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  1. The slight, apparent adolescent hovered a foot above the floor, legs crossed in the lotus position, her hands resting on her knees, forming the jnana mudra. Below, the marble floor was painted in unwavering cyan light, forming interlinked, geometric patterns of circles and triangles, limned in arcane script. Ivonne's pale skin, dressed in an elegant, pristine white robe of pure silk, prickled with gooseflesh, her face flushed with colour despite its calm, vacant expression. Mastering the arcane arts was a hard discipline, when she had practiced for over twenty years at the side of the Magnum Mage. And yet, her eternally young body prevented her from entering the deepest of trances, where she could unleash her perceptions further and for longer without damage to her corporeal form. Thus, she had to resort to lengthy and trying rituals to travel ephemeral realms of time and space she could not otherwise reach. Magnus had been lost, but she would find him, regardless of the cost to herself. A fair exchange for her Master, her adopted father... the one she had come to love as something more, though neither of them had allowed themselves to express it as anything more than fondness. Around her in the dedicated chamber within the Brownstone In-Between, massive tomes were held open at the ready by unseen, incorporeal servants - cohesive patterns of eldritch energy. Throughout the rest of the impossibly extensive interior of the Brownstone, humble brownies and sprites continued their self-assigned duties with unobtrusive competence, keeping the manor clean and organized and the pantry and larder full, clothes washed and pressed. And for their work, they sought nothing more than small gifts and food, and an unspecified praise that did not draw attention to themselves.
  2. As far as I know, I'll be able to make it for Sunday, 1pm EST, as long as it doesn't run pass 5:30 ish... I do have a Table-top game to attend too, and need a bit of time for supper.
  3. Krul - I think bringing this game to a close is for the best, rather than having some of us forcing ourselves to continue. And of course, I'm willing to finish out the mission. Sorry that is has come to this.
  4. My sentiments echo Chance's. I've been losing my connection to the character, and when looking through how many games I'm in and how stretched out I've been, I've been giving considerable consideration to curtailing the number of games I'm in.
  5. A ravishing grimace marred Sapphire's captivating visage, smooth brow furrowed with annoyance and effort. "The Legion Captain is a part of the ship, Nami, and naturally, has intensive mental shielding. I am going to attempt... a distraction to split his focus, perhaps granting me a crack to slip through." Sapphire dropped her lock on the Ship-melded Legionnaire, spreading her awareness out around him. The Legion Captain was in an isolated, centrally located engineering bay, several other Legionnaires maintaining the ship's and the captain's function. And like all members of the Legion, they were filled with hate and spite. This time, she stirred her fingers in the mind of the Demon Captain's weaker subordinates, redirecting that hate, focusing it on their captain, they're captor, the one demanding they see to his needs, forcing his immobility onto them... Let us see how your psychic protection holds as your minions try to tear you apart... Click to reveal.. (I Call the Tune) Using I Call the Tune (Emotion Control 9: Precise, Subtlex2, Area, Selective), infusing anyone surrounding the Demon Captain with even more hate and focusing it on him. Though Sapphire isn't actually making a roll, Chance has also used her Magic (Probability Control) to aid Sapphire's efforts, if that will help.
  6. Click to reveal.. (Will Save) Will Save: 1d20+18 = 20 Sigh... Reroll - Will Save: 1d20+18 = 36 Success "Aye, Captain," Sapphire replied in her mellifluous, sultry tones. The bolstering sense of warm desire faded - almost regretfully - as Sapphire closed her twilight eyes and began psychically delving for the commander of the Legion fleet, to make its will her own. Click to reveal.. (Action!) Using Telelocation to locate the Legion Commanding Officer of the Fleet (Can Search at x100 the speed). Search Check: 1d20+10 = 22 If she locates him/it, she will use Only I Know Why You Do It: Mind Control 12 (Mental Link, Subtle x2; Conscious), DC 22.
  7. "Those are Legion Demon Ships from the Hells themselves," Sapphire informed the crew, her natural sultry tones holding a deep note of resolute iron that only one of them may have heard before. "And they are trying to send us there in their stead. We need to disable three- brace for psychic assault!" Sapphire heard the mounting screams, the reverberating terror the Legion was set to unleash and her captivating visage became smooth and placid as she remembered the terrible emanation of the Reavers who had destroyed her old life. Not this time, I have faced it before, and survived, there are no depths I fear to face and I will pit my voice against yours. Her glorious twilight eyes shot open, glowing incandescently as Sapphire placed herself between Scheherazade and the Legion. Her crew-mates could feel the Terror-Scream of the Demon Ships approaching, then a rising desire encompassing them, emboldening them, strengthening then against any and all who dared to try to turn them against themselves. Click to reveal.. Using Extra Effort for a Power Stunt for her Mindscape Array: Mind Shield 18 (Area, Selective) Grants +18 to Will Saves versus Mental Effects to any Sapphire chooses withing 90 ft., and they are automatically immune to any Mental Effects of Rank 18 and lower. Note, at PL 13, the maximum Save Bonus is +18. Will Save: 1d20+18 = 19 Glares at Invisible Castle. Heroic Reroll - Will Save: 1d20+18 = 36
  8. Sapphire gave her striking captain a graceful, assent nod, her cascade of rich blue hair rippling, then crossed her legs, resting her hands primly on her lap, long, sable lashes fluttering close over her twilight eyes. With her lavish beauty and diaphanous dress, her decorous pose served only to emphasize her sensual presence. "Then you shall know what they want, Captain," Sapphire murmured throatily. The enticing Elan may have appeared soft and yielding, but to those who looked deeper, they could see the iron resolve of one who had seen - experience - the deepest, darkest depths of mortality's heart. Sapphire's thoughts drifted out of her corporeal form, flowing across the vastness of space and danced upon the subtle consciousness of the universe. With composed confidence, she reached out unseen and unfelt fingers and dipped them into the thoughts of those manning the pentagramal formation of ships, seeking derive their intent.
  9. "Always dare to feel, Chance, always," Sapphire urged her with sensual conviction. Her slender fingers traced the line of her jaw, making the witch shiver. "The good and the bad, feelings are the core of us, and both make us the stronger for it." Their breasts pressed together, their faces several inches apart, Sapphire gave her a challenging grin. "Now... kiss me." Chance tensed with hesitation; Sapphire was the one who always initiated before, but the gorgeous, enticing curve to her lips said this time, she wouldn't relent. Tentatively, Chance slid her hands around Sapphire's tiny waist and up the graceful arch of her back to tangle in her deep blue hair. She pulled the intense elan's face closer to her own, stretched up her own and when their lips united, a passionate explosion blew through her entire body. For a little while, she could forget about the Legion, which huddled in a small part of her soul, away from the desire and pleasure shared between the two women. There was no hesitancy, no reticence on Sapphire's part, of herself, she gave everything. Whenever Chance feared to go further, Sapphire would prompt her with a sensuous touch and a sensuous tongue, "Dare farther," and she couldn't help but do so. Just as The Scheherazade began its flight towards Edan, Sapphire strutted onto the bridge and took her station with a languid tranquility Namiah well knew. Chance trailed after her, her bearing somehow both relaxed and rigid with what she had experienced. "Captain, Lt. Sapphire Rose and Ensign Chance reporting for duty."
  10. Sapphire stopped Chance's retreat with a soft caress trailing down her arm, fingers twining with her, and stilled her protests with a passionate kiss and a coy tongue. Though the Legion would not let them touch mind-to-mind, there was something in the cadence of Sapphire's dancing tongue, or perhaps her luscious lips shaped silent words, that let Chance hear a simple credo floating between them... Love as thou wilt... "Never apologize for love, Chance," the heavenly Elan affirmed, circling the bewildered witch gracefully, blocking her from the door with sensual figure. "Fear it, let it fill you with trepidation and wonder, and embrace it, but never, never apologize for it. Everyone is entitled to desire and love, if only they knew it." Sapphire glided forward and Chance found herself being guided deeper into Sapphire's boudoir, seductive fingers teasing their way down her flanks, until she felt the back of her knees but into the edge of the plush pile of pillows the azure-tressed goddess used as a bed. She tumble gracelessly into their luxurious softness, Sapphire lithely joining her, her lush contours pressed close. "I love you too, Chance," Sapphire said, punctuating it with another kiss. "I have loved everyone I have lain with. You can stay with me as long as you desire, Chance, lovely Chance." Her long lashes fluttered, her glowing, twilight eyes dimming as her lips curved into a wistful, melancholy smile. "I love you, but I cannot bind myself to a single being, Chance. I... I have tried... and failed. It is not in my nature. I seek desire and love wherever I go, and where is is not, I bring it. Especially to those who believe they will never have it. I wish you to know this, before you come seeking something I cannot give you, Chance." Her smile widened, hands drifting lower in promise as she snuggled close. "But I truly hope you are willing... to take a chance."
  11. Originally Posted By: JasonSapphire reached the Ruby Heart enclave with Jason in but seconds, the beauty of the place was quite remarkable. The twins each returned her sensual kiss, as Jason looked on in a bit of confusion, and just a hint of jealousy, though that he tried to push down. For a moment, he wondered if his jealousy was normal, or an after affect of the possession, then he worried about it, before trying to push that thought away. "But..." He then shook it off, Sapphire had duties, and she had put him with folks she clearly trusted. Sapphire stepped back to him, laying a gentle hand on his chest as she stood up her toes and gave him deep kiss as well. "Worry not, Jason," the captivating Elan urged, her husky tones filled with so much empathy, Jason wasn't sure if she spoke them or impressed directly in his mind. Her long, warm fingers made his flesh tingle. "The Elans of the Ruby Heart have a particular skill with sundered spirits. If any can restore you, it is they, and Garnet is the most deft of the lot. I promise Jason, you won't be forgotten, nor will I be gone for long." Her hand slid down his arm, giving his fingers a final squeeze of enticing support, then she stepped back, closing her eyes. In an instant, Sapphire dissolved into cerulean light, and quick as thought, returned to her quarters, which possessed their own curious blend of spartan elegance and luxurious decadence... ... To sense the aroused trepidation waiting at her chamber door. Sinful lips curved in a languorous, twilight eyes glowing with sympathetic delight, Sapphire glided to her door, crystalline heels chiming on the faux-marble floor. The door slid open with a soft hiss and Chance found herself staring at the unearthly beauty, deep azure tresses draping the creamy pale perfection of her flawless face and lavish curves. The screaming of the Legion prevented the powerful Pasionicist from touching the winged witch's mind directly, but she could read her body language clearly. "Please, Chance, come in and be at ease. There are no judgments here," Sapphire promised, a graceful hand gesturing for her to enter.
  12. Sapphire reached across the vastness of the stars with her mind and felt a reply, a mind with an echoing quality that she remembered with fondness. Using images and emotions more than words, Sapphire made her needs known - along with her lingering fondness - and into her awareness came a confirmation and a glowing location indicating the Enclave. There was a mutual mental caress, then Sapphire broke contact with a reminiscing smile. Sapphire glided to Jason's side, running a hand up his chest. "It's arranged, Jason. I know a wonderful person from the Ruby Heart Enclave - Garnet Gemini - who take care of you while the League and I help this fledgling alliance repel the Emerald Empress." Her soft caress trailed up to his shoulder, then down his arm until she was holding his hand in her slender fingers. "Ready to go?" Jason felt his heart beating rapidly, but he didn't doubt the azure-tressed beauty's intentions - how could he? He squeezed her hand in thanks and nodded. "I'm ready." Once again, they dissolved into pure thought, reforming amidst a garden of pastel foliage, that managed to be both wild, yet lovingly tended. The sky was painted in rose and gold and orange, an eternal dawn, though Jason saw no sun. Like all Elan Enclaves, the Ruby Heart Enclave was subtly hidden - the lovely sky he saw wasn't necessarily sky at all. The Enclave could have been anywhere in the galaxy. Standing before them was a beautiful couple, twins, male and female, with creamy skin and vibrant, scarlet hair. The man stood slightly taller than his sister, his physique broad compared to her svelte elegance. They stood with the same languid posture, identical welcoming smiles gracing their lips. "Please, be welcome Jason..." the man began in a resonant baritone. "...We are willing to do anything to help someone Sapphire Rose vouches for," the woman continued in a mellifluous alto. "Um, yes, thank-you," Jason said with just a trace of trepidation. "If you don't mind me asking, which one of you is Garnet Gemini?" The three Elans shared an amused, teasing smile before the red-heads said in perfect unison, "We are." "They are," Sapphire reiterated again in her throaty, seductive voice as she swayed towards her former lover, giving both Garnet's male and female lips a kiss that was anything but chaste.
  13. Sapphire lay on her bed, which she used more for recreation than rest, with Jason, hands around his chest and spooned closely to his back. She was reaching out with her delicate, psychic touch, massaging the security chief's mental scars when she released a soft sigh, tickling the fine hairs on the nape of Jason's neck. "I wish I there was more I can do for you, Jason," she murmured throatily, lips pressed to his shoulder. "But I may be called away on League business at any moment and with your condition, you need regular, constant attention." He could feel her lips turn up in a wide smile as an idea came to her. "And I know exactly who can give you the care you need." Sapphire sat up smoothly, cerulean sparkles appearing on her opalescent skin, coalescing into a gossamer dress of azure silk that didn't conceal the outline of her flawless curves. She gave Jason a slap on the ass, encouraging to get up. "You may wish to get dressed, you want to make a good impression on the one I am calling." Sapphire gave Jason a lazy once-over, arching a perfect, blue eyebrow, lips curving in a small smirk. "You may be better off staying... raw." Her chuckle was a sultry caress, almost tangible. Leaving Jason to get dressed (or not), Sapphire closed her eyes and reached out, her Mind's Eye flowing among the stars as she called to the Ruby Heart Enclave and a former lover (or lovers, depending on how one looked at it).
  14. Sapphire stirred, glancing at Amanda with heavy-lidded eyes and an inviting - too inviting - smile. She felt a trace of self-consciousness growing in Jason as he realized he was sharing a room with three beautiful women, and Chance grew a bit tense, concerned about her recent... additions. "Do not fret you two, the Amandas have very gentle, very capable hands. You can trust yourselves in her care, I know I do," Sapphire assured them. "I'll go first." The awe-inspiring Elan caressed Jason's cheek then with two gentle fingers on his chin, tilted his head up to meet her descending lips, to receive a kiss like no other he could imagine, pulsing throughout every particle of his being, and tossing his concerns aside. Chance received a like kiss, and though Sapphire couldn't add a psychic touch to it due to the influence of the Legion, the natural desire and care in it made her arch her back, wings flaring slightly. The Legion shifted in its spiritual bonds, but was wary of testing it chains again against what the two women shared - one of its greatest tools had been turned against it. With skill honed from sharing the beds of hundreds of lovers, Sapphire slid from the bed without disturbing the two other occupants and floated languidly through the air and landed in front of Amanda. "I put myself into your capable care." Twilight eyes brightened with concentration as an elaborately wrought stool of blue and lavender crystal formed behind her, topped with a soft cushion of gem-coloured silk. She sat down with a flourish, crossing her legs enticingly, arms outstretched in invitation, waiting for the doctor to begin her... examination.
  15. Basking in soft silk and plush pillows and the warmth of resting bodies pressed to her flawless flesh, Sapphire relayed Layel's information to Namiah, adding a touch of her own concern for the Scheherazade's Avatar, considering what Layel had learned. She kneaded Jason's back with long fingers, her other hand tracing idle designs on Chance's new - if yet unwanted - wings.
  16. Sapphire's perfect lips curved into a sympathetic smile as she caressed Jason's cheek with smooth, elegant fingers, as gentle as a mother, as enticing as a lover. She leaned forward, pressing her delectable lips against his forehead. "Shhhh... You are free now, Jason," she promised in her dulcet, husky voice, fingers running soothingly through his hair. "Freedom always costs, and you have my deepest regret that you had to pay so high a price. But all is not lost. There is yet time to stop what you have been forced to watch put in motion. With your help and what you have witnessed, first hand." Layel felt Sapphire's titillating touch on his mind, then the essence - if not the details -of what had occurred to the Head of Planetary Security faded into his awareness. *He was an unwilling agent, Layel, his will and mind devoured by one of the Legion. But he is free now, and an ally, once more.* With tender care, the slender, impossibly beautiful Elan urged Colonel Jason Sarvis to his feet, her physical support slight beside the immense mental and emotional strength she lent him, even now smoothing away the pain. She didn't take it all away, but made it bearable, as if it was something that he had lived with for some time. Her body pressed close to his side was warm and soft. "Come with us back to our ship," Sapphire extolled. "Even now, my Captain addresses the Council, welding them into a firm coalition, but she will wish to speak with you, I'm sure, as will your superiors. Never fear, I will vouchsafe you, this I swear." There was no way that Jason could dispute the sincerity of her tone. "With your help, we can disrupt the Emerald Empress' plans and curtail the domestic threats, and make of this coalition something of adamant." "For you, Sapphire, anything, everything, I have to give, is yours." Mere words couldn't convey the depths of his gratitude. He had been broken by the machinations of the Legion, one of the enemies he had sworn to defend Shangra-La against, and this dream of a woman had made him whole - and himself - once more. Tears he hadn't shed since he was a child threatened to fall. And he knew that she was aware of all this and held none of it against him. Sapphire chuckled in smokey delight. "Only what you wish to give, Jason, only that. Perhaps, for now, can you give my Companion Layel, the access codes to your mini-comp, and tell him how to get around your safe guards? Then we need to get you back to our ship, you still need time to convalesce." Her luminous twilight eyes glanced towards Chance, noting the pain furrows on her brow. "And you may not be the only one." "Of course..." He didn't know how to address this woman who had saved him, nothing seem adequate. Queen, milady, my Love, Mistress, Goddess... Sapphire smiled up at him and the answer came to him. "... my Sapphire Rose." Jason Sarvis turned to Layel and gave his hand a shake, thanking for his help in defeating the demon then giving him the information he needed to access his mini-comp without its memory being wiped. Sapphire twined her fingers with Jason's and Chance's. "See you soon back on the Scheherazade, Layel." Then the three of them dissolved into motes of azure light and coalesced in her quarters. As mental exhaustion began to over take her charges, Sapphire settled them onto her plus, extensive bed. She nestled herself between them, holding their heads to her breasts, fingers and mental magic easing their stress and rest. Namiah felt an ephemeral sensation, as of teasing fingers running up the fine hairs at the nape of her neck, an echo from an another time, waiting to be addressed. When she had a moment, Namiah turned her focus to her former lover and current subordinate. With little of her usual teasing temptation, Sapphire gave her Captain an in-depth update on the status of the compromised Head of Security - compromised no longer - and the plans of the Legionnaire that had inhabited him.
  17. As the demon disappeared in a ball of sulfur and brimstone, the unearthly beauty of the psionic Elan seared its eyes with lust and hate, even as the subtle tendrils she had planted in its mind carried her smokey, tantalizing voice to it. *In facing the Darkness and Destruction of unmitigated evil, enduring its depredations, I have alsways been willing to pay the price. We will be waiting for you and your master, Legionnaire.* Sapphire turned to Chance, pressing close, running a hand down her arm in comfort, and brushed a feathery kiss across her cheek. "It is well, Chance. One Demon has run and the others remain chained. Come to my quarters tonight, and we will silence their screams for another night, okay?" She gave the taller witch a devastating smile, enticing and gentle in a way no succubus could produce, then glanced at Layel, giving him a gracious nod that made her long hair ripple like a sapphire waterfall. "You check his wrist-comp, Layel, and I will check the security chief. With the Demon exorcised, his mind should be open to me - he may not have been totally at fault for his... loyalties." She knelt gracefully beside the formally possessed head of planetary security, her thin dress stretching to near translucency against her divine figure. She placed an elegant hand on his slowly rising and falling chest, lightly and familiar like a lover. With infinite tenderness, her will reached out, relieving the damage that demonic possession inevitably left behind, piecing together his fractured mind. With the same ephemeral care, she searched for what he knew of the Emerald Empress' plans and any residue of the demon's intentions. As she restored his mental health, she implanted a suggestion, impelling him to trust her, so smooth and fine, that it would be impossible for him, or anyone else, to question its validity.
  18. Holding onto Chance's hand, providing what support she could, Sapphire glided in front of the witch, chin elevated, staring up at the Demon with regal and enticing contempt, lush lips pulled back in an intoxicating sneer. She waved a pale hand at the demon in arrogant dismissal. "Leave this place, Demon," Sapphire proclaimed in her sultry tones, "lest the Demon-Binder condescends to notice your trifling presence. Leave this place, this planet, this sector of space, and never return. Else, you will wish you had never congealed from the muck of the abyss." As she drew the Demon's attention with her needling words and the exquisite perfection of her ravishing beauty, it never felt the subtly tendrils she wove through its mind, piercing its will and shredding it to pieces. Click to reveal.. Distracting Looks (DC 20, Will Save) - If the Demon fails, it is at DCs for Interaction skills against the Demon are reduced by 6, or it suffers -3 to opposed skill checks and/or Will saves, whichever applies. Using Tendrils in the Mind - Drain Will Save 11 (DC 21, Will) If a skill check is necessary to draw the Demon's attention, here it is, using Bluff (and applying the Attractive bonus). Bluff: 1d20+24 = 29
  19. Originally Posted By: Sapphire RoseWell, Chance, are you up for teaching a petty and annoying demon a lesson? Originally Posted By: ChanceI'm...I'm ready. I'm ok... I'm ok. "Then stand ready, lovely Chance, it will take all my concentration to get us there. You will have the first strike at the Minion of the Legion. Show him the strength that binds demons in chains of your own will." Sapphire twined her elegant fingers between Chance's and closed her eyes. She inhaled, long and slow, seemingly too long, then the two of them dissolved into cerulean motes of pure thought. With mental contact established with Layel, Sapphire knew exactly where to go. Mere moments later, though time appeared to stretch to infinity as their minds become one with the Collective Unconscious, motes of blue light coalesced behind Layel, then resolved into the forms of Chance and Sapphire, their hands still joined. "That step shall be your last, Legionnaire," Sapphire purred, her eyes alight with twilight, the seductive tones of her voice - envied by any succubus - paired with a righteous confidence.
  20. Just a suggestion, say something in the shout box, since posts in Archived games don't show up the Recent Posts List. Rorx has been pretty much MIA for a while now. Joani should be getting back to us by July 6th. If we still have enough players, I'm willing to try to keep going with this game.
  21. Sapphire brush an ephemeral kiss across Chance's lips, then pressing two slender fingers to them to still her protests. The psionic goddess might have been prevented from reading the witch's thoughts, but she could still read her body language. "It is what is, Chance. Don't worry about defining it or giving it a name, just enjoy it." Perfect lips curved enticingly, easing another concern "And you don't look like a demon to me. You look like you with sable wings. Look at me, Chance. I'm an Elan, but really, I look no different than a Human or one of the Ren or the natives of Orion Seven. The universe is a big place. One woman's demon is another's angel." Then one of the lovely Amandas entered, alerted by Scheherazade. Sapphire flashed her a conspiratorial smile, then glanced at Chance, asking her silently if she wished to explain the event. "Unforeseen consequences have unfolded, Amanda, but I think they have been dealt with," Sapphire assured the graceful doctor with a negligently devastating grin. Which Layel proved to be a lie with his next message through the mental com-network Sapphire had established. Originally Posted By: Layel*Oy. Look's like the Head of Security is possessed by a demon, and there's a third, DEMONIC side involved here, as the Head-Demon is speaking to. So that new-- Hell! How'd the demon on the other end know I'm here!? I've been found, I'll try to handle myself, but I request magical backup.*Sigh. Work here is never done. The last ship I was assigned to was far more accommodating. "Well, Chance, are you up for teaching a petty and annoying demon a lesson? Assuming of course, that Amanda here is willing to postpone your inevitable check-up." The heavy-lidded look she gave Amanda was fully confident that the doctor would agree with her.
  22. Sapphire knelt in front of the distraught witch, pulling her cheek to her bare bosom to comfort her. Despite the ordeal they had just suffered - and delighted in - there was no hesitancy in the fantasy-figured Elan's gentle touch, the only signs of what they had done were her glorious nudity and smears of vivid crimson blood painting her flanks. And even the blood was fading, clumping into beads and drifting away under her feather-light telekinetic touch. Being naked didn't appear to concern her in the least. "Shhh, Chance, don't let the Legion cause you despair." Sapphire ran her hands through Chance's hair with tender care, pressing full lips to her forehead in a soothing kiss. "This was a victory. The Legion tried to steal your desire, put you took it back for your own and placed them back in chains as well. Wings? Pfft! A petty bit of vengeance, a battle scar - don't give them the satisfaction. Take what they try to inflict on you and make it your own." "Besides," Sapphire added, a playing lilt to her innately seductive voice as she ran a feathery caress across the leathery wings, "the wings are rather becoming, like a dark cloak. Lots of races have them - the Teganese of the Raven Systems have dark wings too." As Sapphire tried to comfort the distressed witch, the Legion once again rising up against the soothing emotions she tried to project, she sent out her mind to Kaien, Kataran, and Layel, updating her status. *A... potential crisis has been averted. What does Nami want us to do now? I think there are two women up here who want to have 'words' with the erstwhile head of security, but we will continue overwatch and be the reserve unit if that is what Nami prefers.*
  23. Her unearthly beauty, crafted of dream and fantasy, tore and broke under the demonic strength of the Legion's lustful onslaught and with but a thought, Sapphire restored it to perfection, to suffer - to yield to - that terrible embrace once more. She rode the desire roaring between her and Chance and the Legion, subtly easing the Legion away, leaving it unfulfilled. She answered the young witch's lust and desire with her own, showing Chance in a way that could not be denied, that desire, in and of itself, was not an evil thing. Mature Click to reveal.. She raised a gentle hand, wiping the tears of rage and frustration away from blazing eyes of the twisted and hulking form the Legion had inflicted on its jailer, meeting them unflinchingly, though her breasts and flanks bore her own tears, crimson tears. Her arm went around the demon's neck, guiding its mouth to hers, entwining the forked tongue with her own as her other hand reached lower, deft fingers entering the nether opening between parted thighs. Don't feel shame or guilt at desire, Chance-love, never that! But rage at what the Legion makes of it, of your desire. The Legion are but echoes of true demons, with no form, no substance of its own. The hands that hold me, they are not their hands, but yours. Do you wish to hurt me or caress me? The lust-desire the Legion feels, it is not its desire, but yours. It is up to you to decide what you find desirable. Do you want to dominate and inflict pain or want to accept honest pleasure, freely given? The Legion tries to hide it, deny it, but the choice is entirely yours.* The sympathetic, seductive thought-voice held no artifice - bound so closely, lies were not possible between the Psion and the Witch. Bodies held so closely, powers bound together in an overwhelming gestalt, it was nearly impossible to tell were one began and the other ended. Though its chains had slackened, the Legion began to find itself being set aside, unable to come between the rising tides of desire Sapphire and Chance were sharing. *The Legion's chains have slackened and it believes it runs free, but you/we still hold the ends, Chance-Love-Self. While it runs around with its illusion of freedom, you/us are provided with an opportunity, provided you are willing. We can look inside its dungeon, to find what you really desire, what you really want, without your view being tainted with the Legion's malice. The way will be dark, but you are not alone. I will be with you for every step and will light the way.* Unnoticed between their physical embrace and mental caress, the air around Chance and Sapphire began to glow, pulsating with an indigo incandescence that held all the mysterious promise of twilight. The sourceless luminescence grew and grew, brighter than the noon-day sun.
  24. Their power joined together in a greater whole, Sapphire and Chance tore facade that the Head of Planetary wore, discovering the Demonic Entity that dwelt inside. The demonic essence reached for souls of its malevolent cousins chained inside the young witch, striving to give them the power to burst their bonds. But Sapphire was there, buffering Chance against the contact, the Legion roaring with the need for release, filling the two women with an all-consuming lust. But Sapphire had faced the depredations of the Reavers and she did not turn away from the menacing Legion, lust and desire being among that which she knew best. The Legion's lust was a dominating one, taking and consuming and, amidst those dark waves of vile desire, Sapphire danced. To her, lust was healthy, nothing to be ashamed off and was meant to be shared. Chance found her arms wrapped around the supple, shapely form of Sapphire, their lips pressed together passionately, tongues entwined. In her mind, the Legion demanded and in the face of those demands, Sapphire gave with all her heart, with no restrain or second thoughts. Locked in trying to turn the Legion's own weapon against it, Kaien's request was a faint buzzing, an annoyance that distracted her from something she considered much more important. Negligently, she replied, not taking into account the effect of the binding of power between her and Chance. When Sapphire replied, her mental 'voice' was more resonant and desirous than ever before, with a thrumming echo quality that struck to the core of the crew of the Scheherazade, causing emotions to rise, despite the circumstances. Only a light brush of a god-like regard touched Namiah before Sapphire retained enough control to pull away from her. *The Head of Planetary Security is NOT an agent of the Emerald Empress. He's a demon of the Legion, working to his own ends. Beware, he is far more dangerous than previously believed. Chance and I will aid when we can, but... we are in the process of containing another... problem.* With a brutal yet enticingly, limb-tingling disregard, Kaien felt something dig around in his head, yanking a copy of the incident from his memory. With equal brutally pleasurable efficiency, Tanya had the memory shoved into her mind with a concise (rushed and brief) note explaining the context. *There! Done!* The mental contact was abruptly severed, only the ephemeral sound of a long, moaning sigh lingering in its wake.
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