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  1. "Not too bad, considered. I like the people her emuch more than the last." He called from the bathroom as he got things going in there. "I have the pleasure of your company, so I'm happy." "Just promise that once we get our jobs, we still stay that way. I understand we may be apart at times for work. But you and I, well we'll still live under the same roof."
  2. "I don't know, you're the smart one here. Your memory is better than mine." He kissed her nose lightly. "I'll go get things warmed up, while you try to think of it." He smiled, and broke the embrace leaving her to both ponder what she could be forgetting, as well as what he had planned for them.
  3. "Yes, then, I'll find a high paying job, and get us someplace of our own.:" In the suite now, he took her in her arms and kissed her full on the mouth, with surprising intensity. "I've wanted to do that all day." "Now, let's get you out of that wetsuit, and try out the rather large bathroom this suite has."
  4. He smiled taking her hand in his as they walked. "Always, Yomiko, Always." He kissed her lightly and continued to walk back to their temporary home.
  5. Daniel nodded. "Good night, Reiko, I had a good time today, thanks for that. I won't forget it." He smiled. it was getting late, and they did need to get going too really, there was still much to do.
  6. Daniel chuckled. "You'd be amazed by what I could do." He finished off his plate and bowed politely. "Thank you for a great meal Tama, I'll return the favor with some of my Cajun cooking sometime." Everyone there was Asian, yet Yomiko spoke with a European lilt and near accent, and he knew than when he stopped ennunciating, he spoke with a Cajun accent, or when he got angry.
  7. he chuckled. "That's good maybe I'll meet them sometime." He nodded. "This world is a chance for a fresh start, I say we make good of it, no better, no worse." He looked to Chiko Sakurako and nodded. "What are your thoughts, ladies, on what's been said?"
  8. "The dangers of getting what you ask for." He nodded. "Quantum powers can be that way." He looked to Reiko. "What about education for metahumans? Are there schools for them to learn proper control techniques, are they mandatory or elective?" He smiled. "Sorry if the shop talk bores you."
  9. Daniel took his portion and ate expertly with not a single wasted movement, and nodded. "This is excellent Tama-sensei, truly excellent." he was a notably fast eater. "Alchemy, like from that Full Metal Alchemist Show? That would be kinda cool, and dangerous.."
  10. "Perhaps, but I don't really want to influence people like that, not that level of responsibility." He smiled. "Besides, it can be an unfair advantage, and I'd rather not have that spectre over any deals I broker. No, I'll do something frivolous, less I give reason for people to fear what metahumans can actually do."
  11. He nodded. "It did in my last home. I was the youngest man to Win Sexiest man of the year, and Most Eligible bachelor" at one point." There was an old hurt there they couldn't help but miss. "Still I imagine I can do some good here with that, maybe a movie or something." he nodded. "Of course if there's a big fire somewhere, I can always help with that too."
  12. He smiled "Sounds fun. Tell me are there Metahuman olympics, or some form of sport we can compete in?" "I figure such a thing would be a big crowd pleaser if nothing else." He looked at Reiko. "Sorry if this bores you. I just need to know what's going on in this world, beyond being a hero."
  13. Daniel nodded. "You do have a soft spot for them." He smiled. "I figured you did. " He smiled as he sat there. "And the United states, what's happening in my home country?" He looked at them, expecting Tama at least and Reika to be knowledgeable there.
  14. Daniel nodded. 'Thank you for the offer Sakurako." He shrugged. "I don't like being confined to quarters, as it is, but thankfully, I have friends who can go get anything I need in town as I have need of such." "It's definitely helped both my grades and my money situation, being stuck on campus, and in some ways has been a sort of blessing. "It's allowed me to spend more time with Diana." He didn't discuss the additional duties he had to do, they were routine and onerous, but not so much that they merited discussion. "I have no plans yet after classes today." He looked to Sonja. "Unless you want to get started on this today."
  15. Tama laughed. "Of course you can, He'll need training and housebreaking." The girls had gone inside and were getting things ready, as the two novas came up. He smiled. 'Thanks for understanding, sensei." He looked at Daniel. "No worries, Daniel, I trust it's all sorted." "Yes sir." "Good, then come inside, i'm about to start cooking. Maybe the girls can fill the two of you in on current events."
  16. He smiled. "You have the hottest boyfriend on planet, and other girls are showing interest. It's okay to be possessive. If some guy came and tried to woo you I would be too." He nodded. "So let's get back to tama's they're waiting for us. we can have some fun with our friends, then retire to our private suite for some quality alone time, just us."
  17. He looked at her, and she could feel his steel grey eyes boring into her soul. "I can commit to that." he reached up to cup her chin. "You still did them a better turn than i would have Yomiko, and made something happen that needed to. Perhaps it was heavy-handed, but it did get the results we wanted." "I just want you, Yomiko. If I have you, and can help you be happy, then I am happy." He sighed. "I guess this blows my scheme to get us enough money to live comfortably away though. Modelling isn't my favorite thing, but it won't showcase my power, and nobody gets hurt..." He looked at her. "I'll find something else to help out here." He whispered in her ear. "Though I can be nice to the whole world, you are the only woman who can call me "theirs." Remember that."
  18. He looked at her, and moved with perfect grace, his arms going to her shoulders. "It will work. I believe in you, in your strength and resolve." He pulled her to him. "We aren't alone, us against the cosmos. we're here now, where we want to be. It will take getting used to yes, Once things get out about me, I'm going to be in high demand." "But I'm already taken, by you." He stroked her cheek softly. "If you cannot believe in your value, or in us, at least believe in me, because I believe in you." There was no essence of massive quantum power he surely wielded, it was just an appeal to her heart, directly from his. "I said it before, I will always stand beside you."
  19. Daniel looked at her, and sent the others on ahead, not moving until they were alone. Then he moved in close, not touching her, and looking at her worriedly. "What's wrong Yomiko? I just want you to have fun and enjoy yourself..." "How can I help make that happen?" "Was I too nice to your friends?"
  20. Danuel sighed, and continued. "I'll see you at Tama's." he went on with the group, nodding to Tama. He knew what it was about, and understood some of why she was upset, but also knew he was purposefully holding back alot.
  21. he nodded. "Of course. I was saying what I planned to do afterwards. The party won't be for awhile yet, once we have something permanent." he had his arm around her, and it was Chiko that walked next to his other side, drawn by the quantum power he exuded.
  22. Daniel chuckled. "Until she gets bored and we go off againt to save some other world." He looked at Yomiko. "I plan to get settled into our rooms tonight, there's alot to unpack." He smiled, and nodded to Tama, Reiko and the others. "We can have a party once we get something permanent set up."
  23. he looked at her. "Mutually assured destruction eh?" He sent up a wave of water towards her avoiding the other girls who all splashed her too. Of course they got him in the process, but he laughed happily. He was honestly having fun.
  24. "We will. We have a private penthouse, with a jacuzi." he smiled letting his implications be clear, as he swam back over to the other girls, showing he could have fun with them all as well, having reassured his girlfriend. "Come on, you three aren't even giving me a fight in this splash fight"
  25. He looked up, and watched her. Then he swam over to her as the other girls seemed to start enjoying themselves too. He leaned in, "I meant the friends part for all of us." He kissed her cheek softly. "You and I are much more. I was referring to group outings. The private ones.." He reached beneath her and stroked her spine, filling her with warmth and pleasure. "Well, that's just for us, and you to find out all about."
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