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  1. August’s wanton moans filled his ears as Declan thrust into her with gentle relentlessness. She rocked her hips back to meet his pushes, trying to draw him deeper and deeper into her body. This was perfect, despite the uneven ground digging into her palms and knees or the mosquitoes she could hear buzzing around her. Their lovemaking drowned out the sensations of the rest of the world, reducing her perceptions to lust, love and need. ,, Inside her sex, her body tensed and relaxed around Dec’s cock in rhythmic motion, driving the vargr closer and closer to his climax. August could almost feel his rising tension as his body tightened with greater and greater need. He gripped her harder and pulled her back more firmly, his fingers almost bruising. She opened her mouth to tell him, to get him to ease a touch, when he released a strangled cry and gave his cock one final plunge. She felt his shaft throb and shudder inside her body, leaving her moaning with her own delight. ,, Declan leaned lightly over her after a moment, his lips kissing her back and shoulders. When August turned her head to look at him, he kissed her lips gently. As he slipped from her body, she slowly lifted her upper body; Declan helped her until she kneeling in the grass, his front pressed to her back. “You’re wonderful,” she told him. “I love you.” ,, He grinned at her, an expression of delight at her words. “I love you, too. Betcha didn’t think I’d say it first.” ,, “No, I really didn’t.” She moved around until she was facing him. “I’m glad you did, though.” ,, “Me, too.” He pulled her in for another kiss, his hands running over her body. “We should get back to the tent though. You’re getting eaten.” ,, August blinked; his words made her aware of the red welts and small itchy spots on her body. “Ugh, yes! I packed some citronella candles—” ,, “Yeah, I smelled them. And dinner should be ready too.” Declan rose to his feet and helped her up. Together they gathered her clothing and headed back for camp. In the darkness, August found herself staggering and stumbling, even with his help. After her third near-trip, he picked her up in his arms and carried her the rest of the way. ,, They may have gotten distracted a bit when August started to kiss him again.
  2. “They’re in the fridge,” August told him, subconsciously getting her hackles up at being ordered around by a guest in her boyfriend’s ‘territory’. Some aspects of dating Declan were not helping her tactfulness. “You know where they are.” Her expression added, “and your legs work just fine.” ,, Gary paused, perhaps to count and calm himself, before requesting, “August, would you mind grabbing us some beers while I sit here and ponder the mystery you called me to solve?” ,, August nodded in acceptance since Gary had asked this time, both verbally and with his tone and body language. “Zoe, would you like one?” ,, “No.” The glowing golden woman looked slightly incredulous as she answered but the normalness of offer seemed to settle her a little, as if the world couldn’t be quite so weird if people were still treating her like a human. “Thank you.” ,, “Hon?” August’s question prompted a quiet nod from Declan. August went and fetched three brown bottles, popping their caps before rejoining the others in the living room. Then she returned to Declan’s side and waited for Gary to prove himself.
  3. “Okay, that’s good advice for anything,” August said softly, “but how do you verify a ghost? It’s not like you can call their references.” ,, Gary laughed. “No, you can’t, but if they give you historical details, check those out. They can give you a clue to if the ghost is lying or doesn’t remember. As for how to know the latter from the former, that takes more verification. Some ghosts just honestly forget.” ,, “Do we have names for the kinds of ghosts?” August asked. ,, “You mean like in D&D?” Gary asked with a smirk. ,, “No, I mean like in how our species has to classify and name everything.” August gave him a little smirk as she spoke.
  4. Astra beat her to it, and August made a face as she cut herself off before she said anything more. It was annoying and insulting, even as a joke, that Gary was picturing this as a place where people would come just to oogle her boyfriend, or a group where people would come to perv on Swara’s ass. August wasn’t into girls, but she could tell when a woman was well-constructed. ,, Then the pretty brunette distracted her again, and August found herself wondering more about this group with its magic and entrenched bureaucracy. “Well, if we want to keep it loose, should we set up a private Facebook page… hmm, wait, they can see that. Okay, I’ll volunteer to be the operator, if we want to have a central number-keeper and message-taker and organizer. Until I find regular work, I have plenty of time for this.”
  5. When Gary closed the door, August got up off the couch so that he could take a seat closer to the subject, if he wished. “Gary, this is Zoe. Zoe, this is the Chantry guy, Gary.” She nodded to him and gave a terse smile before crossed the room to stand by Declan. Her boyfriend lifted his arm and she ducked under it and snuggled in against his side. She felt better closer to him; love and safety were all rolled together with the vargr now. ,, Man, I wish he’d found someone who knew more about stuff other than ghosts, she sighed to herself, feeling bad for Zoe. She was lost and confused and answers were not likely to be easy, unless they could find someone who was well-versed in what Zoe was.
  6. August barely registered the words at first; with her blood pounding and her skin on fire, hearing wasn’t her focus. But they did pierce her fog, exactly as she slid down onto his cock. Declan emitted something between a growl and a groan as the wet heat enveloped him completely. Somehow, they managed to keep the eye contact, and he saw the moment she understood. ,, Big green eyes almost shone with the intensity of her passion as she whispered, “Oh, Dec. I love you, too.” She’d known that for a long time, and it was only her worries about their compatibility that kept her silent. She’d had a fear that wolf and woman were not supposed to mingle, not without pain and tears. Until now, that theory had been supported by events. Right here and now, naked in the woods and sheathing him inside her so intimately as words of love hung in the air, they seemed perfectly right. ,, The heat and fire between them shifted subtly. It still burned hot, but there was something gentler in it, too. The declarations of love had stilled August’s hurried motions a bit and she was now moving with a mind to enjoy the moment and draw out this first encounter. The carnal and the emotional nature of their joining heightened the moment for her. Leaning forward, she kissed him, her hips rising a little as she did. She paused a moment with just his head in her entrance; then she lowered her body with tantalizing slowness. Dec made a taut noise in the back of his throat, even as his tongue danced over hers. ,, August moaned as she broke the kiss and leaned back, enough to change the angle of his cock. “God, you feel so good fucking me,” she murmured as she did another slow slide of her hips. “I love feeling your cock inside me.” ,, “You can have it whenever you want,” Declan promised. “You can have me whenever you want.” Her breasts were bouncing before his eyes and so he leaned forward and captured a nipple in his lips, suckling on the sensitive bud. ,, “Ah! Oh… yes… And god do I want you. Love you, too,” she repeated, just to hear herself say it again. Her fingers played in his hair as he turned his attention to the other breast. Realizing that his hands were busy holding her, she slipped a hand downward, between their bodies. Her fingers found and began to stimulate her clit, driving her toward an orgasm they’d both enjoy. ,, The sun drifted lower as the couple lost themselves in each other. They didn’t mind the fading light or that they were exposed to anyone who might be wandering around the area. Their worlds became only each other and their love, the feel of their bodies and the joy of giving pleasure to their lover. Kissing, touching, fucking: it was all part of the wonder of the moment. ,, Declan had started to roll his hips up as much as he could; she felt too good not to try to go deeper. On one of these thrusts, August’s head fell back and she shouted wordlessly. Declan could feel her inner walls clench and throb about his cock. “Oh, god,” August cried as she sagged against him for a moment, “oh fuck me!”
  7. August frowned and tried not to sigh when Gary picked up the phone. She was hoping for one of the more senior and knowledgeable members of the Chantry. “Well, I’ve got something odd going on and was looking for some back-up.” ,, “Oh, I can be right there—” ,, “I was hoping for someone who knows the really bizarre stuff, not just ghost-things,” August explained gently. ,, “Oh. What’s going on?” Gary probed. ,, “Is one of the bizarre-knowers there?” August pushed him back a little, trying to get to someone who would have a chance of knowing what was going on. ,, She heard the phone shift. “Actually not. ‘Fraid it’s just me.” ,, Did he even look? August swallowed her irritation, knowing that it was coming from her stressful evening. “Alright, then come over to Dec’s. If you see one of the guys who knows the bizarre stuff, bring them along.”
  8. “Wait… you know about this stuff?” August glanced at Oneca, who shrugged in confusion. “And Saja isn’t human? How can you see wonky stuff? What are you?” ,, It was unnerving to be found out, and August had sudden insight into Dec’s reaction when he’d started to flee LA. She kinda wanted to run away from the girl who had so much information about August, without August having the first clue about her. ,, “I’m a mage,” Aradia admitted, “that’s how come I can tell you guys aren’t.” ,, “You’re being awfully open for one of the supernatural types talking to a non-supernatural.” August frowned and crossed her arms. ,, “You guys are my friends. The truth of you guys won’t change that.” Aradia looked between August and Oneca. “So c’mon already. Spill!” ,, August swallowed. “I see dead people. I have most of my life. I also do the automatic drawing thing, though that’s creepy and I’d rather not.” She glanced at Oneca, to see if she’d be more willing to share than August was initially.
  9. She knew that he was right behind her. August was too busy running to grin, but the feeling was there: Declan was chasing her. Some people would have been horrified by the spectacle the two made as the woman fled from the naked man, miles from the police. August didn’t care, because it was a game, not reality. They were having fun, just as Lise had recommended. ,, The second she stepped into the clearing, August realized it was the perfect ambush spot. She jumped to the right as Declan made his move, and she caught sight of him as he recovered from missing her. He lunged at her again but her sudden course change left only her hair in his grasp, and he quickly opened his fingers so that he didn’t pull. ,, He’ll have me soon, August thought as she tried to make it back to the cover (safety?) of the trees. That near-miss is going to make him more eag— ,, His arms wrapped around her waist and lifted her off the ground. Thanks to Declan, August had a repertoire of counters to being grabbed like this, but a lot of them would have turned sexy-fun-times into painful-unsexy-times. So August crouched and put her weight against his arms, hoping to pop the hold he had on her. ,, Declan’s response was simple; he put her on the ground and pinned her hands above her head. He was straddling her, his stiff cock hard against her belly as he leaned over her. For a moment, they stared at one another, his silver eyes locked on her green ones. When he kissed her, she moaned a little as she returned it ardently. ,, Her blood was singing in her veins and thoughts of the last time were far away. Right now it was just the endorphins in her blood and her boyfriend holding her down and kissing her until her toes curled. Declan let go of her hands after a moment and cupped her breasts through the bikini top, kneading her nipples. August curled one arm around his shoulder, splaying her fingers wide across his well-muscled back. Her other hand wormed between their bodies to claim his cock. ,, Declan groaned and kissed her as she gripped him firmly, both above and below. In answer, he arched his back so that she could keep her hand wrapped around him while he kissed and licked her bare stomach. August moaned and wiggled, alternating between aroused and ticklish based on where he was focusing his attention. ,, The vargr shifted until he was between her legs and then lifted her up onto his lap. “Grass would be itchy on delicate parts,” he told her just before he claimed her mouth again for a heated kiss. ,, “The tent?” August breathed when she had the chance to speak again. She slid her hand up and down his shaft, trying to make sure she got only an agreement from him. August was completely ready; her body felt like it was on fire, and she wasn’t worried about Declan’s mouth or what he might do with it. “Or, god… you could take me from behind, right here… fuck me in the grass and make me howl.” August kissed him as her fingers worked their magic on his cock.
  10. August choked on her drink. “What?” she gasped, pressing the back of her hand to her lips as her face erupted in a bright blush. ,, “Come on, you know… how many times a week can you mount that stallion and ride him into the wild blue yonder?” Aradia asked, not catching the cowboy references until after she’d uttered them. Wisely, she didn’t remark on her subconscious connection to her night of debauchery with August’s boyfriend. At least she’d gotten to mount him before August had tamed him. ,, “Uh… enough…” August was really red now, and looking anywhere other than Oneca and Aradia. ,, “Enough for… what?” Oneca joined in with a grin. ,, “Enough to satisfy.” August shrugged, trying to appear casual. “I don’t want to kiss and tell.” ,, “Oh, yes you do.” Aradia leaned closer. “C’mon, spill!” ,, “Well… I’ll say this. You shouldn’t be asking how many times a week he’s good for.” August grinned at the other two girl’s expectant expressions as she paused for effect. “You should be asking how many times a night.” ,, “Liar!” Oneca laughed, throwing a pillow at August. ,, “I swear!” August ducked the projectile, giggling. ,, “So… the answer to my question is ‘at least seven’.” Aradia had no doubts that August was being honest. “Your protection had better be hardcore.” ,, “It is. I’m not interested in p- babies.” August shuddered. “Me a mom. Can you imagine?” ,, Oneca snorted. “I’m trying to picture Dec changing a diaper, and it ain’t happening.” ,, “I know, right?” August shook her head. “We haven’t hit the ‘L-word’ yet, so let’s not bring up the ‘P-word’. So, now that I have been left with char marks from my grilling, what about you, Oneca? How was your trip?”
  11. ,, Huh. August felt her eyebrows rise as she considered that idea. Maybe while giving a blow job? But what if that’s a ‘transform now’ button on werewolves? But how do I open up the topic? “Hey, Dec, can I poke your perineum?” ,, ,, ,, ,, August started to giggle at the image of her trying to convince Declan to let her swathe his cock in a knotted nylon stocking. Turning the meat, she tried to imagine if that would even feel good for both of them. Oh, Cosmo, you have failed me. Maybe I should write in and ask them for sex tips related to werewolves. “Dear Cosmo… my boyfriend likes sex in his animal form. I don’t. Am I being a prude?” ,, ,, ,, ,, Whatever they were going to do with the mirror remained unknown because something cold and wet touched August’s neck. Her shriek would have made any horror movie director piss himself with delight at the blood-curling howl of pure terror. The young medium threw her Kindle into the woods as she scrambled toward the fire and grabbed a small, burning log. She spun and pointed it at the threat—to see her furry boyfriend draping himself over the log and emitting the wolf version of rib-cracking laughter. ,, “Oh, fuck you!” August shouted, throwing the log down into the fire and grabbing her chest. “I think I’m having a god damned heart attack!” ,, Declan was suddenly human again; seeing the transition while he was laughing was bizarre. “Nah, you’re complaining too much to be dying,” he told her between laughs. He was still chuckling when he got up and brushed the pine needles off his skin. August started to turn away from staring before realizing, We’re dating, and he’s running around naked. I can stare if I want. So when the vargr looked up at her, August was looking at him like the last rib at a Southern barbeque. “So…” she asked softly. “Hungry yet?”
  12. Now August was the one screaming. She jerked backwards and propelled herself into Declan and then used his shirt as a fulcrum as she swung herself around him (later August would swear up and down that both of her feet left the ground, while Dec insists that she did a full Matrix flip over his shoulder, complete with slow-motion side effects—the matter remains a lively point of debate to this day). From behind the safety of her man-shaped boyfriend, August shrieked, “Ohmyfuckinggod! What are you?” ,, “I don’t know!” Zoe shrieked back. ,, “Well how do we find out!?” August’s shout was just as loud and Dec raised both hands. ,, “I don’t know!” Zoe repeated at the same volume. ,, “Pipe down!” he roared, which was enough to calm the loudest of the hysterics. August was still hiding behind him, her fingers curled around his shirt. “Aight, we’re all going back to the table and sittin’ down, and figurin’ out what the fuck is going on, okay?” ,, “Okay,” August agreed softly. Zoe nodded softly. ,, Declan walked the two ladies back to the table and got them into their seats, though August still looked ready to bolt at the slightest move from Zoe. “Now. Zoe, do you remember anything else?” ,, “No.” She sounded close to tears, which seemed to be helping August calm down. It was hard to be scared of anything that sounded so sad and pathetic. ,, “Then maybe I should call the Chantry,” August said softly, glancing at Declan for his thoughts on the matter.
  13. “Ya sure?” Declan asked, his voice a rumbling purr in her ear. ,, “Yeah, I’m sure.” August made sure he heard the regret in her voice. “I haven’t seen Aradia in almost a month, and I’ve seen nothing but you in the last month.” ,, “Yer not tired of me yet.” Another man would have made that a question—Declan knew the answer and was stating a fact. ,, “Not even close.” August twirled her black hair around a finger, imagining that it was his hands playing with her hair. “I do however, need to spend some time with my friends, who I do miss.” She also needed to go job hunting and she forgot to do that when she spent so much time around him. Granted, he had his job, but she found that she slept a lot when he was at work, because she didn’t get much sleep when he was at the house. “I’ll see you tomorrow at lunchtime, okay?” ,, “Can’t wait.” There was a pause and Dec added, “If ya get lonely tonight—” ,, I’ll miss you too. The sex was great, and she knew that he liked her, but she knew that she loved him. She just wasn’t sure he was at that level yet. “I have a key,” August assured him, “and if I get lonely, you’ll be the first to know.” ,, “Good. Have fun, August.” ,, “You too,” she said before hanging up. Even as she missed him, she found that she was looking forward to hanging out with Aradia and Oneca—and no Saja! ,, She was grinning in anticipation by the time she hit the door to the den. “Hey, chica,” she called as she spotted her friend waiting for her. August opened her arms and Aradia stepped in for a hug. “Was Saja okay with you?” ,, “Nah, but I know how to handle her,” Aradia replied, even as she pulled back and gave August an arch look. “I would have appreciated the support, though.” ,, “Ugh. She tolerates you, but she hates me,” August sighed as she sat down on the couch and pulled her knees to her chest. “But you know what? Screw her! She’s not here and we are! Gimme a beer, it’s time to celebrate.” ,, “Beer?” Aradia blinked. ,, “Oh, yeah. Dec’s introduced me to these local breweries, and some of them are really good. But hey, I’ll take a mojito or pina-mix, too.” As August popped the top on a pre-mixed ‘mojito’ wine-cooler, she said, “So what’s the plan for the girl’s night, anyway?”
  14. “Wait, the… what?” August blinked at the description. “Linked satellites?” “Yes, it increases their range and lets us look much further into space,” Zoe said. Her smile was kind, and if she had explained this over and over again before to people who didn’t understand, she didn’t show it. “Basically, it’s in a Y-shape with three arms and so you can have a twenty-two mile satellite.” “It’s in New Mexico? But I thought that’s why we built the Hubble.” August looked confused, even as she ate another forkful of salad. “You know, putting a satellite up above the atmosphere to cut out all the interference that causes.” Zoe looked taken aback. “Well, yes, that’s a given. Earth’s atmosphere does cause interference, but we can’t get something like the VLA into space. The cost would be astronomical, and the technology isn’t there… What is that?” August had paused the consumption of her dinner to whip out her cell phone; she glanced up from her browsing to answer, “This? It’s… a cell phone.” August passed him the phone, showing him the Wikipedia entry on the V.L.A., built in the 1970’s. She and Declan exchanged a glance before August softly said, “Zoe, I don’t think you’ve been gone a few months. I think it’s longer than that. I think it’s been a few… a few decades.”
  15. August took a brief moment to consider what it would be like to have a house in the woods, where Dec could run around naked all the time. She had to admit, it was the best endorsement she’d ever heard for rural life. Realizing she was being left behind, August hurried after him, pushing a path into the underbrush. ,, “Grab a pan,” Dec yelled back, and August detoured back to camp to get a shallow metal container. Then she was scampering back after him. ,, Her boyfriend’s ass—because be honest, that’s where August’s eyes were, she hadn’t seen him naked often enough to not take the chance to oogle him—led her to a small clearing. August stopped at his side and casually gave him a jock’s swat across the ass. The vagyr started, blinking at her before giving a smoldering growl and leaning in, clearly for a kiss. “Eeek! Brush teeth first, please!” August begged, upending the pan between her lips and the lips that had just been covered in hog’s blood. ,, “No blood-flavored kisses on the first date, got it,” Declan said, grinning. “The trick to pig,” Declan started in a lecture tone, “is not to worry about gutting it. All the meat you want is on the outside of the body cavity. Other animals, yeah, you’re gonna have to open them up. But pig is easier.” ,, As Declan spoke, he started to expertly string up the carcass, and what followed as a fairly normal butchering. The skin was removed down to the head and then it was taken off and set aside. The front feet were next, followed by Declan pouring water over the body to clean any contaminants off. Two strips of meat came off the back on either side of the spine and Dec announced, “Tenderloin” as he dropped them into the pan August held The shoulders and front legs were next and were for pull pork, normally. “We’ll be making pulled pork tomorrow with the bar-bee-que sauce I brought.” The two hams on the back legs were cut away from the bone and added to the supply. With that, Dec stepped back, looking pleased. The process had been surprisingly fast and clean, with only a little blood. ,, “There’s more on there,” August observed. ,, “Yeah, but we don’t need it and it won’t go to waste out here.” Declan grinned and offered her the knife. “You’re welcome to get to it if you want.” ,, “No, I trust you,” August said, just a shade too quickly. “So… back to camp?” ,, “Yeah.” Dec lowered the pig’s body and left it with the hide for scavengers to enjoy. Together, the couple made the trek back to camp. “Now, I’m gonna brush my teeth and clean up, and you can start dinner.” ,, “What? How?” August looked at him vaguely alarmed. ,, “Thread the tenderloins on the skewers, then cut the hams into cookable chunks. The shoulders should go in the plastic bag in the cooler for tomorrow.” Declan showed her where it all was and then winked. “I’ve done all the work for dinner until now. Your turn.” ,, “I’d have helped! If I was, you know, a furry killing machine or knew how to butcher,” the girl protested. ,, “But you know how to cook, right?” Declan asked, will smiling. ,, It was August’s turn to smirk. “In theory!” She paused for effect before adding sweetly, “You probably shouldn’t take too long, furry-dearest.”
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