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  1. Greetings everyone. I'm Matt, the RPG Post admin. I'm a long time gamer, but spend most of my time working on the technical side of things these days. Please let me know if you ever need any help with the site.
  2. That's the way it goes. Wasn't the Battle of Helm's Deep (Battle of the Hornburg) only a couple paragraphs?
  3. Very cool. Thanks for finding and posting about it.
  4. Here's the trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the Doyen and have a hard time fitting them into the Nova Age. As you stated, the doyen were represented as slow thinkers that because of their longer lifespan came to decisions over a longer period of time. As such, I have a difficult time trying to fit them into the other games. Do you have something in mind for how to fit them into the setting? Here's a quote from Alien Encounters If anything they may have sensed something odd after the Hammersmith Incident. Perhaps they inspired Area 51 or other alien conspiracies. I don't think they could have had any direct interaction then though. Was it ever stated why they vehemently opposed the Aberrants? I know that the Aberrants threatened their very existence. Was there ever an indecent written? Here are some links if you haven't read them already. http://www.rpgpost.com/topic/8686-trinity-rpg-doyen-sourcebook/ http://forum.rpg.net/archive/index.php/t-285084.html http://forum.rpg.net/archive/index.php/t-390513.html
  6. Here's the first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron
  7. Alternity: The Elements of EternityAvatar the Last Airbender: A Second ChanceBattlestar Valkyrie: Operation BifrostChangeling-Earth 2: Freehold EarthDragon Age: Learn to PlayDungeons & Dragons: The Crimsom RingEarthDawn: A Brave New WorldExalted: Dreams of ExaltationExalted: Heaven's WarriorsExalted: Shards of HopeFate: No ExitGame of Thrones: A Cold Wind BlowsLords of Gossamer & ShadowNobilis: Of Love and HeavenNumenera: The Nightmare SwitchPathfinder: NavinehScion: Legends of the Wild WestScion: Living LegendsScion: The Long NightScion: Rise of the FallenShadowrun: Everybody LiesStar Wars: The New Sith EmpireStar Wars: The Sith WarWarhammer: Shadows of Empire
  8. Here's the updated Godzilla movie.
  9. Matt

    Trinity Continuum Poster

    From the album: Trinity Continuum

    The Trinity Continuum An amazing montage of the beautiful Trinity art of Glenn Fabry, Mark Chiarello, Thomas Fleming, and Grzegorz Pedrycz. Originally released at Gen Con 2014 and now available as a 12″ x 18″ poster. Every Age Has Its Heroes At long last, the Trinity Continuum returns in a new edition with a new system and setting revised from the ground up. Throughout history, the Inspired arise in times of need. Few sit idly; they seem driven to act. Some will be crowned as heroes, others as power-mad aberrations. Which will you be? The Trinity Continuum Returns in 2015!
  10. Matt

    Trinity Continuum

  11. 37 downloads

    This is the ship's log for the Darkness Revealed 1: Descent into Darkness adventure Downward Spiral. It is a PC executable file with each entry selectable. I created this for the game that I ran 15 years ago.
  12. I think Guardians was my favorite Marvel movie. It was by far the most fun.
  13. Bunnies vs. Zombies ,, I thought some people on here may get a kick out of this one.
  14. Here are links to the books mentioned. ,, http://www.rpgpost.com/files/file/1-aberrant-brainwaves/ ,, http://www.rpgpost.com/files/file/2-aberrant-forceful-personalities/
  15. That's great to hear. ,, For some reason I just haven't been able to get excited for this movie. I really liked First Class but the trailers never hit the right cord with me. I have been hoping the marketing department dropped the ball and not the movie people. I'm glad to hear that appears to be the case.
  16. Here are the instructions: https://github.com/UrsZeidler/shr5rcp/wiki ,, I tested it out quickly and could make a character, but it wasn't very easy to do.
  17. What does everyone want and expect out of the new game line(s)?
  18. Where does it say that you can't be a mover and a shaker? Regardless of the scale, PCs will start off at the low end of the scale. But in your game you'll have the opportunity to rise as high as your ST wants. If that caps at Magneto or Superman, you are still a mover and a shaker in the world compared to humans.
  19. For those that don't want to read through the thread over there here are some of the highlights. John Snead My specific instructions on Psychokinetics are that a maxed out PK should be equal in power and capabilities to a hybrid fighter (a jet fighter with orbital capability). Also, a fair number of the low end powers will cost 0 Psi Points (for example telepathic communication is really nothing more than a psychic cellphone, and so should be usable at will). The TU core rules are still be finalized (although they are almost done), so the Psi Rules are not remotely finalized yet, but I know what I want, which is easy (ie nothing like the Freefrom Psi System), flexible (far more so than the Psi System in the Trinity core book), and somewhat more powerful than the previous version. Most of all, my goal is to make every Aptitude Awesome (but in its own unique way). For example, Vitakinetics will be more than just healers - think Captain America, but able to heal rapidly and to heal and amp up his comrades (my image for them is generalized first response emergency personnel rather than just doctors). Ian Watson Powers aren't strictly regimented, but they're not wildly freeform like Mage's Spheres. There's a lot of room for manoeuvring between those extremes. We haven't said anything beyond "we're doing more eras," and "I have five extra eras planned." The three primary settings are distinct for reasons which will become clear, and the arc you enjoyed before can continue to be enjoyed with the new edition. The setting is called the Trinity Continuum for a reason. There are no new Inspired character types. Think of it like the Force Unleashed games. They're set in the Star Wars universe and maybe fill in a few gaps, but they largely feature new characters and locations unrelated to the main trilogy. They are not required to enjoy the trilogy, and the trilogy continues to work just fine without them. They're an extra. You can avoid them entirely if they don't interest you. John Snead I'm not certain how much detail about biotech will be able to fit into the main Aeon book, but I'll definitely be exploring biotech in one of the early books. In the core book the focus will be on psions, but it won't be too long before we get to psychomorphs. John Snead There are a few noticeable differences in the setting, with the two big ones being that the game opens 6 months after the Teleporters have returned, wireless internet is ubiquitous rather than highly restricted, but the same basic setting remains much the same and has changed a whole lot less than the rules, and I can say that with certainty, because a good bit of the setting material is completed. The Esperanza still hit France (which is a huge and terrible mess), North America still has Wycoff's Blight and is still run by nasty fascists, the UAN, Sudamerica, and Australia are still nice places to live (if also quite different from one another), and Otha Herzog still runs a Clairsentient cult on Luna (which is also a major religion, since I wrote up ISRA, and it occurred to me that if you actually had a spiritual leader who had verifiable visions of the future and could work similar wonders, disciples would flock to them). In the core book, you'll have material to support ground war (KLG), massive scale, highly dangerous disaster relief (France), cyberpunk-esque rebillion and "shadowrunning" (the FSA), corporate & government espionage (anywhere), interstellar colonization & exploration, recontacting lost colonies, meeting aliens & fighting aliens, and Lunar Underworld crime dramas, just like in the original, but with the Aeon Trinity being a generally good and honest organization (which doesn't mean that it can't have villains working for it, just that they aren't in charge). Our mission statement was pretty much tweak the setting, rewrite the rules. John Snead The Coalition, Qin, & Chromatics are all still part of the setting and all three have short write-ups in the core Aeon book. John Snead I'm making certain to give the entire inhabited world more info that was in the Trinity corebook, and I'm focusing as much attention on Sudamerica, China, and the UAN as on the FSA and Western Europe. For the time, I think that Trinity did an excellent job of being a worldwide setting, but it's 2014 and not 1997, and so I'm determined to do even better, but I also won't be neglecting the FSA, Western Europe, India, Australia, or Luna. John Snead The rules aren't written yet, but there will be a short section on creating Aberrant NPCs in the Aeon core book, it will not be designed for or particularly useful for creating PCs and will be solely for creating the sorts of low-end aberrants & sub-aberrant mutations that PCs will mostly fight. However, we have discussed the difference in power level between Novas in Aberrant and aberrants in Aeon, and so there won't be the same lack of connection between them. If you want to play Novas in Aeon, you'll need to wait until Aberrant comes out. Bates Certainly, I'd see aberrants as being an important factor in the Aeon Era. However, making them the key threat would undercut the richness of the setting, in my opinion. It's a future of promise and danger, with opportunities and threats from multiple sources besides aberrants -- aliens, orders, nations, corporations, and the Aeon organization itself. Ian Watson A sample of the rules will be available soonish. Ian Watson Originally, Bates had this list of what Aberrants were capable of, how their powers generally worked, and so forth. Then the Aberrant developer threw all that away and did his own game. What we're doing now is doing all the game lines under a single lead developer (me) so that it's coherent and makes sense. John Snead Aeon will have tanks with each psion having a single Aptitude (with 3 Modes). However, powers and Psi Order have little to do with one another, half of the members of most Psi Orders have powers different from the one associated with that Order's tank. For example, there are plenty of Clairsentients, Electrokinetics, and Vitakinetics in the Legions, and Telepaths and Teleporters in ISRA. Also, the rules for Secondary Aptitudes will be a bit more liberal than before, and rules psychomorphs will appear in one of the early supplements. John Snead I'm changing Project Rewrite a bit. In addition to doubting that you could erase the history of the Nova Age quite so well, I also don't think Project Rewrite would be needed to demonize Novas. Superman in anything like a remotely realistic setting is inherently scary. What would make him not scary is if you were absolutely certain that he was on the side of helping people and saving kittens. Lose that, and you have a terrible and angry monster that all remotely sane people would find utterly terrifying. Some people's response to that terror would be worship, others would flee or fight, but almost no one wouldn't be afraid. All you'd really need to do is emphasize the horror stories a bit more and you can leave all the cool stuff they did in the past. All it takes is a few mass murders and similar horrors to wipe out any number of previous good works - public opinion can turn fast, and nothing makes it turn faster than murdering lots of civilians. So, my vision of Project Rewrite is some tweaking + whole sale erasure and containment of all Nova-created tech and science that is too advanced for humans to fully understand, as well as the stuff that's too dangerous to have around. Also, Project Rewrite have gotten rid of all recordings made of or by inhumanly persuasive/charismatic Novas, because those would also be too dangerous to have around. Bates From the Aeon Trinity's perspective, the strategy was to position normal humans as heroic and capable in the face of these postmodern gods. The world was trying to rebuild itself, so giving people some hope and a "we can do it!" attitude couldn't hurt. Whether it was actually humans v nova or nova v nova wasn't relevant. (Personally, I always viewed it as a combination of things -- novas and humans on both sides, sometimes just nova v nova, sometimes human v human, generally a mix of the two, and overall a big mess.) And, yeah, not necessarily considered when written, but having gaps in history and info creates some nice story hook opportunities should people want to dig into 'em. (Now, some that actual Project: Rewrite written material had its clunky bits and logic gaps, but that's the developer's fault...) Bates I based the aberrant power approach in Trinity on the early bible for Aberrant. When the actual game was done, there was a clear shift, which is why we plugged in the "sub-aberrant mutant" thing. One of the problems of having multiple developers and silo'd game design. Based on what little I know of Ian's approach to the Trinity Continuum, this shouldn't be an issue. He and his team have a plan, and it should be pretty damn cool. Bates To be fair, Rob Hatch had a pitch for Aberrant before Trinity was ever a glimmer of an idea. I based the aberrants in Trinity on that material. Rob did subsequently take things in a different direction that I didn't agree with*, but that was his and the management team's call. Just wish we could've coordinated connections better between the two settings. *Watershed moment in my career, too. I was supposed to take over development for the Aberrant line after the core book was done, but passed due to that differing perspective on the material. Though I don't regret the choice, I've wondered a time or two where I'd've ended up if I'd taken the gig. *cue Incredible Hulk theme* Bates On the Coalition, there was a bit of background, but I thought we'd put that in the Alien Encounters books? I recall the gist was that they're an ancient race of galactic wanderers who subsume other races genetically to sustain themselves. They met up with a nova and developed nefarious plans for Earth. We'd discussed that their arrival in our solar system would happen right about when The Colony and their minions made another play for Earth, as well as the Doyen realizing their Proxies were gone off the chain of their control. So you'd have a free-for-all of these various forces, with humanity and its allies in the middle. Quite ambitious, and probably unworkable. John Snead Absolutely nothing is certain with Aberrant, but we're definitely talking about them being powerful supers. I have no idea if this means that the top end is army-fighting powerful like Magneto or Storm, or planet juggling powerful like Superman or Green Lantern, but somewhere in that range. Ian Watson Some nova abilities will be expanded, others will be diminished, but otherwise their power level shouldn't be changing all that much. There will, for example, finally be rules for making an Iron Man-type character. Ian Watson This is my first development gig and I know next to nothing about how timing works out, but others seem confident with the current status for first two November releases. Ian Watson We've got close to two dozen supplements currently planned, all told. You don't develop a line without some idea of where you want to go with it. Ian Watson An individual Talent is not as powerful as an individual psion. An individual psion is not as powerful as an individual nova. And we're okay with that. Not everything has to balance 1:1 against everything else. Ian Watson Trinity (or rather, Aeon) will be changing to better account for Aberrant. Aberrant will also be changing to better account for Aeon. There are changes across the board. I suspect not every change will be to taste, but that's always going to be the case. Overall it's my job to have as cohesive a vision for the Trinity Continuum as possible, and work with the individual line developers to see that through. My guiding thought has mostly been what will make this line better?, whether "better" is "more cohesive," "more true to its themes," "a better toolbox for people to play a lot of games within this genre," or whatever. Making up two examples (and by made up I mean they don't necessarily reflect any actual changes), if I say "bioapps no longer need to be formatted," there'll be people who love the idea and people who hate it. If I say "you can only get eufiber at a Node rating of at least 3," there'll be people who love the idea and people who hate it. I can't cater to everyone simultaneously, so I cater to the lines themselves first and foremost. Once I know the devs and I are on the same page in terms of the direction, then I start throwing out crazy ideas to see what sticks to see what sort of extra value we can add. I'm really excited about what we're doing, and I hope you will be too. John Snead Here I'm speaking as a fan, since I don't know what will eventually be decided about Aberrant, but one thing to keep in mind is that there's an obvious reason for Aberrants in the Aeon era to be weaker than the top-tier Aberrants in the Aberrant era. The Aberrants left because of the Chinese Ultimatum. My presumption is that that vast majority left because of the Ultimatum, but that the most powerful of them could have stopped any nukes. However, the Ultimatum served to make these godlings think a bit about what they were doing and they decided to go off into the universe and play Dr. Manhattan because they found humanity to be too distracting/pathetic/annoying/or whatever. I can't see any reason that after 50 years of getting more powerful and even stranger that Aberrants capable of creating universes or even planets would return to invade Earth - if they wanted they could make their own solar systems or universes to play with. Instead, psions in Aeon are only fighting those Aberrants who want to return and retake Earth. This implies to me that even the most powerful of these can't just create their own duplicate Earth's and so they aren't equal in power to Galactus, the Celestials, Dr. Manhattan, or any of the other absolute top ranks cosmic supers. Bates Being able to obliterate armored vehicles with a wave of the hand is already pretty heady stuff. Digging into what happens next, and how Tank Shredr grows in his power and how that changes him, gets even more compelling. My concern was the trend of expecting that all novas started at the point where they can shred entire mountain ranges. Nothing wrong with setting a game around such seasoned and/or higher-powered novas, but I think you're limiting yourself, and the setting, if that's the default for everyone.* The exploration -- the evolution, if you will -- of that progress from tanks to mountain ranges, and the impact it has on the character, his friends & family, and the world at large is key, in my opinion. Bates Nova-enhanced space exploration earlier in the timeline allows for more story options for both games -- establishing intra- and extrasolar colonies in the Aberrant Era that are subsequently cut off (at least the extrasolar ones) after the Ultimatum. Colonies that have now been cut off from earth for half a century by the time of the Aeon Era. What've the colonies been up to all this time? Certainly some are the home of novas, but what about the rest? How do they react to reconnecting with the homeworld after all this time? This basically moves some of the Aeon Era material earlier, but you can still have much of that remain as-is; this adds an additional layer. Heck, it could even allow for uncoupling aberrants further from the Aeon Era storyline.* A few key aberrant incursions (Sydney, Esperanza) could still be the catalyst for the psion reveal, but otherwise they pretty much stick to the fringes of settled space. Psions have plenty to deal with as it is, from global political tensions to alien encounters to friction between orders. Having aberrants as simply one of a number of story options helps Trinity to stand more solidly on its own, without requiring call-backs to the previous era. (In fact, I'd be tempted to accelerate the backstory so that the Doyen are revealed prior to the Trinity game start. So, the orders are engaged in a shadow war with the Doyen and their minions -- loyal psions, aliens, etc. Psions are fighting not only for their own independence, but also for the future of humanity. Yet this occurs hidden from the world at large -- secret skirmishes to not only stop the Doyen but also avoid a repeat of the Aberrant War.) Much of this exists in the previous version of Trinity in some form or other, of course, so it'd be mainly adjusting emphasis, timing, and other clean-up. *I'd long thought that one of the mistakes we made with Trinity was that it relied so heavily on Aberrant for its premise. The earlier two games don't have that issue. Aberrant doesn't require knowing the connective tissue between it and Adventure! -- the pulp setting simply serves as a catalyst without shackling the supers setting to it. Trinity's premise, in contrast, pretty much keeps shoving it in your face -- how'd novas go bad? why did they leave, really? why are they back? and so on. John Snead 4 words you shall have for now - Nova Era extrasolar colonies.
  20. I googled "The Walking Dead" and the top news link asked the question of "Did the show go too far?" I think it is amazing that there is a zombie TV show with some actual production value. But for me the show should have 1 episode every season where people respond with that question, especially in conjunction with the quality of this episode.
  21. I want to go back to my frustration over the first episode this year. In that episode we have a messed up scenario where we know that things are going to turn out ok just because of what characters are in the episode. They set this episode up beautifully early in the season. Because these aren't main characters on the show and comic the writers are free to go into darker concepts. ,, The back half of this season has gotten much better for me. Because they are focusing on smaller groups per episode they can actually have some intrapersonal conflict that doesn't involve Rick telling people how they should behave. ,, The episode with Daryl & Beth was the most tense episode for me in a long time. It had a happy moment in it so that you knew that when things went back to reality it would be that much harsher. ,, I thought that the first episode of the season was interesting and was a good setup for the season. But then by the second episode I felt like they were just doing something to retcon all the new people in the show. Looking back the only value that I can see in those episodes are the elements that built into last nights show. ,, I thought that the character conflict was really good in this episode. By the end I was in agreement that whatever was supposed to happen will happen. The writers had earned it.
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