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  1. When Barney entered from the other side of the room, he looked over to Lucretia and nodded. "So what is it now?" Seeing the Gorgon Survival victim Sylvia again made him smile inwardly. Now here was a woman who had every right to hate life, but didn't seem to. She lived more than most he knew. His own reasoning for that was simple, Perhaps the way she clung to life was why she lived. If she'd given up she'd become immobile like everyone else who ran afoul of the gorgons. "Good to see you weren't lost in the shuffle like some of the team, Sylvia."
  2. "When you deal with Gods, make sure you know the fine print. You know my history, I don't really trust them. They always make promises, and find was to get out of them."
  3. The werewolf shook his head. "No, nothing really. I'd just prefer we get down to buisness."
  4. "Sorry, not my sort of music." He nodded politely moving to get something to drink and his thoughts turned inward. This was looking like it was going to be an interesting cell, and he quietly wondered just what they were all being drawn together for. Lucretia wasn't talking, having already dodged the issue twice. He didn't give a fart over her getting her eye back, making deals with Gods always had unseen strings. Hopefully she'd thought about that before she made whatever bargain she had.
  5. Barney'd been content to watch the others. He'd never heard of an ambulatory victim of a Gorgon, so Sylvia definitely intrigued him. The gamesprite from a possessed Video game, well it was weird, but considering his heritage, there was far worse he figured. Then the vampire pulled her little stunt and his eyes narrowed considerably. "So did you play Hamlin as well?" he offered a thin smile, he didn't know many bloodsuckers who didn't play some sort of instrument. "Great way to gather information, and keep tabs on people. Abit low-tech in the modern age, but why fix what isn't broken eh?"
  6. "As if wolves need the leavings from your table." It was all he allowed himself to say, wondering if these two old birds were going move straight to making out with each other here, or if they'd go get a room first.
  7. "The previous cell was nearly wiped out. That doesn't mean they're going to assemble a new cell to send on the same mission. Think for a second. They'd not waste assets on such a task without having a better idea of what the new cell was to face. That just isn't how our government functions." "As for beheading, they are known for it, predominantly regarding infidels to their religion. Still, not much of a threat to a prepared group,. My guess is they found something more than a bunch of ragheaded fanatics. I trust you've reports on this, or is there some other task you've called us here for?" He speared the Lady with his gaze, feeling no need for small talk and what-if's.
  8. It was at that moment that A fairly tall yet otherwise nondescript man entered. He was just shy of two meters tall, with shaggy black hair and a lean face. The only standout feature became obvious to those who saw his eyes. He looked at the world through yellow eyes, like those of some great dark Wolf, which in the most traditional sense, was very true. He wore jeans and an old AC/DC t-shirt under his black duster and nodded once to the Lady. "Sorry about that, Lady,I cleaned up that disturbance, and have the usual form that accompanies my work." He'd worked with Lucy before, she was one of the rare people that knew his vulnerability, his story. Stone girl posed some interesting questions, and he couldn't help but smile. It was always nice finding out you weren't the only one the fates showed their sense of humor. "I'll start. I'm Barnabas Bertram Wolffe. It's easier and preferred that you just call me Barney." For those who possessed greater senses, he smelled mostly of old leather and charcoal.
  9. Name- Barnabas Bertram Wolffe Age- 28 Height- 6'4 Mass- 105 kg eyes- yellow hair- black Barney is not the nicest man around. Far from it. He's the one sent in when heads need bashing, when the shit hits the fan, and only the ass-kicking power of a Flame aspected werewolf will do. To this end the government has employed him. Often he's called to fight and quench fires as well, as he has an innate ability to eat the flames and use them to power himself. He's not on the best of terms with everyone, and many only know of rumors of a blazing wolf that soon shows up to crush those who cause a stir with the human population. Barney is a world class combatant, with near mastery of hand to hand fighting as well as great skill in ranged combat. He tends to carry knives of all sorts within his many pocketed duster as well as a pair of handguns for the more mundane things. Some of his favorite monsters to attack are goblins, they always use fire weapons, which have no affect on him. in an odd turn of events, silver has no effect on him as it does on normal werewolves. What does is gold. Only one other person knows of this weakness as they discovered it together. His ex, Wanda, had bought him a necklace with a pointed cross, it pricked his skin and burned him.. revealing this weakness to them both. She of course believed it to be the holy symbol, while he knew it was the metal. She left him shortly afterwards, and has devoted herself to finding a way to save him. Few save his Handler know the story of his favorite nickname, Hotstreak, but most wisely have learned not to ask. He'll tell when he wishes someone to know. Pictures
  10. From his Vantage point in the sky, Daniel knew this would not be so easy. He targeted the centermost of the four dreads, lashing our with a torrent of fire hopefully to fry its circuitry and melt the armor. His own body was wreathed in what looked like orange-red flames, the manifestation of his defensive aura. ,, With their bristling armaments, he wondered if the heat from his attack might set off a chain reaction in the mechanoid mutant-killer, wondering what it would take for the fuel in its missiles to ignite. "Oh Hell." he muttered under his mask, knowing there was a good chance Alex's attacks could do the same. ,, "Keep them in the open, don't let them get close to abuilding!"
  11. Daniel's going to attack the centermost Dread, as he doesn't want to risk setting fire to a building. His Shield is active. ,, First die is mega http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4270515/ [9,1,9,10,1,3,8,5,2,5,7 6 successes base Damage is [4]+8d10L
  12. For Daniel most of that first hour was an exercise in precision use of his abilities, both in taking down what foes crossed his path, and extinguishing the fires they caused. It was more exhilirating than nearly anything else the young mutant had ever done, and despite the carnage, inwardly he reveled in it. They were going to make a real difference here. ,, "Alex even with Sonja's distraction, there's a great chance they know we're coming. Let's hit them one at a time, focus our fire, and we'll take them down faster, hopefully keeping our friends safe in the process." There was a brief acknowledgement, and the two with real "firepower" went to war. ,, Alex designated their first target, and together they unleashed a torrent of raw destructive force, a hellish wash of superheated plasma and flame that reduced the first dreadnaught they battled to a puddle of molten slag. ,, "HELL YEAH!" It was all Daniel had time for as Several of the Dreads turned their attention from the rampaging Giantess towards the pair of airborne mutants, lighting up the sky with energy blasts which the pair mostly managed to avoid. Daniel did take one blast, but his defenses held, and he nodded. "That one next Alex!" ,, Without surprise and the inability to synchronize their attacks as they had on the first Dread, this one proved far tougher, and Daniel considered cutting loose even further, holding back only because he could well remember how much flame that technique created. "A little bit longer,just gotta buy Curtis and Nat a bit more time..."
  13. Daniel's eyes narrowed. "Well, at as stated, we're suited up, and our is to halt things just like this..." He looked over to Director Dumm, and Dr. Hunt. "We are going to go, yes?" He knew they weren't at all ready for this, still sometimes you just had to jump feet first and hit the ground running. ,, He looked around at his fellow students. This was no game, people would get hurt, they might get killed, but they would have to trust each other to work together to keep both of those as close to nil as possible.
  14. Daniel had moved in front of DIana, at the appearance of the Dread, and seeing it shift to approximations of himself and others, he nodded. "Awesome." There was a look in his eyes, and he seemed almost happy. "Do these programs have different levels of difficulty, in as much as I would assume at lower levels they wouldn't really be capable of harming us. Are there settings to simulate real situations, where we can actually be hurt?" It seemed common sense, but he wanted the parameters of this place spelled out. ,, "Not that I'd jump to that right off, but it's important to know what we could be getting into."
  15. Daniel had taken the chance to change into his costume, since all eyes were on Alex and Sonja and the others, Even as Sonja set off in search of Morri. He strode up, already feeling abit better, the Vibranium humming from the thermal energy he put out, and smiled. The shining duo of course drew his gaze as did Caitlin, and he nodded approvingly. "Well at any rate, we can all provide one hell of a distraction to let Ari do her thing."
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