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  1. Don't lie, it's not JUST the MCU movies... you know you're thinking about going to see the new Maleficient. It looks soooo pretty...
  2. Oo.. I should go see this movie too. I knew it was coming out soon, and it looks really good.
  3. I don't have a problem with that crossover concept, as long as it's done well. I think that's the main problem with AoS is that it isn't doing a fantastic job at it. If it were witty and clever and the characters had a lot of chemistry, it would be different. Should it be able to stand on it's own? Definitely, and so far THAT'S not the part that's lacking. Yeah they've had a couple references to things that have happened in the movies, but nothing that makes you go "Wha?" if you haven't seen them. I think it's mainly the writing that's lacking.
  4. Max hit the nail on the head. I'm watching it just because it's only 45 minutes out of week, I'm hoping it'll get a bit more enjoyable. Some shows do just take a bit to pick up. But what Max just said absolutely hit the nail on the head - it's lacking the characteristic wit that I've come to expect out of something Whedon does, and that most of the Avengers-related movies have indulged in. Hell, I went to see Thor 2 a second time just for all the snarky Loki scenes.
  5. …a helluva month. Sorry that I've been away this whole time guys. Between the holidays and a death in the family, things have been a bit swamped for me. I'm planning on getting caught up, hopefully fairly soon. If anyone is waiting on me somewhere and I'm holding anything up, please post it here and let me know and I'll make it a top priority. Now that things have calmed down a bit I'm hoping to get back into the swing of the site. ,, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and for New Year's wishes, I leave you with a Neil Gaiman quote: ,, "May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself." -Neil Gaiman
  6. Thanks for the review, Carver! I might have to check it out.
  7. P.S. - ,, The priorities for my time with Mala and Carver are going to be Azure, CoH (which I know doesn't involve anyone else, but I really wanna post there, damnit!), and Navineh. After that I will try to post with Moira and Cirque.
  8. This isn't an actual vacation post, but here's as good a place as any to post it. I've been doing an intensely time-consuming health cleanse thing for the last week, and I have two weeks of it left to go. It seems like my entire life is consumed by shopping, prepping, eating, cleaning, and work. I have desperately tried to find the time to post within the last week - even during a four day weekend that I had taken near the beginning of it, but haven't had any time to do so, pretty much. I will most likely have some posting I will get done sometime this weekend while hanging with Mala and Carver, but other than that I just have to concede that I won't be around much for two more weeks. Sorry folks, but my health is taking priority on this one. Wish me luck.
  9. Sorry Max. Hopefully next year! I think that just leave Dave and Vivi.. Do you guys think you're gonna make it? And do you know roughly when you're coming?
  10. Question: When are people coming into town? I'm trying to figure out when the best day to have off is, Friday or Sunday? I'm probably gonna have to work Saturday because two other people were already on vacation, but I'll try to get a day shift so I can be off in the evening to come over for awhile by trading with someone. But he said I can have Sunday or Friday, whichever, just let me know when people are arriving and leaving.
  11. Sorry I've been so incommunicado during my GenCon vacation, guys. Forgot my laptop, been busy at the con, and my sister doesn't have internet at her house unless the hubby is around with his cell phone hotspot. Anyway, home tomorrow and I'll try to get some posts up... In MH at least to start. I think I'm most overdue there.
  12. Just an update. My vacation plans are still technically approved, but it turns out three people have requested that weekend off instead of two (myself included). That may not be an issue if EITHER of our sick people are feeling better by then, and able to work more or at all. Or if it's not a big sale weekend (which I don't think it should be) it may still not be an issue. But I'm just letting folks know that I may have to work one of those days, and I can't talk to my boss about it till he gets back from vacation early August. Anyway, hopefully it won't be an issue, I'm doing everything I can.
  13. Mala I've put in my request for time off for that weekend, let me know ASAP if anything changes, please. I also have a limited amount of crash space available and a queen size air mattress, less than Mala's but enough for a person or a couple if need be.
  14. Just wanted to update people. I had a nice vacation but have been absolutely slammed, between work and social activities, ever since I got back. I will try to post soon, I'm definitely missing my games.
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