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  1. "Yes, there's nothing wrong with me." Curtis replied, swallowing and already sweating like a pig. "I was wondering, would you be interested in -" No, Curtis cut himself off there, causing a hiccup and pause in the conversation. Interest was too open to negative forms. "Would you like to-" ,, Curtis cut himself off again. Nomeclature was so important here and now! Dating (or a date) would suggest a longer commitment expectation. Don't presume too much. ,, Any socially normal teen would roll their eyes at the waste of time and focus - it really didn't matter this much - but socially normal teens tended to not be mutants and were most certainly not on Curtis' brainpower scale, so the point never really got across even through online articles. ,, Curtis was flushing just the way Caitlin had seen him do before, when she'd unveiled her risque costume to the new Sentinels. "Caitlin, would you like to go out with me?"
  2. Shocking Evana was well and good, but this was getting a bit too out of hand. As far as Curtis was concerned actively engaging in a great deal of sex with a complete stranger hadn't still be intended on his planning list. In moments, though, with him apparently trapped by his own words, Curtis decided to see if Joran - the unknowing man ignorant of homosexuality in the bed sack - could be put out... euphorically enough, with what would be categorized as foreplay. ,, Actual intercourse, would be the projected limit. Curtis hoped so. Keeping up appearances, he leaned into Joran and let his arm curl around the others' waistline, moving ever so subtly. "Your place sounds perfectly good enough."
  3. Shortly after Night and Day at this point... ,, Curtis swallowed nervously as he approached the door. The requisite background research as recommended by Alex had been completed adequately to Curtis' understanding. All the usual structures of relationships or at least the attempt at such now led to this point. ,, Well, Caitlin had been friendly for certain, but would she display any interest in his advances? Curtis had no doubt the similarities to his sister, the sheer vibrancy and the... lure of her appearance had him hooked. But this was the sort of thing he'd never considered himself initiating, and prognoses were not on the face of it, promising. ,, But no hypothesis could not be confirmed without testing, Curtis reminded himself of the basic scientific procedure, and confidence boosted in that manner, knocked at the door to Caitlin's room.
  4. Curtis paused, and beyond the immediate material that had come out in their initial tutoring sessions, he couldn't answer much. Well, it gave him a next step to move forward on. "More research then, you're saying?" ,, "Yes, but don't sound like a stalker when you say that, dude." Warren snorted. Curtis glared back and started tugging down the can of beer. Apparently, after you had a lot, it didn't seem to make so much disagreement with the taste buds. Just easier and easier to swallow...
  5. Curtis watched the whole thing, mouth agape. This... really? Hunt had produced technologies that Curtis hadn't even figured out with casual ease? That was a bit of an ego-deflater for the super-genius, but he shut his mouth and thought about it. He'd really been far too restrained and limited by the mundane confines of the Academy resources now. ,, Time to fix the gap. ,, Curtis spared a few moments for Caitlin to whip through the air and kick Warren, who evaded enough to protect his nads. "Beat him, Caitlin." Curtis agreed approvingly, but not speaking above normal conversation level. He slipped over to Doctor Hunt and fixed him with a firm look, even if it couldn't be seen. ,, "I need all the documentation you have on the hard light systems. And all the other advanced technologies accessible in this complex. Knowledge is power, and there's a great deal of work to be done."
  6. Tonight, I was musing about the Sentinels in operation and stuff with Jordan in private, and this emerged... (Note: reformatted for better reading) ,, Curtis: Worm, blocked. Trojan, blocked. Hacker, American DOD, blocked. Hacker, Indian government... might as well test the stereotype and send back a minor reply... ,, Marco just remarks on their terrible taste in clothing and goes back to being rich and fabulous and angsty.... ,, Curtis: Marco, if all you intend to contribute is self-pitying noise, carry on that in your room. I've got work to do. ,, Marco: Well I am sorry but that sweater and shirt paired with those pants is driving me to the depths of dispair. Must we live up to the stereotypes? ,, Curtis: Marco, fashion is an absurd societal construct perpetuated by the unified efforts of various industries, the clothing, cosmetic, magazine, et al, controlled and manipulated by them for the purpose of convincing consumers to purchase their products. ,, Marco: Oh you dear boy. Fashion, like anything artistic, is an aesthetic. That which catches the eye, appeals to the senses, enriches our minds and allows for more positive and creative thinking. Imagination darling, everyone uses it. Surely even in technical hibbity-bibbity there is elegant design and inelegant design. Which would you rather look at all day long? ,, Curtis: First off, do not ever refer to it as 'hibbity-bibbity.' Furthermore, the technical definitions of elegant and inelegant design are far different than your abstract, subjective and perpetually changing 'values' of 'style and fashion.' Besides, are you so naive as to believe no 'fashion trend' is not arranged as so to benefit certain companies and their products?
  7. Curtis hadn't decided which now was worse, Evana groping him that way or the claim that she 'didn't marry him for his mind.' Ok, within a moment or two he realized it was a claim of sexual prowess on his part - but seriously, his mind far exceeded even the most Casanova level of this faux-ability. All right, was he starting to buy into this now? ,, Somewhere along the line as Evana moved to Sylia and began offering him to Joran, Curtis made some rapid decisions. One, Evana was going to be like this, fine. Two... well could play at that game. Third, with two dads, teenage delves into gay and heterosexual porn, brief experimentation on both sides during that period, he had memory and awareness of techniques enough to use on Joran. ,, Fourth, there might have been some practical consideration of the contraceptive issue by Evana - unlikely as it was. Fifth, the look on her face would be worth it. If Bates and Bannon got wind... Curtis could already imagine the expressions on their faces, and that clinched it. ,, Joran and Sylia meanwhile, were surprised by Evana's interpretation of trading partners. Joran politely but cautiously made a quasi-cough. "Well Evana, we were thinking something more traditional." "No new experiences?" Curtis' voice suddenly had the hint of a purr, as he approached Joran, eyes roving over the other man - and to be fair Joran was fairly good looking. ,, Joran paused, sweating, and Evana blinked to make sure this was Curtis. Curtis brushed his hand over Joran's hip, as he swung in behind Joran, throwing his arms over Joran's shoulders and whispering heatedly in his ear: "Be more open." Curtis' groin pressed into Joran's backside, and Joran flushed and swallowed. "Well..." ,, "Say yes." Curtis replied, louder with the same laconic lines. One hand moved over to press against Joran's thigh, the other crept over Joran's chest, tracing the muscle there. Then he suddenly nipped at Joran's neck, eliciting a moan of astonished pleasure from Joran. ,, Curtis locked eyes with Evana, daring her to believe this, and Sylia was taking deep breaths and finding herself admiring the view, and that of Evana too. "Dear, why don't you help Sylia? She looks all in need."
  8. So you guys can get your own chances to look and comment: ,, Liminal Exalted Preview (One of the new types, basically Promethean Exalted) Abyssal Exalted Preview Infernal Exalted Preview ,, Also, this: http://theonyxpath.com/exalted-third-edition-mechanics-overview/
  9. Curtis came on, nodding silently. He was definitely nervous, the other two male teens noted, which raised the question as to what was contributing to his mood. "A Sprite or other light soda will do." Alex, closing the door behind them and acting the gracious host, went to grab some soda. However, out of reflex his default had been towards the hidden beer, forcing him to turn and searching elsewhere for the sodas. ,, Fortunately, Warren's frown and pithy greeting had Curtis' attention elsewhere. "So what brings you scurrying up here, squint?" Curtis broke out of his nervousness a tad, with a half-annoyed gaze back at Warren. "Certainly not to engage in erudite conversation with you." ,, Ever the peacemaker, Alex had unconsciously cleared his throat to defuse the geek brainiac and the hardened loner, which had the effect of drawing their eyes to him. Then the perpetually-glowing solar mutant realized that he didn't have any non-alcoholic drinks to show for his show of searching, and Curtis was looking inquiringly at him. ,, Warren simply decided to save time and air his thoughts in one. "C'mon, Tchaikovsky, just nut up and have a beer." Curtis looked like he raised an eyebrow for a moment, but apathetically shrugged. "Fine, I'll try." Personally, he had never understood the fascination or benefits of alcohol, and knew quite well about the detrimental aspects. Likewise, he didn't have the enhanced constitution of either roommates. ,, But no need for squabbles, yet. Curtis had come to talk, and get information from Alex in things he himself was less than a novice at, and could not fill the practical gap from online research. While Alex and Warren were pleased enough to be able to retrieve their beers, and pass an unopened can to Curtis, the genius cleared his throat. ,, "I came to ask, Alex, if you could teach me some of your techniques?" Curtis yanked open the tab and took a sip. Not nectar of the Olympian gods, or anything the least good about it in his mind, but not distasteful enough to drive him away. He took a deeper sip. ,, Meanwhile, Alex was more or less confused by Curtis' laconic ending. "Techniques?" Warren, on the other hand, connected this to Curtis' nervousness and understood immediately. "Lite-Brite, he wants your tricks for making women swoon. Specifically, Caitlin." Curtis scowled somewhat, but nodded, conceding the essence of the point.
  10. Somewhere along the line between the first meeting, and now, Curtis had just about decided he indeed - foreign as the concept had been to him, and unsettling the truth was - had feelings for Caitlin Kieran. So far, the current presence of observing the costumes, particularly the various materials - and especially crowing over the presence of so much nanotechnology, kept Curtis from having to consider the matter and the issues stemming therein, in detail. ,, Then, Caitlin returned in her costume, and Curtis jerked his head around to see how she looked. ,, The hormonal, primal, male, portions of his brain went off in fireworks, delighting in how Caitlin's natural looks filled out the form-fitting costume with pleasing curves, and naughtily admired the slits of skin (breasts especially) exposed through the costume. Violet was right, the confidence (or show of it) was entirely attractive, and these lower evolutionary impulse of Curtis would have agreed that Caitlin could rawr him any time. ,, The higher brain functions and always intellectually aware side of Curtis were appalled, not Caitlin's new look as much as the Composure Blue Screen of Death automatically obvious. Damage control was enacted. ,, Curtis flushed, and then tried to offer a polite smile, which came out more embarrassed. Noticeably, he moved his eyes and focus to settle on a point parallel to Caitlin - his peripheral vision betrayed him. "Don't worry. You look... look... nice."
  11. At some point, Curtis eventually gave in. Be it the general atmosphere and sensations wearing him down, an internal exhaustation to maintain his walls, or Evana just being so up close, intimate and overwhelming seductive, Curtis let it go enough to start actively dancing, and becoming more animate than inanimate. ,, Evana hid the edge of her smirk... maybe this wooden toy squint would grow up to be a real boy someday... not with her though, most likely, promiscuous party girl or not. Curtis let the feel, the smell, the sensations cover him and remove focus for some relaxing time. Not completely though. ,, The wooden part soon spoke for itself. Curtis flushed, but somehow more aware that Evana didn't intend to really that far down the way, and now unpleasantly finding himself more aggrieved than relieved by the thought, adjusted his movements a little and they continued the path across the dance floor.
  12. For a moment prior to Curtis opening his assigned locker, he shot Violet an aggrieved and insulted look. The kind belonging to any self-respecting comic book nerd worth the name. "That's a terrible Batman reference, Violet. You should be ashamed of yourself." This, with all sincerity. But within moments as he completed opening up the locker, that didn't matter anyway. ,, The door swung open, and then Curtis' expression went to poleaxed. Really?! They'd already gotten this done? And for him! But... Curtis reached out, and sensed it. Yes! It was! YESSSSSSSSSS! ,, Curtis smiled, and started laughing. It was actually kinda creepy, and he stepped back. Something silvery white flowed up his arm and then covered most of his body, resolving into a mixed yellow and black jumpsuit. "I have a nanotech uniform!" Curtis crowed. The worst part was his expression. 'A God Am I' or something along that lines. ,, Costume
  13. Curtis' expression quickly developed into something... pinched. That was as good as any a description for it. Though his senses were not perhaps as enhanced as Yseult Moreau, and extended a bit more into the exotic non-human range, the five primary senses were still improved to a level surpassing any normal human being. On Kastar, the impact had gone off like a dozen nuclear missiles at once. ,, Mindless hedonism central... here I am... Whoop-dee-doo. What was worst of all things... was the smell. The scent of sex, and excess (sex especially, not that he wanted to admit it) was overwhelming, and scent was so well linked to taste that Curtis was certain that he could determine the taste of various ladies in the crowds by the odor of their... need. ,, Naturally, this was becoming an issue down there, and Curtis needed to head this off for sanity's sake. Fortunately, he was closer to Bannon, and to Evana, which provided an escape route. "Proposal, Evana." Curtis quietly tried to offer, "I know some of us need to partake of the... amenities, I know, obvious, but I'd like to slip off elsewhere, and Bannon can come if he wants. For more... cerebral methods of completing our mission." ,, His parents, Jesse and Jeff, bless them, were great people, but the classic homophobic bias had provoked a certain tendency to snap back at such bigots in Curtis. They didn't need that now, and even in a more... kindly vein, Curtis didn't want to deal with any thoughts, his or anyone else, about defining his sexual orientation. ,, Sex and intimacy made him very skittish, deep down.
  14. The book slammed shut when Curtis saw the situation devolve, until it hit the climax (pun not intended) of Evana going frightfully full wanton mode. Despite himself, a flush broke past Curtis' combination of concern for the situation and irritation. He sighed when it had past, noting the situation. ,, The fact that Bannon had chosen to give Evana orgasms, though amusing, was beside the ultimate point that Bannon had just made. Which Curtis completely agreed with. "Seconded. I only wish to also add that-" his eyes flared with verbal undertones of someone pointing out the obvious to apparently oblivious individuals, "- you've proven Dr. Weir's point in triplicate. Now. Who is going first?"
  15. Curtis had not, much like Dr. Fitzgerald or Dr. Bannon, wished to be brought down there for his testing, much especially on the grounds that his new abilities were all in his head, so to speak. Measuring and assessing them would be difficult, and objective data wouldn't convey a truly accurate assessment. ,, On the other hand, he knew fighting would accomplish nothing, and only requested to the ruffled lieutenant that he be given a moment to grab a book from his quarters. He'd brought Romance of the Three Kingdoms as a personal effect, and if he had to wait, it would serve well to pass the time (in terms of quality and length). ,, As they closed in on their destination, Curtis' enhanced senses picked up the mini-storm behind the door. Evana and Fitzgerald squaring off, Bates trying to intervene... Well, it was definitely a good idea to bring Romance of the Three Kingdoms. ,, The door swung open and Staff Sergeant Shane walked in, book under his arm. Curtis gave a deadpan expression as if they had been discussing idle pleasantries and found a seat. Best to start from the very beginning at this rate of progress - given that Bates was trying to get the two to apologize to each other.
  16. Curtis' eyes bored a noiseless, precise yet deep hole in the wall, at a point behind Weir and several inches to the left of her ear. One planet of intoxicant swilling, boundary disrespecting, drug dealing inhabitants (that probably could give the great Roman arrangers of orgies - orgy-nizers? - a stroke) - plus by logical extension, hordes of junkies and tourists looking 'for a bender.' ,, And of course, the only reason he would be dispatched for such a mission - aside from his technical talents in the unit - was predicated on the basis that he could consume prodigious quantities of 'booze' and 'blow' without impairment. Universe forbid they decide to push him towards acquisition within the category of 'booty.' ,, Excesses that Staff Sergeant Curtis Shane never indulged in, save for the occasional and most certainly moderated consumption of some alcohol. Therefore, it was essential he have with him his concealed Apollo pistol (or as some crudely referenced its Goa'uld genes, the Zat-Blaster), Triton-Weave clothing in such obviously lawless and disorderly locations... and to maintain privacy in their lodgings with his equipment for the maximum possible duration of their investigation. ,, For once, Curtis could feel, shocking as it was, kinship with Dr. Bannon.
  17. Curtis blinked after Weir begain explaining the nature of their mission. A hedonistic planet - where they would have to pass themselves off as Althosians and probably engage in all sorts of loud, ridicious excesses to keep their cover. Why couldn't Weir just order him to walk out an airlock in space? It'd be quicker and less painful. ,, With a small groan, he found himself asking questions anyway. "Climate and weather? Any sort of government or at least some kind of law and order organization? And your words give me the impression that there is a brisk tourism stream to Kastar... from how far, the entire Pegasus galaxy?"
  18. "You're... welcome." For a moment, Curtis found himself about to stumble over his words, and only barely recaptured equilibrium before Caitlin noticed. All right, the end of tutoring couldn't happen sooner. There was something about her throwing him off his game, as the expression went, and Curtis needed to figure out what it was. Or at least distance himself. Something corrective. "It will work out, as long as you apply sweat of the brow, graphite of the pencil - and you put in more than enough effort to satisfy your capacity in my mind."
  19. Curtis was doing his best to restrain himself to a pleased marvel externally, where internally he was having a gushing, roaring geek-gasm. While giving due note to the armory and the supplementary gear, he had no intention of requiring them by going into the field. And quite honestly, he didn't need to show up for classes, as good grades were a given. He'd probably arrange a system of dispatching assignments via e-mail to his teachers. ,, This would free him up to practically live down in the Hub, once he effected the transfer of his few personal possessions to his new room. Already Curtis' brain was compiling a series of To-Do Lists for initial operations in the labs, the Core, and the other appropriately tech-relating rooms. Step one, familiarize himself to the pico-level with Doctor Hunt's glorious gifts (as the higher power the older man metaphorically symbolized bestowed upon one Curtis Shane... and humanity too). ,, Step two, identify objectives, based on projected needs (to be determined during the post-familiarization phase) as well as the personal work he'd already been pursuing on a more limited scale, and establish priorities (categorized and recorded). ,, Step three: GO WILD! Well, figuratively speaking, and in accordance with proper prioritization. "Well, I'm very impressed." Curtis was grinning as he said this. "You realize I'm never going to leave this place if I can help it."
  20. Curtis had watched the court from the sidelines, more than willing to watch, those his gaze did sneak over to Caitlin at times. It was a hard pill for him to deal with, being attracted to her. Most likely because he also considered advances, crude or subtle (and subtlety in these matters would be hard to pull off) to be unsuccessful wastes of time. She was adjusting to her time at school, and was on the different side of the spectrum from him, or so Curtis felt. ,, Also, that uncomfortably risk, the need to not be hurt again by loss still predominated in Curtis' preferences. If only it didn't already hurt and ache, despite Curtis' logical arguments. ,, It was a relief to him when they did return, and then Curtis had a smile, a wan one, but a smile. At least here he had something intellectually stimulating, work and challenges that could keep him busy... When Director Drumm brought up again the super-genius' question back at the initial start at the meeting, Curtis took the opportunity. "Yes. I know you said we're funded, but what does that really mean in terms of resources? Vehicles, facilities, equipment... I'm not trying to get a full accounting... but a good idea of what we have to work with would help." ,, Internal Correction: What I have to put to good use.
  21. "Right," Curtis agreed, getting up and following her. Again, much unconventionality, but he found he could manage this with Caitlin. As he started to follow her lead, he observed: "And yes, at this point, my job ceases. I think it was productive, in terms of academic progress. I know you've made clear that many of these subjects are not on your list of interests, but are you pleased with the results?"
  22. Curtis blinked, and then realized that for some reason, he hadn't prepared for that answer very much. "You know, I had something, but I left it behind." It was a white lie, of course. "I'm not sure..."
  23. More sessions passed. Progress continued to be made, by Curtis' estimation and apparently by the faculty as well. When Caitlin got to the tree where they had regularly started the sessions, Curtis was already there, with his laptop closed for once. He had a message for him, one he wasn't sure how to judge... well, he'd love to be in the lab back to normal routine again... still... ,, Curtis gave her a smile for greetings outwardly. "News for you. This is our last session, since I've been told you're cleared to start regular classes soon."
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