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  1. Crunchy lead him somewhere private and speared him with a stony gaze. "Ya've had alot to drink, Sheets. She 'as too. You need to be careful whatcha say aroun' her. As an outsider payin attention it was clear ta me she was leadin' ya somewhere, probably to why The Boss pulled us aside." He backs up a step. "If ya wanna tell 'er, den do so, but I ain't havin' no part of that. That ain't what we signed on for." "Just be careful, this is our first night of the next era, let's not mess it up from the get-go."
  2. Crunchy said nothin. Mickey was a better face. He knew what he was there for. He sat and watched, always listenin' to what was bein' said by who. He noticed where Tess was leading Mickey and sighed. Booze had that effect on a man, especially when in the company of beautiful Women. He made his way over and lightly took hold of his shoulder. he didn't look to Mickey first but instead to their charge. "I need to borrow your partner for a moment ma'am. I promise I'll bring him back though." He finally looked to Mickey, his gaze sayin "C'mon before you embarrass yerself."
  3. Josiah nods at the honor and faith being placed in him. "I'll do whatever you ask Boss, always." When the second task is given he smiles. "I believe we can keep her outa trouble boss, between the two of us." He looks at Mickey. "She'll be safe with us, and since you're already showing some favor to Mickey, He might have enough clout to not be viewed as suspicious if she spends time with us."
  4. Crunchy nodded once. "Whatever you say Boss." He smiled a rare thing, before it died. and he returned to a more somber look. "You will be missed to be sure boss, nobody can take your place. You can count on me to keep you in the loop on what goes on over here, it's the least I can do to repay all the kindess you've shown me." He adds. "No questions boss, just wishing' you didn't have to go. It just won't be the same."
  5. Crunchy nodded respectfully and accepted the offered Cigar. He sat quietly, knowing Lucky would tell them why they were here, HE didn't just call you into a private area, JUST to talk. He had a task for him and Sheets, and like any loyal member of the Family, Crunchy would do all he could to accomplish what was about to be set down.
  6. Name- Josiah Valentine Nickname- Crunchy Age- 28 Height- 6’4 Weight 230 Hair- Brown Eyes- brown Josiah “Crunchy” Valentino is a former Heavyweight boxer who fell on hard times. Known for his phenomenal right hook, Left cross combination, He was a real contender for the title. That is until he was contacted by a representative of one of the other Families and told to take a dive. His reputation was everything and he saw himself as alone in the world so he refused, and fought and won. The results of that final victory would be far-reaching, as Afterwards suspicions of unfair technique and enhancement came to light. It ended with his being barred from ever competing again in the sport of professional boxing. Having lost what he truly loved he turned to the Soldatos, distant cousins on his mother’s side, and threw in with them, looking to get back at the Family that stole away his life for a few dollars. A full member of the Family, Crunchy has killed in the name of the family, often with his fists, which have been mistaken by police as massive blunt objects. Nobody questions Crunchy’s loyalty to the family, and he shows no fear when facing down other families. He’s not lacking in intelligence, he just lives by relatively simple rules, and for now he really couldn’t be happier. He's an attractive man, though he's largely quiet, letting others talk. When it's time to get down to buisness, Click to reveal.. Stats (40) Str 20 Dex 20 Con 20 Int 10 Wis 20 Cha 10 Combat (20) Attack 5 Defense 5 Feats (10) Ambidexterity Appearance 1 Grappling Finesse Improved Critical 2 punch Improved Grapple Fearless Power attack Equipment (gun) 1 Improved initiative 1 Skills 20 (5) Diplomacy 2 Intimidation 4 Swim 1 Drive 2 Stealth 1 Sense motive 2 Notice 2 Language 1 italian Bluff 2 Gather information 1 Search 1 Survival 1 Saves Reflex 5 Will 5 Fortitude 5 Toughness 5 Powers 2 Strike 1 Mighty (Power fist) Flaws 2 Illiterate Vengeful
  7. Crunchy wated everything in silence. It wasn't really his place to comment on things, he left that to the more eloquent speakers. When he spoke to others it was mostly with only a few syllables of his deep voice. The only man he spoke to openly was Lucky, the Don of the family, the Man who'd given him something when he had nothing. He watched the others, and he did smile when The Don's niece took to the floor with Mickey. It could be argued that it was a huge risk on his part, but then again Lucky seemed to be in as good a mood as could be expected. He watched the other Men in the family, noting who spoke to whom, and knew that when Lucky was gone, things would open up, and there'd be alot of opportunities, and people grabbin for 'em. In the end he'd fight for who Lucky told him to fight, himself and what's best for the Family. He turned his attention to Salvatore and listened to the artist weave his musical magic, and found that he was actually pretty good.
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