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  1. Morgaine had debated about the wisdom of even acknowledging the invitation. If she believed for a second that Littlefinger didn't have spies that had informed him otherwise, she might have considered pretending it hadn't even reached her. But she knew better than that - knew that if he had taken an interest in her for some reason, then he would be observing her somehow. And she was intrigued by the man, anyway.. for a minor lord, he had managed to acquire a fair amount of power, which bespoke of a certain amount of cleverness on his behalf. Nevertheless, it wasn't exactly seemly for a young woman of noble blood - no matter how out of favor her house (and her father) - to be meeting with men alone. Not that she planned to let her stop her.. however, it seemed wise not to advertise, and therefore she kept her arrival as inconspicuous as possible, arriving in a carriage with windows drawn, wearing a simple (yet elegant) hooded cloak to conceal her identity from idle watchers. Once it had been removed and hung up, she allowed herself to be escorted in to dinner. She smiled smoothly at the Master of Coin as he served her wine and kissed her hand, and took a sip of the wine he'd poured for her as he settled into place at the head of the table and waited for the servants to fulfill their duties. "I wasn't aware that you had reason to be interested, Lord Baelish. But since you're kind enough to inquire, I'm finding life at court.. intriguing. And if intriguing and enjoyable aren't defined by the Maesters as synonymous, they should probably reconsider their definition, don't you think?" She smiled playfully then, and her expression walked the line somewhere between innocent female interest in court intrigue, and a observant and cunning mind. One saw what one was looking for in that expression, and no doubt that a man who assumed her to be a simple-natured lady-in-waiting would read her expression thusly, and interpret the calculating gleam in her expression as little more than an indication of natural female curiosity and excitement.
  2. Just to let you guys know, I'm trying to get caught up so I can insert Morgaine in somewhere. I haven't abandoned the game or anything.. just been busy.
  3. Morgaine smiled smoothly at the fair-haired monarch, turning her full attention to her. Her expression was a combination of surprise and pleasure, mixed with just a touch of concern. "Your Grace, what a gracious invitation - I'm flattered that you find my company to your liking. I would, of course, be honored to sit with you..." She trailed off for a moment, the concern making itself slightly more evident as she seemed to consider the situation. "Of course, Princess Nymeria is quite accustomed to my presence, and I am loathe to offer her any offense, however slight or unintentional.. she has been so kind to me." She paused for a second, brow furrowed in slight concentration, before focusing again on the queen. "Perhaps your Majesty would be so kind as to allow me the opportunity to excuse myself from watching the ceremony with the Dornish delegation privately to the Princess before I commit to your invitation? I would send word as soon as I've spoken to her about it. I'm sure she won't mind, but I'd rather she heard it from me first.. you understand?"
  4. Morgaine chuckled very quietly, and smirked smoothly at all three of the Dornish women standing there. "I have no doubt Allyria is right. This should certainly make things more interesting. But I think the arrival of your noble brother is valid enough reason to excuse yourself from court, Princess - don't you? If anyone says anything, I will be certain to offer explanation for you." Her voice dropped to a low murmur and she leaned in closer to them, so that only the three standing with her would be able to hear, and her eyes glimmered mischievously. "That is, if good King Robert even notices your departure. I daresay he's might yet figure out a way to fall asleep in that great monstrous chair, as bored as he looks at the moment."
  5. Morgaine's lips pressed into a tight line as she tied off the end of it with a piece of ribbon and she considered her response. Finally, her eyes met Nym's, and she let the braid tumble down Nym's back as she studied the Princess quietly before speaking. The pause in and of itself was enough of an indication that the sly noblewoman had already given it a fair effort and had yet to meet with success. "I don't know. If there is something, I will let you know. It is certainly beyond my normal spheres, but no one furthers themselves without obstacles. I will keep you updated, Princess."
  6. "Greetings, Nymeria. Sorry to disturb you so early, but we've both been busy the last few days, and I haven't had the time to speak with you." She walked over to Nymeria, and motioned for her to sit. Morgaine had nimble fingers, and knew how to braid the Princess's hair in her favorite manner. It was an old habit for them, from when they were young girls and liked to whisper secrets to each other while they played with the other's hair. Except now the secrets Morgaine whispered to the Princess of Dorne were far more crucial ones that affected far more than just the idle curiosity of bored noble children. Her voice was a low murmur as she braided, for indeed the walls of noble homes always had sensitive ears. "That new giant you've been sponsoring lately.. the Storm bastard. I have it on good authority that his grandfather was found murdered the day after he left his village. He is, of course, suspected of the deed. I have been trying to find out more for us, Nym.. but so far, nothing. That is all I have for you." Calling Varys "good authority" might be a little bit of a stretch, but not much of one where knowledge was concerned. He might be a sneaky, manipulative bastard.. but he lived or died by the quality of his goods, and he certainly wasn't known to give out anything unreliable. It would destroy the spider's credibility if it got out that he was handing out false information.
  7. That morning before breakfast, Morgaine woke early and readied herself for the day. She waved her handmaiden Gwenda away for some extra sleep after having dragged the young woman up so much earlier than normal, and as Nymeria was rising and starting to dress herself for the day, she heard a sharp knock on the door. Her own maid went over and inquired loudly and cracked the door just slightly, enough to speak with whoever was on the other side without violating the Princess's privacy. But after a moment she closed the door and turned back to Nymeria. "The Lady Darry wishes to speak with you, Princess.. shall I let her in?"
  8. Morgaine caught Allyria's mismatched eyes, her own icy blue gaze as cool as Lady Dayne's temper was hot. She laid a hand gently over Allyria's, and her words in response to Cercei's comment were smooth and gentle and addressed to the queen, though her gaze never broke away from the silver-haired noblewoman's. "I am sure the queen's brother has his reasons for his beliefs, Lady Dayne. After all there are many perspectives in the world and no two of them alike. We all see things from our own unique point of view. But we are here to discuss the future relations between Dorne and the Iron Throne at the moment, not to discuss philosophy or honor." Her eyes flicked to Nymeria briefly, and the two women shared a glance, as if they were communicating somehow through the expressions on their faces. Then she turned back to Allyria, and tilted her head slightly. "Perhaps if your grief is too fresh for such a conversation, her Majesty would be willing to excuse you for the evening so that you may continue to grieve for your brother privately." Morgaine watched the young woman carefully, hopeful that she knew herself well enough to know whether she could behave in front of the Queen, or if she needed to leave before she caused an incident between Robert's court and the entire Dornish entourage. Better that she offered her friend a way out if she wanted to take it, than wait until she said something foolish enough that the Dornish princess would be forced to order her out in order to keep the peace. Things said in private between Allyria and the Lannisters were a far cry from things said during a formal dinner between the Queen's company and that of the Dornish princess.
  9. Morgaine nodded firmly, choosing now as one of her more rare occasions to speak up, though it might draw the Queen's attention to her. As the daughter of a man ill-favored by the current court, Morgaine made it a habit to choose her words with great deliberation, a fact known only to a select few. Most people assumed merely that the young woman was shy and embarrassed about her father's loyalty to a conquered king - at least, that was the impression she worked to foster. "Most certainly. Tell us, my lady queen - do you wish for a noble young son first, so that the king is provided an heir straight away? Or perhaps for a young Princess first, so that you can indulge in the pleasures of having a girl-child to dress up and raise to assist you with your future children? Mayhap your Majesty will be fortunate with twins, since they seem to run in your family line." The question was poised with a casualness that gave no indication of the noblewoman's real desire - to know what kind of a queen Cercei was, whether she prized her own desires over that of the king's, or if she was one of those women who's desires mirrored her husband's. Morgaine knew enough of Cercei to suspect the former over the latter, but if anything the impression that she gave with her question was that she too was trying to cover for the Lady Allyria's rudeness by changing the subject.
  10. Morgaine had spent the lead up to dinner watching the antics of both fools and noblemen with a curious but somewhat detached gaze. Inwardly she was doing her best (as usual) to absorb everything that was going on around them, but it was never good to look too interested. Once the queen began to speak, however, her attention shifted to the conversation at hand. She nodded with agreement at Nymeria' statement, but as Allyria spoke the Lady Darry tried but failed to conceal a slight flinch at the social faux pas the other young noble had committed. Her eyes flickered briefly to Cercei and Nymeria to see both how the Queen would react and if the Princess would be able to stave off Cercei's inevitable anger.
  11. As they had traveled back towards the mansion, Morgaine had relaxed, as if somehow traveling further away from the Red Keep and the center of politics allowed her to be more herself. She chuckled slightly at the jests between the guards, but as Maester Lorian addressed her, she scowled faintly, looking a bit confused. "Very well, Maester.. please show me to him?" Who on earth would be sending me a messenger to me.. here?
  12. The normally quiet Lady Morgaine stepped forward, next to the Princess, and nodded at both the giant of a man and the Princess's hot-headed bastard relative. The nod she gave might have seemed a bit curt, but it was softened by the smoothness of her voice, which held only the traces amount of insistence. "Yes, we should most definitely take this inside, to more comfortable accomodations.. after all, it's getting on in the day, and I find the shift in weather doesn't agree with me. Perhaps arriving ships have carried in a chill wind. Shall we?" Before your foolish talk of what nobles should and shouldn't be doing gets us all in trouble?!
  13. The last of the trio bowed her head with respect and smiled with polite reserve at the queen as she curtsied to her gracefully and mirrored Nym and Lyri's expressions of gratitude. "We are most honored by the invitation, Your Grace.. thank you." Curious eyes studied the pale queen though, as she turned her attention back to the princess. She, too, wondered what the woman had in store for the three of them, what possible thing Cercei wished to glean from meeting with them. For knowing what she knew about the queen so far, she wasn't the type of woman to do anything without a good reason. Including lunch with the Dornish princess and her near-outcast ladies-in-waiting.
  14. Next to the Princess of Dorne, the Lady Morgaine stood, taking in everything that the young Princess might be missing in her boredom. Oh certainly, most of it was dull and monotonous, but the moment one turned her ears away, she might miss the sound of something no one else was meant to hear. Her eyes as well, for that matter, and so she scanned the room quietly, not really lingering on anyone in particular, unless something caught her attention. Without ceasing her observations, she leaned forward and murmured softly in Nymeria's ear. "Best not smile too sweetly at the Kingsguard, Princess.. you might tempt Jamie Lannister to break his sacred oath - oh.. wait. Never mind." Her lips curved in a smirk, but her voice was too low for others to hear and traced with a wickedness that only Nymeria ever heard much of.
  15. Lady Morgaine Darry Gender: Female Age: 18 Hair: Black Eyes: Ice Blue Social Rank: Lady Affiliation: Lady Morgaine has wisely distanced herself from her house as much as possible after the disappearance of her father, who was devoutly loyal to Aerys II. She throws her lot in mostly as a maid-of-honor to the Martell princess, Nymeria, and does her best to stay out of the limelight at court as much as possible. Description: Morgaine is a beautiful young woman, with long wavy black hair and striking ice-blue eyes. Her lips are often curved into a sardonic twist, as if she seems to find the world around her amusing or - more likely - ironic. But she's generally sweet of tongue and temperament, and knows how to say the right thing in order to get people to leave her be. History and Rumors: Morgaine was the only and unexpected child of Willem and Marcella Darry, Marcella having been thought to be barren until she became pregnant in her later years. House Darry of Darry is a noble house from the Riverlands. Historically it had been one of the more prominent and powerful houses of the Trident, tracing their rule to the days the Andals cast down the First Men. They were proved Targaryen loyalists, supporting king Daeron over the Black Dragon and later defending King Aerys against Robert and their liege lord Tully until the bitter end. The defeat of the Targaryens costed the Darrys half of their lands, most of their wealth, and almost all their power. Morgaine had been sent to House Martell of Dorn for fosterage at the age of eight, after the death of her mother. Her father was the master-at-arms for King Aerys, and after his wife's death it was simpler to just have his daughter sent for fosterage with someone who would raise her properly. Willem Darry disappeared with the queen Rhaella and Aerys's son, Viserys, and no one knows whether he is alive or dead. If the Lady Morgaine is indeed like the rest of the Darry family, and an avid supporter of the Targaryen line, she does a very effective job of hiding it. She does her best to fit in and keep quiet in the new Baratheon court.
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