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  1. The Tribe of Ishtar (Sapphire's Amazons) Description: The Amazons are all of Mediterranean and Anglo-Saxon ancestry, six feet and over in height, and very gorgeous, with curvaceous and muscular figures. Most are in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, though a few are over forty. They call their leader Tyrant (which for them doesn't have the negative connotations it does now), much to Sapphire's chagrin, and are fiercely loyal. Though the Tribe of Ishtar doesn't hate men as much as most amazons, and are perfectly willing to have a fun night or two with one, they would never consider a long-term relationship with a man. Men are for fucking and breeding; women are for real relationships. Typically, three Amazons work at the club, and two try to stay close to Sapphire. Of the others off duty, one or two of the amazons may be dancing at the club. This all changes if Sapphire, or especially the Amazons, think trouble is near by. Names: Illie (age 24, 6'4'', strawberry-blonde/blue eyes, the youngest of the amazons, dances); Helena Nicolo (age 42, 6'2'', black hair and eyes, relatively slender, severe, typically leads the amazons); Thrace (dances); Christine; Stacy and Tracy (age 30, 6'5'', big and blond, twins) Attributes Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5, Charisms 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 5, Perception 3, Intelligent 3, Wits 4 Abilities Academics 2, Athletics 4, Awareness 3, Brawl 4, Command 3, Control-Car 3, Fortitude 3, Integrity 3, Investigation 1, Larceny 1, Marksmanship 4, Medicine 2, Melee 4, Presence 2, Stealth 3, Thrown 1 NOTE: Dancing Amazons have: Academics 1, Art-Dance 3, Command 2, Medicine 1, all others the same Join Battle: 7 Attacks Clinch: Acc 9, Dmg 6B, Parry DV -, Speed 6 Unarmed, Heavy: Acc 8, Dmg 9B, Parry DV 3, Speed 5 Unarmed, Light: Acc 10, Dmg 6B, Parry DV 5, Speed 4 Old School Weapons Knife (Hadseax): Acc 10, Dmg 8L, Parry DV 4, Speed 4 Xiphos: Acc 10, Dmg 9L, Parry DV 5, Speed 4 Shortbow (Hankyu): Acc 10, Dmg 8L, Range 30, Speed 5 Gunbunnies (The Amazons use the guns they prefer; All have Class A LTC permits) Glock: Acc 10, Dmg 4L, Range 20, Clip 15, Speed 4 (P) Desert Eagle: Acc 9, Dmg 6L, Range 50, Clip 7, Speed 5 (P) Peacemaker: Acc 11, Dmg 5L, Range 20, Clip 6, Speed 5 (P) Mossberg: Acc 9, Dmg 7L, Range 20, Clip 8, Speed 5 (P) Remington: Acc 12, Dmg 8L, Range 200, Clip 4, Speed 6 (P) At Venus, the Amazons are typically armed with a concealed handgun and a knife, and no bulletproof vest Soak: 0L/5B or 2L/7B with Bulletproof Vests Dodge DV: 4 Willpower: 6 Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
  2. 'Cause I was looking them up for the Tribe, here are Massachusetts' Gun Laws: Click to reveal.. Massachusetts Law requires firearm owners to be licensed through their local Police Department or the Massachusetts State Police if no local licensing authority is available. A license is required by state law for buying firearms and ammunition. An applicant must have passed a State approved firearm safety course before applying for a license. All applications, interviews, fees, and fingerprinting are done at the local Police Department then sent electronically to the Massachusetts Criminal History Board for the mandatory background checks, and processing. All approved applicants will receive their license from the issuing Police Department. All licensing information is stored by the Criminal History Board. Non residents who are planning on carrying in the state must apply for a temporary LTC through the State Police before their travel. There are four different types of Firearm licenses issued in the state. The most restrictive license, the Firearm Identification License (FID), only allows the ownership of long arms (rifles or shotguns) that hold 10 rounds or less in their magazines. The Class B License To Carry (LTC) allows the ownership of handguns which hold 10 rounds or less or long arms with any capacity magazine. The Class A LTC allows the ownership of any capacity handgun, or longarm and the ability to carry concealed. Licenses are valid for 6 years. The issuing authority official may restrict the Class A LTC as he wishes, such as target and hunting only, which may effect the authorization of an individual to carry concealed. The final license is only issued for "machine guns." A license to possess or carry a machine gun may be issued only to a firearm instructor certified by the Criminal Justice Training Council for the sole purpose of firearm instruction to police personnel, or to a bona fide collector of firearms upon application or renewal of such license. A "bona fide collector of firearms," for the purpose of issuance of a machine gun license, shall be defined as an individual who acquires firearms for such lawful purposes as historical significance, display, research, lecturing, demonstration, test firing, investment or other like purpose. For the purpose of issuance of a machine gun license, the acquisition of firearms for sporting use or for use as an offensive or defensive weapon shall not qualify an applicant as a bona fide collector of firearms. All private sales are required to be registered through an FA-10 form with the Criminal History Board, Firearm Records division. The state has an assault weapons ban similar to the expired Federal ban. Massachusetts is a "may issue" state and all classes of LTCs, are issued in a highly discretionary manner. FIDs are "Shall issue", except if the applicant fails a background check. Massachusetts law does not recognize the Firearm Owners Protection Act. State law requires all firearms to be stored ) in a locked container, or with a child safe trigger lock. If in a vehicle, firearm must be carried in the trunk of the vehicle in a locked container. Unless the licensee has a Class A unrestricted license, in which case the firearm must be under his direct control. Any firearms that are found to be unsecured may be confiscated by law enforcement officers and license may be revoked. In the event a license is revoked for any reason, law enforcement will confiscate all weapons and store for 1 year before destroying them unless the revoked licensee transfers ownership to a properly licensed party who then claims the firearms.
  3. Oooops, completely missed Nick's age. Sapphire was letting her cousin in, but wasn't letting him drink. She knows it's against the law, but he's an idiot, and it's better to keep an eye on him. If she gets busted for this, well hopefully she can just pay a fine, then she'll chain him up outback with Bob.
  4. Sapphire patted Reider on the arm, and whispered just as softly, "I'll be fine, Rei, but thanks though. I'm staying in this room, just gonna talk to some of the girls. When you go get your knife, check on Bob, 'kay? If Fate comes knocking at the back door, we don't want Bob chained up, yah?" She gave Reider a small shove on the back to get him going. As she went to speak to Helena, the amazon leading tonight, Sapphire nibbled on a full underlip. I hope Reider doesn't really think Fate is gonna knock on the back door.
  5. Sapphire let out a throaty chuckle. "It's been a pleasure, Guillermo, and thanks for your promise. All are welcome in Venus as long as they behave." Her voice dropped to a purr. "Mostly." She laughed again, low and sensual. "We'll see how well you control your men, when I dance." She waved off the Latin Scion with a teasing wave of her fingers. As the newest Scion left for his private party, Sapphire let out a deep breath, her short-cut jacket gaping wide. "'Scuse me boys, but I'm feeling a chill. Fate's gonna be a bitch tonight I think. Let me out, I'm gonna tell the girls to keep an eye out for trouble."
  6. Sapphire heard the thump of a heart beat dancing with the bass of the music when the iron tang of fresh blood assualted her nose. She knew instinctively that is was another scion, if not which pantheon he belonged to. She saw the group of gang-bangers party their way in to their private room, but largely ignored them. They were decently dressed and the gangs had learned to behave themselves; the Tribe usually only had to demostrate once, and the men seemed to take the hint after getting beaten up by a bunch of girls, even if said girls were all over six feet and built like Barbie the Linebacker. Instead, Sapphire's eyes were drawn to the very solid looking Hispanic man heading towards her booth, his powerful arms straining against the cat-skin bands around his biceps. Her red-lipped smile was warm and wicked. "I am the owner, yes, Sapphire Rose, and you're with Miguel I'm guessin', muscles. I'm on stage in an hour and an half, I'll be by the party an hour after that, hun. Sound good?"
  7. "Boris is big on law enforcement, and I do work at Venus, Nick," Her sultry contralto distorting what Nick had said, Sapphire's good humour was back, the look in her eyes mollified by the police officer's assertion. A graceful motion of her fingers warned Nick to watch his tongue though. "I have no problems with cops Nick, just show your badge to the doorman... Well usually doorwoman." Sapphire's lips quirked impishly, as she nodded to two men on the other side of the stage. "They're off-duty, and regulars. Tip pretty good too. Must be in a different precinct, huh?" "Sounds like a plan, Travis. I'm willing to offer people a place to stay and recuperate, if needed. Not sure about going out guns blazin' though. I've done that once, I'd prefer not doing it again." She looked down on Travis, whispering, crouched over the table, and arched an elegant brow. "We can get a private room if you prefer, Trav."
  8. At the discordant sound in Nick's voice, that screamed lie as loudly as a siren to her ears, Sapphire's eyes narrowed to slits as she focused on him. For the first time, everyone at the table could see a tiny suggestion of the warrior that hid within her voluptuous exterior. Sapphire herself seemed completely unaware of it. "I don't want this place to devolve into a warzone, Nick." Sapphire's voice was a silky hiss. "I just want it to be neutral ground, where none of us have to be worried about a knife in the back, and we can relax. So unless you have a permit and the legal right to carry it, leave the armaments at home or in coat-check, 'kay? Otherwise I'll have to reserve the right to refuse service." If more and more Godchildren keep showing up, armed to the teeth, I'm gonna have to get a vault for their toys.
  9. "You two are dears," Sapphire said warmly to Nick and Ayato. "If you are here just to have fun and relax, then you came to the right place. Just leave the guns or whatever at the door, 'kay?" Sapphire turned truly understanding eyes on Ayato; he could see that she knew that what he held meant to him. But she still had rules she had, or chose, to follow. "If you're always holding on to something, you can't grab life with both hands, hun." "So you're a newb, Trav?" Sapphire said curiously, without any malice. "I'm still not sure why you're mom send you to me. I can help you out, find a place maybe, but you seem to be doing alright. I'm trying to stay outta the... well you know. I just wanna dance and keep morale up, y'know?"
  10. Sapphire captured the attention of the three men with a teasing smile. "As I'm sure you all know, I'm Sapphire, and it's a very great pleasure for you guys to meet me." Her tone was as teasing as her grin, twisted with a trace of false-arrogance. Sapphire scooched closer to her cousin, giving him a tight, sisterly, one-armed hug that most men would have to pay for. "This is my cousin Reider, say hi Reider. Please stay, this booth is reserved for me, and I'll have to go mingle in fifteen minutes or so anyway. Besides, I'd like to hear what you have say Travis." As the men sat down, the devastatingly charming woman almost impossible to refuse, Sapphire layed a soft hand lightly on each of the newcomers' arm. Her smile turned slightly sad, but there was a firmness behind it too. "I'm afraid if you want to keep coming here, I'm gonna have to insist you leave your weapons behind, or in the coat room. The girls," Sapphire glanced toward several very large, very attractive women with very large frowns, "get a little antsy with weapons around me." Sapphire leaned back into the plush cushions of the booth, all her exuberance back as she waved a server over to take drink orders. "I'm also gonna need a pair of names from you two," she said, her glorious, sapphire eyes dancing from the Arab to the Asian.
  11. Before Travis had a chance to respond, the sounds of wind and wave washed over them, followed by the dry scent of sand and the sweetness of cherry blossoms. Sapphire turned her riveting gaze from Travis to the two men approaching, her blue eyes narrowed with consideration. A hand on his arm and a quick glance out of the corner of her eye, kept Reider from getting to agitated. One man was a tautly muscled, very handsome Arabic man, the other an extremely athletic Japanese man with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Both moved with incredible grace, and neither were any older than she was. She supposed, if she were so inclined that way, that she wouldn't have minded tripping either into bed. Pass them, Sapphire caught Helena's frantic signs that they were armed, and almost left right there. Fuck this! This my club. She looked at the newcomers again, not picking up any overtly hostile vibes, then gestured to the tribe to hold off, to their disgust. They settled back, their attention burning holes in the men's backs. With an elegant movement, Sapphire settled deeper in the booth to make some extra room, her deep breath and gaping jacket causing the men to nearly swallow their tongues. The grin she flashed managed to somehow be welcoming, wicked, and non-promising, all at the same time. "Welcome to Venus. Leave all your troubles at the door. Seems like Fate is pulling strings tonight, huh?"
  12. Peacock Lady? Wonderful, the Titanswar gets involved once more. This is the last thing I want. The minotaurs were more than enough, thank-you! Who the fuck is the Peacock Lady anyway? Just cause mom was a Greek Goddess, doesn't mean I know all this shit. "You don't say, Travis," Sapphire said, raising an eyebrow, any sign of her confusion hidden behind a devastating smile. "Your mom told you more than my mom did. Mom doesn't want much to do with me, what does yours want?"
  13. The familiar cackle of lightning heralded Reider's presence, as he sidled up to her at the bar. Sapphire couldn't help but smile at him as he slugged her on the arm. Rei has the biggest dog--a fucking wolf, Goddess preseve me!--following him around, and he calls him Bob. I hope it's not too smart, otherwise it's gonna be pissed. Originally Posted By: Reider"Do you expect anything to happen tonight?""Nah, looks like a good crowd tonight, Rei. Even if there is trouble, let the bouncers and the tribe deal with it. You shouldn't even be in here, really. Keep an eye out on Bob, 'kay?" Sapphire couldn't quite stifle the snicker at the name. "We don't want the pound trying to round him up, that would be trouble. I think tonight, we're heading back to the house. Bob shouldn't be in the city, and there's more space there." Seeing the way overendowed Destiny eyeing Reider, again, Sapphire turned to her younger cousin, trying to spare him an education he probably didn't need right now. "Go out back and check on Bob, 'kay? Make sure he doesn't wander, and make sure he stays in the back, he'll scare people." Reider nodded with the same, slightly slow grin he always did to any of Sapphire's requests, then headed out. Sapphire had been sucking on an ice cube, waiting for Beth to come around with another Agent Orange, when, to her senses, the smell of warm olives wafted through the air, and the general cacophony of the club was overlayed with the murmuring of people, like the spectators at a Bosox game, waiting for the opening pitch. Hmm, another Scion, here. Greek too. She turned in the direction her nose led her, noticing the young man right in front of her. The blond was not unhandsome, dressed in a sharp suit, with piercing green eyes and a presence she was sure men and other women would respond to. She had no idea who he was or why he was here, unless it was for the dancing. A subtle shift of her eyes keep the two powerful looking women coming to deal with him at bay, though they kept their attention on him. "Ms. Magnus-Thorne, I presume?" His voice was smooth and professional, just like his smile. Sapphire winced in mock-dismay, at hearing her given name. "Please, Ms. Magnus-Thorne was my mother, I'm Sapphire Rose. I'm back on stage in an hour and half, but I'll be circulating in thirty minutes. Unless you're here for something... else, Mr...?" Her voice was a smokey caress as she adjusted her bolero jacket, barely keeping her modesty intact. Other than a brief, appreciative glance, the man kept his eyes on Sapphire's. Sapphire's smile and posture were intensely sensual, though it didn't seem directed at the man; it was just a quality innate to her, as unconscious as breathing. Her sapphire eyes twinkled and light glinted off the close-fitting, platinum chain around her pale neck.
  14. [This is a fic open to anyone who wants to hangout at Venus and interact with others. The girls dance downstairs, guys dance upstairs, and they'll dance for anyone. There are lots of nooks, booths, and private rooms for those who want privacy. There is also an adjacent Bar & Grill (currently also called Venus, unless someone comes up with a better name) for those who are underage and don't have fake I.D.s, good ones] Friday, June 12th, 2009 The sudden cessation of the heavy beats left Sapphire inverted, supporting herself on the pole, her legs spread wide above her and her deep-blue hair just tickling the frosted surface of the stage. Her heavy breathing was not from exertion, she could have continued for another hour easy, but from excitement. Her joyous grin was broad as she surveyed crowd, her sapphire eyes sparkling as she met theirs. It was a good gathering, close to an even mix of regulars and newcomers, and not too rowdy; that might have had something to with Illie being a little to rough on the guy who groped her though. She saw the lust and arousal in their eyes from her performance, expected it and revelled in it, but was gratified to see the admiration and awe even more. This was a show that would go home with them, hopefully brightening the gloom of their everyday troubles. Sapphire flipped to her feet with effortless grace, her six-inch platform heels not impeding her in any way. She strutted down the stage collecting her bills, trading a few words with the regulars, welcoming the newcomers with a smile. Her smile widened as she noted that there were more women in the crowd then usual, even if they were mostly accompanying the menfolk. "Hey Bill, how's your sister, doing better?" "I hope to see you here again hun, pretty eyes." "Welcome back guys, guess you won, huh?" "I appreciate the attention, but I wouldn't do that. The big, beautiful bouncers there, there, and there really don't like it when you guys get grabby." "Ben, Matt, it's been a while. When are you gonna bring the wives? I need something to look at too." "Ah, Jacob, that was naughty. Too bad you don't have a pair of these, I'd be more than interested. I'll be able to talk with you in about thirty, 'kay? Gotta unwind a bit." Sapphire hooked the remains of her tear-away business suit over a slender finger and headed backstage. She gave Illie, the next dancer up, a squeeze on the ass, then pulled her lips down for a deep-tongued kiss. Even in her heels, the tall, muscular amazon had three inches on Sapphire. "Knock them out, out there Illie. Well not really, but you know what I mean." Sapphire's husky contralto was amused. "Keep an eye out for the big, bald guy in the dark suit. By the way he was staring at my legs on the pole, I think he really likes the muscles." "Men are stupid, Tyrant. I'll keep my hands to myself if they do. Let's see how much I can make baldy beg," Illie said in her feminine rumble, stalking to the stage as the heavy metal she had chosen began. Sapphire called after the young amazon, stamping a foot in habitual pique. "Stop calling me that! Call me Sapphire, Sapph, even Phae, like you used to. Fuck! you were the first girl I fucked, you don't have to be so damned formal." Sapphire went to her changing room, put on a new thong, and slipped on a very brief, black bolero jacket that did nothing to conceal her considerable assets, and in fact emphasized them. Then she headed to the bar, got her usual Agent Orange, and sat down at her reserved booth near the back. She fended off the requests she got for private and/or lapdances with a gracious smile, saying she'd be available in a while. A table of young co-eds a got a wicked smile in passing though, the young woman turning red at the attention. I hope their IDs are real or good fakes so we don't have to worry about getting caught serving minors. Sapphire sprawled out in the plush booth. The world outside was a scary and dangerous place, even more than what most would think. Someday, maybe soon, all Hell would break loose, quite literally, but here the fear and troubles could be forgotten, at least for a little while. The mortals may have needed the Scions of the Gods help, but Sapphire believed that the Scions and Gods would need the mortals help too, and this was her way of thanking them and making sure they weren't forgotten in the coming conflict. Live, love, and be merry.
  15. Player Name: Asarasa Birth Name: Phaedra Magnus-Thorne Nick Names: Aliases: Sapphire Rose Calling: Inspiring Dancer Known Relatives: Reider Magnus (Cousin) Nature: Caregiver Age: 22 (DOB 02/14/1987) Gender: Female Ethnic Background: A hodgepodge of Mediterranean, Scandanavian, and Slavic Nationality: American Height: 5' 7'' Weight: 129 lbs Eye Color: Vibrant, sapphire blue Hair Color: Deep blue Handedness: Left Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of a rose and stem, top of which begins high between her shoulder blades, and runs most of the length of her back. Despite the picture, rose is blue, stem is black. (Photoshop skills are non-existent)) Appearance: Sapphire is a devastatingly beautiful woman with a figure similar to Jessica Rabbit's and pale, flawless skin. Her incredible, shapely legs are deceptively strong from many years of dance, her wasp-waist is tight and firm, and her full, gravity-defying breasts just miss being too large for her slender frame. She possesses a glamourous, intensely sensual presence, while still managing to be approachable and down to earth. Her movements are remarkably graceful and enticing, not impeded in the least by the high heeled footwear she prefers. She wears just about anything, from torn jeans and cut-offs, to business suits, to the briefest of little black dresses, and everything in between, though it all seems to show off her fantastic figure. Personality: Sapphire is vibrant and gregarious, and full of inexhaustible energy. Her phenomenal presence tends to dominate social scenes, but her friendliness includes everyone. The warm, understanding look in her eyes tells anyone who sees them that she is a perfect confidant, which she takes seriously. Though a lesbian, she flirts and teases men in a frivolous way, which most men are willing to accept as the most they are going to get. She loves broadly and deeply, giving all of herself to every woman she is with. She is in no way ashamed of her career or sexuality. After hearing about what's 'really going on', she has decided to look to the mortals, and inspire them as she can. She hopes that her excellence can inspire them to excellence too. The days ahead will be dark; they should have something to light the way. Buried deep down, she's ashamed she's not the warrior both her mothers wanted, or that the amazons who have sworn themselves to her deserve. Interests: Sapphire's greatest love is dancing; it lets her express herself as no other medium can. She loves the visceral thrill of stripping, the connection to the people, that flows both ways. It can be intimate and sensual without being dirty or wanton, it can let you know someone, see their hurts, and sometimes ease them. She enjoys other forms of dance as well, particularly ones with partners. Her dancing has become renown enough that people, men and women, regularly go the clubs she's dancing in just to see her dance, not strip, but actually dance. Sapphire attends a few classes at the Boston Conservatory working towards a Fine Arts Degree in Dance, but is not too serious about it. She's planning on taking a few classes on accounting when the new semester starts at BU. She helps out at a few local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and women's shelters, offering financial support, simple help, an open ear, and a shoulder to cry on. And now she has a new club that she has opened, Venus. Girls dance downstairs, guys upstairs, and have to be willing to dance for either gender. The decor is elegant, classy, and warm, with plenty of nooks, booths, and private rooms for those who want privacy. The food is surprisingly good too, due to sharing a kitchen with the adjacent, high-end bar and grill, and an extensive menu. History: Golden Aphrodite considered her children, and found herself wanting. The Titanwar raged, and yet her scions were rarely acknowledged for the role they played. It seemed only those who faced the titanspawn directly received accolades, even if they were inspired by her own scions. She sniffed in irritation. Once she had been worshipped as Ishtar, goddess of lusts, the fury of war and desire of love. Artemis in particular was being a bitch about the lack of direct involvement by her scions. She needed warriors, specifically those who exemplified both female and warrior ideals. She needed an amazon of love. With Peitho, her herald and boon companion, in tow, she went to breed a better child. The best prospect she found was in a tribe of amazons living in Massachusetts. They worshipped her in her guise as Ishtar, and didn't seem to have the total hatred of all men that most amazons did. Their leader, Cassandra Thorne, was most impressive, if more old school than most of her followers. Men were tools in her eyes, just like her wealthy husband Chad Magnus. As all amazons bred daughters, hopefully Cassandra would be able to instil in their daughter a warrior's spirit and her own nature a lover's heart. Aphrodite sent Peitho to distract Chad Magnus, as she changed her form into the wealthy businessman, and seduced his formidable wife. Tiresias was right, women do receive the most pleasure, Aphrodite thought, leaving the satiated warrior woman's bed. Her lips twisted wryly as she once again resumed her ineffable beauty; she had never seen a woman so furious at experiencing so much pleasure. Cassandra raged at her condition, and her husband bore the marks in silence. Four years later, several months after the pre-nuptial clause that prevented Cassandra from inheriting all her husband's assets in the event of his death passed, Chad Magnus died in a car crash. Despite his brother Jared's misgivings, it was ruled an accident. To allay any further suspicion, she let her daughter Phaedra spend as much time as possible with Jared, Caroline, and her younger cousin Reider, and the two grew close. Despite not wanting a daughter, Cassandra did her duty, and trained her in the combat arts. Or tried to train her. Phaedra learned martial arts very well, but that had more to do with learning balance and movement than fighting; she had very little interest in learning to fight and kill, she'd rather dance and talk, and when she got older, tumble the younger amazons into bed. Her heart was soft, corporal punishment made her pout, and nothing else worked. By her sixteenth birthday, Cassandra had given up on expecting anything more out of Phaedra than her being a soft-skinned whore. Phaedra couldn't have been happier. Left to her own devices, Phaedra danced and partied and generally had a good time. An attempt to dye her dark hair blonde left it a dark blue, but she liked it and kept it ever since. She was nicknamed Sapphire, and it stuck. She had also 'developed' enough that many ballet and musical directors began passing on her, finding that her figure would distract from the total performance. She bandied around the idea of exotic dancing, and the look on the faces of her friends as she demonstrated confirmed that this was something she could do. The thrill running through her confirmed that is was something she wanted to do. On her eighteenth birthday, she took to the stage as Sapphire Rose, and never looked back. At first, the perverts and the grabby clients bothered her, but she learned to get over that. A few men got angry when they found out she was a lesbian, but more actually seemed relieved. This way, they could have their fantasy without worrying about cheating on their significant others. A surprising many just wanted to talk to someone, to release their fear and concerns without judgement, and Sapphire was willing to oblige, deriving a great sense of satisfaction from helping someone. Before her nineteenth birthday, Sapphire got the Visit. She was finishing her last set of the night, when she felt her eyes pulled to a far booth by a beautiful, beckoning finger. There, she saw the two most gorgeous women she had ever seen. They asked if they could go to a private room and she complied. In private, the two women grew even lovelier and informed her who they were--Aphrodite and her handmaiden Peitho--and who she was: the daughter of an amazon (which she could see, she guessed) and of Aphrodite (which she couldn't). Aphrodite's tone of voice and the look in her eye made everything she said resonate in Sapphire's mind. She was told about the gods and the titans and their war. She also found out that Aphrodite was looking for a warrior, and was disappointed in the way that Sapphire had turned out, and Sapphire got to feel like shit for letting down two mothers. Though disappointed that she didn't get the warrior she wanted, Venus was still a goddess of love and wouldn't deny her connection to any of her children. With a hand spreading an encompassing warmth, Venus laid her mark on Sapphire; a rose tattoo appeared on her back, the thorny stem black, the petals a vivid blue. As Venus left, claiming she had more important matters to see to, she told Peitho to give Sapphire something for her trouble. Peitho, seeming for more sympathetic to Sapphire's plight, gave her her own necklace from around her neck, and promised to work on Venus on her behalf. With a deep-tongued kiss, Peitho left too, and again Sapphire was left to her own devices. So she did what she could. She danced better than ever, and people were even more impressed and inspired by it. Once, she stopped a group of armed thieves from robbing the club purely by her incredible performance and compelling presence. Another time, she managed to motivate all the patrons in the club to help the man across the street when his shop caught fire, and they felt good about it. There were a few other incidents in the same vein for, but things changed when she got a call from Serena Nicolo, her mother's second in the amazon tribe. She immediately drove to her mother's house at Crystal Lake. When she got there, she saw everything in disarray. Going to the basement, she saw only about thirteen members of the tribe there, all injured, and looking lost. Her jaw dropped at finding out what happened. Apparently. a rogue scion had found a mystical ceramic sculpture of the Minotaur that held a link to the Labyrinth. They had found out about it, and tried to apprehend him. In the ensuing conflict, the statue broke, releasing three minotaurs, which proceeded to decimate the tribe, and trample around Crystal Lake. During the battle, the amazons managed to drop two of the beasts, but the rogue scion got away. Cassandra told the rest to run, she would hold off the last as long as she could. To their shame, after seeing what the minotaurs had done to their sisters and mothers, whether dead or alive, they fled. Sapphire felt a pang of shame for not being the warrior that Cassandra and Venus wanted, and then felt a burning of rage. She turned to the downtrodden battlemaidens and extolled them to do better and she would to. Cassandra was still her mother and she was out there by herself. Also, they had to make sure that the beast was put down, to prevent any other casualties to the unsuspecting people. Then the bodies of both beast and amazon would have to be taken care of. The amazons, their spirits rising once more, rearmed themselves, several with powerful rifles, and Sapphire and they went hunting the last minotaur. They found the place where most of the battle had taken place, and began tracking from there. They didn't have enough respect for the cunning beast and it surprised them, it's opening charge finishing two of the amazons before they had time to react. A few shots seemed to enrage the beast. Another savage blow knocked down another amazon, broke or dead, and then Sapphire was facing the beast alone, the other amazons pulling back at the savagery. Fear pounding in her breast, Sapphire danced as she had never danced before, her intimate beauty grace quelling the monstrosity of the minotaur, if only for an instant. Already the rage in its eyes was rising again. Before the beast could shake off it passivity, the remaining amazons fired, Sapphire's bravery buying them time to regroup once again. The shots on the docile beast were true and it fell. Sapphire and the remaining amazons gathered the bodies of the minotaurs and managed to hide their traces. Unfortunately, they had to leave the bodies of their sisters and mothers where they lay, so the police could find them. Sapphire knelt by the body of her mother and cried. The last amazons of the tribe, seeing their fallen leader and their leader's daughter, swore their loyalty to the blue-haired dancer, her ability to act despite her fear and to quell their own impressing them. And from the shadows, two preternaturally attractive women watched on, one with a delighted grin, the other with a sad, sympathetic smile. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sapphire managed to convince the police that a pair of savage bears had done this. They looked sceptical, but the wounds on the bodies were similar, and they were willing to believe the sorrowful, astonishingly beautiful dancer. After inheriting all her mother's wealth, she decided to open her own club, Venus. Oddly enough, though some of her new followers seemed annoyed by this, most didn't mind in the least; in there mind, it just proved that men were stupid. Several months after she had opened Venus, her younger cousin Reider had been involved in an incident up in Canada. The media interest was trying on his family, so they ask if Reider could stay with her for a while, to which she was all too willing to agree. It is now a couple months later, and her epic continues. Pantheon: Dodekatheon Patron: Aphrodite Virtues: Expression 4, Intellect 1, Valor 3, Vengeance 1 Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3 Epic-Physical: Epic-Dex 2, Epic-Sta 2 Knacks: Cat's Grace (Hero, p127), Perfect Partner (God, p63), Holy Fortitude (Hero, p129), Divine Fortitude (Demigod, p58, No Sleep) Mental: Perception 2,Intelligence 2,Wits 3 Epic-Mental: Knacks: Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 5 Epic-Social: Epic-Cha 2, Epic-Man 1, Epic-App 2 Knacks: Charmer (Hero, p130), Inspirational Figure (Hero, p130), Takes One to Know One (Hero, p132), Compelling Presence (Demigod, p62), Serpent's Gaze (Hero, p133) Abilities: Academics 1, Animal Ken, Art-Dance 5, Art-Music 1, Athletics 3, Awareness 1, Brawl 3, Command 1, Control-Car 1, Craft, Empathy 5, Fortitude 3, Integrity 3, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship 1, Medicine, Melee 1, Occult 1, Politics 1, Presence 5, Science, Stealth 1, Survival, Thrown Birthrights: Followers (10 Amazon Bodyguards) 4 Relic (Tongue of Peitho-a series of three, interlocking, close-fitting platinum chains; adds Scion's Legend to all Presence rolls) 2 [Companion, p151) Boons: Arete (Art-Dance) 1 Arete (Presence) 1 Join Battle 4 Attacks: Unarmed, Heavy - Acc 6[2], Dmg 6B, Parry 5, Spd 5 Unarmed, Light - Acc 8[2], Dmg 3B, Parry 6, Spd 4 Boots, - Acc 8[2], Dmg 5B, Parry 6, Spd 4 (Rarely Carried-Mother's weapons) Peacemaker - Acc 7[2], Dmg 5L, Rng 20, Clip 6, Spd 4 Xiphos - Acc 6[2], Dmg 6L, Parry 5, Spd 4 Soak Stamina: 3B/2L/0A Epic-Stamina: 2B/2L/2A Armor: None Total: 5B/4L/2A Health Levels: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, -2, Incapacitated Dodge DV: 7 Willpower: 7 Legend: 3 Legend Points: 9 Misc. Equipment: Steel-capped, Steel-spike heeled boots (Counts as Brass Knuckles, Comp, p132), Fancy Smartphone, Ford Shelby GT500KR, rarely a gun and/or xiphos, can get a bulletproof vest (+2B/+2L, if need Properties: Large, secluded house on Crystal Lake (136 Lake Ave.); Venus, classy strip club and adjacent bar & grill (corner of Boylston and Ipswich) BP Log (15/15) Legend +1 (7bp) Presence +2 (2bp) Art-Dance +2 (2bp) Art-Music +1 (1bp) Empathy +2 (2bp) Relic +1 (1bp) Experience Code: Event (EXP change / current EXP / Total EXP earned) Q2 -June +9 / 9 / 9 Q3 A Night at the V +1 / 10 / 10 Epic-Stamina 2 -5 / 5 / 10 Two Girls, A Guy... +1 / 6 / 11 -July +9 / 15 / 20 -August +9 / 24 / 29
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