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  1. Curtis let out an exasperated sigh. "And I don't know how much sense of humor he really has, but I doubt that will keep Mr. Steele from his wrath. And I'm not exactly sure Princess isn't a student, given how suddenly she switched out with Cosima." Again, the sense he'd missed something blindingly obvious, but if there was something blindingly obvious, he'd have observed it wouldn't he?
  2. "I'm guessing you weren't around to hear the interim headmaster's speech." Curtis told Riley. "I don't know what Headmaster Drumm's degree of leniency would be, but Mr. Steele clearly has zero-tolerance for costumed student heroics." Curtis could imagine the various range of consequences for flouting his decree on the very first day, none of them pretty. "While I'm already finding myself not fond of Cosima, for instance, I'd rather not be the cause of her sudden expulsion. Or any of the others - or yourself, since two of you are involved. And given both the element of surprise and their powers, I don't think they're in any serious risk from a group of motorcycle hoodlums."
  3. Well, Curtis reflected, at least they did have answers. Cosima disappeared, so did Autumn and Keiko, Tatiana, just about everyone took off. And accompanied by that Princess girl, though Curtis felt like some part of his brain was trying to tell him something, but the other part had headphones on and was listening to really really good music. Peculiar. Well, he had built inventions that could be of use for this sort of situation, but they were still with his belongings at school. If this was going to be a perennial occurrence, though, then they would need to be more available for easy access. And some identity-concealing equipment - a cloth mask was just scraping the bottom of the barrel. For now, at least one person(s) was demonstrating a reasonable attitude. "I'll go with you." Curtis concurred as he joined Riley Three.
  4. Curtis had been forced to take a pretty hard landing on the floor when going to the ground and the bruise showed on his forehead. And Bastion went off immediately afterward. "Has he forgotten our school has a policy of secrecy on our abilities? And that he has nothing concealing his identity?" He began to brush himself off. "I would hope that if any of you also plan on beating up street thugs, you have an answer to that second question?"
  5. Curtis ate his pizza, having given Bastion little more than a roll of the eyes. He'd done it twice, the second being in response to Riley whom had not been present at the first instance and had asked, after all. It was an honest fact. The farm boy clearly had a memory problem, or perhaps a proportionality problem. 'Smart' was a term inadequate for that matter - it would be like comparing a hose spewing water to a large, sculptured fountain. Autumn's commentary was interesting, if thought provoking - and laden with more mystical presumptions. But something didn't trigger right. He wasn't sure what. Nothing of it was out of place with her account - a third-world origin with English as a second or later language, and even the apparent evasion of Cosima's question could be argued that, with the ship as a home, Autumn did not consider herself to be of any one location. But something still nagged, and Curtis didn't have the information to determine what precisely the issue was that his intuition was giving him. Even the greatest intellects could be hamstrung by a dearth of data to work with. Anyway, he wasn't going to say anything about the 'magic.' Autumn already knew his viewpoint, and the farm boy would get even more annoying.
  6. "Because my parents were looking to make me socialize more with others my age." Curtis answered after Sebastian cut in. After an awkward moment with everyone looking at him in an odd way, Curtis realized that wasn't exactly what she'd meant. "Oh. You meant my powers. Strictly speaking, I have only minor electrical generation. If you widened your criteria to include immense intellect, I'm one of the smartest people on the planet. ...I'm not exaggerating, they've tested my IQ - or rather, they had to revise the tests five times because I kept shattering the bounds of the scale."
  7. "Curtis Shane." Curtis added for himself. "From San Francisco. Purely of American origin." Technically, he biologically could have been descended from French or Slavs, or who knows, Danes - goodness forbid lest Her Prima Donna-ness Vandersteen get ideas - but Jesse and Jeff were his parents and they claimed full-blown American ancestry for as far as the nation existed, and that was all that mattered in his eyes.
  8. Curtis cocked a head at the appearance of two more Rileys. "Interesting. So can you make more clones, or are you three people at once? Do you have a mental link, or do you all keep your thoughts to yourself?" He had to remind himself to put a check on his questioning. "It's just very impressive. Fascinating. Uh, cool."
  9. "Pizza is acceptable." Curtis agreed with the majority on that.
  10. And like that, Professor Keating had clearly pushed the evaluation of him to 'a very wise, wise sage.' Anyone who could tell off the clearly mindless Vandersteen like that clearly was meant for great things. Unlike the new addition, who seemed to regard Cosima as something of a role model. Well, enough wasting valuable brain-time on their inanities. The initial assignment looked like an easily handled matter. "No problem to me."
  11. Now, Curtis had the Princess Bride DVD back home, he enjoyed it, but this... well. Professor Keating was creative and unusual. Normally, from Curtis' perspective, the former trait was well and good, and the latter an invitation for worthwhile study and investigation. For once now, he was seeing those traits as... disconcerting. That was new. At least school would be more interesting than he previously thought. "Curtis Shane. I suppose if you want machine guns I can craft effective replicas."
  12. Curtis' considerations undertook another shift. This made Dan more pitiable than annoying. Another note, on a more colder, logical element to file away - potential links in certain cases between mental disorders and use/possession of meta-powers? This too was forced away by the mention of a theatrical performance requirement. "I assume some of us will be working as stage crew and not actors?" Leave acting in front of an audience to someone who already had a habit of it, like Cosima Vandersteen, Curtis already decided. If he had to participate, he could whip up plenty of special effects, staging and props for the benefit of whatever high schools had people perform.
  13. "She could hear people say no just fine." Curtis added his two bits, though he was speaking of fact and really would have preferred to be moving on. "In any case," he told Dan, "we are on a tour and would like to be free of your interruptions. So do leave us be."
  14. Curtis didn't bother much to conceal his disinterest once Cosima began to launch into her spiel. It boiled down to: 'I am wealthy, I am important, I am an avatar of the pit of meaningless nonsense that is celebrity culture, etc. The final mention of the gems got a raised eyebrow - maybe this was actual viridian at work - which raised her status in Curtis' eyes from 'walking annoyance' to 'potential research subject.' Yeah, that was her sole value in the genius' head. "I am Curtis Shane." He introduced himself. "I come from San Francisco. My only technical meta-power is minor electrical generation. Intellectually though, I am on par with Daedalus."
  15. The smile faded from Curtis' expression at the utterance of that word. But, rather than get angry at her - Autumn clearly had been peddled some nonsense by someone. He mournfully sighed instead. "There's no such thing as magic, Autumn. I mean," he clarified, "I recognize there are self-proclaimed mages with legitimate paranormal powers. That there are creatures that resemble the ones of myth and legend. And of course, the individual Hades leading an army of the risen dead in Freedom City back in the 1960s is the well-known catalyst for the Freedom League's formation." "But that doesn't mean he was an actual deity, or that where Jupiter aligns with Sagittarius has any meaning. It is all meta-powers and elements of the laws of reality still being worked on. I know Clarke's Third Law: 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic' but there's a difference. In the end, it will all be ultimately repeatable, definable and rational."
  16. "Oh." Some of the intensity died out from Curtis' voice when Autumn outlined it was a family keepsake. For his part, he had known nothing of his birth parents and was quite happy with Jesse and Jeff. But Autumn clearly maintained some connection or memory of hers and thus he was loath to push things much further. Curtis wasn't some mad scientist without ethics or humanity, right? "I was adopted too, but as a baby." Curtis explained. "My parents may as well be the biological ones as far as I'm concerned." Almost, Curtis mentally added the caveat. He was not aware of any scientific advances now, much less decades ago, that would allow two men to sire children in the traditional fashion. "As for the necklace? Intellectual curiosity. If it has special properties, it would advance knowledge to learn of them. I'm a scientist, after all."
  17. In fact, causing it to emit light only made Curtis marvel at it the more. "Wow. ...It's..." Oh, she wanted to know who it was. Curtis cudgeled his brain back into order. "I'm Curtis Shane, and I'm going to be a student here. Like you, I imagine. As for why... well, it's clearly not an ordinary stone. Is it by chance viridian?"
  18. With the waves of students interacting, moving and flowing around, Curtis remained an atoll of inactivity. But it was making him feel, against his will, a bit awkward. Still, he simply looked around... until he saw something lovely. Very very lovely. It wasn't the girl, Curtis not being concerned with hormonal influences, but the crystal she wore on a neck chain. It was... rare, probably. In truth, Curtis was quite sure there wasn't anything like it. Was it perhaps, a piece of the notorious viridian gems, found only in the Atlas Mountains and one of the few positive opportunities Curtis knew as available here? Well, this he could approach for. Na'Atem turned, to find a blond, glasses-wearing boy coming up to her. "Your crystal. It's rather unique. What is it?"
  19. Confucius said: 'Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.' How undeniably true, Curtis reflected, but his dads, however much he loved them, were living incarnations of that all. He could have had the straightforward simplicity of being able to handle his studies, fully flex his intellectual might and tackle the myriads of scientific and technological research and development... but his genetics had gone Janus-faced on him. The same meta-human conductivity that complemented his genius with incomparable mental processing speed created just enough external generative ability that Jesse and Jeff Shane had the fig leaf to insist he 'needed to learn control of his powers' and packed him off to Emerald City Claremont. All an excuse for their long-running concern that he needed more socialization with others his age. Nonsense! It was hardly necessary, and in any case, how could he gain meaningful interaction from those who had to scrape up their own notes and cared more about trivial topics. The girls would natter about makeup or some puerile infatuation. The boys about sports or their own puerile infatuations. Perhaps there might be a few inclined towards science, but even then the gaps between theirs and his would be pronounced. At best, the vast majority of his fellow students would only contribute as subjects of study, given their own superhuman abilities. In short, this was something Curtis really wished he didn't have to do. Curse his legal status as a minor! The superior young man was wearing his usual attire: glasses, a short shirt (this one a basic dark blue) and short pants (these khaki cargo shorts). Curtis glanced around at the nattering hordes and sighed, more deeply.
  20. Name: Curtis Shane Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Height: 5'6" Weight: 160 lbs. Background Curtis was adopted as a baby by gay couple Jesse and Jeff Shane. Growing up in San Francisco, Curtis demonstrated disturbingly high intelligence even as a young child, and a frighteningly prodigious aptitude for science and technology. Uncomfortable with other children his age - and exposed to more than a few homophobic slurs, Curtis withdrew to focus on his studies and projects. He was already on track for a guaranteed pick of colleges and ability to name his own price in Silicon Valley when his powers manifested at 15. Studies later indicated that there was at least some connection between his electrical generation and the enhanced nerves that allowed him to think at supercomputer speeds. However, the majority of his energy generation was shunted and channeled through his neural system, meaning he would be permanently limited to minor scale-usage. A formal analysis by researchers associated with ASTRO Labs also pinpointed his IQ as off the charts, being in Daedalus' ballpark. Jesse and Jeff decided this was an opportunity to get him to socialize more - by sending him to Emerald City Claremont, once they learned it quietly accepted only superhumans. Curtis loves his dads, but why couldn't they have left well enough alone?! Abilities Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 12, Awareness 5, Presence 2 Defenses Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 6, Will 10, Toughness 10 Skills Deception 3 (+5), Expertise: Science 4 (+16), Insight 3 (+8), Investigation 4 (+16), Perception 3 (+8), Persuasion 3 (+5), Ranged Combat: Gadgets 6 (+6), Technology 4 (+16) Advantages Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Skill Mastery (Expertise: Science), Skill Mastery (Technology) Powers Superhuman Intellect Rapid Neural Processing: Quickness 10 (Limited to Mental) Low-Level Electrical Control Charging: Feature 1 (Can power any device without a battery) Gadgets Equilibrium Field Projector [Removable -2 points] Immunity 7 (All Environmental Conditions, Suffocation) Electromagnetic Field Belt [Removable -3 points] Sustained Protection 10 Immunity 2 (Critical Hits) Datalink Tablet (Easily Removable -4 points) Comprehend 2 (Machines) Radio Communication 1 (Rapid 2) Energy Gauntlet [Array] [Removable -5] Energy Bolt: Ranged Damage 10 Energy Pulse: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated) Energy Capsule: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Hindered & Vulnerable, Immobile & Defenseless; Limited Degree, Extra Condition) Energy Shockwave: Ranged Burst Area Damage 6 Combat Initiative +0 Energy Bolt +6, Toughness DC 25 Energy Pulse +6, Fortitude DC 20 Energy Capsule +6, Dodge/Fortitude DC 20 Energy Shockwave, Dodge DC 16 & Toughness DC 21/18 [Abilities 38 + Defenses 23 + Skills 15 + Advantages 5 + Powers 44 = 125] Complications Arrogance: Curtis is easily in the top 10 smartest humans on the planet. And knowing that gap can make it harder for him to work with others, especially when he didn't have the best social skills to begin with. Relationships: His parents, Jesse and Jeff Shane. Secret Identity: Curtis has to maintain a secret identity.
  21. Hero's Handbook, page 25: Skill Modifier: Your hero’s total modifier with any skill (ability rank + skill rank + advantage modifiers) cannot exceed the series power level +10. So I'm good there. I had to give this some thought. I had figured that I would be doing a different take on Curtis, but you're right, this has drifted further away from the concept than I would have liked. I'm going to overhaul the powers build to focus on gadgets - but there will still be some minor electrical power elements, particularly because of the fun twist I came up with. Point taken, that slipped my mind. So I'm going to remove that Secret ID thing.
  22. Max: You need Parry now to protect against close combat attacks. Dodge only works against ranged attacks.
  23. Curtis will be making a return as a super-genius and electrical controller.
  24. Curtis rolled his eyes at the crazy and anti-intellectual. "And I was about to show her this." He brought up the tab with the finding of the symbol of Mia's and the Atlantis Resort. "I think we need to get some more information on the people behind this establishment."
  25. Curtis tapped on a few keys, to bring up the portion of the electronic metropolitan web that focused on the new hotspot.
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