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  1. Ford watched intently as they scanned through my video. The abrupt stops were disturbing to say the least. He was more than a little eager to discover what was causing them. He chuckled softly as Lily sarcastically countered Ian's come on. "Don't worry, I'm watching for everyone."
  2. Ford brushed himself off and began to clean the dirt from beneath his nails. This job had just proven itself not to be a hoax or so it seemed. Even if they hadn't discovered the source. No matter it would be revealed or reveal itself in due time. The professor followed behind Ian and Lily an almost imperceptible grin on his face.
  3. Ford walked into the room his eyes fixed on the wall. He squinted arms hanging lank at his side. Bending slightly at the waist he made his way past the others. He'd never seen anything like this in any of his study or practice. He lifted his glasses to his brow. Click to reveal.. wits+investigation 1d10=10, 1d10=9, 1d10=4, 1d10=4popping 10 1d10=9 3 sux
  4. There it was again...doors. Perhaps this Brahn character would be able to explain his new found aversion to doors. "Why has your war spilled over into our world? What does it have to do with us?" Everett looked to Swan. "You want to go lay back down while we handle this?"
  5. I love this thread as I'm a culinary student XD I gotta dig around and contribute!
  6. As the others mentioned Pritchard Everett nodded in agreement. "Yeah, one of our people said she did what amounted to magic. Created golems or something. And Sean's right as I told you", he said and jerked a thumb toward Sean. Everett stepped in front of Swan fully obscuring her. "There's a lot of weird shit going on and it looks like you've got the answers. We need to talk...and Swan needs rest. If she wants you can talk to her when she feels up to it until then, we have questions." Ev did his best to sound diplomatic.
  7. Everett stood to the side of Swan as she spoke to Brahn. It seemed she was quite important in her home. They all shared the same look as they also shared the same revelation. They would come for her. "We're her people", Everett spoke up his back straightened.
  8. As Sean entered the room Ev rose from his seat. Interesting development there was someone else who had business with not only Swan but them as well. "And so the weirdness continues. I hear you we're at Defcon 1." Everett moved to the couch where Swan lay as Sean spoke to her.
  9. Everett followed as Sean made his way into the living room with Swan in tow. He sank into a chair as Sean laid down their charge on the couch. "Her sword exploded?" he asked confusion bordering on disbelief filling his voice. He looked from Swan to Sean as the latter moved about purposefully. Ev could only assume the ziploc bag was for the pieces of the sword in question. Moments later he was greeted by more noise, this time that of a vacuum. It wasn't long before Sean returned with a bag full of silver dust. "Okay, so you took bolt cutters to it and it 'exploded'? My question is how did you manage to shatter a sword with bolt cutters?" he lifted the bag from the table to closer examine the contents of the bag.
  10. "I'm gonna have to agree with your assessme..." Ford trailed off as he turned his head just in time to see Ian bolt through the door. He pulled himself from the books Ian had pointed out and followed pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose as he did so. Fawkes was the only dog in the house and his barking indicated that Krystal was in some sort of fix supernatural or otherwise. "Ian wait!" the professor shouted "Bob we gotta move!" He took the stairs two at a time as he made his way to the ruckus. When he arrived he found Ian panting before a door with Fawkes. Ford approached making his presence known as he did so. "What do we have?"
  11. He couldn't help but notice that Sean had quite the home. Impressive indeed. His little walk had proved to be a good idea. It gave him the time he needed to try and sort through his thoughts on the weirdness they had all been sucked into. He was just thinking he was still getting that strange feeling from doors when he heard a loud thud followed by innumerable car alarms. "I sure hope this isn't round two" he said to himself as he headed for the source of the noise. Judging from all he car alarms it was the garage. Upon arrival Everett flung the door open to find Swan and Sean amidst the carnage. They were the only people other than himself in the garage...no fighting. "What happened? You guys alright?" he asked the two as he entered the room looking from one to the other.
  12. Ford stepped back from the closet a look on his face that fell somewhere between puzzlement and bemusement. "Nothing of note in the closet. Mostly women's clothes...old women's clothes. Someone rifled through there before we got here. Anyone else got anything?" He looked from Ian to Bob in turn as he shrugged his shoulders and walked to the center of the room.
  13. Everett worked the wadded up napkin in his hand as he looked over Frida's drawings. They were incredible. He felt drawn to the drawing of Brahn and Brihn. I remember them being nice. I definitely remember them. It's fuzzy but I know them" he said as he pointed at the picture. "Mind if I crash here Sean?"
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