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  1. Yseult gave Marty a severe look. From conversations they had earlier, he was hardly one to talk. For now, their goals aligned, but ultimately, Marty was serving only himself, his revenge, and he was willing to sacrifice all for it. She turned from him and gave Hawke a nod. "The deal, it will suffice. The expired medicine, it may have taken more time and resources than what we would have recovered from them. Let this be a sign of good faith between us. We are both getting something of value from the exchange, agreed?"
  2. Yseult waved her hand in dismissal, then paused, cocking her head to the side. "Choose the ammunition you are thinking is most useful. But, if you are not minding, I will take any of the medication you are having that is no longer suitable for your needs. I am maybe being able to break them down to their component substances and derive some small use from them."
  3. "But they are maybe needing my knowledge now, no?" Yseult countered softly. The petite scientist wrapped her arms across her chest, eyes closed as she released a composing sigh. She was well aware that what she knew was just about the only currency she had left and spending it freely was unwise. And though she was a researcher more than a practicing doctor, she couldn't just do nothing when just a few words and some time could help them dearly. When she opened her eyes once more, Yseult's face was calm and cool, her dark gaze unyielding. "We are not having the time for me to relate everything I have learned in nearly forty years." Clyde and the older man shared a look - the attractive doctor hardly looked that old and few who looked like she did would ever admit. Yseult didn't miss the look, but continued nonetheless. "I am willing to tell you which medications you already have are still being valid and will try to provide the names of acceptable substitutes for... hmm, two ailments of your choice. Unlike the bullets, what I am telling you is reusable. Is this being acceptable?" Beneath the picnic table, Yseult twisted her wedding ring around her finger with a thumb, while watching the men, her raven brows arched expectantly. She wanted to help them, but a guilty part of her also wanted to know which medication they did have, which would tell her how well prepared they were in that fashion, and possibly where they had gotten them, from a pharmacy or hospital or elsewhere. That could lead to another source of supplies or allies.
  4. Yseult carefully rewrapped the remains of her sandwich and set it aside, then leaned forward slightly, her dark eyes intent. "Such medications, we are not having access to surplus stock," she admitted coolly, lips tightening at the look Marty and Ryan directed at her. Having a mildly autistic daughter and a father who died of Alzheimer's, Yseult felt their concern intimately. And from what she had studied of the Jaffa, their worries over neglecting the sick appeared to be valid ones. "But the best-before-date, it is not entirely... accurate. It is a liability issue. Many such medications, they are reliable for some time after they have apparently expired. I will be willing to tell you which ones, and for how long they are being usable. Further, I can be telling you which more common medications - many available at a local pharmacy - can be used in the short term." "Are you a doctor?" Clyde asked, and Yseult noticed the suddenly intense look in the older man's eyes." "I am being a, a research scientist. I am designing various drugs and medicines. It is not the same as being a true medical doctor." Her voice was cool, her expression reticent. Lying wasn't exactly a forte of hers.
  5. Thirded on getting people together into one or two threads, so there are more people to keep them moving. I'm fine with the thread I'm currently in, just want to finally meet the 'Resistance' and see what arises - Yse needs some more subjects to study. And then somehow, getting access to her son and husband - or at least to come to terms with the fact it won't be happening soon. Also, since it seems Rorx and Long's characters are out, I might start shifting Yse a bit more into the engineering aspects instead of pure science and theory (I was originally going to do some of that, pulled limited myself in deference to them - though Biology and Chemical Engineering are going to be primary)
  6. Well... when you first started this game, you said it would be slow, then I think you moved, and then you seemed busy with work and other games, so I didn't want to prod, nor suggest giving up on a game - it feels like a failing on my part. That said, though I enjoyed the initial rush, interest has flagged a little and if you aren't motivated either, Dawn, maybe SGF should be put to rest. Besides, we still have Atlantis.
  7. The cashier scanned their items while studiously avoiding looking at what they were actually purchasing. Yseult was relieved when she was handed back the change and she and Lori pushed the carts towards the entrance, reclaiming Marty and Ryan from where they were sharing a bench. Yseult and Lori shared a smile, but it was brief and quickly faded. While Marty and Ryan shared what they had found out in low voices, they packed away their supplies in the truck and made their plans. Not wanting to draw a direct link between Wallmart and the rest-stop, they drove around town a bit, making token stops at a few other stores, and a few, subtle inquiries about the Jaffa and how the townsfolk were being treated. At Yseult's suggestion, they picked up a small lunch to take to the rest-stop to serve as a reason to stop at the lookout point. The group pulled into the bare parking lot at the lookout point, wheels crunching loudly on the gravel as all four of them warily watched their surroundings before stepping out of the vehicle.
  8. Yseult left the men to speak with the lanky youth to vet his sincerity and arrange any possible meeting, she had little experience with such things. Instead, she glanced at Lori then nodded at the young woman to take the other cart and accompany her to the checkout and draw some attention away from the men. Also, if a meeting was arranged, they would that much more prepared to follow. "Perhaps, they are finding us, yes?" Yseult murmured softly. "Come, they will inform us of details, and while the men, they are gossiping, we will get the necessary chores done."
  9. "We can attempt to do so, Marty," Yseult said uncertainly. "However, you are being maybe under a misunderstanding. The munitions, there were most likely bought by individuals, not a cohesive group. The Americans, they are taking their right to bear arms very seriously - too seriously at times." Her lips turned down in a wry frown. "Admittedly, considering the circumstances, I cannot be blaming them, yes?" The group began heading toward the cashes to purchase their supplies, picking up several other items along the way. They stayed close together so their voices wouldn't carry beyond a murmur when they spoke among themselves. "Perhaps, we should see how the Jaffa, they are treating those in town, yes? And continue from there."
  10. Yseult and Lori took a detour through the Pharmacy department. They picked up extra feminine hygiene products then Yseult asked Lori to find a sewing kit and some extra medical supplies while she perused the vitamins and other items, checking the boxes for specific ingredients and components. Lt. Morrison had done a more than admirable job collecting their supplies, but there was no need to tax his resources or resourcefulness. Their baskets full, and still a wary of the Jaffa, Yseult and Lori quickly went back to rejoin Marty and Ryan in the hardware department. Passing by the grocery department, Yseult skipped over the fresh produce - which was looking far from fresh - and added a bag of raisin-oatmeal cookies as a treat for Monique.
  11. Yseult gave Lori a faint smile, it would have been more amusing if the circumstances were no so dire and serious. She glanced warily at the Jaffa, aware of the brutish strength hiding beneath their powerful builds, then at her companions. The men towered over her by more than a foot, but she was accustomed to such. Her husband stood as tall. "Your suggestion, Lori, it is making more than a little sense," Yseult replied just a softly, Lori's colour heightening just a bit more. François and Loric, I will find you and get you back, no matter the cost to me. "The pairings, they should be Marty and I and Ryan and you, Lori, yes? The ages, their differences are less drastic." Suiting words to actions, telling herself it was no different than being in a play - though she had never desired to be an actress - Yseult shifted, moving herself under Marty's shoulder, resolutely moving his hand to place it on her hip. Marty could feel her tremble slightly.
  12. Yseult listened to Marty in cool silence, slightly mollified by his explanation, some of her heat and tenseness leaching away in the chill air. She still had some concerns, grave concerns, but she was willing to accept Marty's aid for the nonce. They had little enough experience in dealing with these goa'uld to refuse it. She gave Marty a sharp nod. "Bien, good, some of my concerns, they are alleviated," Yseult said, an undercurrent in her tone saying only some. She laid a hand briefly on his arm then turned to go check on her daughter, pausing at the door to look over her slender shoulder. "Your help, I am appreciating it, I am, but I am hoping your aid, it will not cost us everything we are striving to save, yes?" With that, she left the room to check on the one thing she had been able to save since their world was conquered by an alien species.
  13. Yseult listened to Marty's cool rebuttal in heated silence, eyes glittering like chips of black ice. Everything he said was filed and stored away, a part of her mind correlating it with what else she had learned so far. She might not have been a military strategist, but even as a theoretical scientist, she well understood the value of various avenues of research combining for one distinct conclusion. The Sergeant felt the slender doctor's dark regard as he described his position. Yseult obviously didn't like, still the overt suspicion subsided in her eyes, her tense posture easing as she turned back to the Alien Agent. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts, a finger tapping her lips as she studied him. Finally, she gave him a short, sharp nod. "Very well." Her voice was still cool, without a trace of apology, but there was a grudging acceptance to her tone. "However, there is being a few points I am wanting to state. I can be saying with a high degree of certainty, 'it' is not starting here. The Goa'uld parasite, it is unequivocally not native to the ecology of our planet." The petite beauty stilled, her dark eyes sharpening, yet there was something evoking a faint trace of compassion in her smooth expression or the way she was standing. "Next, I am wanting you to be thinking of this objectively Marty, as much as possible, yes? Are you truly believing the... assassination of Ra the best course of action? Until now, during this... détente among these System Lords, we were not being aware of them. If there is open warfare among them, do you not think our planet, and others, they are being at more risk to destruction, negligent annihilation?" Soft lips tightened into a firm line. "As well, from the little you are telling me, this 'Baal', he is not seeming less dangerous than Ra. Moreso in fact." "Finally, I am not saying this this to be accusing, but I am wanting to know how far you are going in destroy Ra. And perhaps to reveal to yourself how far you have gone." Her expression turned grave, if no less studious. "How long are you working to this Baal, Marty? How many other planets have you schemed to place under Baal's sway in your quest to kill Ra?"
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