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  1. The beast of finals has been slain. Free time is mine again.

  2. I want to apologize for being needlessly confrontational recently. I've been a big unpleasant ball of stress and frustration lately, and today has proven that I need to try harder not to let it negatively impact others.

    1. Curtis Shane

      Curtis Shane

      You're forgiven. We all have, and the effort inevitably requires ice cream and pie. ...I wish I had that.

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  3. Also I have to say right now, if Catalyst is using it's PR resources to pander SR5 to 4chan through obvious plants, I fear for their future.

    1. Curtis Shane

      Curtis Shane

      Tommy: Or maybe they take looks at the developer's blog.

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  4. 石室詩士施氏,嗜獅,誓食十獅。 氏時時適市視獅。 十時,適十獅適市。 是時,適施氏適市。 氏視是十獅,恃矢勢,使是十獅逝世。 氏拾是...

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