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  1. Still firmly ensnared and nearly enveloped by black tendrils, Silvia thrashed, clawed and bit for all she was worth. But held within the mass, it was all but futile, no matter how desperately she flailed; the living shadow that held her fast proved ephemeral when tooth or claw would normally find purchase. Even her growls seemed muffled.
  2. Sylvia had managed to scramble onto the top of the cage after her ill-fated attempt at breaking it free from its moorings. Now she saw a living shadow that simply reeked of malevolence attacking Lucia. What happened next was more instinct than thought. With a roar, she leaped at the thing, claws leading the way. ,,
  3. Problem. Went to look at my sheet for the first time in a long while... and it's not there. Oh, there's a button for a spoiler, but it does nothing/goes nowhere (in both normal view and edit). I don't think I have a backup for this sheet.
  4. Sylvia saw what Sean and Lucia were trying to do, even as smoke from the scorched feathers stung her sensitive nose. And all considered, she figured it to be the best idea around. ,, Positioning herself as far behind the two students as possible, the were-panther gauged the distance and height, hunkering down like a compressed spring. The still-human part of her brain thought to itself - Archimedes, don't let me down - then she bounded forward, leaping above the students and hurling herself at the top edge of the cage, hoping that a panther's bulk applied where the leverage was greatest would, in combination with the amazonian Sean's sheer strength and Lucia's own eerie efforts, finally rip the bars free from the floor. ,,
  5. Behind them came a low growl. A glance noted that it came from Ms. Dorn, and at first Sean might have thought it was for an "improper display of affection", as the student handbook back at Dalton put it. But a longer look set that explanation aside. The teacher's cat-like eyes were wide, her hackles - in fact, all of her body hair - was standing on end, and she was looking past the young pair into - and at - the house. ,, Every instinct Sylvia had - and to her surprise, she was finding that number to be significantly expanded beyond her previous ken - told her that the house was as bad a place as bad could be, and the panther within was reacting accordingly; she shifted, right there on the spot, and took up the classic feline stand - back raised, limbs tense - of "that is not good".
  6. Sylvia's eyes tried - and failed - to adjust to the pitch-black of this new world. Pupils that were normally a narrow slit widened to full dilation in an effort to gather any stray light available, and during the brief experiment with Sean's flashlight they shone in the dark, only to vanish in the blackness once more. ,, "Even Mr. FitzCoventry and I are going to have problems here unless we have some source of light, however modest. Would you mind trying Ms. Blake's suggestion of the red filter?"
  7. Believe it or not, I'm still here, and still reading everything. I've just not been able to work up something to say that the students haven't already said as well or better. Consider it, "Sylvia adopting an observational lab method."
  8. For her part, Sylvia had been quiet since stepping through the Door. With a trained eye, she was taking in every detail of the largely vertical cliff-city. Indeed, she'd pulled a journal from the side pocket of her pack and begun sketching aspects of it while introductions were made and diplomacy established. ,, Only when she was the last on the ledge did she reluctantly put the small book away and begin her own climb down the rope ladder that would have surprised anyone unfamiliar with her true nature; cat-like eyes betrayed that reality to any who looked, however.
  9. It had been a miserable night, and sleep didn't come. Sylvia had nothing to do but watch the sleeping students and think. In the first light of the false dawn, she'd carefully extracted herself from the small cabin, returning just as the students were starting to wake. Uncharacteristically, she didn't say very much; just proceeded with the first wave to Lancaster, the attic, and the door. She had a well-assembled backpack at the ready and a good walking stick. "Who has the key for the Devi," she asked in a quiet tone.
  10. "Five hours is too short a time to make this work, I'm afraid," said Sylvia. "And I think Mr. Cassidy's counterproposal is appropriate. Rest, reprovision, and then those who are willing can set off in support of Ms. Blake tomorrow. Is that agreeable?"
  11. Sylvia was next through the door, looking at the scene and swiftly stepping in and to the side so as not to cause more of a traffic jam than already existed. ,, "Well done, Mr. Jackson... and Mr. Kamparos, from the look of it," she said, one eyebrow rising slightly. "What is our situation here? Any immediate threat to Lancaster?" A certain protectiveness colored her words; back home once more, the Den-Warder felt the urge to ensure the safety of that home.
  12. "When last I checked, Mr. Venkman, I wasn't in the habit of informing Mrs. Pritchard of our every little plan. It's a habit I've no intention of developing, baring some very unexpected changes on her part."
  13. As the group began to head back toward the Door, Sylvia replied to Sean's statements regarding education. "I have absolutely no illusions that all the matters on our plate will be resolved in a classroom. But I don't think it will be the exclusive domain of... field-work, either. There's a balance to be found, and I think we'll all have to work together to find it." She looked around at the group, and added, "I do however think that some of our classes will by necessity be exclusive to this group, and well off of any curriculum seen by the Board."
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