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  1. The change occurred in a blink, just as it had before, and now a slender youth was grinning at Haruhi where the willowy girl had been before. He crawled over to the timid vampire, pulling him further into the room and closer to Resak - and somehow managing to pull Haruhi's shirt off while doing so. Aderyn pulled him up to his feet and quickly stripped him of the rest of his clothing, his hands finding sensitive spots to trail along as he handled the cloth and his lips teasing kisses along the vampire's neck and shoulders. The heat from the Songbird was an aphrodisiac, sweet energy flowing off him that reminded the vampire of the taste of the Songbird's energy - almost intoxicating in comparison to the less heady energy of any of the other monsters Haruhi had fed off of before. Aderyn giggled and tangled his arms in Haruhi's, holding them behind the naked vampire's back and turning him back to Resak for 'inspection'. He was grinning impishly now, his feathers quivering with amusement. "I've unwrapped your present, Resak. Do you like it?"
  2. Aderyn giggled when she was dropped on the bed, no thoughts of the virus or the events of the day in her head at the moment. At least, not until Haruhi spoke and reminded the two of them that they had a visitor/tag along for the day. She peeked around Resak's hips at the vampire boy, her eyes bright. "Resak, we have a guest..." She pulled herself up by grabbing the loops on Resak's pants, her eyes never leaving Haruhi's, and slowly began to undress her Verndarin. She started by unlacing his shirt, ignoring the cuts and splashes of dried blood on the fabric from the day's activities as she slid her fingertips over his skin to push back the fabric. The Nibelung prince was handsome as his kind were - scars peppered his skin, pulled taut over perfectly chiseled muscles that shifted as Aderyn traced out sensitive paths along his chest and back and she maneuvered the shirt off of him. She kissed him just above the buttons on his pants and finally broke eye contact with the pale vampire to grin coquettishly up at her Verndarin. "We really must be proper hosts, yes?"
  3. Aderyn giggled, her mind completely blanked to the past however long as Resak scooped her up. She knew that scoop, and it involved little to no clothing and a guaranteed few hours (at least) of entertainment. And that sounded fun right now. Really really fun. When Resak turned around, though, she caught sight of Haruhi and other thoughts managed to push their way past the forming haze of lust. "Resak," she purred in her Verndarin's ear, "we have a guest, remember? We don't want to be rude." Her tone made it clear that she wasn't talking about a change in plans, just an.....addition.
  4. Aderyn went completely pale and still at Resak's rage; instincts and the years before the Academy freezing her in fear as her Nibelung bellowed at the most powerful werewolf and athlete in the school. The snap back to those days quickly propelled her forward, though, as she had been his verndarin then; she sprinted between the two males and threw herself against Resak, her slight weight making far less of an impact than the sudden heat against his chest and smell of her surrounding him. She hadn't let go of Haruhi's hand, or tried to shake him off her arm at all when she sprinted, so the hapless young vampire was pulled along with the songbird and pulled against the larger goblin prince as Aderyn tried to both protect Resak from Kiba and reassure him that she was fine at the same time. "Kiba was going to check on Aria and Eri and I - uh, we, were bored, so we went with him." She looked up at Resak, her best 'innocent and totally-at-your-mercy' wide-eyed expression on. It didn't hold a candle to the same kind of looks she'd seen from Haruhi since she'd met him just six or seven hours ago, but that was probably because his were far more genuine.
  5. Aderyn lifted her chin and stepped in front of Haruhi. "Resak's still deciding on him, and you three know I don't play without his permission. And involvement." She glanced at Kiba, making it clear that she wasn't speaking for the werewolf. "You're all very attractive and you know it. Either go find Resak - and he's outside somewhere - or let us pass." It was another lightening-quick change in the songbird, an add sort of pride that she took in belonging to the Nibelung prince. Kiba could smell her attraction to the succubi; she wasn't bluffing. If they went and tracked down 'her' Nibelung, she'd willingly spend the rest of the day in bedroom gymnastics with the demons. But he wasn't here right now, and that gave her the strength to resist. And stake at least a bit of a claim on Haruhi in her Verndarin's name. "Kiba? Are we going to find Eri, or should Haruhi and I go back to the boy's dorm?" The question was asked as neutrally as possible. Kiba was a powerful yokai and if he decided to indulge, the songbird knew better than to contradict him - well, to try. On the other hand, they were over here because Kiba offered his protection to them while he checked on his friends.
  6. She frowned and nearly stomped her foot in a fit of annoyance, but at Aria's unsociability and Kiba's instant acceptance of it. Instead she pouted and stuck her tongue out at the door, then took Kiba's tail for a guide again, muttering, "Spoilsport." She shivered at Kiba's comment about Eri's last event, at the school. She got more than enough ice at home, she's hardly needed it following her to the academy. "If she does, I'm not inviting her to my next party, and I'm going back to Resak's room and crawling under all the covers and hides and furs I can find - and making Resak come back to keep me warm." She pouted again and idly ran her fingers through Kiba's fur. "Why doesn't Aria want to come hang out with us? It's way better than being bored in your dorm room. Do you think she was afraid of us?"
  7. Aderyn giggled at Kiba's warning and pulled Haruhi close. "It's true," she mock-whispered, her voice sing-song, "girls like sexy-sexness, too!" She tapped his chin playfully, "We'll eat you up!" She turned away, cheerful but mercurial, and nodded to Kiba. "Okay. Eri and Aria. Got it." She strode off towards Aria's room. "Aria!" she called out cheerfully, "Kiba and Haruhi - who you haven't met but is totally sweet and a little jumpy - and I are looking for you! Aaarrrriiiiaaaa! Oh, and Eeeerrrriiii! But you're room's farther away, so we're going to Ari's room first!" She seemed perkier than usual, which was a little odd to Haruhi since most people were tired or at least a touch lethargic after a feed, even if they slept. Usually they needed at least a little food - but then again he didn't know what Songbird's ate. Aderyn seemed positively chipper, nearly skipping through the hallway on their search for Kiba's friends.
  8. "Nah, it's fine," she grinned as she pulled him back into the room, not bothering to shut the door and she stripped down and then dove for the closet. Despite being a small amount of space, she managed to pull out a number of outfits, shimmying into a set of white leather pants that laced up on the sides and had outlines of dragons - the white ones hunted in the Northlands by the Nibelung, no doubt - tooled into the leather running up her legs. There was a good chance that the leather itself was dragonhide; the white shimmered when the sunlight hit it. She tugged on a flowing silk blouse, dyed in the same golden, blue, and green colors as her feathers, and pulled on a leather coat of the same shimmering white leather with dragon designs over that, then plunked down on the bed to pull on a final matching pair of boots. If she buttoned up the coat and pulled up the hood to hide her feathers, she could blend into the snow and ice at home - the stenciling was light enough that it disappeared into the white from far away. Resak had given her the outfit last year for getting high marks in all her classes and it was her favorite set of clothes. It all smelled like him, which helped calm her nerves as she ventured back into the closet for something for Haruhi to wear. Not white - the little vampire was pale enough and it would make them look too twinsy. She grabbed her extra set of boots, which would be a little big on him but at least were waterproof, and they were a dark brown, almost cinnamon, color. So, reds and darker neutrals is was. She flipped through the clothes, picking out a fitted russet poet's blouse she'd made for one of the plays the Theatre Club had done, and a set of black leather pants, - these with just buttons instead of the dramatic laces - a black belt with a dragon-head buckle, and her village coat, a brick-red leather coat that would highlight the brighter red of Haruhi's eyes. She dropped the clothing on the bed and motioned for him to get dressed. "The coat has a hood buttoned into the collar, so you can cover your head, and everything but the shirt is waterproof, just like what I'm wearing." She crinkled here nose, "It rains and snows a lot in at home, so you either learn to love leathers or canvas, or you're always at least damp. I hate damp more than I hate wet." She glanced out of the room, where Kiba was impatiently pacing the hallway, waiting. "Hurry up, or we're gonna get left behind!" There was a smile in her voice; Haruhi could tell she wasn't yelling at him, just excited to have something to do.
  9. Aderyn had backpeddled when Kiba had first appeared, bumping into Haruhi in her surprise. He could feel her let out a sigh of relief when the large werewolf proved in control of himself, and gave Haruhi's hand a squeeze. "How about it?" she asked the skittish vampire. "I'm really bored and we might run into Resak outside." She glanced down at her semi-dressed state and at Haruhi's amusingly opposite half-dressed state, "But yeah, we should put on more clothes. I've got some outfits in Resak's closet and they shouldn't be too big on you, including some waterproofed leathers that should keep us dry."
  10. Hey, Long, I'm having a brain freeze on something to do with Aderyn and Haruhi right now. Would you be willing to throw an ST crumb at us while the others are fighting their dragon? Sorry, I really tried to come up with something small for OC and I to play with while the others did their things, but my brain is all *bzzzzt* right now.
  11. "It's quiet." Aderyn frown. The hall was a mess, with bits missing, charred, or broken, but right at this moment it was deserted. He glanced back at Haruhi, giving the vampire boy a lingering once-over, half-dressed as they both were. Not now, and Resak's not here. He made a trilling sound of indecision, his gender sliding between male in female - a nervous habit from childhood whenever s/he couldn't make a decision. S/he wasn't sure if s/he should stay put with the vampire or venture out to see if everything was finally calmed down. On the one hand, Resak would want Aderyn to stay put. On the other hand, Aderyn could tell that a good chunk of the day had gone by and Resak still wasn't back. He might be hurt and need Aderyn. Settling into her usual female form, she hesitantly stepped out into the hallway and started making her way to the stairs. "I'm gonna take a look around and see what's going on," she called back to Haruhi as she went. "I'll be right back."
  12. Aderyn had murmured something that might have been an attempt at an explanation, then pulled Haruhi down onto the bed and into a cuddle before promptly falling asleep. Despite having been fed on, even fairly deeply, the songbird still exuded an aura of energy, a pleasant haze of contentedness that filled most of the room while he dozed. Haruhi squeaked in surprise as he was pulled in, but settled down once he realized Aderyn was already half asleep. He felt warm and full himself, and the energy radiating off the songbird kept him in that well-fed haze long past when he usually would have gotten peckish again. The orb holding Flicker flickered out of existence not long after Resak and Darrik left, but the imp merely retreated to the shadows under Darrik's bed, shaken himself by what he'd heard about the virus and the possible side effects that could effect him. The six hours passed quickly for the two boys, the afternoon sun now slanting in through windows and keeping the room warm and lazy. Aderyn woke languidly, nuzzling Haruhi affectionately until he realized that whoever was in bed with her was far too small to be Resak. He blinked fully awake, his mind taking a few more moments to puzzle everything that had happened back into place. He frowned that Resak wasn't back and tried to extricate himself from the bed without waking up the petite vampire. Padding over to the door, he opened it and peeked out, wondering how long he'd been asleep and if anyone had fixed the campus and the students yet.
  13. Aderyn actually resisted being pulled away from Haruhi for a moment, his eyes still glazed over from the incredible pleasure of the boy's bite. He curled up around the arm Resak had around his chest, humming provocatively up at Resak as he murmured, "Oh, you have to try that at some point, Res. It's....mmm.....wonderful...." He seemed more than a little out of it, almost purring and pressing up against his Verndarin, obviously having lost track of any thought of viruses, the crisis going on at the school, or the fact that Darrik was only a few feet away, staring silently at the entire progression of insanity going on in his room. Aderyn only had thoughts of how nice it felt to be held against Resak, how warm he was and how nice it would be pull him down onto the bed and spend the rest of the day recapturing the bliss he'd just felt from Haruhi. He was a little sleepy now, though, which only made him cuddle Resak even more but did keep him from actively trying to seduce the Nibelung right this moment.
  14. Aderyn expected pain, and for one brief moment there was. And then there was bliss....mind-numbing, full-body, utterly overwhelming bliss. His arms instinctively reached around the slim vampire, the songbird's hands burying themselves in his hair and holding him close. He lost all track of time and any awareness of the room or the others there; he couldn't even hear his own cries through the haze of pleasure. For Haruhi, Aderyn tasted different. Oh, there were emotional flavors that he knew - concern, fear, and then euphoric pleasure once the feeding took hold, but there was something more. A fundamental difference in the base 'taste' of Aderyn's energy from anything else he'd ever tasted - light, sweet, exquisite, better than any yokai energy or blood he'd ever had. The more Haruhi fed, the more Aderyn's mind was flooded with overwhelming pleasure. He couldn't have asked the pale youth to stop even if he were being drained of every last bit of energy inside him. Instead, he clung to Haruhi, moans and soft sounds of pleasure reverberating through the room with a decadent echo that left the other two teens feeling both voyeuristic and aroused - even the obsensibly strait Darrik, though he'd seen (most of) Aderyn's female form before anyways. A lifetime spent with Aderyn was tickling at the back of Resak's mind, trying to be heard over the rush of hormones and inform him that his songbird was most definitely not in control of himself anymore.
  15. Aderyn flushed a little, feeling both exposed and hunted, which was very strange since it wasn't Resak. He shot the Nibelung a glance at the mention of biting, but the green-skinned teen merely grunted and shrugged. He'd given the choice to his songbird and that was it. "If that would help," Aderyn offered timidly. He reached up and laid his hands over Haruhi's; the young vampire could feel the energy rolling off the songbird and realized for the first time that was simply how Aderyn always was. Giving off spiritual energy like miniature feathered sun. To Haruhi's virus-addled mind, Aderyn was an endless buffet just waiting to be plundered.
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