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  1. RAWR edit: So, should we just INSERT ourselves into the team two thread, over and over again, as hard and fast as we can?
  2. I agree that an NPC captain would work best. The PL7 w/15 PP per level idea is, I feel, better-suited for the game than PL5 or 6 with more points, but I don't really have a dog in this fight. I'm more interested in the role-playing than the dice-rolling. If people want PL5, I don't care enough to make a stink about it.
  3. Mari stood staring blankly at the naked woman in the water. She was not a stranger to girls stripping down in the locker room for sports, but that was different. That comfortably familiar shared nudity lacked entirely the element of aggressive sexuality that radiated from Ravi’s relative. The liquid languid ease with which the woman moved, the air of confidence that surrounded her, it was as natural as it was predatory. But of course a manther was a predator. If her time with Ravi had taught her anything, it had certainly taught her that. Only this one was promising not to bite. Mari blinked and remembered her manners as Renata nudged her back out of her daze. “Uhm, no, right—yes. I mean…that’s, we’re cool, thanks. Maybe later or…” “Later, for sure.” Renata chimed in. Mari glanced at her friend and back at the brown-skinned nymph drifting in the water, looking lazily unconcerned with their excuses. “We just have to…” Mari retrieved her cheap little cell-phone and jangled it. “Call home.” Renata supplied. “Yeah. Call home.” Mari agreed, wondering whether she could even find a charger in the Palace of the Manthers, or get international service from her prepaid. A bemused half-smile from the woman was their only answer. “Right, well, nice meeting you.” Renata waved, and Mari belatedly waved too, and then they were on their way back down the path towards the main house. “I’m completely lost right now,” Mari confessed as she followed Renata. “I thought New Yorkers never got lost.” Renata quipped. “Yeah, in New York…”
  4. I think I'm still waiting for approval, but as soon as I get the nod--I'm good to go.
  5. Dead Rising was the game that drew me to these boards. Now that I'm done with lawl school and the bar, I can definitely commit to poasting at least twice a week, and I would be happy to revive Hana. I would also vote for role-playing our way to the ending.
  6. Damn, this sounds pretty fun. If it's alright, I'd like to throw my hat into the mix (assuming I survive the bar next week), and bring Neutrino Girl along for the ride. She's a powersuit concept I made for City of Heroes. Here's a random page from a pathetic and hilariously bad comic I once drew...just to give you a gist: ...notice the profoundly detailed backgrounds.
  7. I think I would like to play a human infiltrator type. No, or limited, biotics, funny bug-eyed helmet, big ole sniper rifle--all that jazz. As for the background, I'm thinking the character was a child living in NY during the Reaper attack on Earth, maybe mom was military, and he was orphaned as a result of the invasion. Perhaps he has an older sibling, also with the Alliance, whom he seeks to emulate. In any case, he would be driven, focused, and ambitious.
  8. “Whu…” Mari had been in something of a daze. The last few days seemed to have blurred into one another, making the whole journey a dream-like procession of snow and sun and the clomping bounce of the enormous beasts that had borne them along to this new corner of Narnia. None of it felt real. None of it really felt like it was happening to her. Instead, it felt like everything was happening around her. Mari felt disconnected even from herself. Who was this strange girl wearing white leathers with a bow strapped across her back? Could it really be Maria Juliana Palacios from Queens, New York? How had she found herself here? How could this all have come about? It’s all because Coach Rosen thought I was real good at soccer, Mari reasoned dizzily. Coach Rosen. A name from another world, from a world where a young girl went to a fancy private school on an athletic scholarship, fell for a boy with golden green eyes, and followed him through a door into...This. Whatever this is. It seemed as improbable and fantastical as… …as a giant spider gut covered death Frisbee that was being shoved in her face by her super-power having friend, Renata. “Eww, gross!” Mari said reflexively, hopping back a step and wrinkling up her nose. “Why’d you leave the guts on it?” the lithe little freshman protested.
  9. Hana stalked across the open ground, and bent to retrieve a shotgun one of the villagers had dropped. The darkness clouding her features and her form had begun to clear. It seemed fainter now, more ethereal, as it clung to her limbs and drifted away in wispy little clouds. Here and there the girl beneath the darkness could be glimpsed: a swath of her forearm before the trailing shadows regrouped and wound themselves around her arm again, the soft lines of her cheek, in the instant before more inky blackness spilled from her eyes and shrouded her face once more. In her small hands the shotgun seemed an elephant gun, enormous, unwieldly, and unlikely to hit anything more than five feet away. Hana must have known it too, because she began to walk unhurriedly toward the two villagers to her left.
  10. “You dropped me.” Mari announced matter-of-factly. She was sprawled over Renata, and she lifted herself up, and sat astride her friend’s waist, and turned her head to spit out a mouthful of snow. Renata gazed up at Mari. She was covered in cold snow, but she felt warm and relaxed and content. Mari was sitting on her, one hand on Renata’s ribs for balance, the other busy wiping snow out of her face. There were snowflakes caught in Mari’s lashes. Renata watched Mari trying to blink them away. It filled her with tenderness, and Renata took a deep breath and sweetly said, “Maybe you should go on a diet then, you big fat-ass.” That brought Mari’s big hazel eyes around. Renata noted with satisfaction how they widened with shocked indignation. “You’re a big fat-ass!” Mari squealed in protest, and she scooped up a big handful of snow and splatted it down on Renata’s forehead. “Oh, you little fucking brat! You are so dead!” Mari was scrambling to get off of Renata and back to her feet, but Renata got hold of her leather tunic, and yanked her back into the snow. Mari threw a hastily formed snowball from her back that disintegrated in mid-flight and washed over Renata in a spray of powder. And then Renata dropped onto Mari and wrestled her into the snow. Mari was wrigglier, but Renata was bigger. Smothering the little freshman, Renata scooped up a big armful of snow and upended it over Mari’s face. “There!” she crowed gleefully, “now who’s fat?!” “Yooouuu,” Mari groaned, spluttering snow out of her nose. “Get off me, I can’t breathe.” “Do you surrender?” Renata demanded, bouncing lightly up and down. “Okay!” Mari giggled, trying to buck Renata off in vain. “Okay what?” Renata insisted, pinning Mari’s right arm with her thigh and reaching between them to tickle Mari’s side. “Okay I surrender I surrender!” Mari blurted helplessly. “Because you’re so fat? Is that why you surrender?” “Yeeesss! I’m super fat!” Mari agreed through her fit of squirming and thrashing. “Okay.” Renata finally stopped tickling her fallen foe. She was leaning over Mari, holding her down, her nose inches from Mari’s own as she drank in the spoils of her victory. But there was something missing yet. Mari had stopped her struggling and both girls were still and silent. Their faces were flushed from the cold and their tussling, and their silence was broken only by the sound of their breathing… __________________ Height: 5'1", Weight: 102 lbs, Hair: Dark brown, Eyes: Hazel, Striking looks 4, Dexterity 4, Presence 4
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