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  1. [CN] " Supreme" The perfect man or so he try to be ,, spolier'' super-gifted, master of medicine and genetics, strongly involved in japan. can turn any organization to the perfect environment for both employees and customers for decades to come. but can't seem to make friends with outer novas"put foot in mouth"no matter how hard he try's. father of many children
  2. i see your point. we see if others are instrested in my adventure then ill post more and see what people like
  3. that is true but if you think how nova are changing the world. it give people new things to hate. you take a nova that you can never compete against no matter how good your are it will cause proplems after all we got those that hate because of religion, color, even nation into days world it would be not far out their to see it focus on novas ,, i am keep the terrorist group simple. remeber nova are public feature so they make a good target. if i get some people who would like to try i will post more and see what they think if not i will use genetric group but give them a name, a motivation make them seem a little more real. in this adventure would be the first act the hate group did that was very public. ,, but let see what other think. ,, ps this group will stay light they are bad guys. if players like the bad guys and this adventure they may grow but into then we will see ,, i think people will like this adventure if people have proplems with the concept them being anti-nova then i can call them anti-rich group but i will see what people have to say
  4. np i need to see who wants to join also which characters they want to play this will be more RP with some dice rolls for added elements.but keeping the storyline simple so character personality can be understood. i am planing to make sure players understand what is going on so i expect a lot of questions that players will have. this should solve a few proplems i had in the past. plus i will asked question about possible background knowledge that will effects characters and events. this also will allow players to enjoy the adventure better.
  5. ok here is my idea i want to use a terrorist group for a simple adventure. 1st characters are invited to a charity event ( various movers and shakers, powers to be etc.) 2nd terrorist place bombs character defeat terrorist and defuse bombs( allows players to bring either social or combat novas to the game) 3rd i am keeping the action simple and dialoge flowing ( this is keeping with my proplem of not being able to read players emotion or faces ) ,, would anyone want to try this
  6. hi guys sorry for the non action real life hit me really hard. 1. all data lost computer died ( hostile hack) 2. mom broke her ribs ( every time she healled she fall again) I like to continued but i have been inactive for long time. so i unterstand if you don't plus my story i wrote was really bad(lol really one of my friends read it and chew me out) spent a few months just writing while in the hospital with my mom
  7. " thank you very much Miss Kitty sometimes talking helps one clean ones thought process While i may make not much sense to you your commits make alot to me. again thank you for your help in everything" Supreme smiled He knew he did not make much sense but it was good to know there was others out their that had their own proplems that make he own seem small in the grand plan "Mr Mech i want to give you something for your honesty. this is a personal number anytime any place you need something i will put my entire resources at you call." Surpreme hoped that Mech would acepted it as it was the 1st time he was willing to help some one be cause he respected them. the end thank you for helping me with this plot it was great the support you did for me i have alot of work for me to do before i do anthour one and kami is starting a new plot this months so again it was great help and sorry i suck at writting so bad. Kitty your post was a nice eye opener in the way you wrote thanks for the training. Mech if you want to post somthing it good and if not again thank you for going with the flow the plots was really bad but you made it work so thank you and merry new years
  8. Supreme looked at both . supreme knew something was unspoken between them. but he did not know what. "That is a proplem in our world every one want to create weapons of destruction not items of healing. the first words i hear is how can this be used as a weapon not how many will this save. It is not right that people want to harm more then heal." supreme voice was fill of contemp. " To tell you the truth i love america and its freedom but the current policy the gov't has prevent me from trully helping people on large scale. While Japan has aloud me to develop medicial cures and policies to get the cures to the people. i have donate many patterns to japan in return they have used my plans in getting the medicine to the people. the trust they have given me is something that i find trully find heartwarming. even thru i know it is in their own best needs. it is still a nice working releationship. i get to help many people and the gov't get the credit of dealing with the needs of their people. it is a trust i will never betray." Supreme finish speaking Supreme laughed at loud " Wow i still talk to much around you " Supreme face shifted expresions " MECH may i imposed on you alot. my kids are fans of yours they will never forgive me if i do not get your autograft. But i warn you i got more kids then some towns have people. they arrange from 8 to less then a year old the youngest ones are no proplem its the eldest that will not let me rest they are stubborn their mothers say they get it from me." Supreme face became soft as this thoughts went to his kids. " They are the reason i want the world to be a better place. no disease, no hunger. a place children can go to school and dream of how to make the world a better place." Supreme laugh " that so does not sound like me."
  9. Supreme look at the nova's " yes you are completly right this version is to dangous for the public. i was asked by both japan and US along with europe common weath about using VR for Nova's personal use. but after what happen i will let them know it is not ready for nova's use. " Supreme face takes on some serious aspect " The side effects are not to my liking at all." " But do not worry with the information i gather from you the safeguards will prevent any harm to the users." " but after this i will have to prepare a report for Diet on how to deal with the new technology into existing infrastructure with out the stress factor." Supreme look at mech and Kitty " this verion will never be sold it is too dangous by far. the mental harm it could cause is very real" " to make sure the program will never be use i will like you to assist in deleating the program. I will break the program into three parts and each of you will deleate it. this will prevent me from having the data stolen." Supreme looked at their faces " I know it is strange thing to say but it is how i think if the encoded data is deleated by diffent people i trust it will prevent me from reconstruct the data" " Mech your dealing with the people are honest and truly helpful. your willingness to stand up for what is right even against gov't policy allows me to beleive in your word. So if your beleif is the same as mine in this reguard then it will be deleated." " Kitty i can not say thank you enough for this. You help convince me this version should be destroyed." Supreme finished " Sorry but when i deal with outer nova's i talk to much" " lets summerize 1. this version is too dangous to release and will be destroyed. 2. Civilian Version will gain new safeguards to prevent any memory maniupulation 3. Civilian version can not be used on any nova's with enchance mental capacity. 4. 50% of profit from the sell of VR program will go to charitys of your choice." Supreme looked at Mech again " im sorry but i think if any one asked if the Nova version of the VR worked they should be told that it failed and just caused a headack " " But i will trust your judgement in this" Supreme smilled " The one good thing that came out of this is the interface if i can find the right people the neural interface can be reduce in size and used to control artifical limbs so people can still have a normal life. Thank you so much Kitty you are a genius i never thought of that if you did not say somthing." Supreme eyes went wide for a second as mech and Kitty comments connected " WOO i soo sorry. what i put you into was not the Civilan version. it was the prototype for Nova's Version. any nova with enhance mental would find the VR to look like a 1920 tv. the neural link is too weak to keep up with a nova mental speed. anything more powerful would fried a normal person brain. that is why i asked for nova's that i could trust. who had enchanced perception, . the good news is once the core program is deleated only maybe one nova could dublicate it. and she works for DSA."
  10. As Mech listen to the report Large Words appeared before him " MISSION COMPLETE" a female voice rang out " disengage neural link loging out players" As the world turn white Mech and the others found them selfs laying on a chair. as their eyes focus they were greated by men in white standing over them They could hear them droning on. " brainwaves normal. some disruption in conscious links, all with in limits" the white shirts saying to each other. Naomi, Kitty and Mech find them self siting down in front of Supreme in a meeting room. Supreme looking at data that was in front of him and turn toward the group " thank you for your assistance I am sorry for the glich at the end the program seem to streech the limits of beleif for your group. your detail knowlege of DSA was more then the program could handle." Supreme pause for a second then looked at kitty " i put you through some major Stress by mischance i am not sure what happen but your medical condition was off the chart for safety measures" Naomi was was the enviroment i am sure you found it boring but it should be totaly real for most people." " now could you tell me how the Virual world was as far as interaction went. and was their any proplem that you notice in the interaction with the people or enviroment " Supreme drone on for a few minutes. " Did you have any proplems at all the the movie event and the spy investigation. some of these reading are odd it was as if you three interacted with each other. the program started behaving strangely after a while. Once we get your inputs and fine tune the program it should be marketed by next year" " and as agreed 50% of the profits for the program will go to charities of your chose for the next 5 years" " now please fill me in on the details and what you think of the VR reality compare to the real world." Supreme smiled at them as he waited for their response. group everything that you experience was a Vr creation you were asked to check out a new VR program design to play MMO Even as you remember the VR experience is still fresh in your mind
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