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  1. Rubbing his throat, chest heaving as he caught his breath, Sean stared after Devin as though he was some strange, unknown relative of the platypus, his eyes still wide with WTFedness. His mouth did tighten at being called a butterfly and the comment about grabbing asses - that was the pure Jauntsen he was used to. What the hell just happened? Did Devin just save him from a beating by Chourtney, or had he marked him as his personal punching bag with the headlock of death? Was he going to wake up tomorrow with Rascal's head next to him in bed? The small, voluptuous boy gave a small two finger wave back at Tawny and Devin's retreating back, brows furrowed with uncertainty. "Um, bye?" Sean muttered, then he coughed several times to clear his voice. When he looked at Charlie and Lilly, his brows were unfurrowed, but he seemed barely more certain. "And thanks, guys. I dunno if we've been in opposite land since Devin had his seizure, but lets get out of here before Cuntney and Friends recover from being Jauntsened and we miss the start of Lona's set." Without waiting for their agreement, Sean began walking briskly away, going a different way than Devin and Tawny did and ignoring the dark scowls and gestured threats from Courtney and Company. He was going fast enough that Charlie and Lilly had to lengthen their strides for a bit to catch up. Sean couldn't escape the thought that he might have to thank an complete asshole like Devin, or at least that he might owe him. It seemed like Devin had interceded on his behalf, but this was Devin! He must have some ulterior motive beyond just staking a claim like the gamers and him were off limits for the night. In his experience, it just did not compute, it was like dividing by zero. Practically on autopilot as he tried to resolve this conundrum, Sean bought a large cup of tangerine-lemonade and a bacon-wrapped corndog. Refreshed with tangy sweet lemonade and refuelled with deepfried bacony goodness, Sean began to relax as they reached the area where Lona was to perform, a growing crowd milling waiting for the show to start. He glanced up at his friends flanking him. "Okay, I'm going to chock all that up to Devin having a seizure. A glitch that will clear up after he's been rebooted a few -- oh what the hell is happening now?! Am I the one having a seizure and misfiring synapses are making see and hear things that can't possibly be happening?" As he exclaimed, Sean was staring at Bannon... and Clara. Holding hands! And Bannon looked... content?!
  2. Nina mentioned soundtracks will be Project #2, which she was planning on the weekend, IIRC, but she may drop it early, since Dawned mentioned something along the same lines.
  3. Fuck. Sean's jaw tightened, teeth grinding as he turned back to face his tormentors, his small hands balling into fists. He could laugh at himself in self-mockery about warning his younger sister about being careful while alone at the Fair when she was three inches taller than he was. But it was absolutely infuriating that he hadn't made it more than five yards after warning Laurie that Courtney and Company couldn't resist making his life hell. If they tried to pants him, he wouldn't be able to stop them. Chet was nearly as tall as Cade and wider through the shoulders. Hell, as the head cheerleader, even Courtney was more athletic than he was - and also taller. But Chet did have that splinted nose. He'd try for that, dish out at least a little pain before he - and his shorts - went down and then try to run. He turned slightly to the side, planting his feet, ready to resist or run. Sean followed Courtney's gaze down to his well tented green shirt, his weird, multi-coloured eyes going wide in feigned surprise. "Oh-Em-Gee!" Sean squealed, making his sweet voice even higher. "Where did those come from? I'm sure glad you noticed, Courtney, so you could point them out to me and everyone else." He dropped his voice back to his regular register - well, not entirely, he tried to subtly make it a bit deeper and gruffer, but it didn't help much - he just sounded like a girl trying to sound like a guy. "I've told you before, but it seems you just can't understand. I take stuff to try to stop my hormones from doing this. Stop being bitter that a guy has a more impressive rack than you do." Under Courtney's deepening glower, Sean forced himself to do something he knew he was going to regret latter. He smiled, a challenging smirk even. "And if you wanted to see my package, Courtney, you and your lackeys just had to not make a stink about me changing in the girls' locker room for phys. ed. Than you could see for yourself almost any time." "You fucking abomination," Courtney screeched, incensed. "You're going to regret that, titboy." Double fuck.
  4. Other Lives Sean Cassidy And The Gamers "Marrizigal the Azure Doom exhales a crackling stream of actinic blue lightning, the harsh light flashing about the cavern." Over the low, but drumming beat of the battle music that issued from the blue tooth speakers Sean had placed under the big table in the middle of the Wright poolhouse, Sean made a rough, cackling hiss, mimicking the sound of electric death. Standing up and reaching over the DM screen, he traced the path of the cone of lightning. "But once more the elixirs of lightning resistance Bannon's Alchemist provided you all stopped the devastating breath weapon from being near instant death. Make saving throws guys." Bannon, Charlie, and Lona made their rolls, two of them using the Sean's app on their phones, the other using physical dice, the digital and actual clatter of rolling dice blending together. Bannon and Charlie groaned while Lona made a satisfied grunt. 'Sorry guys," Sean said, not sounding sorry at all, "but even with the potion, that's 26 damage, only 13 for you, Lona." "I'm down," Bannon drawled, tipping over his miniature on the grid map, then grabbing a handful of kettle chips. "Didn't have time to recovering from getting critted last round by the tail slap. Guess Herpes the dragon got tired of the grenados." "Don't worry, I'll revive you on my turn," Charlie replied. "I still have a spell slot left." Bannon gave Charlie a short nod while Sean turned to his newest player. "Cora, it's your turn." "Um, right, okay," Coraline said, stammering a bit. The night had been going well, Sean and most of his players being understanding of the newbie. But the dragon and the smaller beasts under its command were almost dead after a long and tremendous fight and she didn't want to mess it up now. "Can I feint or something to give Lilly's barbarian an bonus on her attack?" "You can, Cora. There's two ways for you to do it in this case. You can use the Help action, and the next person to attack will have advantage. Or, as a Battlemaster, you can use the Distracting Attack Maneuver. You attack, and if you hit, you do an addition 1d10 damage and give the next person Advantage. Don't forget, you also have Inspiration from the Bard, letting you add 1d10 to a roll." Sean arched an inquiring brow at Cora. Cora glanced around the table and the consensus from the rest of the gamers was Distracting Attack. "I use Distracting Attack." "Roll." Almost tentatively, Cora took up a die, then rolled. It bounced across the map, finally landing on an 8. A miss, but by how much? Sean's face gave nothing away. "I'm using the Inspiration die." A d10 followed the d20, bouncing off it and spinning, spinning.... and stopped on a 10. "Yes!" She rolled the damage, face screwing up in disappointment. "Almost the lowest I could roll, even with the extra die." "Still you hit and did damage. With all the wounds the bands have inflicted on it, and collapsing the cave mouth so he can't escape, the Azure Doom is incesnsed. His maw opens wide, showing more teeth, and longer teeth, than should be possible, then clamps down over Kamala Drix's shoulder and shield arm and flings her across the cavern into the wall." Sean told her how much damage she took and Cora pouted. "I'm out too." "Um, bandages? We still have uses of the healer's kit. We can still fix this," Charlie said, not quite as certain as he had been. "Lilly, you're up. All the drakes are down." Lilly grinned as ferociously as her barbarian likely was. "I take a flying a leap off the ledge and bring my greataxe down on the dragon's damned head!" "Go for it." Lilly took up two twenty-sided dice, rattling them in her hand and giving them a blow, then rolled them across the table. Bounce, bounce, bounce... ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ Sean had gotten a ride with Lilly, as had a few others. Walking over to the poolhouse, Sean gave the pool a dubious, melancholy glance as he skirted it. He hadn't gone swimming since he was ten and his condition had made itself known. He wasn't sure if he missed it or not. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find out. He'd gone to Great Falls earlier in the day to get some new tops and underwear that fit properly. His plain green shirt was fitted and the v-neck was low enough to threaten to show some cleavage, but it wasn't overly tight and with a proper fitting bra, his boobs actually didn't look as huge and he felt less self-conscious, but he was in no way ready to wear a swimsuit. He was still waiting on a number of online orders to arrive and had only started trying to tailor some of his older clothes to fit better. The pool house was nice, a finished version of what his barn could end up being, though obviously the design would be different. Still, he was proud of the work he and his dad had done on The Barn. Clara it seemed already have bowls and plates and utensils set up for snacks and food. Even the grill was on standby. Sean scrunched up his nose in irritation. Clara wasn't playing in the Campaign and Sean was used to the gamers themselves taking care of the snacks and food. Clara was being entirely too... useful, too... there. And she was entirely too used to having things her way. Sean could see her hands twitch whenever someone moved something from her precise arrangement. When the game started in earnest, Sean tried to ignore Clara, who seemed to try to do the same for the gamers. It didn't go particularly well. Clara would be in her room, then leave, and enter the main area, for one reason or the other. It was her home, so they had no right to complain, but still it was a growing aggravation having someone there who wasn't part of the game. More than once, Sean almost asked Clara if she wanted to sit in on the game, he'd give her one of the villains to play, but every time he looked her way, it seemed she had an expression of subtle condescension on her face, as though they were children instead of the same age. Well, fine then! ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ "TWENTY!" Lilly crowed, reaching out to pick up the plethora of dice for the damage roll. Sean shook his head with a chuckle. "Don't bother with the dice," Sean said, then stood up, tipping over the figure of the blue dragon, his voice going dramatic. "With a roaring leap, the barbarian cleared more distance than seemed possible and brought down the greataxe with explosive strength. The broad, curved blade bites deep between the huge dragons eyes, great gouts of blood welling up with the tang of ozone and iron. Marrizigal spasms violently, flinging the barbarian from its head. Its long tail sweeps in a wide arc, knocking half the party from their feet." Sean tapped something on his laptop, and there was a wailing, lizard-like roar. Sean tells how much extra damage the dragon caused in its death throes, another of the party going down, then continues. "With an electric sigh, the dragon finally goes still, its riven head hitting the ground with a metallic thump, coins of its hoard scattering all over. The Band has succeeded. The last of the Dark Lord Devlin's three dragons has been slain. While his legions of goblinoids and orcs still vastly outnumber the defenders of the frontier city of Pale, he has lost a tremendous advantage, like aerial siege weapons. And the horde from the dragons will be a great use in building up the defences of Pale... if you so choose. Once you guys manage to clear the cave mouth of the rubble provided by Bannon, you'll have to see if the carts and cart drivers are still around. You guys won't be able to haul all this back yourself, even with the bag of holding." Sean smirked as he began packing up the miniatures, taking a quick glance out the windows. Even with the long summer days, the sun was well below the horizon, the sky gone deep blue and purple turning to black, speckled with stars. Sean pressed his hands to the small of his back and stretched. "I think that's it for the night guys. I'll write up an update for you, telling you what the haul is, and anything special in the horde. I presume, there will be the Detecting of Magic?" "Of course!" exclaimed more than one. "Right. Charlie, you get Bannon up and stabilize Cora, but I think you guys will need at least a short rest before doing much else. And don't forget, the cave mouth is blocked and you are all out of cussers and other explosives. You don't think air is a problem for now, but it might be if you guys take too long and you aren't sure how long the cart drivers will stick around, despite what they said. Or what might find them while you guys are stuck in the dragon's lair. Tell me what you guys want to do, and I'll add it to the update for next week." Sean nodded at Lona, and then over her shoulder at where Clara was lurking by the galley kitchen and the remnants of snack and food that weren't at the big table. "Thanks for hosting us, ladies. Hopefully The Barn will be ready next week, so things can go back to normal."
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  7. "Jase doesn't believe in proportional responses," Sean commented with a sullen jut to his chin as Bannon left, followed right after by Sara, while finished his Big Bird sandwich. "And he generally responds to authority with extreme prejudice." Bannon was one of the very few who didn't treat him any differently because of his appearance, who treated like a guy despite looking anything but. But while Bannon was objectively aware he had boobs, Sean didn't think he really knew what that meant for him. While society seemed to practically revere tits, those with prominent ones were rarely respected and any complaints they had were brushed off or seen as humblebragging. And that was for the girls. He got the same as well as other reactions unique to him thanks to his condition. At the party, someone could very possibly try to get him drunk and/or high and run around the camp topless. Sean didn't really drink - he thought beer was revolting, even the smell of it, though he didn't mind the sips he had of a couple of mixed drinks he had tried - and he didn't smoke. Despite how bomb it supposedly was, he hadn't reacted well to a hit of Jase's best he'd taken when he was aching after a fight at school he'd unsurprisingly lost. But Jase had said one of the few things that would make Sean go - he had called him a pussy if he didn't go. It had taken Sean a long time and not a little therapy to stop seeking validation from others. He hadn't completely stopped of course, but being called names, teased, or insulted from others didn't immediately set him off as much as it used to. But when it came from someone he considered a friend - when they weren't just jesting in fun - Sean found it much harder to resist the challenge. He was aware of it, most of his friends knew it too, but that didn't make Sean fall for it any less. God dammit! "You can stay away, Charlie, but be prepared for the endlessly merciless mocking and missing out on the stories because 'you had to be there,'" Sean said making air quotes, when Charlie sat down his glass for a breath of air. "These kind of parties are hardly my thing, but if Jase is going through the effort of setting this up - regardless of what I think of his reasons for doing it - the least I can do is show up and then take it from there." Sean finished his own lemonade, making a point of taking his time with a small smirk Charlie's way. "Let Jase and the Ma -- the dubious help he finds worry about the party. Let's finish working out the details for gaming night at Lona's, uh... Clara's - their place tomorrow evening."
  8. The Griddle Shelly, MT Sean ordered the Big Bird - a turkey club sandwich - with a side of sweet potato fries and a lemonade, ignoring the waitress' disapproving glance at the tightness of his shirt with an effort. It isn't like they're retractable, lady! He needed to get some new underwear and shirts, maybe do some tailoring... That would take a trip to Great Falls or further, and a hit to his vehicle fund. Sean was quickly taking a couple of bites of his club sandwich and chewing them as the others spoke their preferences and suggestions. He washed down his last bite with a big sip of lemonade when Coraline began talking to him, worried about her character, and leaned forward so he could catch her eye several seats over. "Don't worry about any mistakes, Coraline," he said in an easy, assured tone, reaching over to take his newest player's folder. "I'll take a look at your character, and drop you some surprises and goodies, so you aren't too far behind the others." Sean nodded at Cassandra, reiterating, "D&D, dungeons and dragons. This campaign has been going for about two years now and the group has almost doubled since it started, Lona joining a few months ago, and Coraline just nowish." Sean turned back to the tall dancer. "I'll send you a link to an app to download onto your phone or laptop that'll help you manage your character, Cora. It also lets me send individual notes and messages and makes it much easier to track gear and treasure, spell durations and combat modifiers and stuff. And it has a dice roller." Sean was proud of that app. It was stable and worked really well, if being a bit bigger than he liked. It just needed a little more polish before he felt it was worthy to put up for download on the various app stores. He didn't care for ads, despite the revenue, so was still debating on a price point that would generate at least some sales without completely giving it away. Sean leaned back in his chair and nibbled on a few sweet potato fries, before addressing his gaming group in whole. "Charlie said he wanted to game this week too, instead of skipping it or doubling up tomorrow. I have to go to the fair, since Laurie is participating with Rascal, so if it's this week, it's gonna have to be tonight or tomorrow, if we don't want a short gaming night." Sean hesitated for moment, taking a deep breath, then nodded at Cade before looking towards Lona with the occasional glance towards Clara. "If you're okay with gaming at your place, Lona, it would be appreciated." He gave Jase a wry smirk. "It would probably best to make sure we're keeping our distance from the Sheriff, no offence Cade." He blew an errant lock of red hair from his face, his gaze going around the three tables pushed together. "Does tomorrow night work for everyone? It gives us some time to arrange things without dropping it on the parental units at the last minute. Oh, Lona! At your place - if there's no objection to it - do we have access to an oven or a grill, or should we just bring over snacks and ready-to-go stuff for food? Do we need to bring drinks?" At several lowered or raised brows, Sean scowled. "I don't mean like that. I mean pop, or fruitopia or lemonade or whatever?" At the Barn, Sean had a fridge usually full of various drinks and during gaming nights, his friends who could manage it usually brought some sort of food or snacks or chipped in a few bucks, and they grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, or cooked something more ambitious.
  9. Oh, right, Charlie. I totally didn't forget him. Also, Lilly's plays 80s rock/metal on things called 'cassettes' while driving her rust-truck.
  10. Consensus seems to be go ahead, I would suggest Lona or Sean inviting Sara along. I think we have Clara and Fucking Cass in Clara's vehicle, Lilly with Lona, and Sean and Bannon in the back of Lilly's truck, Cade and Cora in Cade's vehicle, and Sara either taking the tow-truck or grabbing a ride with someone else.
  11. Sean slumped down and stretched a leg under the table to hook his computer bag on the other side of the booth with a foot. He reeled it in, slung it cross-wise over his slim shoulders, then slipped out of the booth, his head bowed as he mumbled to the Sheriff that 'yes, he was being clear,' and an apology to Bunnee. At the last moment, he reached back and snagged his basket of fries and followed the others out of the Diner, giving Cade a look of commiseration in passing. It wasn't like he'd ever go to a party with the likes of Chet and Devin and their ilk. He got enough harassment at school, hell, and out of it too for that matter. He didn't need to go seek out more opportunities around people who were drunk and high as well. "Hey, at least we weren't held up too long, right, Sara?" Sean mentioned up to the much bigger teen as they exited Bunnee's. "I didn't get mine either," Sean groused in agreement as he joined the others around the side of the Diner, Jase and Lilly continuing their back-and-forth. Sean wondered if something was bugging Jase, like how being banished to Military School might have set off the Devil Devin. Bannon was being extra Bannon-y at the moment. But Sean wouldn't bring it up. That wasn't how guys did it. If Bannon wanted to talk about it, he would. If he didn't, he wouldn't. Sean held up the half-finished basket of fries, offering Lona some, mouth twisting wryly when Lilly made her suggestions about where to relocate. "I was going to say we could go slum it at Pizza Hut or the Subway, but the Griddle sounds much better, if we can get a table for us all." Sean nodded further down the side of the Diner at a scratched-up green hybrid bike locked up at the twisted metal of the bike-rack. "Thanks for the ride, but I got my bike. I don't want to have to come back for it."
  12. "My eyes?" Sean said, dark red brows crinkling in puzzlement. His eyes were hardly his most noticeable genetic anomaly, nor the one people were usually interested in. He hardly even thought of their oddity anymore. "Oh! Right, you see..." Sean trailed off, slowly turning his head away from Sara towards Bannon, raising his brows in mild shock. He might have been one of the few to have ever heard Jase string so many words together in one go, but usually it was about some unique chemical formula or when they were talking about the newest gadget. Even his Alchemist in the D&D campaign was generally terse. This... this was almost empathetic, encouraging even. Sean shot him a quick grin. "Seconded," Sean agreed, shooting Bannon a quick grin before turning back to Sara and continuing where he had left off as Clara went bitch-to-bitch with the Mantis. "Nah, no contacts. My eyes have been like this pretty much for ever, it's just the colours have differentiated more as I've grown older. Another bit of my messed up DNA. It's called Central Heterochromia Iridium, it's genetic, but I see fine, it just messes with melanin, the colour, of the iris." He nodded back at her. "Seems like working in a garage is better exercise than working on renos and landscaping." Just then, the Sheriff came over to speak with them and Sean sat up straight in the booth. He wasn't tall, for a girl, let alone a guy, and the Sheriff always made him very aware of his lack of height. He noticed Cade and Coraline sitting at the booth by the door, he gave them a small wave.
  13. Sean watched Lona go, shaking his head as she willingly walked over to Devin when she had been in clear at their booth. Then he leaned around the edge of the booth to face Sara sitting behind him, his odd eyes catching her thick arms before finding her face. They'd had shared plenty of classes over the years, being natives and life-long residents of Shelly, but hadn't really interacted much beyond occasionally in those classes. They just didn't have much - or anything - in common, really, beyond catty rumours the last couple of years about the boy who looked like a girl and the girl who was more than boyish. "Sorry you got caught up by the Sheriff's decree by proximity, Sara," Sean offered with a shrug and a glance at the very tall sheriff, his sweet voice low. "Chet said something to Devin - something 'bout his sister from what he said to the Sheriff - Devin went Hulk Smash on him and busted his nose, then had an epileptic fit or something. Lilly tried to stop the fight, then she and Jase, Charlie and Lona tried to stop Chet from drowning in his own blood and Devin from choking on his tongue." Sean didn't mention his own minor contribution as he muttered, "though pretty much everyone in school has wished he would do just that at least once." He raised his voice back to a more clear and normal level. "And that brings us to now and the Mari show. Not entirely sure why the Sheriff wants us to stay, except maybe hearing our version of events, if he has to write a report about this."
  14. Sean scrambled to his feet, shooting Devin an irritated glare (once he was sure Devin was still recovering from his seizure rather than seeming intent on following through on the horror movie threat). Holding his hoodie in hands, staring out of the diner at the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles, he muttered, "Well, fuck you too, Devin." "Miss...ter Cassidy," Jill Carter said with just a small slip-up. She knew him, of him - his father had done renos for her and her family in the past, often with his children helping out. But she just couldn't quite get used to seeing a teenaged boy who looked like a girl, a well-developed - some would say over-developed - one at that. "I hope you aren't thinking about leaving. Sheriff Alistair is gonna want a word with all of you that we involved in the incident." "I wasn't in--" Sean protested before cutting himself. "I wasn't planning on leaving, Deputy Carter. Promise. Just looking at the lights." He pointed over to the booth were Bannon and Lona were sitting. "I'll be right there at our booth." Carter nodded sharply and Sean slunk back to the booth. Before sliding onto the bench, he considered his hoodie. The cat was out of the bag, as if were, and it was too hot to put it back on now that he had taken it off, so he tied the hoodie around his slim waist before sitting down on the same side as Bannon. Then he noticed the blue light blinking on his phone that he had left on the other side of the table and with some effort, almost knocking over one of the jugs of water, he reached over to get it. He read Cade's text and quickly tapped out a reply. <We're fine. Devin punched out Chet. Then had a seizure. Your dad is here. Wants to talk to us.> Sean had to stifle a giggle when he heard Devin was being sent off to Military School. He would be missed less than what Devin thought of Shelly. Sean left the phone on the table, in case Cade texted back. "Cade and Coraline are outside," he mentioned to Jase, when he noticed the wetness of shed tears on Lona's flushed face. He poured a glass of water, melting ice cubes tinkling, then offered it to the second newest player in his D&D campaign. "Here, Lona. Are you okay? Stuff isn't as bad as it looked."
  15. Sean was distracted by the escalating confrontation between Devin and Chet by the arrival of Sara Hutchins. His mouth dropped open in shock, and if he was being honest, at least some (a lot of) envy. Sara had always been tall and athletic, but over the summer, she'd grown massive with muscle. If she wasn't quite as tall as his sister Teagan, she was clearly broader across the shoulders, with thicker arms. She's twice as wide as I am, Sean wondered. I could have worked out since I started growing boobs and I still wouldn't be half that buff... His gaze was pulled away from Sara by the sound of a fist finding a face. His lips twitched into a grin at seeing some of his biggest tormentors coming to blows, but it quickly faded into a frown when he saw how serious it was. Chet was taken out by a single punch that busted his nose. Lilly jumped up to intervene and he didn't even see her down anything, but suddenly Devin was going down. No, not down, having a fit or seizure or something. Sean froze for a moment, not sure what to do. Devin and Chet bullied him mercilessly, but even so, he should probably do something to help. Bannon, Charlie, and Lona followed right after Lilly, but he didn't. By the time he remembered his phone on the table, Cass and Clara were already on their own, calling 9-1-1. Sean glanced anxiously around the table as though an answer would congeal there if he looked hard enough. Water? I should get them water... At the snapping of fingers and Bannon's command, Sean shook his head and focused. When he caught up to what Bannon was saying though, he hesitated, chewing on a lip. He really didn't want to take off his hoodie, let alone being the one to give Devin something soft to lay on. "Now, Sean!" Bannon's sharp voice and hard eyes brooked no delay. "Oh... okay, Jase," Sean said reluctantly, planting a hand on the vinyl cushion and shifting his hips to scoot out of the booth. Dammit, dammit, dammit. He scampered over to where Lilly was bracing Devin, scowled sulkily, then with a sigh began pulling off his hoodie. He struggled a bit, trying to get it off, face going almost as red as his hoodie and when he did, it was clear why. Where Sara had added considerable muscle over the summer, the Triforce on Sean's sweat-stained green shirt was distorted over a chest at least as impressive as Max's. It wasn't that much of a surprise to those who saw him regularly but the addition of a couple more cup sizes was a surprise to most of the others. Except with the commotion, it seemed like nobody noticed or cared. Sean folded his hoodie and then squatted down to sit down on the linoleum, his legs stretched out before him, a hand behind to brace himself. He could feel sweat trickling down his back and his front, but taking off the damn hoodie was a relief from the heat, at least. With Lilly's help, they positioned position Devin so that his head was pillowed by the hoodie over his thighs. Sean was anything but calm, and even in the best of times, he rarely would have been able to find calm words for Devin. But math and numbers were easy, Sean could do that in his sleep, so he began quoting famous equations and number sequences, using them to calm himself more than Devin.
  16. Sean nodded his thanks to Max, then tried a pair of fries. He pursed his lips for a moment, then added some salt and vinegar instead of profaning them with ketchup. He tried a couple more and nodded in satisfaction. "Mmm, better. Most of us are here, Cade and Coraline aren't, and I'm getting hungry, so I'm ordering. My usual burger, Max, please." "Sure thing, hun," Max replied, jotting it down on a note pad. "And can I get something for the rest of you?" While his gaming group were making their wants known, a small grin twitched at Sean's lips as he leaned forward to looked around them. He couldn't quite make out what Devin was saying, but his tone clearly said he was eviscerating Chet, and Sean was pleased - and maybe just a bit relieved - to see one of the biggest banes of his existence cutting down one of the smaller banes of his existence, while leaving him alone. If only Junior year could go by the same way. Senior Year too, as long as I'm making wishes... Sean almost knocked over his float, just catching the tall glass at the last instant before it tipped over, his pale cheeks flushing in embarrassment. He finished it, using a spoon to get the last of the ice cream, then poured himself a glass of water as a cover to circumspectly wipe his face with the sleeve of his hoodie. "I hear you about the bike, Lona," Sean said as Max went off to place their orders, an expression of wry commiseration crossing his face. He hadn't had a bike stolen, but it had been sabotaged more than once, and he was saving for a vehicle too. "And about car. With Teagan off in the army, I can probably loan you her bike, if you want?" Sean gave the others a small wave in greeting "Thanks for showing up guys, thought it would be more fun and productive to get together instead of passing emails and text back and forth. Most of us are here, so--" Sean glanced down when his phone chimed, and read the text. "So, Cade and Coraline are running a bit late, but they can catch up. I wanted to talk about gaming. I think most of us have obligations with the Fair, so we have to move gaming night from Thursday, or decide to skip gaming for a week. And the barn is getting a bit of reno work done, so might need to game someplace else if we do, unless we wait 'til Wednesday next week, maybe Tuesday. Thoughts?"
  17. "Hey, Jase," Sean said cheerfully, setting his phone down beside the tall, thick glass of his float. His fair, more than pretty face already had a faint sheen of sweat. That was probably because he was wearing cargo pants and a red hoodie with the Flash's lightning bolt on the front despite the heat. After taking the menu from Bannon, Max gave Sean an expectant glance, but Sean shook his head. "I'm good with just the float for now, Max, thanks. I'll wait for more of the others to show up before ordering any food. No! Wait, how about a side of fries?" "'Sure, hun," Max replied, giving Sean and his semi-concealing hoodie an exasperated roll of her eyes. She would have made a comment, but the diner was picking it. "I'll swing by again later." Max went off to greet some new customers, but when Sean saw that one of those customers was Devin, Sean was definitely one who turned his head away, avoiding eye contact by glancing out the window until he was seated. He didn't need Devin's shit now, especially considering some of his developments during the summer, he was sure junior year would have an extra helping of suck. His big sister leaving Shelly to join the army also didn't help. He wasn't that fond of crowds and his attendance at the Marias 4 County fair was hit and miss, but he couldn't avoid it this year. His sister Laurie and her pet goat Rascal - Sean usually called him Bastard - were participating in some of the 4-H events, since that was what Laurelei had decided to try this year. The residents of Shelly were used to him by now, but with people from three other counties and almost always someone around to comment, Sean knew he would get a lot of stares. Being a boy that looked like a girl, and a curvy one at that, wasn't easy. And every time he felt like he was finally adjusting to it, at least to some degree, it seemed like life or the junk code in his DNA came out with a new bug that seemed to think it was a feature. Sean gave a little snort, thinking not for the first time why he even bothered still taking the various supplements and inhibitors - despite Dr. Cook's earnest appeals, Sean wasn't sure they were helping. The therapy did, though. Sean shifted and surreptitiously adjusted a bra-strap. He turned from looking out the window, instinctive glancing down to make sure his computer was still pressed between him and the side of the booth, then took a sip of his root-beer float. It was what it was. He didn't have a choice but to deal with it, he just wished others didn't feel the need to make dealing with it that much harder. "If we end up gaming this week, we're might have to do it someplace else," Sean mentioned to Bannon. "The barn is getting some renos done. So if you want to swipe some wifi, Jase, you'll have to come by the house."
  18. Player Character Sean Cassidy Intersexed Technophile and Gamer Real Name: Sean Fionn Cassidy Nicknames: Finn, Cassidy, Cassy, PC Genie/Apple Genius, Titboy, Ladyboy, Ho (and less flattering variations) Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father; Renovations/Landscaping, Electrical, and Plumbing contractor; 6'), Carolyn Cassidy (Mother; Homeworker, part-time accountant; 5'7''), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; 18; Just graduated and joined the Military after graduation, planning on being a US Ranger- High School Star Athlete; 5'11''), Laurelei Cassidy (Sister; 15; Sophomore; 5'9'') Date of Birth: October 31, 2002 Nationality: American Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School; Freelance web-design and programmer, Physical Traits Gender: Intersexed Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, German, Norwegian) Age: 16 Height: 5'4'' Weight: 123 lbs Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted eyes of vivid turquoise with a spiky inner ring of jade Hair: Deep, vibrant red with golden highlights Handedness: Left Appearance Sean is an extremely attractive young woman of modest height and far from modest curves... except he isn't actually a young woman - hourglass figure to the contrary - though calling him a young man isn't necessarily technically correct either. But unless he isn't wearing pants (or skin-tight ones), the dichotomy isn't really noticeable. He used to keep his vibrant hair cut short, but has been letting grow longer on top in a style that is more unisex, leaning towards feminine, mostly because it isn't worth the argument with the hairdresser - and to be fair, it does look better on him than the very short cut he used to have. His eyes are large and a striking turquoise in colour, with a jagged inner ring of jade. He used to dress to conceal his figure, but has relented to some degree, though he still prefers relaxed fit jeans and cargo-pants, and then layers of shirts, topped by a hoodie. Always wears a bra, and after several years, doesn't even consider it out of the ordinary, for him anyway. Still, he hasn't been able to bring himself to go swimming in public, since an incident at the only time he had gone to Disneyland when he was thirteen. He does allow himself to cut loose on Halloween, using his looks and figure to accentuate and enhance his costume - or vice versa - to best effect. Background Sean's life hasn't exactly been ideal, though it started out with promise. With his father a general contractor who did renovations, landscaping, electrical and plumbing work and his mother, who took care of the books and worked part-time as an accountant from home, Sean grew up solid middle-class in an old, rambling one-story farmhouse on the outskirts of town that had belonged to the Cassidys for generations. Most of the farmland had been sold off long ago, but several of the outbuildings have been repurposed as a workshop and material storage for Jack's contracting business and a barn was renovated into a den that Sean soon claimed, and indeed practically moved into. Jack has continued work on the barn until it is almost a full apartment. Very smart and clever, school was easy for Sean with little effort and he took an early interest in computers, which at the time, was used mostly by Carolyn to keep the books and her accounting business. They got him his own computer and soon where starting to regret it, as he was always fiddling with it, trying to make it better, which at first, resulted in needing to get new parts or take it in to get fixed. But it didn't take long before others started coming to Sean to fix their PCs or get him to build one for them. Like his sisters, Sean helped his dad out on his building sites after school and on the weekends. Always a bit small for his age, he couldn't do any heavy lifting, but could do gopher work and he was always good with his hands, showing an aptitude with electrical and mechanical devices, always wanting to know how they worked. Things started their downward turn when he was ten. While he had been born a healthy and fully functioning male, Sean had always been fine featured and easily mistaken for a girl, the Cassidys had just assumed he was taking strongly after his mother, but that he would grow out of it in due course. Things ended up not being so simple. At ten, Sean had a growth spurt, bringing him over five feet tall. Uncommon, but not unusual, except while puberty seemed to be arriving early for him, his developing secondary characteristics were definitely feminine rather than masculine. And as his peers entered puberty, the boys growing taller and bigger, his followed apace, or even ahead, of the girls. They took him to The Marias Medical Complex, where Sean's case caught the attention of the head of the diagnostic unit, Dr Francis Cook. It was Dr Cook who eventually diagnosed Sean's numerous conditions. When born, while Sean had seemed a normal boy, he actually had an intersex condition known as XX Male Syndrome, or De la Chapelle Syndrome. So while genotypically female, his X chromosome had an SRY gene. Usually, this resulted in a standard male phenotype (appearance), but not always, and there was a great deal of variance, even among SRY positive individuals. In Sean's case, his condition was exacerbated by two other conditions - Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, a condition impairing his ability to respond to androgens, and a form of Aromatase Excess Syndrome, which resulted in him producing excessing amounts of circulating estrogens. Dr Cook offered the Cassidy's a path for treatment to lessen the impact of Sean's various genetic mutations. As he was still developing, surgery wasn't an option. But the Cassidy's wanted a cure and against Dr Cooks advice sought second and third opinions with other specialists across the country which was incredibly costly and despite promises proved no more effective in turning Sean into the normal boy he had never actually been. Though unflaggingly supportive of their strange son, Carolyn in a vague melancholy bemusement, Jack with more awkward effort, the cost and failures began to take a toll. In the end they returned to Marias and Dr Cook, who had never treated Sean's condition as any sort of aberration, but rather as nature just doing its thing. Dr. Cook put Sean on a varying regimen of hormone treatments and aromatase inhibitors, to ease his physical transformation as well as physical and mental therapy to help Sean with the changes still to come. What all this boiled down to for Sean was that he was a mutant, but besides red hair (a mutation of the MC1R protein) and multicoloured eyes due to Central Heterochromia Iridium, his only power was being a boy who looked like a girl. As expected, being different, like a boy who has needed to wear a bra since he was eleven, Junior High and High was an absolute hell for Sean, being bullied and harassed constantly, but guys and girls alike. His sexual orientation and sexual proclivities were a great source of comment, guys constantly tried to snap his bra or sneak a fondle or exhort him to let them see his tits. Some girls thought him a pervert, as though he had somehow done this on purpose as a way to get close to him, others would never admit to being jealous of the guy who was prettier than they were or more curvaceous. Fewer girls considered him one of their own, a guy who was able to understand what it was to be a girl. And while he was able to understand some of what they had to endure, like finding clothes that fit, people paying more attention to their breasts than the rest of them, being hit on by men twice their age or more, Sean still considered himself a guy, and he didn't think the way they did or care about everything they did. These girls seemed to see him as the chic new version of the token gay best-friend. Sometimes, he was okay with the conversations, sometimes he hated it. Though Sean isn't reconciled with how he looks and how he's developing, he tries his best to not be ashamed, failing and succeeding by turns. He fights back against his most aggressive tormentors, though this usually went poorly for him - smart and clever he might be, sharp retorts didn't help when it turns physical and nearly every boy is bigger and stronger than he was, and so are not a few of the girls. His older sister Teagan - a Star Athlete at Shelly High before she graduated this year and went off to join the army - was a stronger deterrent, but he never sought her protection or hid behind her. He still has some manner of pride Still, school was hard. At fourteen, considering he had sacks of fat protruding from his chest, he tried starving himself to shrink them down, and yes, he was fully aware of how trite it was, a teenage girl - or someone who looked like one - having an eating disorder. When his sisters found out a few weeks later, they teased him mercilessly and he quickly gave up that idea in embarrassment - besides he was missing tasty food. With school life a trial, Sean took refuge online, in video games - playing them and wanting to make them -and youtube, where is he didn't explain anything people didn't know about his issues. Which didn't mean they didn't create new ones. He couldn't help but laugh at being called a Fake Gamer Girl - if only they knew. Talking about video games and computers and doing Let's Plays on YouTube, he grew more comfortable in his skin, at least to a degree, and it lead to him talking about other subjects, and helped his confidence. If he got harassed online, at least he didn't have to face them in real life and he could just block them. He did stop streaming on Twitch pretty quickly after stuff about bathwater started cropping up and he was getting PMed by way too many creepers. Confidence online lead to some more confidence at school and in real life as well, reinforced by regular therapy sessions he finally started to really listen to. He started being more active in school, even participating in drama class when some fellow class mates encouraged him. He even did a serious science project on breasts physics last year. Another escape for him was role-playing games, he loved designing settings and campaigns and running them, adding his own artwork and synthesized music for added ambiance. It gives him a sense of control he doesn't always feel in life. And surprisingly, it has led to him having an eclectic group of friends and gamers. He tries to take it in stride, but he's privately very grateful for them. He can't help but be self-conscious to a greater or lesser extend, but he tries not to let it hold him back, and as much trouble as it causes him, he's started to accept his appearance. He's weird, but it isn't necessarily bad, even if the reactions it can cause are. Even when he stops physically developing and his doctors would allow surgery, he doesn't see how a mastectomy would help his issues. He'd still look like a girl at this point. In the last few months, over the end of the school year and through summer, he's actually grown taller - which he hasn't since he was about twelve - by all of half an inch, and added a couple of cup sizes. Yay, more rumours and comments. Sean is at a crossroads. He's a young man who appears to be a young woman. He considers himself as identifying as male, yet is finding it easier to let others treat him as they see him, if only to avoid awkwardness and potential danger. He loves his small town, and the friends he has, even as he is tormented there. He's eager to leave Shelly, where he might be able to leave his baggage behind and reinvent himself, yet still feels trepidation about how the wider world might treat him knowing exactly what he is. Sheet
  19. Okay, since Dave made good point (not about Sean being a Ho), I thought we should have a list of players, and their preferences (if any) for their eventual template. (I'll update as needed and I catch the posts). Some people might not mind what they play, or others might be willing to drop a template if someone else really wants it, etc. UNAVAILABLE - Teleportation, Quantakinesis Legacy Characters Sean - Sean - Clairsentience, Electrokinesis, or maybe Talent Dave - Devin - Teleportation Noir - Lilly - Vitakinesis? New Characters Jeremy - Charlie - Justin - Cade - GDP - Bannon - Psychokinesis Dawn - Lona - Biokinesis (but open to change) Mala - Clara Wright - Vitakinesis or Electrokinesis if available Jeane - unknown name? - Quantakinesis SMax - unknown? - PK
  20. The only one I can think of is Aberrant: Year One, which has 2-3 pages, along with an NPC or two, for a number of Cities, of which Hong Kong is one,
  21. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Spring and Summer are short enough here, I don't need winter already.
  22. Sean bowed back to the Security Chief and handed over her own card to him. "As you wish. I would be most honored to consult again if any trouble or damage is found in the National Transportal Network," Sean replied in flawless, smooth Japanese, her tone pilot and encouraging. She had consulted heavily with the design and technical details of Portal Network. "And I hope that if your investigation reveals anything that could be a danger or concern to other nations, you will be willing to share it with them, and with us. The nations of Earth are not just a global community, we are now part of a galactic one as well, and many issues transcend borders." <I can imagine what temptation telepathy must be, Abel,> Sean replied to her friend. She had managed to keep her own expression placid instead of savage when the Japanese authorities came to claim the suicide vest and the suicide bomber, her intense curiosity and confidence in her ability wanting to retain them. <Perhaps settle for a light touch, if you can, to determine if the bomber was mentally compelled or directed to act, without delving deeper for specifics?> Sean waggled her fingers at Abel, making the elegantly spartan silvery rings her nano-multitool appeared as to flash. <And yes, I did collect a tiny sample. Enough to study, if not much more than that.> She sighed, rejoining the Irregulars and former Irregulars. While she didn't completely disagree with Devin's assertion about species classification between Keys and Humans, she did take issue with how he saw one exploiting the other. It was happening to be sure, in one direction, and in the other, but not on the grand scale Devin implied. In her mind, Sean began assembling conceptual models of what the outcome could have been with the attack on the Transportal Network, at various success rates, and then started working backwards, to determine who may have been behind the attack, with what little information she could collate. A faint frown graced her lips. Considering the unusual chemical explosive, she would have to compare it with the exotic rifle Jeane had retrieved from the event in New York, to look for any hint of similarity in design principles, something in the propellant, however remote. Coincidence was possible, but just as likely, it could be an illusion. "How would you feel about all this destruction and potential anarchy, Devin, if it wasn't perpetrated purely by non-Keys?" Sean asked the irrepressible purple-enrobed Key. "Because I have a strong suspicion it isn't so simple as a human-on-human battle royale. There's something more behind it, I believe." She gave Devin a direct look, with the tiniest hint of sympathy to it. "And sometime, if you can find some spare time between the couch cushions, can I talk with you about Laurie? And you, too, Lilly?" She nodded at the Vanguard at Devin's side. Her lips twisted in a wry grin. "Despite any blonde moments I may have, I can read between the lines of what isn't said. Laurie doesn't hate you as much as she wants you to think, Devin, or how much Haagen Daz she scarfs down." <Sara, we're being dismissed and heading home soon. The Japanese authorities want to look after this on their own,> Sean sent to her airborn girlfriend. <You notice anything odd on your quick scouting tour?>
  23. Engaged in studying and disarming the explosive vest, Sean didn't intrude in the exchange between Devin and Abel, though she listened to it with a minute fraction of her attention. She certainly didn't agree with all of Jaunt's actions and beliefs, but when finding him on the scene when she and Sara finally arrived, she'd given him a nod and brief, tight grin. Her luscious lip did tighten at being accused of being veritable Justice Lords in the making, no better then those they resisted and worked against. Especially when he didn't seem to understand what was going on. She could understand Devin still hurting that the Irregulars - or most of them - had thought the worse of him, even if that had been his intention. But it was getting tiresome, insulting, and just a bit hurtful that Devin seemed to look at any action they took in the most negative and nefarious light. The pair of Fauxguards held the apparent terrorist completely immobile using just an iota of their immense strength, but Sean used her melodious voice and winsome words to help put him at ease. Sean's eyes focused on the explosives, precisely analyzing its dimensions and mass, focusing on the flow and reservoirs of power, peering beyond the surface to looking at its internal mechanisms and the molecular composition of the explosive compound. The silvery rings on her left hand seemed to melt and flow, shifting into probes and clippers, finer than the human eye could perceive. She frowned. Disarming the bomb was a trivial exercise when you can see the insides and can follow the current. She had the explosive vest disarmed and removed from the terrorist in mere moments. The explosive compound itself was something else. Her eyes narrowed as she focused even more intently. The molecular structure of the compound appeared somewhat familiar to bis-oxadiazole, but was far more dense. More, some of the elements she couldn't readily identify by sight or scent. From the descriptions the Vanguards provided, the trace elements she could pick out of the air, calculating for wind and dispersal, the overclocked processes of her mind considering and analyzing probabilities and possibilities, Sean could discern the likely power of the explosives. The vest she held contained 10.136 kilograms of chemical explosive, yet the yield had been the equivalent of 247.984 to 255.559 kilograms of trinitrotoluene, better known as TNT. It also seemed to be astonishingly stable. "Guys, we have more trouble than an organized terrorist action, the--" Sean interrupted herself, her head wiping around at Devin's comment about the 'Emperor.' Her brow furrowed deeply in sheer disbelief that he could be ignorant, but Lilly took care of it before Sean make her own rebuttal. Sean strode away from the de-vested suicide bomber, joining Abel, Devin, and Lilly. Dressed in the same jeans, low-heeled ankle boots, and blouse with missing buttons she'd been wearing after dinner with Sara, Sean would have looked out of place with the other Keys, save Lilly, if her nature wasn't clear in every fiber of her being. "There's still reason to be worried. This explosive, it isn't like anything I've seen before, let alone designed." She gave Devin a hooded glance when he seemed to about to make a comment while sharing what she'd learned with Sara and Jeane over guildchat. "To be more specific, rather, the chemical explosive is unlike anything I've seen before - the detonator is on the basic side, actually. I'm going to have to bring it to the lab to identify all the components, but I can say whatever it is, it has roughly 25 times the explosive yield of an equivalent mass of TNT. I'll have to do tests to determine any other properties." Brushing back a lock of multicoloured hair with an elegant finger, Sean looked back towards the man secured between a pair of Vanguards. "And we'll have to find out if this person, and the rest, acted on their own recognizance, or were induced by natural or quantum-enhanced means. See if he can tell us anything about whoever provided them with the vests."
  24. Shelly, Montana [Now] The door to the bathroom stall swung open and Sean glided out with languid grace. Her enchanting turquoise eyes were heavy with languorous delight and her deep auburn hair was disheveled. She was making a token effort to button up her shirt, but there weren't enough buttons left to completely conceal the scalloped edges of her bra and camisole. Sara followed Sean out, gaze lingering on her girlfriend's long legs and the sweet curves of her ass and back, as she finished cinching and buckling her belt. Her eyes sparkled and a satiated smirk graced her lips. The lady at the sinks was staring at them - the two young women hadn't exactly been discreet. Sean and Sara stared back. The lady grabbed her purse and hustled out, the 'I'm getting the manager' expression all over her face. Sara snorted in laughter and at the sound, Sean couldn't contain herself and giggled. "So... how 'bout we take the talk about what we're looking for in a home back to the barn?" Sean suggested as they got cleaned up as best they could. "We just have to give Dad a head's up." Sara's grin broadened and they hurried back to their table to collect their things. Sean threw down enough dollars and euros to pay for their meal twice over (including tip), then they rushed for Little Bigfoot. [Then] Sean glanced away for moment, musing over a bite of her pizza, topped with housemade sausage, flathead cherry chutney, smoked gouda, mozzarella, garlic oil and parsley. A part of her did feel a bit of guilt whenever she dormed down, as though she was wasting time that could have been put to better use working on her plans to make the world a better place. But she was hard pressed to worry over that guilt when she was spending time with her girlfriend, her over-active mind not dwelling on a million other things, only on the one she loved. She had promised herself she wouldn't let herself or her friends become the slaves of the interests of others, not matter how worthwhile. And while she basked in the impossible competency and powers of Savant, sometimes it felt... lonely. She could see connections between people, places, ideas, and events like few others, but often, it was from a remote view point. There was something to be said about shutting it all away for a time and interacting with things on a tighter, more intimate level. "Do you ever wish you could turn it off forever?" Sean idly asked, her voice soft. She didn't want to, but Kia apparently had, and had found a way to do it, to all appearances. "What?" Sean shook her head and dismissively waved away her question. "Nothing, I'll tell you later. You're the only one I'm really willing to turn it off for." Sean finished the last bite of her pizza, then faced Sara directly once more. "I want the same thing, babe. A home. Not just a place to live." She smiled wryly. "I don't promise white picket fences or not having a small personal workshop to tinker in - that's part of home for me - but yes, no lab and work will be left at work, as much as possible." Sean leaned over the table, pulling out her phone and making a few swipes, showing Sara some pics. "I've had a few thoughts on the idea since we, y'know 'talked' about it, and thought maybe something based on these might be compromise... " Sean showed her Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and his inspiration on Massaro House, and explained some of his concepts, buildings set to fit the landscape. "But as a home for us, I want it made by us, all of us, Sean and Sara, Savant and Avenger. Our own hands, and all the capabilities available to us." Sean leaned back and crossed her arms below her breasts as Sara continued flipping through pics and concept designs she had quickly put together. "Have you thought about where you want to make our home, hon?" Sara looked up. "Before, I would have said right here in Shelly, Sean. But Shelly is changing. That's not a bad thing, in itself, but it's not exactly what I'm pictured either." She arched inquiring brows. "I was thinking... maybe some place in Alaska, but..." Sean chuckled, the sound as warm and rich as velvet and honey. "We have options, Sara, as many as we want. You can fly faster than a speeding bullet - way faster, in fact. I can come up with a personal aeronautical vehicle or we can set up a discreet Portal to link up with one here or at IS. What I'm saying is, we can deal with the commute from... pretty much anywhere. Alaska, a little further south in British Columbia, Canada, or almost anywhere else. I saw some nice places in Finland and Sweden when I was over there. And don't worry, most people know English there, even."
  25. Shelly, Montana [Now] Sean felt the stacked stone veneer of the bathroom wall dig into her back as Sara pressed her against the bathroom wall, but hardly cared as she fiercely kissed Sara back, their tongues wrestling. Sean's fitted button-down shirt lost most of its buttons as Sara nearly ripped it open, a small sound of frustration escaping their locked lips when Sara found a lacy black v-necked camisole underneath, deep, fair cleavage on full display. Sean's muted moan of delight joined Sara's frustration as she felt the stiffened, rounded points crowning her breasts being teased. Sean tangled one hand in Sara's short blond hair, the other cupping her ass and lifting Sara off the ground, enough that the shorter woman had to tilt her head down slightly to maintain the breath-taking kiss. Sean arched her back and Sara wrapped a leg around Sean's hip for more leverage. So much better than lunch and the food had been more than good enough. Still, Sean's lambent turquoise eyes cut to the door to the bathroom, then to the other side towards the wooden doors of the stalls decorated with wood burned crescent moons. This was considerably more public than Sean preferred... she also didn't want the genuine, passionate need to end. Sara could feel Sean trying to smile through their kiss and opened her eyes to see Sean arch a questioning brow. Here or elsewhere her gorgeous eyes asked, as long as it didn't end. [Then] Sean glanced away, hiding a wince at Sara's terse and tense tone. A few days apart hadn't mellowed things out and Sean bristled, realizing she had hoped that it had and it hadn't. She wasn't even sure who she was irritated most by, herself or Sara. Sean rapped the silvery rings of her Savant Multitool on her left hand on the roof of her vehicle, then turned back to look at Sara over the top of her car, her half smile brittle and forced. "There's always Bunnie's, but I'd thought we'd try a new place that just opened up, The Big Sky Dive," Sean said, faintly feigned cheer in her melodious voice. "Source and cuisine all from Montana. I hear the food is great, even if the place is a bit, hmm, hipstery." "Fine, that's fine." Sara's tone was neutral, and with her sunglasses, Sean couldn't see the expression in her eyes. The door slammed just a touch too loudly as Sara settled into the passenger seat. Sean sighed, then climbed in behind the wheel and put Little Bigfoot into gear and started driving down Packing Plant Road. When they pulled into the small parking lot of The Big Sky Dive and walked through the front doors, even without her nearly peerless senses, Sean could practically hear Sara's eyes roll. To be fair, some of that eye-rolling, might have been her own. The place was decorated all in stone and hardwood, like picturesque hunting lodge. The guy behind the bar was the very archetype of a hipster, with the glasses, beard and curled mustache, plaid flannel and beanie, stark black tattoos on his forearms. "If this is a vegan only place, I might have to kill you, Sean," Sara muttered up at her taller girlfriend. "If this a vegan only place, I'll let you," Sean admitted.
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