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  1. "Juno, you realize this plan itself is predicated on the schematics Eidley is showing us. In any case, I wouldn't do something like that if I were the designer - KISS principle. Besides, why tell your foes these can be hacked? Especially because it would still mean the glasses are linked to the system and can be hacked anyway." Curtis finished the summation and then answered Lexi's question. "Need? No. I'm a vet - I can take care of myself." Curtis had hacked Ian's cameras already, so he could easily establish a new feed from them for himself anyway.
  2. "Yes, I suspected as much," Curtis commented dryly and sarcastically as the information sank in. The stakes seemed to be consistently raising themselves while not making things any better for Curtis to deal with, if not worse. "You shouldn't really be so surprised, Juno. You hypothesized a mole earlier - congratulations.... Eidley has confirmed you to be completely correct." She of course, probably wouldn't be treasuring it, but that was Curtis' little last riposte before he had to see what there was. "Eidley, how long do we have before the tunnel stabilizes fully?" "Unknown factors have changed in this locality. We know what Cole's plan was. But those circumstances have changed." The AI cast a significant look at Ian. " You have a day at best before Cole can implement his actions to tap Lotan." Even more heartening. Curtis closed his eyes briefly and thought. The war glasses were feeding information into the tunnel. They had a captured pair here. "What happens if I feed corrupt data via the war glasses?" Infuriatingly, Eidley seemed to shake his head in a nonchalant fashion - as if everything wasn't on the line. "The quality of the data does not matter. All that matters is that data flows through to increase the tunnel." Right - back to the old hacker days. Worms and subtle tricks wouldn't have the impact required. Anything really powerful would have to be noticeable. So go for broke, because otherwise Ardeyn and Earth if not the entire cosmos would indeed be obliterated. Curtis placed the glasses into a connection with his upgraded laptop. "Bring up the war glasses and Earth machine schematics." The scientist pursued his lips and made seemingly pleased hmms as he leaned it. Everyone had to guess so, because they weren't sure what Curtis was making heads or tails of. "Oh, good good good. Yes, I can modify these glasses to upload a virus that can shut down the tunnel-" A section of the design flashed suddenly and then expanded apparently unbidded, and Curtis' initial smile vanished after a moment of confused peering. "And of course Cole, like any good programmer, set up defenses against this sort of thing." Finally, he regarded the others. "Fine. That's the bad news. Good news is, I can still bypass the firewalls there with some hours of work, and then I should be able to shut down the machine and the tunnel. The other bad news is that we'll still have to get into the church afterward and destroy the machine itself for good measure." "I need to stay here and get to work. We need someone to go recon the church so when we go in, it isn't blind."
  3. Now granted, Ian COULD be hallucinated, but again, given his effects, activities and the world Curtis had learned to live in, this Godmother could be a disembodied or incorporeal being. All the more convincing since he wasn't really sure how else Ian was aware of what had happened to his laptop. Best act as if he knew everything already. Or close enough to it. "I think show, not tell, is the best way here." Curtis told Ian before getting back to his laptop again. First, he checked over the readme file - still blinking in the screen center yet suddenly two times larger - if not more. It appeared to be simply... ....instructions for activated a downloaded AI?! It took more focus for Curtis to not break the mask. Well now. Curtis took the plunge and activated it. The laptop rebooted - and as Curtis prepared to turn it to show Ian, a bright blue-white flash bathed all four room occupants like a high strength flash bulb. Once it faded, an obvious holograph of an incredibly skinny dark skinned human - wearing some sort of uniform like a cross between a military and police style stood in view. His hair was styled in a very tall pompadour. And although small his badge was the same stylized Estate emblem seen on the readme file.
  4. Finally..... progress. What a relief for Curtis - one thing in the whole entire operation that hadn't gone pots up yet. Yet, being the operative word. But Curtis could at least enjoy the moment. "Curtis." He indicated himself. "Juno," for the still testy ex-cop, "Alexandra." That Ian was giving her those looks made him feel the urge to punch out the scuzzball - but Alexandra should be able to take care of herself. Now came the next step - deciding how much to give Ian right off the bat. Aside from the potential trouble if Ian couldn't be contained, channeled or.... goodness forbid, actually recruited to the Estate afterward, there was the obvious need to keep more breadcrumbs in store to dangle in front of him to keep him cooperative. "Here's the basics. Throw away all your crackpot theories, Ian. There are no aliens...... in the classical sense anyway. Instead, think quantum theory: Many Worlds. At minimum, Father Foss is a religious nut under the influence of a dangerous entity from a recursion called Ardeyn. Recursion is the term we use instead of dimension - for reasons... Anyway, this being is known as the Betrayer, or in his identity on Earth, Jason Cole. Foss has been brainwashing and equipping his cult with this." Curtis drew out the war glasses and handed them to let Ian inspect. "These are called war glasses. Nasty devices, which can turn an ordinary person into a very dangerous soldier. The real problem is that used en mass, they'll attract a Lovecraft type monster that will destroy the planet. And Foss is prepping to set up a new Waco. You can probably guess what our ultimate objective is."
  5. Curtis rose up and finally came out after Ian. He wasn't sure what the cornucopia of issues clearly percolated between Ian, Juno, Alexandra or just Ian's past, but enough was enough. "Ian," he told the intangible paranoiac sternly, "it's a benefit for your life that we're here. Because those who blithely look into the names 'Jason Cole' and Lotan' risk their lives being cut short." A brief pause to let Ian digest his warning. "Now, will you come back in?" "I don't blithely do shit, man." Ian glared at them all. "I want to see that warrant, now." "I don't recall the things that came into your room previously caring about one." Curtis noted dispassionately. "Nor will Foss' cult, if they decide you're too problematic to be running around. So you have three options here. Work with us, forget about Foss and go far away, or get killed. It's all your choice. But I suspect you're not for the latter two." "'You suspect I'm not for the latter two'? Dude, first off, fuck you. Second off, I don't work with people." The researcher stared hard at him. "Third off, if you wanted to work with me, then you should have asked before I caught you in my room, going through my stuff." Ian snapped at the infuriating asshole. Curtis inclined his head, unfazed by the tirade. "We would have - if time wasn't limited enough as is." "Then you're wasting it by talking to me." Ian tugged on his jacket, pulling on the lapels. "So here's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna go back in the room, shower, and shave, and when I get back out, you guys can be gone. Except Jailbait. She can stay." Curtis shrugged as Ian began to walk through him and into the room. "I see. There's better things for us to do than tell you who Jason Cole is. Or Lotan. Or all the things you've gotten close to but never actually spotted. Juno, Alexandra, let's go."
  6. Lexi started at the intrusion, coming to her feet in an instinctive 'ready' stance. Her hand had gone to her gun at his words, but her brow creased as she took in the features of the man. When his nose began to bleed, she quickly stepped around the bed and grabbed the towel to press to his face. "Salvatore, you're bleeding!" "How did you get here?" she asked, her brow furrowed. Her other hand tapped lightly on his necklace, "Why didn't you call for me?" Curtis, on the other hand, had to quickly hide his nonplussed flash at Lexi's behavior - with a deadpan professional look. Quietly he closed up his laptop and spoke. "I see you've met E.N... Perhaps you could please help him sit down, close the door and relax. We have quite a bit to discuss." And mark another item for the debriefing. This man was... a bit of a risk - but maybe they could co-opt him for the investigation. And the Estate. Curtis supposed that it could have been said that once upon a time he'd been looking into this sort of thing as well. But he'd never been that crazy, right? And better to keep E.N. from being a wild card.
  7. Sure..... Nina: I did say it was for Lexi, that bonus 1 xp.
  8. The addition that Lotan was linked into this, and a NEW person was involved threw Curtis a bit more off-kilter in his admittedly patchwork hopes of planning. On the bright side, at least presumably there was time to look into this guy and to study the nature of these war glasses. Also, he'd made clear to Agent Manners that he wanted a debriefing with her and Lexi after all this. Or he would have, had not Curtis been told Agent Manners was out of the country. Code for translated off somewhere. When they arrived, Curtis quickly felt something utterly off. "Hold on." He cautioned Lexi and Reyes before the door. After a bit of physical and technological observation, he picked up on the camera. Slipping out his phone, he made a spirited wireless hack into the feed. He set up a loop - but it was so hard to turn away. This was a quantum computing system like nothing he'd ever seen. Not terrestrial - with self-rewriting code.... add that to the list of things to study. "Right... we can head in now." And what kind of person has their own motel room covered from the inside, laid the question? It was empty. "Juno, Lexi, search this place. I've a moment of tracing to do." While the women handled that, Curtis sat down and unpacked his laptop to trail the wireless path of the camera. That led to a disappointingly ordinary laptop he could easily hack into. And find their man's location. Great, right on the church. But how could they contact Manners if she was away? Fine, Curtis decided - do a run-through on their quarry's contents and then figure out how to contact him elsewhere. [Tuesday Afternoon, 3:55 PM] OOC Right, Nina says Curtis can feel the Strange presence of that camera, and find it. Hacking the camera is Lv 6, but Nina also said both Curtis' Physics and Computer Science skills apply. So the final Lv is 2 (Target 6): Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 6: 6 Another Lv 2 to hack Ian's laptop - Computer Science means it's auto-pass. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [2/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  9. The objections reminded Curtis of another element of difficulties: namely, that he was stuck as responsible for a rookie at this critical mission. "First off," he explained with all the patience he could muster, "those laws aren't ironclad. There are always loopholes." Which was why cyphers existed on Earth, but that something so basic as those would be a new concept... "Second - and more importantly, you didn't see the gremlin trying to rip up the wing. It's not from here, and would have a very limited amount of time before being rendered dead. The timing of its appearance is precise beyond measure. It would in fact, require a paranormal means of knowing exactly when and where to work in the first place."
  10. Curtis sat in one of the seats a row or two ahead from the captured cultists. His frowning expression was not pleased to say the least. "An apocalyptic nut either in appearance or for real. His 'flock' are brainwashed fanatics, and either he had access to a leak, which I doubt. Or else... some manner of Strange precognitive abilities..." Which was what the cultists had been implying, at any rate. Curtis pinched the bridge of his nose. "At this point, I'm not seeing much more option beyond storm tactics and brute force - but that would be risky, given what I'm already picking up on the glasses just by looking them over." The subject in question rested in his lap. Curtis had quickly become cautious with handling the glasses after he realized with concern that they were still on, if in a standby mode. There was no power-off control, which probably was intentional. Pressure sensors and retinal scanners completed the essence of the put-on, empowered simplicity. He'd never seen anything like this, at least in its fusion. "This isn't just super-science, there's magic too. I'd need more time then we have left in flight and a workspace to go through them - but I can't help but worry about how much time we do have."
  11. Curtis didn't have the time to take more note of the broken window than the immediate sensory impact, since he had a war-glasses wearing man coming for him. Fortunately, Curtis had learned how to use his revisions to ensure he had some combat-ready abilities at all times. Within the bounds of standard physics, a lot could happen with a quantum nudge. Curtis stepped forward and threw a steady punch. The size and build difference was enough to make his tactic seem questionable. But in this case, it was a quantum shockwave that Curtis triggered. To onlookers, his strike landed with more power than it appeared, smashing the tray and sending the hitman staggering back - and his glasses flew off. Curtis snagged them out of mid-air and folded them up. The Estate would probably want to hold onto one for further study, and he certainly intended to do some while on the mission. OOC Using Exception on the #2. Edge covers the expenditure. Level 4 task, Target 12: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 18: 18 With the damage bonus, that's a total of 6 damage - trading 5 away to both remove the war glasses, and 1 damage to Bad Guy #2. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [2/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  12. The influx of information was very inopportune to Curtis, trying to get free of the chairs. And the increasing layers of complexity from the vortex hurtled into the mind. There was an Incarnation of Lore, one of the Maker's chosen, and her daughter was the Seeker. Gremlins from Ardeyn, sorcerous spells being prepared. The shaking impact and change on his internal sense of understanding made everything go in slow motion. Silent save for the thumped of his heart. And one thought running through Agent Shane's head: When this is over, I AM going to debrief the hell out of Alexandra and Manners. And then a new pulse of Strange energy flushed over him. Curtis quickly tried to focus. Maintain his condition against the change. With effort, he drove it off. OOC Lv 4 Intellect defense: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 18: 18
  13. Using Exception upon the bearded man with glasses still on. Target 12: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 1: 1 Running Totals: Might - 8/8 Speed - 10/10 Intellect - 18/18
  14. Things happened quickly. Reyes had downed one of them and their glasses to boot, but the second was tussling with Hutchinson. And Curtis was having trouble reacting. Seriously - he hated action like this. That and the forethought as to the passengers and crew observing cut short the hand that was trying to aim and point the manipulation key-chain cypher. OOC Another use of the Manipulation Beam to snag the glasses off the bearded guy. Level 4 task, Target 12: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 9: 9 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [2/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  15. Max: You have your actions laid out and rolled- so you can go ahead first.
  16. Curtis drew back his lips in a mixture of surprise, shock, concern and rapid thought. Actually, this posed several problems at once. However, the most pressing: stop it from ripping the wing to pieces and killing everyone on board. Preferably with a minimum of anyone ever noticing anything wrong. Curtis remembered from a documentary on the American Revolution a rather memorable phrase. Lord Cornwallis, at the battle of Guildford Courthouse had 'a moment of ruthless inspiration.' He used point-blank grapeshot at Continental forces tangled with his own, and had won the battle, averting otherwise defeat. Now more than two hundred years later, a descendant of those rebellious colonials had his own idea. "Stay still," Curtis sternly warned Alexandra, and quickly scrabbled into his carry-on bag. With a tiny clink, out came what looked like a keychain remote, the sort anyone might ordinarily use to unlock their car. Curtis pointed it towards the gremlin out the window, and mashed the button, running the calculations in his head. The gremlin jerked up, and began to struggle as an invisible force yanked out from its clawhold and pulled it across past the front of the wing. Then it was suspended over the air, kept just far out enough... Curtis relinquished control over the gremlin, and unable to react in time, basic high school physics equations took over. The plane's wing met the neck of the Ardeyn monster at a speed of 400 knots per hour. A neck which became a nasty, and fortunately quickly vanishing piece of roadkill, along with the rest of the corpse. Alexandra Scire saw her former tutor slump back deeply into his seat wearily. "We have a little problem." Just for good measure, he picked up two men, one rows ahead and the other behind them putting on glasses and rising. "Now ON the plane." OOC Initiative: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 20: 20 So yeah - I spent some time talking it over with Nina, and she allowed this usage of the Manipulation Beam to take the gremlin out in such a fashion. Level 4 Task - Specialized Strange Knowledge = Level 2 Difficulty 6: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 6: 6 On the nose! GREMLEXECUTION! Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [1/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  17. Don't care that you're playing Ian. Welcome.
  18. A frown slowly developed at the beginning of the briefing, and continued to twitch more behind Curtis' face. Did he just get appointed leader? On a mission with at least one new person - two if you were strictly speaking of fieldwork, because Alexandra Scire presumably had at least a decent grasp of what the Estate dealt with - and of course, the world on the line. Well, granted, the world kinda was whenever it came to that brand of quantum computing and technology, groups like the September Project or the Karum tried to bring about. But this was 'screw this up and we're dead' in your face. Not exactly a pleasant thing for a field agent with more research and intellectual skills on his end. Of course, complaining was meaningless and pointless, so Curtis finally joined the conversation. Granted, he could rattle off a list of immediate ideas that came to his mind as to Foss' motivations, but satisfying Reyes' understanding should be saved for later. They'd have too much time to kill on the flight. "How strong exactly is this cult of his estimated to be, and do we think the September Project is involved at all on scene with him?" Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  19. Name: Curtis Shane Age: 24 Ethnicity: White Height: 5'8 Weight: 160 lb. Curtis is an experienced Estate Agent of four years. To him, The Strange is ultimately explicable in scientific terms, even Magic filled recursions are ultimately a derivation of its quantum-mechanics based rules. Just very complex rules, still being worked out. He is known for being an expert hacker and scientist, and just as well for not being easy to get along with. Sheet Sheet - Curtis Shane An Intelligent Paradox who... ...Works the System (Earth) ...Processes Information (Ruk) ...Works Miracles (Ardeyn) Tier: 1 Pools Might: 8 Speed: 10 Intellect: 18 (22 w/ Processes Information) Edges Might: 0 Speed: 0 Intellect: 1 Effort: 1 Special Abilities Expert Cypher Use: You can bear three cyphers at a time. Practiced With Light Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. If you wield a medium weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase it by two steps. Translation: You can participate in the process of traveling to another recursion. Each time you do, you can choose to initiate, hasten, or ease a translation. If you choose to hasten or ease the process, someone else in the group must initiate the translation. As a paradox, you are most effective at initiating a translation. This initiation advantage provides you with additional opportunities during the process of translating. In order to translate, you must know that the recursion you are translating to exists. The GM will decide if you have enough information to confirm its existence and determine what level of difficulty is needed to reach the destination. Action to initiate. Skills Remembering and memorizing things experienced directly [Trained] Strange Knowledge [specialized] Physics [specialized] Computer Science [Trained - Specialized w/ Works the System] Geography [Trained w/ Processes Information] Ruk Knowledge [Trained w/ Processes Information] Biology [Trained w/ Processes Information] Equipment Earth [Estate Credit Card, Estate Badge/ID, street clothes, light handgun, encrypted smartphone (with WiFi hacking app), $500. Transformed-Upgraded Laptop: Level 8 laptop (with WiFi hacking app), grants an automatic step down to an task where this computer is used, It also allows you to spend effort one step higher than you would normally be allowed.] Ardeyn [Ardeyn clothing, light armor, long knife, an explorer’s pack, a healing kit, 200 crowns.] Revisions Exception (1 Intellect point): You pick one creature within long range. The target is jolted by a confluence of fundamental forces for 4 points of damage. If the target you select is not native to the recursion where you attack it, its senses are overwhelmed. On a successful attack, in addition to taking 4 points of damage, it cannot act on its next turn. Once exposed to this revision, a non-native creature normally can’t be affected by the sense-overwhelming portion of this attack again for several hours. Action. Premonition (2 Intellect points): Despite appearances, reality is quantum and non-causal, which means a careful observer can discover information leaks. You learn one random fact from a person or location that is pertinent to a topic you designate. Alternatively, you can choose to learn a creature’s level; however, if you do so, you cannot learn anything else about it later with this revision. Action. Works The System Minor Effect Suggestion: You learn something completely unexpected but useful. Major Effect Suggestion: You can immediately take a second action during this turn. Tier 1: Hack the Impossible (3 Intellect points). You can persuade automatons, machines, and computers to do your bidding. You can discover an encrypted password, break through security on a website, briefly turn off a machine such as a surveillance camera, or disable an automaton with just a moment’s worth of fiddling. Action. Computer Programming: You are trained in using (and exploiting) computer software, you know one or more computer languages well enough to write basic programs, and you are fluent with Internet protocol. Enabler. Processes Information (Special Draggable) Minor Effect Suggestion: You spontaneously regain 1 point to your Intellect Pool. Major Effect Suggestion: You gain an unexpected bit of information from the All Song about the situation at hand or someone involved. Tier 1: Knowledge Storehouse. You can choose three different areas of knowledge—history, geography, botany, quantum mechanics, and so on—in which you are trained. Enabler. Storage Capacity. You gain 4 points to add to your Intellect Pool. Works Miracles Minor Effect Suggestion: The target is healed for 1 additional point. Major Effect Suggestion: The target is healed for 2 additional points. Tier 1: Healing Touch (1 Intellect point). With a touch, you restore 1d6 points to one stat Pool of any creature. This ability is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each time you attempt to heal the same creature, the difficulty increases by one step. The difficulty returns to 2 after that creature rests for ten hours. Action.
  20. I think I'm going to resurrect Curtis for this. Curtis Shane, an Intelligent Paradox who [Works the System (Earth)/Processes Information (Ruk)/Works Miracles (Ardeyn)] A techie whom approaches The Strange from a scientific quantum physics/mechanics perspective.
  21. "Hail Leon, we who are about to die salute you." Curtis responded in mock-solemnity, and throwing an exaggerated two-finger salute. And he turned to his 'wife'. "Ready hon? Ladies first." Evana was the best person for doing the talking after all, and the best face forward for the pair.
  22. The obvious answer to Moira Fitzgerald presented itself to Curtis - but mentally superhuman processing still had to contend with physical speeds of opening one's mouth. And Captain Evana in her grand tradition of bitching with Dr. Fitzgerald, claimed first rights immediately. ,, There was one other possibility. "Or perhaps, Captain, we just send Evana and I, rather than a noticeable crowd to collect Moreau, and everyone else remains here? Two groups that we know the locations of will still be quite simple to coordinate."
  23. "Yes," Curtis calmly assured Moira. "We know where she said she'd be. The real issue will be putting up with her temper when we have to roust her from her contact's company." At Bates' look, still fueled by distrust of Curtis' homosexual bedroom acrobatics, Curtis sighed. "As I said, valid information gathering tactic. As for the location, she told us she'd be at the Broken Coin."
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