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  1. Amaranth had checked the con schedule as soon as they'd gotten the nod from EuroNet to go to the convention. So, into the luggage had gone a pair of black shoes, comfortable black slacks and a cashmere black turtleneck. The elf and the princess favored green and blue glowsticks as they wove bracelets, a braided belt, and matching circlet to complete their outfit. The glowsticks broke the sleek lines of the outfit, but in a fun, clubber kind of way. His silver earrings and ear-cuff glinted in multicolor facets from the sticks. His hair, usually pulled into a pony-tail, was hanging free; a memory flashed through Taeli's mind of a grand hall, of silk robes and colored banners and a thousand nobles and guests dancing to flutes and harps. And Vyserian, smiling with his hair held back only by the leaf-pattern silver circlet she'd given him earlier that day. He had that smile now, but the clothing and the stance were somehow all Amaranth. He laughed, "Only if we lost a dare." ,, Their handlers were ghosting around them in the room, inscrutable behind their dark glasses; a slight cough was the only indication that the two elves, even "dressed down", still played havoc on the well-trained babysitters. The next words flipped back to Vyserian, "Somehow, I think we'll manage a few steps before we fall over. Shall we?" ,, They still pulled stares and stumbled steps through the hallways, but once they hit the ballroom, the lack of lights hid the pointed ears and shimmering hair, the inhuman proportions and inhumanly beautiful features. They were just another pair in a sea of swirling lights and black-lit clothes. Vyserian or Amaranth, whoever it was in control now, pulled Taeli out into the dance floor. He/she found some balance between the two halves of who they were now to listen to the beat of the music and pull her into a dance. The light of the glowsticks and strategically placed blacklights with white paper "lamps" lit the room just enough to keep people from crashing into one another. They gave their handles a merry bit of hell as they let themselves get lost in the crowd, the white of the shirts under their black jackets glowing and glinting off their glasses, making them look like large-eyed aliens stalking through the ballroom.
  2. I do not feel that TO would add to the CN setting in a manner that would be fun or interesting to the already established feel of the world. You say that "over the top" is the point of the character, and that is exactly what is the issue with such a character in CN. ,, The government agencies would not stand to have a nova so publicly running around, flaunting their powers and getting into fights with "monsters", no matter their origin and most especially if it ever occurred anywhere near a population center. The "Superman" concept of "saving Metropolis" from the monster of the week simply doesn't work in a realistic setting. Too much danger to the population and too much constant property damage. TO would be seen as as much of a menace to public safety as the "monsters". ,, He would be hunted down. Even with all the dots in the world thrown after "no one knows who I am", if you constantly engage in public actions, most especially combat, you would, in a setting like this, find each monster fight increasingly interrupted by agents of every government with access to novas and high-tech equipment showing up to capture the monster and the man in tights. Eventually, and I think not very long from debuting the character, any story that didn't end with his capture would be snapping the bounds of incredulity. ,, Also, there seems little about TO that is actually interactive. So far you've described a 4-color superhero that manifests monsters for himself so he can run out and "save the world" (which wouldn't have been in any danger in the first place without him), and then disappears back into anonymity the moment he's got his claps and cheers for being such a "hero". If that's what you want to write, I would suggest simply posting up solo fictions in the area provided for them, as there's no real manner or point to the other PCs being involved in those storylines.
  3. "The concern," Vyserian was still talking like Amaranth, his light eyes a bit distant as he spoke, "is primarily one of royal obligations and perception." He grimaced and bit his lip, and entirely un-Vyserian reaction. "The desire is not for an increased number of exemptions, merely the understanding that in a conflict between royal duties and obligations and those to WotC, the royal ones will take precedent." Not that Mother and Father are really pushing for those, right now, Amaranth sighed in their mind. They are confused, Vyserian responded softly. Give them time. It's been months! she whined. That's not very long, your highness. They feel like they've lost a daughter and we've been more focused on learning to cope ourselves than in reaching out to your family. Amaranth groused unhappily and retreated a bit from 'driving' them to pout. The shift was subtle, but for Taeli and the three psiads there, it was enough for them to know that something had changed. Bill had been rubbing his chin and thinking again, images for the new movie floating through his head alongside the legalease he would have to thread carefully if he was going to nab the princess-turned-wizard elf. "Well, that may need to be worked out with the Swedish royal palace, then, but I'm sure a schedule that leaves time for both could be arranged. We could put it in the contract that each year before the contract renews, WotC and the palace would work out a schedule together for you." Things you'd never thought you'd say in job.... Vyserian nodded, "That would most likely work, then." Kei's odd departure a few minutes later left the table quiet for several moments. Bill frowned but stood and offered Kei a friendly parting handshake. "Well, I hope we see you again at the booth, at least. Have a good evening and thanks for joining us." The others waved goodbye as well, looking disappointed but allowing the nova woman to go as she wished. Food, all of it expensive and most of it quite delicious, was served not long after; silence descended again as nova and gamer appetites made short work of the mountain of dishes. More wine was poured and after-dinner conversation turned back to the details of the live gaming sessions and the proposed movie remake. Vyserian was quiet throughout, the elf only minimally interested in the conversation and the princess still sulking from the reality that not all love was unconditional or immediately accepting. At a little before ten, Bill stood up. "The Dance in the Dark event is about to begin, if you would all like to go. There are glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark goodies in the gift bags we sent you, and this is a good time to get to unwind without being the center of attention for a while." Dance in the Dark was a dance in the largest ballroom of the convention, a lights-off, blacklights and glow sticks -on event that was new to the convention this year. As an evening event - and in the dark - it was also an adults-only event. Vyserian caught Taeli's eye and arched a brow, silently asking if she wanted to attend or do something else for the evening.
  4. Bill's casual attitude warred with the formal nature and setting of the meal and not for the first time, Vyserian felt himself relying heavily on Amaranth's experience to act appropriately. To the others Vyserian seemed to slow down, his movements a graceful glide while Amaranth directed him and Vyserian responded like a life-sized marionette. He held out Taeli's chair, giving her an unrepentant smile when she moued at him for acting chivalrous again. He remained standing until the other women at their table had also taken their seats, then took his own - next to his princess, of course. He still felt a bit out of place in the formal wear of this new world and without either sword or spellbook, but it was a discomfort he was coming to terms with. Why would you need a sword or spells at dinner? You...played....my life, Amaranth. How many times do you remember a meal or repast interrupted by some danger or another? .......okay, but that's just because it- Was a game? Yeah. I mean, stuff like that doesn't happen in real life. Not here. At least not often, Vyserian conceded. Old habits and all... Amaranth was silent in their mind for a moment, then ventured, You're really upset, aren't you? About Taeli, I mean. In the room. Aloud, the settling table heard only a small sigh from the elf as he picked up the wine list and ran his fingers down the pages. I love her, Amaranth, as you were coming to love Kevin. She is now neither of our loves. She has the face of my a'mael, but the soul of yours. Even with her name and memories, she is not truly Taelhyri'salatria Duirsar, but she has also lost being Kevin Cooper entirely as well. So, yes, I am sad. I am beginning to understand that I should mourn, even though I do not want to let go. I...I didn't.... What kind of wine do you like, Amaranth? What.....? Wine. There is a long list and I do not know these vintages. You have been raised as royalty in this world; surely you know some of the selections? Um, yeah, go with the Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet Les Folatieres, 1er Cru, 2008. It's Mother's favorite wine right now and we had it at her birthday dinner two years ago. It's very nice - but, Vyser- Later, Amaranth. Not at dinner. Are you sure- Yes. Vyserian smiled at the table and ordered the wine quietly from a waitress already flustered by the overwhelming beauty of both elves. She nodded and scurried off, only to realize once she was in the kitchen that they didn't stock that wine. A few panicked moments later and the manager was on the phone to a private contact, desperate to get his hands on a bottle before the slip-up was noticed by the novas, Wizards, or his boss. While they waited for the wine, Vyserian retreated mentally and for the first time since the eruption, Amaranth was effectively left on her own. She still couldn't directly control their body, but Vyserian's brooding afforded her a chance to be the decision-maker and conversationalist. "Amaranth would like to know how to write into the contract a clause for her to be able to take personal time or refuse a promotional activity even when Vyserian does not object." Vyserian's voice rumbled out thoughtfully, but Taeli could hear the difference in the inflections and even the accent. For the first time in months, she could hear Amaranth.
  5. Vysarian found himself falling back on familiar patterns in the bustling marketplace, letting Taeli lead the way and keeping close enough to her ward off the more predatory-looking admirers that she attracted. Several times he was caught completely by surprise when he found himself the focus of the same such attention, with both women and men (several quickly mortified when he firmly pointed out that he was male) vying for his attention. Some merely wanted an autograph or picture, situations that Amy was easily able to navigate, much to Vysarian's gratitude. Others wanted a more "personal" contact with him or Taeli and he nearly drew steel twice to convince the lustful lechers to place their attentions elsewhere. Amaranth murmured quietly the second time that perhaps knowing how to use a sword was more useful than she'd thought. It was an odd time for them, less awkward than it had been at the Facility, but more awkward because of that. They both tried to set the paradox aside, Vysarian to devote his attention to Taeli's safety and Amy to try to enjoy her first visit to the United States and to a gaming convention, elf-status notwithstanding. Connor, Liam, and Alan were obviously in their element, tugging them along from booth to booth, teasing Taeli with bikini chainmail and explaining what half the merchandise of display was to the mystified Vys and Amy. Tucked away in a corner far from the common footpaths was a curious table filled with glass and wooden rods, stones of various colors and sizes, an assortment of knives and chalices, blank books, empty pouches, and a dozen other knicknacks that left Vysarian's heart in his throat as he approached. The woman sitting behind the table, dressed in a crushed velvet corseted dress and oddly wearing a light cloak while inside, came to her feet with wide eyes as she realized that one of the elves was making her-his? way to her booth. Vysarian bowed politely, "Goodwoman." She almost hopped, caught between a curtsy, a bow, and far too many nerves. "M'la-lord?" she swallowed and hope she hadn't run the elf off with such a silly gaffe. "Lord Asareal, if being formal," he offered with a smile, then blinked at a mental jab. "Or your Highness, as I am of two persons in one body," he amended, "but this does not seem to be a world of formality. Please call me Vysarian and my other self is Amaranth." She blinked, trying to take that in, then just chucked it up to not mattering so long as he bought something or even was just seen holding something of hers. She could clear out her entire inventory if word go out! "Vysarian, then, and thank you. I am Athena." She smiled and motioned to the table. "Is there something that caught your eye?" He waved at the entirety of the table. "All of it. These seem to be the tools of a profession not practiced in this world. I am curious." That's because magic isn't real, Amy groused silently. They're just props. "Are they merely props for games?" Vysarian conceded the possibility. "Some...use them as such," Athena answered carefully, gauging his reaction. "I make them for use in the Craft, though, and everything is purified each night just before a convention and every night of a convention to keep it free of unwanted energies." The elf nodded thoughtfully and clasped his hands behind his back, having learned long ago that idly handling magical items could have uncomfortable side effects. The woman waited tensely while he looked, not sure if she should jump in with more information when his eyes lingered on an amethyst cluster or the obsidian mirror or one of the collection of Futhark pendants hanging from a velvet hand-stand like a miniature Yggdrasil. Finally she ventured a, "You practice the Craft, then?" "I am a wizard, not a craftsman," he replied, shaking his head and making his earrings chime. Athena smiled indulgently, "Magick is the Craft, Vysarian." He blinked, but got nothing more than an annoyed huff from Amaranth, so he ventured into the conversation alone. "You are wizard then, Athena? I was led to believe that magic did not function in world, without a Goddess or Weave to bring it forth." It was Athena's turn to blink, but she sallied gamely. "Well, the Goddess is everywhere, and everywhere she is, so it magick." "Which Goddess is this? Amaranth knows only of the Christian god and what she has learned from me of the gods of Faerûn." Her eyes narrowed a little and she crossed her arms. "Faerûn?" her voice had dropped the flirtatious tone and now laced with equal parts derision and anger. "Seriously? Look, I don't begrudge anyone their games or their fantasies, but my Goddess isn't some D&D fictional character-" Vysarian held up a hand, keeping his own irritation - both at Athena and at the quietly smug princess in his head - as close to a simmer as possible. "My apologies for your offense, Athena. I am aware of how my origins are perceived in this world and I was....careless." He bowed again, his motions swift and sharp. "I think I shall rejoin my companions. May you always walk in the sight and grace of your goddess." She watched him go, mouth agape and certain she's missed something important. After a moment, she kicked herself for running him off, but only a moment. Curious con-goers were already beginning to drift over, wondering what was so interesting that a nova had lingered in the 'too poor for a good booth' section so long. Vysarian, on the other hand, made his way back to the group, waving off Liam's curiosity about where he'd disappeared to. Wyst gave a snort at the question and muttered, "Chasing witches." His accent was smooth but still held the rough edges of his native Dutch. That earned a glare from the already aggravated elf and a return to the EuroNet agent's patented blank stare.
  6. He has Bodymorph on the character build and is wanting the ability to apply it to others. I know there is a separate power in the Fan Companion or Aberrant Compendium listed as Bodymorph (Other), and I've also seen the base power with just the Affect Other extra tacked on. It wasn't in the auto-approved books, though, so we'll need to vote on it. Mmmm...something I forgot to tell you before, Sandman: the Bodymorph power has a duration, so these modifications to do not last. For permanent alterations, you need to buy each bodymod separately. As far as I know, the only way to permanently bodymod someone else (in the books) is through Biomanipulation, which is even a WW released power, but also requires Q6, which isn't available in CN yet. I'm fine with Bodymorph with the Affect Other extra primarily because it -is- temporary.
  7. Vysarian had taken the proffered drink from Rob when it had floated down to him, tucking in away in some mysterious pocket of his robes for later. The interplay between Kei and Karrie had been interesting, especially the possessive statement by Karrie. Her desire for the barbarian-dressed face of the DSA was as equally transparent and nearly drew a chuckle from the usually reserved elf. The mention of alcohol had left him shaking his head as Amaranth and he commiserated over the strange American obsession with making a simple drink something so taboo. His own badge lacked a colored stripe despite Amaranth's under-age status; instead there was a small logo of the Swedish flag and next it the symbol of the EuroNet, marking him - and Taeli - as novas and as under the diplomatic protections of Sweden. They could drink - if they wanted to deal with the possibility of tabloid pictures the next day and if their EuroNet babysitters didn't step in to avoid a possible scandal. He bowed to Kei after she introduced herself, a move of elegance and practice that both occupant of the body had been trained for. "I am Vysarian of House Arasael," he said smoothly, careful to enunciate the names for Kei. "I share this body with Amaranth Helena Silvia Marie, Royal Duchess of Uppland and Princess of Sweden." He smiled, relenting at her blank look as she tried to take all that in. "You may call me simply Vy, if that is easier, and the princess often goes by Amy when not acting in an official capacity." His eyes flicked past her and into the dealer room. "I admit, I have never been to such an event, nor has Amaranth. A guide by the more experienced would be quite welcome."
  8. Vysarian, dressed in his own spider-silk robes that shimmered when moved but no longer provided the same protection to him as metal plate mail, rose from the bed and stepped behind Taeli. She felt his hands tug at the bustier in several places, making minuscule adjustments that somehow settled her perfectly into the skin-tight half-of-an-outfit, relieving tensions and a slight pinch under her arms that she hadn't noticed yet but that would have made her miserable in a few hours. "There," her murmured, his hands resting gently on her hips for a moment before he remembers himself and stepped back. "Amaranth says that you're hardly dressed," there was a tint of amusement in his tenor and the ornate earring looped through his left ear several times made bell-like chimes as he shook his head, "but definitely dressed up." The rest of the boys snorted and pretended to try not to laugh; Rosellini frowned at the awkward interplay between the two novas and any reaction from Wyst was hidden behind the mirrorshades. Vysarian stepped back around her, picking up his own sword and belting it comfortably around his robes, cinching the fabric fetchingly around his own slim hips. The two of them together truly were a beautiful sight, if almost intimidating because of their otherworldly appeal. The group rustled through the room for another moment or two, then with minders in tow, set off for the main floor of the convention. There would be a panel interview later, and time spent at the WotC booth for photos and a dinner with some executives, but for right now they were free to roam the convention hall as they pleased. Vysarian smiled at Taeli as they left the hotel, something in the curve of his lips and the tilt of his head that sent shivers through Taeli as memories of Amaranth smiling that same way while snuggled against him watching movies in the living room at home on Saturday nights flashed through her mind. He held out a hand to her, not an arm like the noble-born elf would have, but the way the incognito princess would when they were walking down the halls of their school to their next class. It was the first real flash Taeli had seen of his...her? girlfriend since this whole mess had begun.
  9. "Ria..." The intimate nickname was one Kevin hadn't know - until just now, when half a memory flashed through her mind: a tent, the sound of popping logs outside, the feel of Vys' hand on the bare skin of her hip. He'd been looking at her when he'd said it, but the tightening of her shoulders and the shocked, uncomfortable look on her face had him looking away. "My apologies. Kevin." "Taeli," she mumbled. He nodded and looked back to her. "It will be....better. In time. Everything changes, always. That is wonder of existence, even when it is painful." He looked away again, "Or embarrassing. I will be here. If you need....someone to talk to."
  10. Or just put the sheet in a spoiler in the signature. That's a really nice quick reference each time you post.
  11. That's swank. Seriously, all of these have been really cool. Thanks for doing them!
  12. The elven man was blinking, trying to assimilate Amaranth's knowledge with the bizarre behavior of the humans. He glanced at the retreating Mel Grimson, thinking I suppose there's no reason for him to leave now, as Karrie will not have the privacy she desires to speak to me. He wasn't sure if he should call him back, though. He hesitated and decided that if the human wished to return then the commotion that Rob Lensherr who went by Telluris had caused, and Rob's comment that included Mr. Grimson, would be sufficient to bring him back. The back and forth between Telluris and Karrie had him and Amaranth debating if they were being serious and if any religion in this world actually used hooks in their purifying rituals. Vysarian was a bit disturbed that Amaranth was unsure on that point. He took the offered hand with only minor hesitation; he still preferred bowing. "I would ask the same of you. Which do you prefer?" The man grinned and shook hands with a firm grip, "Rob, then." "Vysarian of House Arasael, cleric of Mystra and sworn vassal to Princess Taehlyri'salatria of the Royal House of Duirsar and Her Royal Highness Amaranth Helena Silvia Marie, Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Uppland. I prefer to be addressed as Vysarian; if you wish to speak with princess, please say so and then address her however it is appropriate to do so. She will say, through me, if greater or lesser formality is desired." It was a speech just to set the basics of interaction now, but at least they had worked it down to a few sentences. He glanced at Taeli, trying to keep his expression impassive, and bowed respectfully. "Princess. It is good to see you today." He wasn't sure he could call her by name. Not yet.
  13. Asa - Vys/Amaranth haven't figured out/discovered the dorming ability yet, just an fyi. I thought I had said something to you in chat about that, but it might have just been to Carver.
  14. Vysarian blinked at the man but bobbed his head in return, taking the interruption with calm equanimity. "It is a conversation in a gardern, Mr. Grimson. Vysarian is my first name, however. Formally...," there was a small hesitation, "here, I would be called Mr. Arasael." There was no recrimination or ill intent in his tone, only a polite correction. He motioned between the two of them, "You seem acquainted?" His mind was mulling over the implications of what Karrie had said, matching up Amaranth's memories with the facts presented; the distraction of the newcomer was actually welcome for the time it gave him to consider what he had learned.
  15. I'm confused on the whole Claws thing....which is why I used Quantum Weapon instead. There is a point in this that you're paying the same amount for a power dependent on an item as for the regular power, but this is (in my opinion) balanced out by the fact that the device has its own Quantum rating (which can be higher than a character's own quantum rating, despite the free Q5 in the game. Taking a character's Q rating up to 5 is a choice, not a requirement.) and the fact that the power has its own dedicated quantum pool. It costs the characters nothing to use those powers/enhancements. The device is limited in uses before recharging because of that, but cost-wise, it's honestly a nice bump of free qp. On the note of Dependency and Linked....I would support that Linked powers must both be activated and maintained for the duration of any use of the Linked power(s). If one of the powers is disrupted, the Linked power goes as well. Honestly, it's just poorly written and they shouldn't have been separated, in my opinion. ....and I really get now why Dawn hates the S/W system. It's incredibly easy to break and has several sections that are pretty much "what the ST says", which is a major headache in a setting like CN (since effectively we're an ST committee). I'm rather inclined to say "fuck it" and trust people not to be abusive or assholes in threads. And for those who decide to run threads as ST's to lay out any specific groundrules for their threads, if they don't want to bother with certain issues in their storylines. Otherwise, it's OW and the dots are really just guidelines.
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    Pics for Vysarian

  17. I like the dependent idea for this sort of situation, and I agree on not being able to take dependency and linked for the same powers. So again, looking at Vys' Moonblade: For Quantum Weapon it would have a 2 pt weakness because it can't be used to do more than augment the blade (can't be used to create another weapon out of quantum energy or be able to augment another real weapon with it). Same for Accelerate Time, as it only works for Vysarian when he's in combat with the blade. Mental Blast would also have it so long as it only delivers psychic damage when the weapon itself touches the target (being that the weapon deals psychic damage, not Vys). Quantum Weapon wouldn't have the weakness if Vysarian could use it to "summon" his Moonblade to him or to create as secondary sword/whatever when he was using the Moonblade. Accelerate Time wouldn't have the weakness if Vysarian could "cast" it on another (as per the full use of technique) simply while holding the sword. Mental Blast wouldn't have the weakness if it could still be used at range instead of requiring a successful attack roll with the sword. Does this sound appropriate?
  18. I'm leery of saying that devices can have powers with a 5 pt weakness that says "this is only for the device it's on". If that is going to be allowed, then all powers on a device should be automatically one level lower. For example: Vysarian's Moonblade has Quantum Weapon on it, to represent that in Vysarian's hand it is much more damaging than anyone else trying to use it. He cannot manifest a different weapon just because he's holding the Moonblade, or manifest another sword if he doesn't have his Moonblade on hand. He only has access to QW if he's holding his Moonblade and it only applies to the Moonblade itself. Part of the point of devices is that the powers are in them, not the nova. So....are we allowing this as a weakness that can be put on device powers? Edit: I can see the argument for powers that only affect devices (instead of granting full access to the power to the nova with the device) having weakness points, on further consideration. It is limiting the power even further than devices that simply grant access to the full power. Is this worth 5 pts of weakness is my question now as well.
  19. See! She doesn't think Coyote is a god either! Neither does she believe in your Christ. .... Shut up. "I cannot say for certain what is real and not real in this place. I experience Amaranth's memories, as she does mine, but I come from a place where the gods are very real. I have met my own goddess and could never doubt Her existence. As for good and evil....these, too, seem to be different concepts in this world. For myself, I serve Mystra and that primarily entails ensuring the preservation and expanding of arcane knowledge, exploring all that is magical. I did this in many ways: by working against those that would destroy or pervert magic, those that would attack Mystra Herself, and in my personal way by creating items of magic myself and others to use." He pursed his lips, thinking carefully about his words, "There have been times where I had to choose between acting on the tenets of my faith in ways that others would term 'evil' or choosing my own or my society's views of 'good' actions of the oaths I had made to my goddess. These were never easy decisions and I live with the consequences of all of them." He reached out and took Karrie's hand, squeezing it to ensure he had her entire attention. "Think of the question this way: if your Coyote is 'not real', then these impulses, they must come from you, yes? Do you want to follow them? To become the person that acts as Coyote? You speak of 'necessary evils'. Are they truly necessary in your belief? Separating yourself into 'that which is Coyote' and 'that which is Karrie' will only lead to conflict. You must decide if you wish to be only Karrie, only Coyote, or someone new that is both Karrie and Coyote. Growth of the soul is never easy, even when it is greatly desired. Most races have the desire to remain as they are, though I have seen this least in humans; there is a comfort and the familiar weight of burdens in that which is known. In the end, you must 'shut the door' on two of the three choices before you. Life is made of choices and choices are the deaths of 'might have beens' and the life of 'what was and is'." He straitened back up, releasing her hand. "As for how it is for me, I am a stranger in a land that would be incomprehensible to me without the memories of Amaranth's life. I have lost my goddess, my home, and my power and I share my existence with a young human woman that resents my presence here nearly as much as it saddens me. She is denied the ability to live in her world save through the proxy of me and I am simply denied my own world. To her I am a mental disease to be purged so that she may live in this world as a person of power, a nova. She is....I do not know what she is to me. I do not entirely understand how this has occurred, or why; I do not blame or resent her the way that she does me for I can see in her memories that this is no trap or trick that she has created. Still, I am trapped and separated from all that I loved and had fought longer than a human lifetime for." His eyes were dark and hooded, other things obviously left unsaid. "I do my best not to act in a way that violates her ethics, though I also refuse to give up my faith for hers, which is a point of constant friction between us." He looked back up to Karrie, the blue of eyes still nearly navy-black with emotion, making the gold flecks stand out like floating suns. "We are not two impulses of one person seeking dominance or balance. We are two people somehow captured in one body. My body, her world. Or, at least, that is my belief. As I said before, she thinks I am only a renegade portion of her imagination, given far too much power and reality because of the influx of power into her at her eruption during a storytelling game."
  20. Quantum 6 doesn't usually allow for an ability to go over 5 in Aberrant. Is this going to be a house rule for CN? The A! rules limit it to 3 abilities total.
  21. I'm cool with this. Costs the same as the first (or only) dot of a background enhancement, and you can only do it for three Abilities. It doesn't seem game-breaking and adds a nice bit of flavor. My vote is yes.
  22. Vysarian arched a brow, sifting through the memories he and his...host?...now shared in common to understand the words of his guest. "I do not think that our situations are similar enough by their natures alone," he held up a hand as her expression fell, "but that does not mean that I do not think we could learn from one another. I have had, over the course of my century or so of service to Mystra, met many friends and allies that have felt entangled between the natures of their birth and the decisions and powers that have come with the course of their lives." He flowed back into a relaxes seat on the grass, motioning her to join him if she wished. "You feel a connection with Coyote, a god of this world that walks among his people unknown and plays tricks upon them for his own delight and at times for the enlightenment of those he tricks?" Amaranth was arguing with him again, saying that the stories of Coyote were just stories, myths, and that myths weren't real. They were just a way for the native people of the land called America to explain why some things happened the way they did. To explain luck and strange circumstances. And what are stories, myths, except history that began before the written word? Do you believe the stories and myths of your dying god who was reborn in the Celestial plane to be untrue simply because you did not witness them? Have you personally met with or spoken to your Jesus Christ? That's different. Christ's story isn't a myth. It's true. Because you choose to believe? Because it's true. The Bible is true. I have never said otherwise, but why does your holy book being true mean that - Ah, I see. It was written down, and long ago, so it must be true. And if Karrie writes down the stories of Coyote, will he then become true? No! You're impossible! And you are very immature for a human your age. Your world coddles young adults far too much. I should have a played a Christian. What a task to have found such a person on Toril. They would have been a very lonely, to have a faith of one and no connection to their god there. Ha! So you admit Christ is real! You believe in Him as I do in Mystra. Why should I think you wrong simply because I do not follow your god? The barb was petty, but he was well past the point of annoyance of Amaranth's insistence that his goddess was nothing more than a "figment of some game writer's imagination". The exchange between them took less than the time needed to sit and showed only in a small frown pulling at the corners of the elf's lips. "Perhaps you do not need to choose between the two, but simply acknowledge both?" "I was born to the House of Arasael, a bloodline of elves that have always dedicated themselves to the arcane arts. It is our way to become wizards, high mages of our people. For that we venerate Mystra, the goddess of magic and the Weave that allows all magic to be performed on Toril; but I felt my connection to Her to be greater than simple veneration. I broke with a tradition of thousands of years and sacrificed a portion of my potential as a wizard to dedicate myself as a cleric of Her order as well. I could not deny the call of my ancestors completely either, though; nor did I wish to. I would never be the greatest of her clerics, nor the most powerful of elven mages, but I found my path and the truth of my soul in walking between." He smiled at her, a gentle gesture of comfort. "Perhaps there is some small bit of answer to your own quandary in that. To be both the woman you have grown from and a follower of Coyote in the person you are becoming." He shifted uncomfortably, but it would have be rude and unfair to deny Amaranth her own say in the matter. "Princess Amaranth of Sweden believes that tricking others, even in the spirit of teaching them, is not a kind thing to do and that you should follow your 'better' nature. She does not believe that this impulse in you to act like the mythological - and in this she means fictional, even if she would not say so directly - to act as this Coyote would is to be mislead into sinful and harmful behavior. She believes that, like her, something in your 'eruption' has caused damage to your mind and that therapy would eventually correct the situation. This is her hope with our own situation as well, as she believes that I am merely a figment of her imagination that has manifested because of the circumstances of her eruption into a nova." He spoke the words as neutrally as possible, though the anger and faint flush of hurt from his "other half's" thoughts were easy enough to catch.
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