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  1. July 20, 2005 It was getting close to closing time, and Sapphire Rose, the newest headliner at Centerfolds, felt a welcome soreness in her legs and hands from a long night of dancing and working the pole. She smiled, coming close to the end of her set, dancing to Britney’s ‘Oops! I did it again’, her deep blue hair in pig tails, dressed in high heeled Mary Janes, knit knee-socks, and nothing else. It had been a good night. The clients had been well behaved, and there hadn’t been too many complete perverts. Some had even been quite pleasant to talk to. Men were willing to talk about anything when they could spend the time with a perfect pair of tits, and a sexy smile. Hell, I think I made more tips talkin’ to the guys tonight than giving them lapdances. Hope Bob goes through with the plan for his wife; they’ll both be the happier for. Wish there’d been more girls here tonight though. And the tips had been excellent. She’d only been dancing for five months, and already she was headlining, much to the silicone enhanced Destiny’s envy. Sapphire’s smile turned wicked as she spiralled around the brass pole. I’ll make it up to her at the apartment later. Matt and Ben had been especially generous, but then again, they could afford to be. They had even asked her to go party with them after close, but she had class tomorrow, and she had skipped enough already, so she had to decline. Besides, as fun as they were, she didn’t swing that way, and Destiny was waiting. Not that innocent. Britney finished with Sapphire’s legs in the splits and her bountiful breasts pressed to the stage, blue, blue eyes shining and her breathing deep. Even with the club mostly empty, she never gave less than a full performance, and the few remaining patrons reciprocated liberally. She had been gathering her catholic schoolgirl outfit and the loose bills on stage when her attention was pulled to a dark booth in the corner. The lighting near the booth hid the occupants in shadows, save for a beckoning hand. Sapphire’s eyes were riveted by the pale, graceful hand, the single finger gesturing, reeling her in like a fish on a hook. She swayed to the booth, pulled by an unknown desire. She was unaware that the rest of the strip club seemed oblivious to the presence in the shadowed booth. Sapphire stopped in front of the booth, and the shadows seemed to peel away to reveal two women who completely took her breath away. Without being vain, Sapphire knew she was an extremely attractive woman; she may have been no match for the Tribe of Ishtar in size or strength, but she was in every way their equal in physical appeal, and she had never felt less than another woman before. These two woman made her feel drab and dirty in comparison, as well driving a deep spike of overwhelming lust through her. One was a blonde in a dark skirt-suit, the other, raven-haired in a skirt-suit of white. She couldn’t place there ages; both possessed lush figures that any twenty year old would kill for, yet the looks in their arresting eyes held a maturity and self-possession that could only come from hundreds of years of life. The blonde wore a rich, if tasteful, amount of golden jewellery, while the black-tressed woman wore only an intricate triple-chain of platinum about the slender neck. The blonde woman spoke, and Sapphire shivered as the rich tones struck unseen chords on her soul. “Well, daughter, you certainly are a beautiful child, but hardly the warrior I was hoping for,” Golden Aphrodite said the Sapphire Rose.
  2. "Busy nights, huh? I work nights too, maybe we should spend some together, yah?" Sapphire said, her own enticing smile mischievous. "Seriously though, if you evah want to take up theatah again, well, I donate -'kay, Mom donates- to the Boston Conservatory, as well as occasionally attend, even if they do keep it quiet. I'm sure I could make a few calls."
  3. Okay, then, since we're the ones who postest the mostest, A Night at the V is now over.
  4. "As mysterious as a kitty cat, this one, isn't she Nari?" Sapphire chuckled, her husky contralto rich and smooth. She shared a look with Narinder, her gleaming blue eyes also dancing with delight. Her smile turned playfully flirtatious as she turned back to Ami. "I like it!" Sapphire's smile grew a little wider at Amica's slightly discomfitted expression. She finished her drink, giving Amica a moment to collect herself, then continued. "I'd offuh to fill in the silence you guys, but both of ya know almost everything about me. Daughter to two muthahs, a dedicated lesbian," Sapphire blew Narinder a kiss and winked, "despite a very guhgeous someone's persistence, and the best exotic dansah in Boston." She streched languorously, her hands above her head, causing her spectacular breasts to jut prominently. Noticing another customer's slack jawed stare from across the dining area, she threw him a wink. She giggle softly as he choked, spraying his drink from his nose, turning her attention back to her two God-blooded friends. "Oooh, that's gonna burn. I also occasionally take classes at the Boston Conservatory, working slowly towards a BA in Fine Dance. You'd think the would be more impressed with a true 'professional' taking their program?" She grinned, her tone not bitter, just filled with mildly mocking amusement. Her voice returned to it's normal caressing contralto as she turned the conversation back on Amica. "Anyway, Ams, it's your tuhn to dish, sistah. So start spillin', somethin' new." She flashed pearly teeth, her grin not commanding anything, just expressing an honest curiosity.
  5. Sapphire kicked off her heels once she entered her tiny apartment above the strip club, one striking a wall, the other bouncing on the tiles of the kitchenette. Morosely, she made her way to the bathroom, slipping out of her thong, Reider's vest sliding from her shoulders. She glided into the bathroom, entered the shower stall, and turned on the water. At first, the searing cold water pierced her like knives, but as it heated, the hot water started washing away the blood and easing the taut grief that tensed her muscles. Ah Stace, why didn't you let anyone know you could sing? The water migled with the tears running down her face. Exiting the shower, Sapphire wrapped her deep blue hair in a towel, then another around her very full chest, only making a token effort to dry herself. She headed to her bedroom, separated from the one room apartment by hanging curtains. She pulled one back to enter and stopped, seeing Illie, tall and powerful and nude, laying in her bed, her icy blue eyes sorrowful. Sapphire went to her, the towel dropping from her body unheeded as she layed down next Illie on her bed. She pressed her body to the much larger woman, stretching to give Illie a lingering kiss on the mouth, her fingers twining in her strawberry-blonde hair. Illie's hands went around Sapphire's slender yet voluptuous figure, one on her perfect ass, the other on a perfect breast. Their lovemaking was silent and gentle, two women seeking comfort from a friend and lover lost.
  6. Sapphire watched the blood drip from her hand. When Nick came up to her, she began staunching the self-inflicted wound with a napkin, turning an expressionless gaze on him, her dark blue eyes gleaming with supressed grief. "That sounds fine, Mr. Mubarak. Somehow, I don't think they're gonna want to but on the repuht that fuckin' trolls attacked a strip club." Sapphire's husky voice was thick and low, trying to hold back the sobs. "If the police need me, tell them I'm upstairs in my small apartment, getting cleaned and dressed." Sapphire turned on her heel, hips swaying as she began to walk to the backroom, heading for the stairs to her apartment. Nick could see a shudder run through her, and a soft sniff escaped her, trying to hold back the tears. Both Helena and Christine looked up from their ministration on their injured sisters, concern on their face for their young Tyrant, but they stayed where they were.
  7. Sapphire let Reider lead her back into the club, hugging his vest closed about her buxom figure, her free hand absently stroking the immense wolf's silky fur. Her jaw was locked tight holding in the sorrow, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. It slways seemed that, in conflicts with creatures of myth, it was those without ichor flowing in their veins who paid the price. First Minotaurs, and now Trolls had taken friends and lovers, family, away from her. Entering the thrashed interior of Venus, Sapphire's eyes were immediately drawn to the remains of Stacy Kurick, that someone had been kind enough to cover with cloth. Helena and Christine tended to the unconscious forms of Tracy and Dahlia, doing what they could until the paramedics got there. Sapphire slowly walked towards Stacy's shattered form, the glass of broken bottles crunching softly under her heels. She settled to her knees by Stacy's remains, and pulled back the cloth covering her face. She closed Stacy's staring eyes, and smoothed the hair from her strong, beautiful face, a gasp of grief escaping her before she could rein it in. "Blood and Heart, Stacy, may Ishtah welcome ya to her side." Sapphire's husky voice was hard with pain and determination, devoid of its usual sexy purr, though her native accent was stronger than usual. "I meant for this place to be somewhere where people, Scion and not alike, could relax and fuhget the buhdens that trouble them, if only for a time. Anyou, true Daughters of Ishtah paid the price in blood to keep me, us, and this place safe." "I can do no less," Sapphire said, her voice strong with promise. Her hands drifted towards Stacy's cloth covered boot, searching for something. "Fate pulled six godlings of five pantheons together. There is a power in that and I'm fuckin' pullin' back on those strings." Sapphire rose to her feet, blazing eyes glaring up at the heavens, a knife in her hands. Her sheer presence dominated the club, her voice reaching every ear clearly, spellbinding everyone with her commitment. Sapphire's God-touched beauty, even disheveled and speckled in blood, drew every eye. "I sweah to keep this place a haven, for Scion and Muhtal alike, free of Titanspawn. Blood for blood, I so sweah." Sapphire cut into the ball of her hand, the red ichor flowing freely, like drops of rain upon barren ground. [OOC] Sapphire Activating Inspirational Figure Everyone who can hear her gets a point of Willpower back. WP 5/7, Legend 4/9, 1L taken (cut on hand)
  8. Tick 27 Moving with the force of the Troll's landing, Sapphire fluidly vaulted from the car, her naked from rotating in the air to land facing away from the Troll. Her shapely legs flashing, the sound of her heels like rapid fire gunshots, Sapphire darted up Ipswich with remarkable swiftness, her hands to her breasts to subdue their abundant mass. Looking up, she realized that she was heading directly for the entrance to Fenway Park. Jumping off a parked car, she gracefully broke her forward momentum, and turned the other way, heading for Boylston Street, hopefully leading the Troll away from the unsuspecting crowds at Fenway. Click to reveal.. Sapphire Dash - leaving parking lot, going up, then down Ipswich (Speed 3, DV -2, travels 12yards/Tick) Next Tick 30, DV 5, LP 5/9, WP 5/7, L. Sux x1, Expression x1 The Amazons, still in the shadows, focused on the Troll, towering over everyone as it stood upon the car, its attention solely on their Tyrant's supple beauty. As she evaded his bloody hands, Helena and Christine each took a deep breath then smoothly pull the triggers on their Remingtons. The simultaneous report of the guns echoed loudly between the buildings. Click to reveal.. Helena vs. HarldAimed Attack, Fierce Blow, WP spent (Speed 6, DV -1) Acc 12 + Aim 3 + WP [1] vs. DV 0 (+1 diff, surprise) 15d10.hits(7)=6 = 7 + 1 [WP] - 1 [difficulty] = 7 successes Damage: 8L + 2L [Fierce Blow] + 7 [Threshold] - 7 [soak] 10's count as 2 successes (17d10.hits(7)=7) = 8 sux - 7 soak = 1L Dealt 1L damage Helena, Next Tick 33, DV 3, WP 3/6 Christine vs. Harld Aimed Attack, Fierce Blow, WP Spent (Speed 6, DV -1) Acc 12 + Aim 3 + WP [1] vs. DV 0 (+1 Diff, surprise) 15d10.hits(7)=9 = 12 + 1 [WP] - 1 [difficulty] = 12 successes! Damage: 8L + 2L [Fierce Blow] + 12 [Threshold] - 7 [soak] 10's count twice (22d10.hits(7)=11) = 12 sux - 7 soak = 5L Dealt 5L Christine, Next Tick 33, DV 3, WP 3/6 Sapphire, Next Tick 30, DV 5, LP 5/9, WP 5/7, L. Sux x1, Expression x1 Helena, Next Tick 33, DV 3, WP 3/6, Dealt 1L to Harld Christine, Next Tick 33, DV 3, WP 3/6, Dealt 5L to Harld
  9. Sapphire took another sip fo her drink, then licked her lips with a clever tongue. Her eyes turned to Amica with amusement. "I've lived in Boston my entire life. I've nevah noticed it to be dangerous, special-like, ya'know?" Sapphire nodded her chin in Narinder's direction, but kept her attention on Amica. "I only know you and Nari, though I caught a whiff of one or two others around. Nari, you know more, yah? Is that a lot of us for a city? I don't know." Sapphire's lush lips bent in an inquiring smile. "What about you, Ams? What do your mom and dad do?"
  10. Tick 24 With great ichor comes great - Door! Sapphire continued her flip, the fire door flying by just above her breasts, landing back on the ground smoothly. She watched the gang of... well she wasn`t sure of what - Aztechians? - assail the Troll to no effect. She glided back cautiously, heels clacking loudly on the pavement, watching the Eitr-blooded killer. She wasn't sure if the Troll would turn on the pest-like men, or chase after his seemingly vulnerable prey, but she was ready to bolt if he came to close. As her nearly nude figure become visible from between the cars, Sapphire was distantly aware of hearing car horns blare and tires screech, and more than one lewd suggestion. Click to reveal.. SapphireMove- still moving back, starting to leave parking lot (Speed 0, travels 6yds/tick) Guard- ready to Dash, if needed (Speed 3, DV -0, can be interrupted) Next Tick 27, DV 7, LP 5/9, WP 5/7, L. Sux x1, Expression x1 Helena and Christine watched the young woman they had sworn to serve with admiration, not just for her fine form, but for her willingness to draw the Man-Creature's attention with no seeming way to defend herself. She was braver and stronger than she knew. Keeping themselves hidden by the bulk of the car, they took careful aim at the Troll's head, towering over the Jaguar Warriors. For Stacy. And Phaedra. Click to reveal.. Helena & ChristineAim (Speed 3, DV -1, can be interrupted) Next Tick 26 (will interrupt when the others start getting outside, cause they want their shot), DV 3, WP 4/6 Helena & Christine, Next Tick 26 (interrupting Aim), DV 3, WP 4/6 Sapphire, Next Tick 27 (can interrupt), DV 7, LP 5/9, WP 5/7, L. sux x1, Expression x1
  11. Originally Posted By: SalmonMax"Yeah! Looks that way. Gee, wonder who's been spreading rumors?" "Hey! Don't look at me like that, Ams," Sapphire said, turning a perfect smile on Amica. "Nari's a very good friend, and it's not like we're," a glance from depthless blue eyes flicking from Amica to Narinder and back clearly implying what she meant, "bouncin' all over Boston." With another stunning grin for the waitress, and another blush, Sapphire ordered an Agent Orange. She listened to Narinder's smooth voice describe his mother, her smile turning wistful. Click to reveal.. (Memories) "Again!" Cassandra's deep voice was hard. "But Moooom," Phaedra whined, panting, on her knees. "I've been doin' this for n'hour. I dunna wanna anymore." "And you'll do it for another hour. You're small and weak Phae, but that's not your fault. You father had money, but little else. You may be a mistake, but I won't let you be an embarrassment. Now, again!" With a groan, Phaedra climbed back to her feet, positioned herself in the proper stance, and faced the wooden training dummy. With each kick and punch, she let out a stiffled yelp, her bruised flesh protesting each blow. Soon, tears were silently rolling down her cheeks, and her lip was bloody with the effort of remaining quiet, but still she continued, despite her gasps and trembling limbs. "It hurts!" the young girl cried. "Because you're soft Phae. This will help make you hard." "I dunna wanna be hard!" "Goddess preserve me! Enough!" Cassandra roared. With a powerful arm, the large woman grabbed her daughter by her shirt and effortlessly lifted her up to eye level; the little girl's feet dangled two feet off the ground. "Look at you Phaedra. You're only ten and already beginning to show a woman's figure." Cassandra punctuated her statement by poking her daughter with a stiff finger in the softness of her chest. "Men will take advantage of you, they will force you on your back, and they will hurt you. You're not big and strong like the rest of the Tribe Phae, so you have to learn how to fight better, and get tougher." "I dunna wanna be better fighter and be better tougher," Phaedra bawled. Cassandra sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose with her free hand. Why couldn't she have a had a daughter like Illie? Any Amazon would be proud to call Illyana daughter. Instead she was saddled with this, the weak offspring of weak seed. "What do you want to do Phaedra?" "I wanna dance," Phaedra sniffled. "Dance?" Cassandra's said in confusion. "Yah, dance. Jamie is takin' lessons and it looks fun and I wanna try it." "Jamie? Is that the stupid girl across the street?" "She's not stupid, she's blonde and she's my friend and her mom lets her dance." Phaedra's lower lip pushed out in a pout. Being strict on the girl wasn't helping so far, so another tactic was called for. "If I let you take dance lessons, will you try harder learning the things I'm teaching you Phaedra?" "Yah-huh," the girl said softly, looking at her mother through her lashes. "Do you swear? This isn't going to be like the cat." "By Blood and Heart and Ishtar, I swear mommy." Cassandra winced at the appellation, but summoned a brief smile for her daughter. "We'll see then." Sapphire leaned across the table, supple fingers resting lightly on Narinder's forearm, inadvertently (or not?) giving him a good view of her phenomenal breasts. "Doc Aya is a wondahful woman, Nari, you must be proud. You're very fahtunate... And she has very pretty eyes." Her half-smile was playful.
  12. Sapphire looked upon the interaction between Narinder and Amica, a speculative smile on her inviting lips. Nari was the most remarkably charming man she had the pleasure of knowing and she was curious to see how the introverted kitten of a woman would react to his presence. Sapphire caught the staring eyes of an attractive waitress, and, her smile growing warmer, gave her a quick wink, causing the waitress to blush. A nod of Sapphire's head indicated that the trio would take the empty booth by the window, the embarrassed waitress shaking her head in understanding before hurrying into the back.
  13. Success! It's like tamin' a stray cat. A little skittish, but well worth the effort. "Nari's a guy, yah," Sapphire confirmed with a playfully lascivious grin. She twined the fingers of her right hand with the fingers of Amica's left, as she led her to her car, arms swinging enthusiastically. "Narinder's wicked gorgeous, hon. You're gonna love'im. And he's not seeing anyone, well serious-like, ya'know?" As Sapphire bent over slightly to unlock the passenger door of her ten year-old, silver Mustang, she sighed, her voice dropping to a conspiratorial purr. "Almost makes me wonder what I'm missin'. But don't tell him that, 'kay? It'll only encourage'im." It was impossible to tell if her puckish grin was serious or not. Sapphire slid gracefully into the driver's seat, shifted the car into gear, then peeled out of the parking lot, tires squealing. A short distance and an irreverance for speed limits made for a very quick trip. Sapphire sashayed through the door, all eyes turning to the vivacious and voluptuous woman, and her more reserved companion, as she scanned the smallish seating area for their dinner companion.
  14. Sunday, April 13th, 2008 "That's awesome John, I knew you'd get it," Phaedra said with a warm smile and a warm hug. John Struthers, 39, was thrilled by the by the feel of incredibly gorgeous, voluptuous young woman pressed close to him. He had to admit there was more than some desire for this blue-haired woman, but a great deal of admiration as well. Though Phaedra was easily the sexiest woman he had ever met, she also possessed a remarkably approachable, uplifting presence as well. Her bright, sapphire eyes compelled you to share your problems, and she would listen, with no judgements. And just being near her made you feel better; a few encouraging words from her could make you feel like you could do anything. Which was how John Struthers found himself back in the workforce after eight years. He had even found an apartment, little bigger than a closet, but it was his, and all thanks to this exuberant young woman. It was easy to forget that she was also the hottest stripper in Boston. With a final tight squeeze, he pushed Phaedra back to arms length, his hands on her shoulders. "I have only you to thank, Ms. Magnus-Thorne," John said, voice almost breaking with heartfelt gratitude. "Ms. Magnus-Thorne is my muthah," Phaedra said, a trace of Boston in her smokey contralto as her nose scrunched up in fetching annoyance. "Call me Phae or Sapphire, yah? All I did was give you a name, you got the job yourself. And the people here at the Boston Family Sheltah gave you the place to sleep and eat. You should be thankin' them, not me." She gave John a farewell slap on the arm, noticing the time indicated by her watch. "Whoops! Twelve already." She headed back behind the food counter, speaking over her shoulder, untying her apron. Underneath, she wore a wide necked BU sweat shirt, one edge sliding off a shoulder, revealing a black bra strap and a fair bit of considerable cleavage. Her denim short shorts were a well worn, faded black. "Gotta go boys, seeya next week, yah? Hopefully not all of you. Toodles." A last impish grin and a wave of her fingers, and she was gone into the back rooms. Her high heeled boots clacked on the linoleum and her hips rolled with an inherent sway as she strutted down the hallway to the last door on the left. As she approached, she heard the sound of whistling wind, and the smell of dust and sand permeated the stale air. She peeked around the edge of the door frame, only her upper torso visible, her blue ponytail swinging. With an appreciative smile, she took in the sight of the other godblooded woman, who had got caught with the paperwork; there was always paperwork. Amy was a little younger than her, and the same height, though they were built very differently. She had a delightfully sleek and athletic body, and her slinky cat-like grace made Phaedra smile wider. Her pretty face and full lips just begged to be kissed. Pity she didn't play for the same team, but I'm still allowed to look. She had seen the other scion helping at some of the other shelters for the last several weeks, and they had developed a cautious friendship. Nari had seemed interested when she had mentioned Amy in passing, so Phaedra had decided to see if she could get a meeting arranged. 'Sides, having another friend in the know would be nice. "Hey, Ams. I'm meetin' a friend for lunch at Pizzatalia, down on Shawmut, wanna come?" Phaedra offered, dangling her keys in the doorway. Her tone was sensually frivolous, but it usually was. "Nari would like to meet you too. Says I'm tryin' to keep at the pretty girls to myself. 'Sides, I'm drivin' and buyin'. Ben and Matt were at the club last night, and they always tip good."
  15. Rev, I was mostly just joking. I understand why you guys threw the fight in. It's all good.
  16. I had meant the Venus to be a place where Scions could kick back and gather safely, in the strip club or the bar&grill, which would have worked well Nari connecting people. But after 'V Night', I think people might start avoiding the place. Even Sapphire might.
  17. Tick 19 The disheartened amazons burst out the the back door, steel banging hard against brick. The desire, the need to hurt, the man who had slain one of their sisters, and may killed another, burned in their veins. They moved like hunters after prey, heading deeper into the alley where the employee parking was, retrieving the heavy rifles they had stored inside their cars. Click to reveal.. Helena & ChristineMove (Speed 0, Move 5 yards per tick) Misc. Action, Hide (Speed 5, DV -1) Misc. Action, Get Object-Remingtons in trunk (Speed 5, DV -1) Dex + Stealth - Hide in Combat - Multiple Action 5d10 + 3d10 - 2d10 - 2d10 = 4d10 Helena = 1d10=10, 1d10=8, 1d10=7, 1d10=7 = 5 sux! Christine = 1d10=9, 1d10=7, 1d10=3, 1d10=7 = 3 sux Both, Next Tick 24, DV 2, WP 4/6 Sapphire danced through the other back exit, nipples stiffening in the cool night air. A quick glance revealed where her remaining Sisters of Ishtar were. As she danced the other way into the client parking, the steel door was kicked from it hinges by a foot even stronger, the Troll chasing it's rabbit. Sapphire stepped to the hood of the first car, maintaining her balance with effortless grace. Then she danced, the only music, sorrow and rage strumming on the chords of her spirit. Her pale skin was almost incandescent in the black night and bright flood lights, the blue rose on her back vivid. A slender finger beckoned and sapphire eyes promised, luring the blood-mad giant on. She looked ineffably sensual, frightful, grief-stricken, as she swayed and stepped from car to car. Grace unwavering, her blue hair was wild, her face and breast speckled by blood increasing the duality of desire and horror her movements evoked. "Catch me and I am yours," Sapphire whispered, her voice for the Troll alone, silver tears falling like rain. Click to reveal.. SapphireActivate Compelling Presence (1 Legend, I realize he in theory could just spend WP, but he might be low or not spend it.) Spending WP for the Expression Virtue on the Art-Dancing roll Move-dancing across the cars (Speed 0, Moves 6 yards per Tick, no DV penalties for uneven footing due to Cat's Grace) Misc. Action-Dancing (Speed 5, DV -1) Art-Dancing + Arete (Art-Dancing) + Dexterity + Expression 5d10 + 1d10 + 4d10 + 4d10 + [2] = 14d10 + [2] 1d10=4, 1d10=3, 1d10=8, 1d10=9, 1d10=3, ... 1d10=5, 1d10=1 = 8sux + [2] = 10 successes Next Tick 24, DV 6, WP 5/7, Legend 5/9 Sapphire, Next Tick 24, DV 6, WP 5/7, Legend 5/9, Legend for Success x1, Expression x1 Helena and Christine, Next Tick 24, DV 2, WP 4/6
  18. Tick 14 "Cut!" Sapphire yelled, as a Stacy-shaped piece of her died inside. Why do you follow me? I've failed you. Their sister's death fueling them, Helena and Christine crossed the few yards between them and the larger of the two giants, slashing with a fierce focus. Click to reveal.. Helena Move (5 yards to Krais, then 20 yards to the front door and heading to their car) Fierce Blow (p.199) Knife Attack + WP vs. Krais (Speed 5, DV 1) Acc 10 + [1] vs. DV 0 (difficulty +1) 1d10=6, 1d10=8, 1d10=7, 1d10=8, 1d10=5, 1d10=2, 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=3, 1d10=4 + [1] = 6sux -1diff = 5sux Damage: 8L + 2L (Fierce Blow) + 5 threshold = 15d10 - 7soak 1d10=10, 1d10=6, 1d10=6, 1d10=3, 1d10=5,... 1d10=3, 1d10=6 = 5sux - 7soak = 0L damage Next Tick 19, DV 1, WP 4/6 Christine Move (5 yards to Krais, then 20 yards to the front door and heading to their car) Fierce BLow(p,199) Knife Attack + WP vs. Krais (Speed 5, DV 1) Acc 10 + [1] vs. DV 0 (difficulty +1) 1d10=2, 1d10=4, 1d10=5, 1d10=10, 1d10=1, 1d10=7, 1d10=3, 1d10=4, 1d10=4, 1d10=6 + [1] = 4sux - 1diff = 3sux Damage: 8L +2L (Fierce Blow) + 3 threshold = 13d10 -7soak 1d10=3, 1d10=6, 1d10=4, 1d10=6, 1d10=3, ... 1d10=8, 1d10=7 = 6sux - 7soak = 0L damage Next Tick 19, DV 1, WP 4/6 Snarling at their blades uselessness, they dropped them and cautiously moved away from the trolls, heading for the back exit, on the other side of the stage from Stacy-killer. They needed heavier weapons. Fear and rage washed through Sapphire like a vile tide. The trolls stood like pillars holding up the heavens; they could not resist the might of three of them together. Though the thought made her muscles feel like water, she turned a grin like blackest sin on the Troll, who's fists still wore Stacy's life. "Come get me, titan of rock and earth," Sapphire purred, presenting her bare, blood-speckled breasts rudely. "I'm soft and delicious and all for you, if you can catch this blue-haired rabbit." With a mocking pirouette, Sapphire swayed through the curtain to the backstage area, heading to the back exit, opposite the one her remaining amazons were heading for. Click to reveal.. SapphireMove (Speed 0) Entice Harld to follow her backstage and then outside (Speed 5, DV -1) Manipulation + Presence + Relic + Legend = 2d10 + [1] + 6d10 + 3d10 + [3] = 11d10 + [4] 1d10=5, 1d10=8, 1d10=4, 1d10=9, 1d10=6, 1d10=10, 1d10=6, 1d10=2, 1d10=4, 1d10=8, 1d10=9 = 6sux + 4auto = 10sux 10 successes to lure Harld after her Next Tick 19, DV 3 Sapphire, Next Tick 19, DV 3, Legend 6/9, WP 6/7 Helena and Christine, Next Tick 19, DV 1, WP 4/6
  19. Tick 9 (Tick 10 for Stacy) Sapphire paused in stunned disbelief as the two Titanspawn ignored her display; when she used the full power of the ichor flowing in her veins, she had never failed to captured anyone's attention. That was an Epic Fail! I even stopped that raping Minotaur in it's tracks with my moves. What the fuck are these things?! Click to reveal.. What The Fuck Are These Things?Int + Occult (Reflective Action) = 2d10 + 1d10 = 3d10 1d10=1, 1d10=10, 1d10=8 = 3 successes She felt the bile rise up her gorge at the wet sound of the rocky fist crushing bones in Tracy's back, the spraying blood speckling her face and naked breasts. Another one of the Trolls had shown up, or had always been there; it didn't matter now, she had to worry about those still standing. Stacy's jaw was locked tight, tears flowing unheeded down her cheeks at her twin's terrible wound, gun pointed at Tracy's assailant. Fury was overtaking Helena and Christine, their own opponent's near invulnerability enraging them. Another shot from Nick did no more than rock the Troll's head slightly. Ayato's dramatic slash through the air, his kaleidoscopic blade falshing, fared no better on the granite hide of the Troll. Sapphire tumbled to her feet, then skipped several yards back down the stage to put some more distance between her and the Trolls. They were barely harming the thing, they needed to make every hit count. "Girls, move back and prepare to strike," Sapphire said to Helena and Christine, her silky contralto managing to cut through the din and chaos. "Stace, focus on the big fucker, the other one will get his turn. On my mark, Stace fire, then knives and Reider, move in cut the Muthahfuckah down!" Click to reveal.. SapphireMove (Speed 0, moved back 5 yards down stage, putting close to the curtain to backstage) Coordinate Assault (Speed 5, DV -2, p.190) Charisma + Command + Stunt = 4 + [2] + 1 + 1 = 6d10 + 2 sux 1d10=5, 1d10=6, 1d10=10, 1d10=3, 1d10=1, 1d10=6 = 2sux + 2sux = 4sux Coordinating Reider, Helena, Christine, and Stacy to attack Krais Next Tick 14, DV 2, Legend 7/9, WP 7/7 Helena & Christine Move (Speed 0, both move towards the walls, to give themselves and the others room to move) Waiting for Sapphire's mark Next Tick 14, DV 2, both WP 5/6 Stacy Move (Speed 0, moves down parallel to Sapphire, but beside the stage, not on it) Waiting for Sapphire's mark Next Tick 14, DV 2, WP 5/6 "Aye Tyrant," the three amazons yelled in answer, her voice focusing their attention. Helena and Christine broke away from their opponent, backing to the walls to gain some room. Stacy parallelled Sapphire, putting the stage between her and the newest intruder, prepared to fire at Sapphire's command. Sapphire and the Amazons, Next Tick 14, DV 2 If Reider waits to attack Krais on Tick 14, Krais' DV will be reduced by 4 ST: Reider and Jeremy are up next at Tick 10...
  20. Tick 6 Sapphire's heart beat loudly, fear rising as the two Titanspawn came crashing through the front to the club, a sharp yelp of dismay breaking free of her throat as the woman sworn to her was kicked mercilessly. No! It's the minotaurs all over again! Still trapped in the far part of the booth, she smoothly climbed onto the table, looking over the pandemonium in Venus. "Cindy, Jezabelle, stop screaming," Sapphire commanded to the two waitresses she could see. "Show the people the back ways out, quickly now." Then Sapphire leapt from table to table on her way to the stage, her towering heels no trouble at all, evincing grace to shame a gazelle. Along the way, she slid the bolero jacket from her shoulders, then jumped for the pole, twisting in the air, wrapping the jacket around brass shaft. Upsidedown, she grabbed the other end of the jacket, bracing herself against the pole as she circled down its length, legs moving enticingly, nude but for a pair of heels and a thong. "Hey boys! Everyone comes to Venus to see me dance, get a long look, I'll be the last thing you see." Her voice was eerily seductive being directed at the two Eitr-tainted giants. Click to reveal.. SapphireDash (guessing 12 yards max to the stage) (Speed 3, DV -2) Activating Compelling Presence, targeting the 2 baddies she can see (Demigod, p.62) Legend 7/9, DV 2, Next Tick 9 Next Tick 9
  21. Tick 4 With senses honed by years of training and a year watching over the strip club, the Tribe of Ishtar reacted immediately to the threat posed to their Tyrant. With barely a glance spared for their fallen sister, Helena and Christine, the other Amazon watching the bar, moved forward against the press of the patrons, drawing concealed knives. The men were huge, dispatching one of their own with ease, and they would have their vengeance. With intuitive coordination, both women attacked the larger of the men with quick, precise slices of their knives. Click to reveal.. Helena vs. Bigger GuyDraw weapon, Knife attack (Speed 5,DV 1, p.190) Attack 1- Acc 10 vs. DV 3: 1d10=6, 1d10=7, 1d10=4, 1d10=9, 1d10=4, 1d10=5, 1d10=10, 1d10=5, 1d10=9, 1d10=8 = 6sux -2DV = 4 sux Damage: 8L + 3 threshold = 11d10 - 7L soak 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=5, 1d10=7, 1d10=10, 1d10=2, 1d10=5, 1d10=10, 1d10=9, 1d10=3, 1d10=7 = 9sux - 7soak = 2L damage Dealt 2L damage, next Tick 9, WP 5/6 Christine vs. Bigger Guy Draw weapon, Knife attack (Speed 5, DV 1, p.190) Attack 1- Acc 10 vs. DV 3: 1d10=3, 1d10=5, 1d10=9, 1d10=6, 1d10=1, 1d10=6, 1d10=10, 1d10=9, 1d10=7, 1d10=1 = 5sux - 2DV = 3 sux Damage: 8L + 2 threshold = 10d10 - 7L soak 1d10=5, 1d10=2, 1d10=3, 1d10=7, 1d10=9, 1d10=9, 1d10=7, 1d10=4, 1d10=5, 1d10=2 = 4sux - 7soak = 0L damage Dealt 0L damage, next Tick 9, WP 5/6 Both powerful women gritted their teeth in fury as they slashed at the giant, their sharps blades scoring its skin, but unable to punch through, until, with a fierce crow, Helena pierced its side with a perfect thrust. Both women frowned at seeing that the 'man' still had a lot of fight in him. Stacy and Tracy, the 6'5'' blonde twins watching over Sapphire this shift, each pulled out a huge handgun, looking normal sized in their large hands. They moved back toward stage, their guns trained on the troublemaker resisting the onslaught from their sister amazons, mouths open in shock. Without further delay, they opened fire on the monstrosity before them. Click to reveal.. Stacy vs. Bigger GuyDraw weapon, Aim for 1 Tick, then Peacemaker attack (Speed 5, DV 1, p.190) Attack 1- Acc 12 vs. DV 3: 1d10=7, 1d10=2, 1d10=7, 1d10=4, 1d10=8, 1d10=8, 1d10=10, 1d10=6, 1d10=10, 1d10=7, 1d10=6, 1d10=3 = 9sux! - 2DV = 7 sux Damage: 5L + 6 threshold = 11d10 - 7L soak 1d10=9, 1d10=4, 1d10=7, 1d10=5, 1d10=9, 1d10=1, 1d10=10, 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=2, 1d10=4 = 7sux - 7soak = 0L damage Dealt 0L damage, next Tick 10, WP 5/6, clip 5/6 Tracy vs. Bigger Guy Draw weapon, Aim for 1 Tick, then Peacemaker attack (Speed 5, DV 1, p.190) Attack 1- Acc 12 vs. DV 3: 1d10=6, 1d10=3, 1d10=9, 1d10=6, 1d10=8, 1d10=4, 1d10=5, 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=1, 1d10=6, 1d10=8 = 5sux - 2DV = 3sux Damage: 5L + 2 threshold = 7d10 - 7soak 1d10=9, 1d10=2, 1d10=3, 1d10=9, 1d10=3, 1d10=2, 1d10=4 = 2sux - 7soak = 0L damage Dealt 0L damage, next tick 10, WP 5/6, clip 5/6 The loud bark of gunfire rang throughout Venus, causing the fleeing patrons to cry out in alarm. To the astonishment of all who saw it, the enormous man weathered the hail of bullets, one even glancing off his skull, merely leaving a shallow gouge. Amazons (Helena & Christine): DV 1, Parry DV 1, Next Tick 9 Amazons (Stacy & Tracy): DV 1, Next Tick 10 Note-made a mistake calculating attacks, don't use mine as a template
  22. Okay, just posted the stats on the Amazonsm but I'm still lacking names on most of them. If anyone wants to describe/name one in a fic where they are at Venus, feel free, just PM me the details (name, height, hair and eye colour, maybe a brief note about what is notable). 4 slots are open.
  23. The Tribe of Ishtar (Sapphire's Amazons) Description: The Amazons are all of Mediterranean and Anglo-Saxon ancestry, six feet and over in height, and very gorgeous, with curvaceous and muscular figures. Most are in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, though a few are over forty. They call their leader Tyrant (which for them doesn't have the negative connotations it does now), much to Sapphire's chagrin, and are fiercely loyal. Though the Tribe of Ishtar doesn't hate men as much as most amazons, and are perfectly willing to have a fun night or two with one, they would never consider a long-term relationship with a man. Men are for fucking and breeding; women are for real relationships. Typically, three Amazons work at the club, and two try to stay close to Sapphire. Of the others off duty, one or two of the amazons may be dancing at the club. This all changes if Sapphire, or especially the Amazons, think trouble is near by. Names: Illie (age 24, 6'4'', strawberry-blonde/blue eyes, the youngest of the amazons, dances); Helena Nicolo (age 42, 6'2'', black hair and eyes, relatively slender, severe, typically leads the amazons); Thrace (dances); Christine; Stacy and Tracy (age 30, 6'5'', big and blond, twins) Attributes Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5, Charisms 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 5, Perception 3, Intelligent 3, Wits 4 Abilities Academics 2, Athletics 4, Awareness 3, Brawl 4, Command 3, Control-Car 3, Fortitude 3, Integrity 3, Investigation 1, Larceny 1, Marksmanship 4, Medicine 2, Melee 4, Presence 2, Stealth 3, Thrown 1 NOTE: Dancing Amazons have: Academics 1, Art-Dance 3, Command 2, Medicine 1, all others the same Join Battle: 7 Attacks Clinch: Acc 9, Dmg 6B, Parry DV -, Speed 6 Unarmed, Heavy: Acc 8, Dmg 9B, Parry DV 3, Speed 5 Unarmed, Light: Acc 10, Dmg 6B, Parry DV 5, Speed 4 Old School Weapons Knife (Hadseax): Acc 10, Dmg 8L, Parry DV 4, Speed 4 Xiphos: Acc 10, Dmg 9L, Parry DV 5, Speed 4 Shortbow (Hankyu): Acc 10, Dmg 8L, Range 30, Speed 5 Gunbunnies (The Amazons use the guns they prefer; All have Class A LTC permits) Glock: Acc 10, Dmg 4L, Range 20, Clip 15, Speed 4 (P) Desert Eagle: Acc 9, Dmg 6L, Range 50, Clip 7, Speed 5 (P) Peacemaker: Acc 11, Dmg 5L, Range 20, Clip 6, Speed 5 (P) Mossberg: Acc 9, Dmg 7L, Range 20, Clip 8, Speed 5 (P) Remington: Acc 12, Dmg 8L, Range 200, Clip 4, Speed 6 (P) At Venus, the Amazons are typically armed with a concealed handgun and a knife, and no bulletproof vest Soak: 0L/5B or 2L/7B with Bulletproof Vests Dodge DV: 4 Willpower: 6 Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
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