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  1. Curtis nodded at the caution order from Ryusei, plunked himself down in a seat and opened his laptop, and in a few minutes had the police station feeds censored for this room. That was to handle the audio and footage. Gaining access to the entirety of New Orleans took less time. Ryusei shortly had a text message ping him: Muffled and eyes watching you. After that, Mei, noticing the speed of his work, asked him to handle some ancillary research for her. The result: Mei had a quarter inch high of documents to go through. The Celestial Bureaucrat was relieved to see this, as she projected it would otherwise be three inches high. Unlike her pantheon, she wasn't fond of all that paper.
  2. Curtis at first was jolted a little when Mia began making appreciative noises. Certainly, dealing with come-ons from the fairer sex had not been really in his experience, and it was more than a bit incongruous with the necrotic atmosphere and surroundings. And then the odd behavior of hers and the fact that she really put the cryptic in prophetic did not help. At least he could be more reassured with the part about hacking and getting set up. Technology made sense. You could rely on it. Except then Ryusei would have him discerning puzzles with the gothic vamp. He had the suspicion he would prefer Mei-Ying over Mia or the arrogant Aoyama.
  3. The aggravation of a plane with loud children, the long jet-lag, a taxi ride, and finally, Curtis had found the place... only to see people running out and the place collapsing. "You know, the people in Accounting get antsy about these kinds of expense reports, Ryusei." He dryly noted as he approached. "So what's happened here?"
  4. Name: Curtis Shane Pantheon: The Dodekathon Patron: Hephaestus Calling: The IT Guy Nature: Architect Age: 20 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality: American Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blond Background Curtis was adopted as an infant by Jesse and Jeff Shane, a gay couple in Omaha, Nebraska. When in 5th grade, anti-gay attention angered Curtis, who drew away from others mostly, and focused on his hobbies of computers and electronics. Through high school, Curtis studied, keeping up on the latest in science and technology - his proficiency in the field of computers seemingly on the level of the supernatural. With plumb scholarships from every institution Curtis would have desired, picking college and having a plush life would have been so simple. Of course the thugs had to butt in one night. At first they seemed like drunk mugger types that Curtis could run away from, but they followed him. Intent on blood. And impossibly smashing through whatever was in their path. Curtis would have been dead meat, if not for the red-haired, muscular man whom inexplicably had heavy braces on his legs. The savior beat the towering goons to pulp, then explained to Curtis how they weren't exactly human. Neither was he, being Hephaestus, Curtis' biological father. The Visitation depriving him of a normal future (and the fact that giants had tracked him down), Curtis spent the next couple of years taking missions on behalf of his divine father. Hephaestus had provided his son with a Relic revolver Epivítoras ('Stallion' being a pun on the Colt), and the One Ring. Ok, it was forged in the fires of Mount Olympus, not Mount Doom, but Heph knew his son liked sci-fi and fantasy and found the conceit hilarious. And a divine cellphone. Curtis hadn't been in contact with his adoptive dads beyond the minimum since then. It was much easier than trying to explain what was going on. Recently the US government paid him a visit. Apparently there was this new agency dealing with the Legendary... Attributes Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4 Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4 Intelligence 5, Wits 4, Perception 3 Abilities Academics 3 Awareness 3 Athletics 2 Brawl 2 Craft: Electronics 5 Empathy 2 Fortitude 1 Integrity 3 Investigation 3 Marksmanship 2 Medicine 1 Occult 3 Presence 1 Science: Computer Sciences 5 Science: Material Sciences 5 Stealth 1 Legendary Traits Virtues: Expression 2, Intellect 4, Valor 2, Vengeance 2 Legend: 4 Legend Points: 16 Willpower: 6 General Traits Soak: 8B/6L/3A Dodge DV: 5 Attacks: - Unarmed (Light): Speed 4, 7d10, Base Damage 3B, PDV 4 - Unarmed (Heavy): Speed 5, 5d10, Base Damage 6B, PDV 2 - Epivítoras: Speed 5, 8d10, Base Damage 7L, Piercing Epic Attributes & Knacks Epic Intelligence 3 [Math Genius, Multitasking, Wireless Interface] Epic Wits 3 [Don't Read The Manual, Meditative Focus, Rabbit Reflexes] Epic Perception 3 [Broad-Spectrum Reception, Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception, Parallel Attention] Epic Stamina 3 [Damage Conversion, Holy Fortitude, Self-Healing] Birthrights The One Ring - Relic 2 [Access to Fire & Earth Purviews] Epivítoras - Relic 3 [Colt Peacemaker; +2 Damage, No Reloading Needed] HermesLite Cell Phone - Relic 1 [iGjallar-type phone benefits] Boons Fire Immunity (Fire • ) Bolster Fire (Fire •• ) Safely Interred (Earth • ) Echo Sounding (Earth •• )
  5. Atlanta, Georgia The office floor was packed with cubicles, paper, assorted individuals in business formal suits, paper, computers, and paper still. Access to individuals of divine power, modern government technology and more... paper. Somehow, the Supernatural Investigation Agency's accounting wing couldn't fully progress into the digital age. Certain Scions in the Agency debated whether or not Fatebinding was involved in some fashion. The one person who was not wearing according to dress code also had the advantage of the corner office, from whom the supervisor had been less than pleased to be booted from, however temporarily. Curtis, with his t-shirt, gym shorts and sneakers, appeared a complete intrusion into this bureaucratic world - if it weren't for the stacks of paper that were at least triple everyone else's on his desk. This at least, spared him the opposition of the general working population outside. Whatever offense they might have felt about an outsider being sent in from time to time by the powers that be to scrutinize their hard labor was balanced out by the fact he was shockingly good and didn't complain when they foisted the bear onto him. And Curtis was content. Privacy, the regular hum of the electric grid around the young man... the numbers-checking was frigging boring, but once in a long while he'd see something to put a smile on his face. Like the fact that the cryptic Bushido-spouting Ms. Kaori Aoyama, whom most others referred to as Kiki might as well be called Ms. Ronald McDonald. The way of the samurai is found in ketchup and mustard. That was when HermesLite went off, and Curtis quickly drew his face back to serious. The caller ID was the Director. "Sir? The following conversation could be summed up as such: Curtis was going back into the field. He had to join a team. Ghosts and murders in New Orleans. Apparently, they'd already had a brain included, so he was being pulled for having a mystic gun. Lovely. Add to that he needed to get earplugs and a blindfold in the airport retail stores given how soon his flight was set. But Curtis acknowledged his instructions, hung up, told the supervisor he could have his office back (heavy load of documents and all) and got out.
  6. I'm here. Been waiting on those whom would lead the charge.
  7. Suddenly, Korthos looked bowed over, weighed down older, far older than his age. He knew the unholy place for what it was. "This is Lotan's prison. Below is his heart.We already know why the Betrayer intends this. We cannot indulge him." Korthos shook his knife and rivulets of burning light flowed up and down. "Slay them all, but fight with care!"
  8. For a pausing moment at hand, Korthos/Curtis took a long look at the interactions - and close embrace between Salvatore and Sophia. What Curtis wondered, was: would it be wrong to tinker with the translation mechanisms in such a way so that Salvatore overwrote Ian? Because all right, the heroic knight companion thing was cloying, but still far more preferable to the seedy, lascivious and mentally unbalanced man he had first met. He sighed and then took the drop down as well. One thing for certain the two aspected men (Curtis and Korthos) had in common was how they'd seen it all. Or so it felt - homunculi were nothing special. Or taking this sort of leap. The Maker gives, and the Maker takes. Now, that there was a difference. Curtis would never consider such a thought. Despite the gestalt of knowledge, Korthos still believed in the Maker and the Incarnations. Curtis sneered at faith. A shame.
  9. "Oh yes, of course. Let them know the Incarnation's daughter is present" gripped the cloaked man, as three more homunculi came forward, trying to barrel their way past him. Only to get a knife slicing up and through vitals, hacking and stabbing the creatures down. It was not the most respectful manner, particularly with regards to a holy man of the Incarnations to one's daughter. But then, that was the nature of Curtis Shane's Ardeyn guise: Korthos, the stodgy yet compassionate holy man. A young Gandalf. Who was feeling like he had enough of those hobbits around him. A whack sounded as he rapped a new greenie with a solid haymaker and then deftly sank down to cut its throat.
  10. "Ardeyn." Lexi heard that voice, of her old tutor and team leader. Curtis was wearing a straightforward ensemble of breeches, shirt, belt, solid boots and a cloak with hood currently thrown back. His glasses were gone, vanished, but it didn't seem to inhibit him in the least. His expression remained as unamused as she remembered last seeing. "Probable quantum device chamber. Two new strays." Curtis' look only shifted the slightest possible to acknowledge Scott and Firanis. "Homunculi coming to kill us." Curtis had long ago distilled brusque terse summaries into an art form.
  11. "You're welcome!" Curtis' voice rang across the distance, "and perhaps you'd like to be of service with the baby Yents?"
  12. Curtis clapped a hand to the bloody wound, beginning to staunch - it, though his grip slipped as he saw Juno - what the hell was she doing here now? Both her and the Prime Yent were not exactly in the best of shape. Damn business. Then he saw the rhino-monster begin to draw his sidearm. No - enough of that. That firepower would take down Juno. The Estate agent's fingers hooked around the Manipulation Beam, and the Prime Yent found his gun suddenly spin around out of his hand - barrel pointing point blank at his face. *BAM* OOC Effort on Manipulation Beam, 2 uses. Modified to lvl 4. Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 16: 16 --- For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 4/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 16/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [5/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Curative (Level 6)
  13. Yents? If they were with Cole, the Betrayer had gone very afar field for allies. And now the biggest one was throwing knives at the Gothmother. If she was solid - Curtis ran forward, some unconsciousness at work. No way to shoot up the knives. Just deflect them - Curtis found himself getting the lash of the knives. Blood ran wet down his shoulder. OOC Curtis takes 4 damage and intrusion benefits, Max, you get 1 xp. --- For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 4/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [3/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Curative (Level 6)
  14. Curtis muttered something best not said in mixed company. This was interesting - but the kiss was unwelcome! And he was going to have to get some further answers on her knowledge and relationship to Ian - those words hinted at something strange. It took some moments for Curtis to realize that carrying his laptop under one arm and shooting with the opposite hand was harder than he'd thought. OOC Lv 3 - 1 for light weapon: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 5: 5 --- For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [3/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Curative (Level 6)
  15. Curtis ducked back down into cover. At least he'd bought a few seconds. A hint of reflections and peripheral vision demonstrated the man from earlier seemed to be approached the walkway men from behind with one of their own dart rifles - darts, not bullets, Curtis mentally filed away. Well, enemy of my enemy, at minimum - Curtis was going to let him take the heat then. Particularly as another trace of movement behind frightened him - turning frantically Curtis found... not an enemy. Just a woman with gothic wear but looking more like a tattooed hooker. In this case, given her translucent appearance and Curtis' instinctive awareness of the Strange... it was Ian's Gothmother... MONKEYING WITH HIS COMPUTER. "Dammit, Gothmother!" Curtis hissed, "leave it alone."
  16. Perception - Scott: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 13: 13 Perception - Other: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 9: 9 Both pass.
  17. Pincers. Now that was a cheery thought. Curtis turned and opened fire on the men attempting to flank him. If this continued any more... he'd need a major exit plan. OOC Lv 4 - 1 for light weapon: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 3: 3 --- For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [3/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Curative (Level 6)
  18. Curtis smirked and moved up to the cover of the front window. He raised his pistol and took some potshots at the fleeing men. Thought they could deal with a veteran Estate agent this easily? OOC Attack: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 3: 3 --- For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [3/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Curative (Level 6)
  19. Sorry, what was that Juno was saying again?
  20. Curtis wasn't a fool, and hurtled into the bathroom for cover - unfortunately, as he reached for the Manipulation Beam cypher.... OOC Nina ruled that Curtis' dive for cover requires no roll, but the Intellect roll to use the Manipulation Beam is a lvl 3/target 9. Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 7: 7 --- For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [3/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  21. Slamming the door in his face = Scott is left outside.
  22. "No." Curtis said, calmly, and that probably bothered Scott more than anything. "I've got business, and you are not going to be leaving here, since I'll have to question you later." He slammed the door, and scavenged first for his pants to put on. Then he moved aside the laptop, quick-saved, closed the lid. Finally, Curtis found it, a jacket with hidden lining of circuitry - but of course it was a protection cypher. Curtis put it on and focused his mind to activate it. And the nearby odd device that went point and click - if click meant putting a flat wall of long force along the motel wall being cut through. The agent took cover and made sure his pistol was loaded and ready. OOC Since presumably an Initiative roll will be required: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 18: 18 For the next hour, Curtis has an asset to Speed defense rolls. Might: 8/8 Speed: 10/10 Intellect: 18/18 Current Cyphers Manipulation Beam (Level 8) [2/8 uses] Vanisher (Level 7) Temporary Shield (Level 5) Force Screen Projector (Level 6) Curative (Level 6)
  23. Curtis froze as the lights flash consumed the city. That was most likely NOT a coincidence. Fortunately, his laptop was still intact. "Eidley," he whispered, "What's the damage report here." "Power and cell services are most certainly down throughout the city, and probably beyond." The AI responded in an equally modulated low voice. Since that this was not a likely coincidence, Curtis tapped into the cameras Ian had left behind and started looking. The spectrum switching was required to deal with the darkness, but Curtis saw someone listening in. Right. Time to see if he could throw them off. He stripped off his shirt, and for good measure, his pants. Then he opened the door, just but a fraction, enough to poke his head and hints of his naked shoulders around. "Are you hotel staff? What the fuck happened out there?"
  24. "No disruptions." Curtis insisted firmly. "I'm staying here. I'm leaving it up to you three as to how to assort yourselves into the groups." He was already sitting, engrossed in the information Eidley was showing him, fingers flying on the keyboard. "Anyway - good luck."
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