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  1. I meant going to the beach Yomiko, as friends. Nothing more or less." He smiled as he kicked and splashed water at her. "Just relax and enjoy yourself, we're gonna stay awhile. At least I'm planning to do so."
  2. He smiled. "Some yes, but our new friends, they'll be welcome on some of them. Our Dates, those will be just us." He kissed her nose lightly and the other girls couldn't help the pang of jealousy at such affection from him. He brushed her arm lightly as he laid back to float. "I already like it here..."
  3. sounds good, we'll be here when you get back, have fun
  4. He chuckled. "We keep ending up in Japan. It is a popular name in Japan." He looked at Yomiko and splashed her lightly. Turning to the girls who splashed him.. He chuckled. "Not that I mind, It's a pretty name." he shrugged, and swam deeper, to float on his back. "You know Chiko, next time, when we'll have to go to the beach, so you can swim with us too and have some fun too." He smiled looking up at the other girls. "That wouldn't be a problem, would it?"
  5. It was somewhat missed by Daniel, who just nodded. "Nothing wrong with "human" It's what everyone is, after all, some just have some unique abilities others don't." He smiled. "Sakurako, Kyoko, I'm Daniel, it's nice to meet you both." he gave a slight bow and they both blushed, as he rose back up. "That sort of technical genius is a good thing. I bet you could patent the process you used."
  6. he laughed when he came up out of the water, and nodded.cooling the water. He soon had the scuba club coming up, and he nodded. "Hello ladies, come join the fun." he gave them his heartmeltingly hot smile and nodded. "You may wanna lose the heavy gear first, this is all about fun." It was comical how fast both taanks and suits were shed to reveal school suits beneath as they swam back to the others. He nodded to Reika. "Introductions?" He looked to yomiko, wondering how this would all play out.
  7. He smiled "So that's how you want to play this is it?" he chuckled, and awaited the other divers, everyone nocing that it felt more like a hottub within 5 meters of him than a regular pool. He looked to Tama. "I think so too. This is a good thing, something I look forward to helping with." He swam over to her and dunked her playfully, and swam away as she came back up.
  8. Daniel had missed the goings on behind him, and surfaced in the shallow end, much to the same effect as removing his shirt as the water came off of him in sheets, and time seemed to slow down, as everyone got to watch. He chuckled and the spell seemed broken, as he pulled back within himself, tamping down to more manageable levels, as he looked to Chiko, who was soaking wet, and Yomiko swimming at the wall. "What are you doing over there? Are you both alright?" He could see the divers coming and smiled. "Tama, did you bring me to an All girl's school's swimming pool?" There was an impishness to his grin and voice, and he nodded. "This is going to be quite fun I think."
  9. Daniels smiled. "Wheels turn and time's march is unending." He downed the entire bottle in a single long pull and nodded. "It looks quite good on you, and I'm sure something like it would look good on you as well Reika, though red is probably more your color." The fact his shorts had red trim didn't go missed, by anyone save Chiko. He looked back to Tama. "I'm going in, I expect you're going to sit awhile and enjoy the show?" his whisper carried no further than them, though he knew Chiko might feel it. He stood up to his full height and removed his shirt, not bothering to restrain any of the effects the perfection of his form was likely to engender. He was not a large man, but his body was perfectly formed, just the right definition without ruining things, his stomach flat, and he looked as one would expect a champion Athlete to. His hair'd grown out some in their trip, and he sighed. "I'll need to find a barber eventually." Still he walked round to the deep end, safe enough to dive in, but away from the scuba divers, and passing by Chiko's tower. "It's nice to meet you Chiko, My name is Daniel. I trust in your abilities fully, if someone should need them." His voice was soothing and inspiring, it conveyed genuine conviction, and a quiet strength that spoke of a good man. It was only then that he kept walking, to dive into the deeper section of the pool and swim underwater towards the girls, slowly. For him, this was a chance to allow them to regain any composure his show and words may have cost.
  10. "You and your body suits. That is not a swimsuit." He sighed, "honestly, it's like you've never just had fun in life." He chuckled, and looked down to Yomiko as she rested in the water. "just relax, I'll let you do that much before I put on my little show." He reached down to stroke her cheek, causing abit of pleasure from it. He smiled, sitting back with Tama. "Thank you for bringing us along Reika. After I finish my drink I'lll join you all. Enjoy yourselves. Exams and studying are important, but always remember to make time to do something you just plain enjoy." His voice was rich and full and he smiled. It was easily the most charming she'd ever heard.
  11. "I have. I have decided to stand with her, I will council her as I feel I need to, but in the end I will let her make her decisions." He looked at Tama, it was clear the young man didn't have to. He could smile and legions would comply with any request, follow any order. "It's not my way to take away someone's ability to choose." He looked to the other girls, and sent a light pulse of power towards the blind lifeguard, saying hello politely in a way only novas could. "He smiled to Tama. "What would you advise me to do, to help Yomiko? In the end, that's what i want to do, that, and help her be happy."
  12. "Water is fine thank you." He had on simple black trunks and a teeshirt, and sat down on one of the chairs after spreading his towel, and then removing his sandals. He was not so sure about this, but still, he'd give it a try. "I think I'll wait a little while to get in though."
  13. Daniel looked at him and nodded. "Yes, This last event changed her." He looked at her, and nodded. "I have not slept with her, if that's the other side of what you may be thinking, though we were quite hot and heavy before we got interrupted." He shrugged. "I want her first time to be special. It doesn't need to be perfect, but I want her comfortable with it, with any decision she makes." He nodded. "I do care for her, I too am still learning my way around her world." he followed the girls, waiting for Tama to follow.
  14. "Sometimes. It's one of her charms. She is so brilliant, it's nice to see she does have a human side too." He smiled. "A trip swimming, well why not. Can't be as bad as the South Pacific." He kissed Yomiko's cheek and nodded. "In regards to regimentation and structure, they're nice, but as I've been told, Slavish adherence to the rules is a sign one has nothing better to think about."
  15. He looked at him. "Never stop learning." he smiled. "I'd welcome instruction, perhaps we can weave the subjects together." he sighed. He wouldn't be top dog, and in a way he missed it, it gave him an untrumpable Ace. Still, he did have many "Other" options beyond his control of fire. "I think it will work well for us all."
  16. "I have." He was very nonplussed. It was something he knew within his own power, he just focused on the immunity if nothing else. "He was nice, and we ended up having to do a favor for him, preventing the last of the Hive from regenerating the whole." He sighed. "I showed my hand there, but only some."
  17. "I didn't until I and a group of friends and I had humanoid robots turned on us that could have killed us, all for just being mutants." We weren't even noticable." "My power. Tama-san, the focus at any rate, if Fire." He looked at him. "I don't use my full power, it would unnerve most people." He shrugged. "It's fine, I'm used to walking on eggshells with most people." "It is only thi tip of the iceberg, though for what I am actually capable of, though."
  18. Daniel's smile suggested this was so. "Indeed." He looked at Yomiko. "I would NOT spread the tale of what happened any further." he squeezed her shoulder. "A sailing trip sounds like fun. I've not gone in many months." He smiled. "Yomiko's way was better than mine.."
  19. "She made a choice, and must deal in her own way, with the ramifications of that choice." He nodded. his tone was firm, indicating to let it drop. "I think detective work would be good for you Yomiko, if you want my opinion."
  20. He smiled. "I will endeavor to not cost us our new home." He nodded. "It seems nice enough at first glance. What I'm going to want is a computer, and a general history. I like to familarize myself first." He nodded. "It will be interesting to see what it is I can do."
  21. Daniel laughed, a hearty good natured laugh, from deep in his belly. "Now that's priceless." He fixed Yomiko's glasses for her, and nodded. "I will probably end up surfing. Okinawa was quite renowned in my world for it, along with Australia, and Hawaii." He smiled. "I'm not really constrained to a location." "Beyond that, I'll find a quick job, something to ensure we don't lack for funds."
  22. "A Vacation I hope. Things haven't gone as planned on this voyage." Daniel smiled switching to English." He seemed to tone things down some, and less attention getting. "I forget not everyone is used to dealing with someone like me." He nodded. "I will apologize to her when she returns." ":Sorry for interrupting her studies."
  23. "Daniel, sir, it is a pleasure to meet you." He both bowed and spoke perfectly unaccented Japanese. "This shop looks quite nice, I imagine there are many stories to be told from this place." It was clear he meant the stories of the objects and the man as well. "Yomiko speaks highly of you."
  24. "I look forward to meeting him. After we see him, then what?" he smiled "We can enjoy a final night of good sleep, then we set out to help save Tokyo?"
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