when my dad broke my circle. Everything inside was ash, except for me. Everything, even the metal stuff. And I was different. Marked." Her voice dropped to whisper, her eyes haunted, "If I just could have told it why....what I needed......" She sighed again and then took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "But it doesn't matter. Life and death, the whole stupid marry-go-round, it is what it is. I fucked up, now I'm this instead of something useful, but it's a step...somewhere." "That's my story."
  18. She nodded at his sentiment about people hurting the kids at LHA and murmured, "Count me in, too." At his question, she shrugged and settled back against the bench. "I summoned a demon. It worked....sort of. Now, I get to join Barbie at school because the PTA isn't real keep on letting me around their darling little lambs anymore." She wanted to smoke now and looked around to see if there was a designated smoking area. Yeah, right. Whatever. I'm not ready to stand in the cold yet. "My parent's freaked out, way more than they did when Sonja put a kid in a wheelchair for the rest of his life even though all I did was scorch a circle into the cement basement. But hey, we've already proven with our laws that property's more important than people. So I got the third degree lecture from them, the cops, an imam, and again from my parents before they booted me over here. Pretty crap, but at least they're better than most of the parents I've heard about here. Disowning kids, abandoning them somewhere, whatever. Sonja came home the first year in tears because one of the friends she'd made told her how his dad strung him up from a tree after finding out and would beat him for an hour or so before and after work. He managed to get the rope off one night, and the asshole chased him through their podunk excuse of a town with a shotgun." She shrugged, "My parents just cut my allowance and made me switch schools because I wouldn't have been allowed back at my old school anyways."
  19. Oneca listened quietly as he went through his story. She'd heard rumors, but then she'd heard just about every wild conspiracy theory out there about mutants and what was happening to them. She'd never admit to Sonja or her parents, but ever since her remaining sister had gotten quietly packed off to 'a private boarding school' in upstate New York, Oneca had set about learning everything she could about what that meant for her elder sibling. She'd already lost one sister, she wasn't going to lose the other without a fight. And now, without a pretty damn costly fight for anyone that thought 'Barbie' was an easy target. She might not like her, but Oneca loved her sister. To hear some of the worst of it first-hand made her blood boil; Revenant could feel a faint wash of heat come off her and an equally faint smell of burning....something. Something hot and disturbing that could be burning metal or rock or something between. Her tattoo fairly writhed in angry vine patterns over the left side of her face; he could even see it slithering down her left shoulder and over her arm, looking like it was tying itself in angry knots over her flesh. Her voice was balanced between anger and compassion and pitched low enough that he could hear it over the music, but that any eavesdroppers would only be able to make out a word or two. "That's....feh....they call us monsters. Fucking psychopathic hypocrites. They just don't like that we can do it better'n them if we put our minds to it. Bloody short-sided morons have already lost the evolutionary battle. They just wanna go out with a bang, I guess." She shook her head, trying to shake off the bad vibes she was making. "Sorry. I didn't mean to bring up somethin' painful, but good on you for making those fuckers pay. And for getting out." She took a swig of her rootbeer and the heat and smell faded; the tattoo stopped moving, but it was still dark and ominous on her skin. "Your turn, though, if you still wanna play."
  20. She settled down on the bench, her eyes roving the room before settling back on him. "Well, if you want to get to know me, then....let's start with questions. I'll as you one, and then you ask me one. Hmmnn....let's start with something simple." She thought for a moment, tapping her finger against her lips again in what must be a habit for her. "Okay, where'd'ja pick up the name 'Revenant'? Somehow I don't think it's what's on your birth certificate."
  21. The Disney comment got a snort, though the girl seemed familiar somehow. She popped the can open while he rattled off the rest, only half-listening until he started talking about just grabbing seats somewhere. Slowly, Oneca smiled. Just smiled. No self-depreciating quirk to the lips, no bitchy smirk. Sonja hadn't seen that smile in years, and her parents hadn't seen it since Saja died. He's seen Barbie and the Barbette's and he's still around. Dunno know if it's just social anxiety or if he actually wants to hang out with me. You know what? I don't really care. For once, I'm not the one being ditched or compared like a rag doll to fine china. "That's sounds....nice. I'm sure all the kids here are shining paragons of whatever, Sunshine literally, but...yeah. That sounds nice." She took a sip of her root beer and motioned around the room, that smile taking on her usual spark. "Got a favorite spot yet?"
  22. An irritated look flashed over Oneca's expression, but after a moment of panic Rev could see that it was directed at the newcomers, not him. She squeezed his hand back and flashed him a smile for not immediately ditching her for the beautiful people that had just walked in. "Yeah, sure. Thanks." Damn. I came out of this whole mutant thing looking like a model, and I'm still the ugly girl in the room. Typical. She glance up at Rev as they fished a few cans out of the ice. "Wanna grab a seat? Or are you up for the mutant meet-and-greet?" Her tone showed her preference for the former but her willingness to do the latter if it meant not being alone. Nothing makes you feel more like a loser than being alone in a room full of people.
  23. Oneca gave Ari a 'nice try, but not quite' look. "I'm more of a Xandria fan myself. Got any of that you could queue up for later?" She took Ari's hand an shook, saying, "Yeah, I'm Oneca. My reputation already getting around, or is Barbie helping it along?" There wasn't malice in her tone, though it could have been simmering just below the surface for anyone that knew how she and her sister got along. She glanced around the lakehouse, nodding in appreciation of decorations not also normal found in icing and hospital gifts. "Nice to know this place isn't totally lame. I was afraid the whole night was going to be waste of watching losers pick fights with each other and little kids argue over playing the Xbox or the PS3."
  24. For a moment, Oneca was stunned. Not only was the new guy fucking hot, but he was lit up like the star on a Christmas tree. For a girl that had only seen the sun because high-school was legally required, he was almost hard to look at. Almost. Years of dealing with Sonja and the boys that would hang around and drool for hours on end gave her the edge she needed not to stare too much at Mr. Sunshine or to end up with her tongue hanging out on the floor. Instead, she stood up and rounded the couch, taking Revenant's arm in a proprietary You're mine for the evening way. Besides, she knew how much it hurt to get ignored just because some impossibly hot freak of nature steeped into the room. She gave Lameville one last scathing look and smiled at the Christmas decoration, "Lead on, Sunshine."
  25. "Ah, yes. The dead guy. I remember you from chat." She glanced over at the commotion being made several students she hadn't met yet and debated turning the tv up or leaving. She made a face of annoyance. "So, powers are cool and all and it's not like it was that much of dive for me on the social totem pole, but at least if I were at home I'd be able to throw my own party. This is....I wouldn't be surprised if a clown and pony showed up later. And people actually enjoyed it." "Don't suppose you know somewhere better to be? I could get us pretty much anywhere in a few hundred miles, but we might get in trouble when we get back." She shrugged and half-smiled again. "Could be worth it, though."
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