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    Around 3:30pm. Do dragons bask? It was an idle thought, but one that nevertheless brought a smile to Autumn’s lips. They’d been sitting like that for a while, warmed by the late summer sun: Jase’s head resting on her thigh as he lay stretched full-length across the blanket near Camp Keane-Crocker, the amber-flecked fingers of one hand running idly through the tousled bronze of his hair. The other rested below his rib cage, imprisoned there by the lean arms folded over it, where now and again she could just detect a subtle, soundless vibration as her fingernails grazed his scalp. Jacob had wandered off not long after Jason and Dana had returned from the Jeep, following a quick flurry of text messages which Nathan surmised likely came from his Homecoming date; rather than just hang out and wait for round two of the Dadquisition to start, Autumn broke out the soccer ball. Though not an athlete, Jase was quick on his feet and had the advantage of height over her, and what started as a simple game of “keep-away” had quickly turned competitive, drawing whistles of encouragement and cheers from the adults present as they abandoned a discussion of the city’s recent zoning approval for an expansion of the country club and the potential revision of some residential property lines. Back and forth the pair darted, weaving between the trees that defined the claim the two families had staked, and without field, net, or scorekeeping battled for possession and- ostensibly- bragging rights. Time after that had vanished in a haze of exhilaration and frustration; of tangled limbs and collisions, tumbles that left dark smudges of green on their skin and clothes and blades of grass in their hair; of fleet-footed evasions and of the sound of Autumn’s laughter and oaths of vengeance ringing out across the picnic area. It’d felt like she could run forever like that, with the thunder of blood in her ears and the sun and the breeze on her face, and the tall, lean figure always either just ahead of her, or just behind as their shadows danced across the ground: the thrill of the chase, without any real fear of being caught. But, eventually, reality had imposed- which, she decided, was just rude- and although Jase refused to complain, she could see the intensity of the exertion was beginning to wear on him, his angular face flushed and intent on the game, and even her lungs and legs had started to protest the pace they were keeping. A draw, they’d agreed finally, as if it were certain they’d be able to try again another day. To be continued. And, collapsing on the blanket where they’d remained, they’d shared a bottle of water and just… breathed. What is he thinking about? the red-haired girl wondered, studying the curiously immobile mask of his features in repose. The grand unified theory he and Sean were working on? Some new fertilizer composition for his garden? The upcoming pre-apocalyptic battle, perhaps? Or maybe he’d already filed that away, satisfied with his own planning and preparation. There was no hint of what thoughts or dreams moved beneath the surface, and except for the occasional twitch of his eyelashes and the slow rise and fall of his chest, there was little in the way of outward signs to suggest that any vital force animated him at all. “Bannon the Impenetrable,” she murmured, and then caught her breath as those ageless jade eyes opened and focused on her, hints of copper bright as the band around his wrist glimmering lazily within. “Just thinking out loud. But-” Autumn hesitated for a moment, tearing herself away from the threat of face-searing immolation lurking in those pale green depths to watch her parents and Nathan chatting with one of the teachers who’d stopped by. Her hands slid away from him as Jason sat up and braced himself upright on his palms, noting the direction of her gaze. “But,” he suggested quietly, “you have something you need to say.” “Mmm.” She nodded, teeth worrying at the inside of her lower lip as she frowned. “I do, just… Not yet. I know I have to, and I will,” she insisted, meeting his eyes. “My mom, at least. And Nathan, because he kind of knows what’s up, already. Not about all of us, I mean, but about the Dark being real. If it goes wrong, later, I was thinking of asking him to at least make sure the Old Town Hall gets torched, you know?” “I was considering asking Hank the same.” The Effing Boyfriend said quietly, his eyes coming back to rest on her freckled features. He smiled faintly, an ironic twist of his lips. “Perhaps they will team up.” His smile faded as he regarded her intently, reading and studying, attempting to divine her intent and mood. “Do you want me to stick around while you talk to your mother? I’m told my demonstrations cut through the red tape of disbelief quite swiftly.” Autumn blinked, eyes widening suddenly at the memory of being cornered in the girls’ bathroom while Jason pulled ice cubes from the faucet like some stage magician, with a smiling Clara as his slightly manic assistant. No. No, no, no, that was definitely not what she had in mind, and her head was already shaking before the words even formed. “Um, I’m pretty solid on demonstrations, I think. If it gets to that point, I’ll figure something out. Honestly, I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t need one, but…” Autumn’s voice trailed off, and a crooked little half-smile tugged at one corner of her mouth as her shoulders twitched upward in something like a shrug. “I did, right? So, I guess we’ll see.” Her wide, clear eyes moved over his face for a moment, taking in the symmetry of his features and searching for some hint of what was going on behind them, some suggestion that might inform her rudimentary grasp of Bannonology. Was he concerned for her? Curious how she would handle things? Thinking about his own father? It was nice that he’d offered to hang out, to help, but surely there were things he wanted to do, or say… Weren’t there? “Honestly, I’m good, thanks. I’m gonna just…” She exhaled, the curve of her lips tremulous as she glanced back in the direction of her family. “Just chill with them for a little longer. And, hey, maybe your dad might like it if you spent some more time with him, too, instead of that darn red-haired girl that keeps dragging you off.” Her nose scrunched slightly in self-deprecation, and the rose-cheeked redhead leaned forward, resting her freckled brow against his tanned one. “If you don’t mind, though, when I talk to my dad… or if things get out of hand with the whole conversation… it might be nice to have my boyfriend there as moral support. You know, since he’s got that whole ‘alien genius’ angle going for him.” The answer was a kiss, a gentle press of his lips on hers that lasted forever and ended frustratingly soon. “I’m a text away.” Jase said softly, his eyes gazing deep into hers as he reached up slender fingers and toyed with a loose curl of bright copper hair. Dropping his hand again, he started to gather his feet under him, making ready to rise. “I’ll go and see how my dad and Hank are. Both of them like you, by the way. I can tell because they keep teasing me about you.” She grinned at that, a pleased flush blooming beneath the surface of her skin that had nothing at all to do with the kiss, despite the warm sparks still zinging through her nerves. Gar was a good person. Not perfect, but good. She could sense it in the same way she could feel an oncoming storm, or the weight of someone's eyes on her. That he liked her, or approved of her enough to tease Jason about their relationship, was definitely a bright spot in the day. As for Hank- Legs still crossed, Autumn planted her feet and pressed the soles into the earth, straightening as she did so. There hadn't been anything like a for-real conversation with Hank Graskle yet, but he was friends with both of the Bannon guys, so... that was a thing that needed to happen, if only to learn a little more about the man. Understanding over fear, she reminded herself. Smiling impishly up at Jason as he rose alongside her, she replied simply, "Good," because it was, for any of a number of reasons, and squeezed his hand before releasing him back into the wild. She watched him go for a moment, weight shifting slightly from her heels to her toes as her eyes tracked the tall, rangy figure back across the picnic area, and then drew in a long, steadying breath. "Hey," she interjected, sinking onto the seat next to Dana with a smile; already, the sunlight had begun to change. "We brought cards, right? It's been a minute since I got to beat Dad at Rummy." Just a little more time. Just a little longer, please.
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    Lunch had gone by quietly after the gentle interrogation of Autumn's new life and friends. Nathan had smoothly changed the subject away from mysterious historical projects to hockey league games, for which Autumn could've hugged the man. Her dad obviously hadn't thought anything was amiss, but her mom was thoughtful, remembering the letters and the talisman and the conversation they'd had last night. More than once, Dana fixed her daughter with a pensive gaze which, when noticed, she swiftly replaced with a smile or looked away. Jacob, too, was thoughtful. Obviously he knew about the secret history, at least a large part of it as related to the Crockers and Kavanaghs. Though involved with the sports conversation - bemoaning the lack of a school team for the Montana youth hockey league tournaments - he more than once studied his childhood friend as though looking for signs of change. It was a little unnerving, all the more so since Autumn couldn't outright tell him to stop looking for the horns and tail. So she settled for pulling faces at him every time she caught him regarding her. It was childish, but better than feeling like a lab specimen. As the extended family sat back from the remnants of their feast, Autumn tapped out a brief text. "Jase?" her mom asked, noting the phone use. "Mmm. Asking if he wants to come over." The freckled teen smiled. "I figure we'll have front row seats - Jase versus the Keane and Crocker menfolk." Dana laughed, rolling her eyes and glancing at Ian, Nathan and Jacob. "Think we should ask him to go easy on them?" She teased, prompting laughing protests from the guys. The older redhead wagged a finger at them. "Seriously, everyone play nice. I mean it." Despite the fact that she hadn't really been looking forward to this particular meeting, there were some advantages to introducing Jase to her dad- and her uncle- under these specific circumstances, and getting that whole thing out of the way ASAFP. It wasn't a tactical or strategic consideration on her part, really, so much as a desire to avoid nuclear fallout in the confines of her home. Out here, in the open and in public, things might get a little... Well, tense, maybe, but probably an awkward atmosphere was the worst that would happen, and Autumn was something of an expert in that particular field. Especially lately, since the world had been turned right the fuck upside-down, and every day was full of possibilities for what she'd started thinking of as the Weird to rear its freaky head and dismantle some long-held belief about reality, or about the universe being a generally benign place instead of an unrelenting horrorshow. Although, she considered, getting to her feet as the guys present protested their innocent intentions, it wasn't all bad. Besides: even if Dana was having fun screwing with her semi-maybe-estranged husband and teasing her daughter in the same breath, she'd already met Jason and talked to him and let him spend the night with Autumn in the woods and- hell, fed him, for crying out loud. If she hadn't liked him, or at least been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, the younger redhead was pretty sure that would already have been made abundantly clear. And, she reflected with awe and not a little pride on the enthusiasm of her mother's swearing the previous night, very, very colorful. "Sweetheart, where're you going?" the woman in question asked, still laughing at Nathan's half-joking offer to 'ask around the office' about Jason Bannon- an unnecessary effort, she felt fairly sure, given how unnervingly direct the young man seemed. Even so, it was always nice to know people who could do that sort of thing. Just in case. She watched her only child over the rim of her glass as the girl rose from her seat and started heading away from the group. "Mmm?" Autumn blinked, finding herself a short distance from the table and moving vaguely in the direction she and Jacob had come from earlier. "Oh, um." That was actually a really great question. Where was she going? "Nowhere, I guess," she confessed uncertainly, taking a few steps back toward her family before her feet carried her once more in the opposite direction. "Just waiting." Absently she smoothed her shorts back down where they'd ridden up a bit, sea-hued eyes scanning the crowd as though searching for a ship on the horizon. Apprehension and anticipation animated her restless frame in defiance of the meal they'd just had, and as she paced slowly, methodically along the demarcation of shade and sunlight at the edge of their little picnic area, Autumn very deliberately waited- or, at least, avoided wandering off to find Jason herself, which was basically the same thing anyway. And then he was crossing the open space from the more public areas of the field, appearing without fanfare as if he'd been there all along, and she paused, squinting slightly in the bright afternoon sun. She waited, watching as he closed the distance with that effortless economy of movement that was, itself, a kind of grace, and every step applied another degree of torsion to the coil of energy that twisted like a spring in her limbs. There was movement behind her, bemused commentary about the sudden end to her pacing, and in an effort to hold still a little longer Autumn rocked forward onto her toes and back onto her heels, leaves crinkling softly beneath the soles of her sneakers. He looked different, dressed casually, but even from a distance... Exhaling, she shoved her hands resolutely into her back pockets, and she waited. He saw her there, of course. Pale eyes sought and locked on to the tumble of bright copper hair before taking in the cutely freckled features that began to light with a smile as she met his gaze. As was his way he subjected her posture to calm appraisal as he drew nearer, studying the faint flex of the muscles of her calves as she rocked on her feet, noting the way her hands were firmly placed away from temptation, marking the faint indentation of her teeth in her lower lip. Her manner spoke of restraint to him, of wanting yet also desiring to not appear to want. Beyond her, the faces of her family reflected bemusement - some smiles and exchanged glances as they marked the athletic girl's behaviour. His crystalline mind catalogued all of this, choosing a course of behaviour and action. These people were important to Autumn. What they thought of her was important to her. What they thought of him also mattered to her. He understood this as a cognitive analysis rather than from any innate empathy - mostly. After all, it was true he liked that Gar seemed to like Autumn. He liked that she made his father smile. Was it important to him that it be so? He filed that question away in the back of his mind for later examination as he came to a stop before his girlfriend. He wanted to reach out, pull her close, to feel the shape of her body against his through their clothes as he drank kisses from her panting lips. But this was not the time for that. There was a level of propriety to be observed in front of relatives, was there not? Their earlier 'greeting' had been unrestrained, abandoned to desire. This setting was... more formal. "Hey." he smiled faintly, the corners of his eyes tightening as he leaned forward and down, brushing his lips over hers in a firm, but relatively chaste kiss, one hand lightly curling around her waist and resting on her hip for the brief embrace before he straightened up again. "How was lunch?" "Good," she replied, smiling as she reached up, idly tracing the first few letters printed on his shirt. The contact was brief, and not nearly as direct as she wanted, but they were in front of her family, and after the scene earlier, and Marissa's commentary... Patience, the crisp black characters seemed to chide her, and the sprinkling of freckles on her nose took on an entirely new pattern as they scrunched together. Ugh. Even his clothes were frustrating: partly because she was attaching meaning to something completely random, and partly because he was still wearing them. "There was some smack talked," Autumn continued, lacing her fingers through his and drawing him with her, taking a few steps backward as the smile-turned-grimace broadened into a grin. "And some shade thrown, obviously, but the food was good, the sun's out, and now I'm fat and happy. Also," she added in a theatrically conspiratorial tone, "my mom's asked if you'd mind going easy on them." "I heard that," her father retorted dryly as the younger of the Keane ladies beamed innocently at him over her shoulder, and the elder snickered and opened a bottle of cider for herself. With a brief glance at his wife's friend, Ian set his drink on the checkered cloth and rose, brushing his hands lightly over the crisp fabric of his khakis before rounding the table. Autumn couldn't help but feel a twinge of anxiety as Ian approached, more so than she had with her mother; that first meeting had mostly been embarrassing and awkward because of Dana's assumption that something was going on. Which- at the time- hadn't been true at all, but now Jason was meeting her dad, as her for-real boyfriend, and until a few days ago that wasn't a conversation she'd ever expected to have. So... It's fine. Just breathe, Autumn. It'll be fine. The earnest young woman took a deep breath, her fingers tightening slightly on Jase's as she drew her shoulders back and glanced fleetingly up at the laconic young genius's profile, then back at her father. "Dad, this is Jason Bannon. Jase, this is my dad." "Ian Keane," the realtor added with a polite smile as he approached, extending a hand in greeting. "Pleasure to meet you, Jason. And, 'Ian' is fine." "Pleased to meet you too, Ian." Jase replied, taking the older man's hand in a polite clasp and shake. As Mr Keane kept his measuring gaze on Jason, so too did the pale, glimmering eyes of the youth not waver from Autumn's father's stare as his lips twitched upwards in a faint smile. Ian wasn't sure he liked the way he was being looked at. It wasn't hostile or mocking - in fact the older man didn't get any sense of animosity at all. Rather, he experienced the same sensation Dana had on the first handshake: of being assessed without any particular bias, as though it didn't matter at all to the assessor, at this stage, whether or not you liked him. Dana, perhaps due to her calling in life, had compared Jason in that moment to an undomesticated creature, deciding whether someone was friend or foe and not personally invested in either outcome. Autumn's dad, on the other hand, just felt that there was something entirely too self-composed and confident in the teen's bearing. A career in realty had taught him that everyone got nerves meeting new people, even in friendly relaxed circumstances. Even he got emotionally tense and had to work to steady himself before meeting with new clients. Folks smiled a little too broadly, talked a little too fast, at least until they settled down a little and the newness of the encounter faded somewhat. The kid carried himself like he had nothing to prove and no-one to prove it to - not from some affected teenage nihilism, but like a much older, more seasoned man should. "Do you prefer Jase, or Jason?" he asked, indicating a space at the table in silent invitation to sit. "My friends call me Jase." Exhibit A said calmly as he took the invitation and sat, nodding to Jacob in the manner of teen males. His eyes crinkled slightly at the corners as he smiled at Dana, then Autumn, before glancing back at Ian. "And since I've been asked nicely to take it easy on you, Jase is fine." That got another snicker from Dana and a snort from Autumn as Nathan Crocker smiled and leaned across the table, hand also extended. "Nathan Crocker, Jacob's dad. It's a pleasure, Jase." "Warden." Jason inclined his head fractionally as he shook Nathan's hand much as he had Ian's. "I actually remember you from Middle School, when you came and gave a talk. It actually kindled my interest - I spent a lot of time after that researching Montana's ecosystem and began taking camping trips." "Really?" Nathan blinked, smiling a little as he sat back. "Always nice to meet another outdoorsman. Do you hunt?" "I've not hunted yet." Jason shrugged, accepting a drink of lemonade from Autumn as she slid herself onto the seat next to him, avoiding the urge to reach up and play with the ends of his shaggy hair. Nathan watched him as he spoke, forming much the same first impression as Dana had of the youth - but also tinged with the knowledge he had regarding Autumn and his suspicions of her new friends. "You'll have to get Autumn to take you out there." Dana suggested as she sipped her cider. "True. She's a good shot - most of the time." Jacob grinned at his friend. In answer, Autumn made the kind of face at him that usually earned a parental admonishment that, if she kept making it, it'd eventually stick. "Good enough!" she protested, playfully prodding Jacob's shin under the table with the toe of her shoe. "As long as it's a clean kill, I don't have to be able to take the wings off a fly at a hundred paces or anything. I remember watching some of the state archery competitions, and some of the international ones on Youtube. Nuh uh." She shook her head emphatically, shifting a little so that her hip was pressed against Jase's."Hard pass. I'll get better eventually, just by doing it. I don't want to kill the fact that I enjoy it by treating it like a job, y'know?" "Some colleges," her mother interjected innocuously, chin on one hand as she watched the three teenagers, "have archery scholarships. Just a thought." "Okay, yes, but," Autumn countered, meeting Dana's gaze and directing a pointed glance at the lean form of the young man sitting next to her, before peering meaningfully back at the veterinarian with the laughing hazel eyes. It would've been more subtle if she'd written "This is supposed to be about him right now!" across her face with a marker, and on the other side of the table Nathan narrowly managed to stifle a grin by getting up to retrieve another drink from the cooler. "That's a conversation for Future Autumn to have, not Today Autumn." "Mmm. Future Autumn. Right." The auburn-haired woman took in the girl's expression, smiling bemusedly as she took a drink from the bottle in her hand. Her daughter couldn't hide what she was thinking to save her life, and her new beau... Well, who knew what he was thinking? "Let's hope she's getting better grades than the other one." Today Autumn's head fell back as she sighed expressively, her long, drawn-out exhalation ending in the guttural ugghhh that suggested frustration and being generally over a subject. They'd already talked about this earlier, hadn't they? Nothing had changed in the couple of hours since. Straightening, she took a sip of lemonade to cool off a bit. "Yes, she will be. Like I said, Jase and I have Chemistry together-" "I do recall you mentioning that," Ian interrupted, some of the earlier dry humor in his voice returning as he reclaimed his seat. "I just didn't expect to see it myself." "Oh my god," the redhead groaned, clapping her hands over her face as a surge of bright pink bloomed from her collar all the way up to her hairline, nearly obscuring her freckles in vivid rose. Of course. He did see them, and it felt too much like the violation of some pre-Dark-confronting taboo to pray right then for a meteor strike or for the earth to open up or to just spontaneously combust. Instead, she just wished fervently for time to skip forward, past the part where her parents amused themselves in front of Jase at her expense. "No," she protested plaintively through her fingers, "you know what I mean! The class! We have Chem class together, and he's helping me!" "Of course that's what you meant." Jacob nodded, smirking. "You were very clear as to your meaning." Jason put in, not in the least abashed or discomfited. Indeed, his delivery was so deadpan even Autumn had to double check to be sure of the glint of devilish amusement in the pale jade eyes that turned to smile at her. "Noooo. Don't you start." she warned him, raising an admonishing finger to add weight to her words. It was no good, of course. It was hard enough to maintain mortified outrage in the face of the ancient humour behind those eyes, let alone when his body was touching hers and she could feel the heat of him permeating her skin almost as warm as the blush on her face. "I was merely agreeing with you." Jase tilted his head to one side. For someone who was compelled to speak the literal truth, he was pretty good at quiet innuendo and wordplay. Demonstrated amply by his waiting a beat, then stating "On all counts." As Autumn made a noise somewhere between a groan of frustration and a squeak of embarrassment, letting her head fall into her hands, Ian spared a smile for his daughter's plight before once more focusing his parental attention on Jason. "So what are your college plans, Jase?" he asked casually, regarding the youth over his beer. "Tentative and formless." Jase replied with a slight shrug of one shoulder. "I have a great interest in STEM field subjects, and am currently working out how best to pursue multiple degrees, then doctorates in the more specialised topics which interest me most. It's that last part that's currently giving me pause to consider: which areas to pursue doctoral study in." "Doctorates. Plural." Ian stated, raising his brows and exchanging a look with Dana, who shrugged very slightly. "That sounds time-consuming and expensive." "Perhaps. I am confident that the financial aspect will not be a worry. There are foundations who fund education for those of demonstrated ability." he said earnestly, sipping his lemonade. Autumn froze, grateful that her face was still in her hands as her eyes swivelled sideways to study Jason's profile. Aeon. He had to be talking about that Aeon Society. Or did he? Perhaps he was simply saying he'd find it easy to earn scholarships and grants. Which was indeed also likely. "You sound pretty confident of that." Jacob's brow furrowed as he stared at Jason, who nodded. "I am." he stated simply. "But what will you do after that?" Ian asked. "What's the career plan? Or is there one?" "I don't yet know where my doctoral studies will lie. Until that is decided, a career plan is superfluous." Jason admitted. He smiled very slightly then, curling a free arm around Autumn's waist, enjoying her nearness. "If everything falls through and entropy makes mockery of my plans, I will make new ones." Despite the mention of Aeon and her father's polite interrogation, Autumn relaxed a little as Jase's hand slid across her back to rest just above her hip, his thumb idly brushing over the faded cotton of her t-shirt. She couldn't be sure if it was a deliberate gesture of comfort on his part, or if that was something he'd consciously consider in this situation- but even if not, the intentions behind an action didn't always have anything to do with the results, and anyway it felt good, so whatever. Resisting the temptation to press closer against him, to feel more of that warmth radiating from his skin, as she lowered her hands from her still-pink cheeks she instead rested one on his knee, briefly running her fingertips across the new-denim texture of his jeans. It was different, a notable deviation from the typical Jason Bannon uniform, but not unappealingly so, she decided, admiring the way the breeze tousled his hair and privately hoping he didn't decide to change too much. "So, no concrete plans, then, but you're thinking about something in one of the science or tech areas. All right. What about plans not related to your career, then? Travel, or family, or hobbies you might pursue," Ian elaborated, his free hand indicating the general area of the field and the wider world beyond. "Autumn hasn't really told me much about you, so I'm interested in finding out more about who Jason Bannon is. And, as my wife pointed out earlier today, you're probably the best source of information on the subject." "Travel, for certain. I enjoy new experiences - especially food-related ones." Jase tilted his head, smiling slightly and studying the others at the table as he answered. "I also like learning languages and studying cultures." "Autumn said you speak six languages?" Jacob looked skeptical, though not offensively so. Jason nodded. "Aside from English, yes. Ancient Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian." The glacially composed teen explained. "Self-taught - well, with the aid of books, audio teaching materials and Youtube language coaches. In fact, today I picked up some materials to start learning German." He paused, considering for a moment. "My spoken fluency is likely quite stilted and formal, without much in the way of idiom or colloquialism. That would take speaking the languages conversationally with native speakers for awhile - it's hard to converse with audio tapes, even if I practice mimicking the inflections and vowel sounds. But I can read and understand the languages mostly fluently." "As for hobbies..." he shrugged. "I read a lot. Poetry, literature, technical manuals, medical texts, philosophical works, histories, fictions." He smiled, a quick flash of amusement. "Pretty much anything and everything. I enjoy cooking, gardening, running, hanging out with my friends." "He's glossing over the fact that he's got an indoor garden filled with the most beautiful collection of flowers I've ever seen." Autumn smiled as she nudged Jase playfully. "It's like paradise in there." He returned her smile with a faint one of his own. "I'm glad you like it." He said softly, meeting her eyes for a moment before glancing back at Ian. "As for family... Perhaps? One day. I'm still just sixteen, after all. I think it'd be wise to figure out how and where I fit into this world before making such plans." "Sometimes you don't get the chance to figure it out, though." Nathan put in with a wry smile. "Sometimes, life - or love - happens while you're making those plans." Jase nodded agreement. "Then I adapt to the new challenge." "Not a bad way to look at it," Dana commented airily, giving her daughter a wink and a quick smile of encouragement as the freckled teenager squirmed more under Ian's questioning than the subject of the parental examination himself. "Being resilient is a good thing, and-" The pretty vet paused for a moment, the smile softening a little as she regarded her not-so-little girl with misty eyes, reflecting on the emotional exchange and revelations of the night before. "And I think we're all learning to adapt to new challenges lately, yeah?" "Yeah." Autumn smiled despite the liquid brightness of her eyes as she rose from the table and circled around to where her mother sat. Kneeling next to Dana, the active redhead wrapped her arms around the other woman's waist. She didn't cry. She was done crying for a while, and just thinking about it was exhausting. Even so, she pressed her face against her mom's side, absorbing the admission of a shared but unspoken grief, and the scent of home, and the feeling of safety as Dana murmured reassurances and gently stroked her hair, here and there tucking a stray curl back into the haphazard braid from which it had escaped. Distracted, Ian made to get up, but his wife shook her head. "It's fine. She's fine. We just... had a talk last night." She drew Autumn up into a fierce hug, squeezing her spirited, copper-crowned daughter tightly enough to make her squeak softly and return the embrace. "Girl talk," she added, drawing back and pinching the girl's cheek with an impish grin that belied the fondness in her gaze, and both women's noses crinkled as the rest of their extended family looked on with varying degrees of concern and confusion. "Girl talk," Autumn affirmed, still smiling a little as she settled back down on the bench next to Jase. Jacob frowned across the table at her, eyebrows drawn together in wordless curiosity; like Dana, however, she just shook her head. Inhaling, she blinked the moisture from her eyes and straightened, then slowly exhaled again. Just breathe, Autumn. You have all day. Taking one more centering breath, she let her hand drift back to Jase's knee and offered her father a quick, apologetic grin. "Sorry, sorry. Please, let the grand inquisition continue." Ian frowned, wondering what on earth they could possibly have talked about that would've evoked that kind of response, and made a mental note to ask about it later; again, he had the uncomfortable experience of feeling as if he were on the outside of his own family, looking in. Directing his attention back to the strange young man beside Autumn, the blue-eyed salesman took a thoughtful swig from his bottle and asked pointedly, "Right. So. Where exactly does my daughter fit into these not-quite-plans, then?" Inwardly, Autumn cringed- it wasn't quite "What are your intentions with my daughter?" level bad, but it was pretty darn close, and knowing Jase, he was likely to say almost anything. She was about to speak up, to protest that they'd only been dating a couple of days, but- "That is up to Autumn to decide, not anyone else." It was a simple, unadorned statement, but one spoken with conviction. Five pairs of eyes locked onto the impassive genius's angular features as, for a solid fifteen seconds that felt like the passing of an age to the non-Teulu majority, no one at the table made a single sound. One corner of Dana's mouth slowly curved upward in an approving smile and although Jacob's eyes narrowed slightly, he tipped his cup in Jase's direction in a gesture of grudging respect. "See?" The cheeks of the girl in question were tinged with a pleased flush as she beamed triumphantly at her father, then up into the pale green eyes of her brilliant, kissable, impenetrable, amazing boyfriend. "That, gentlemen, is why I like him." "Is it?" Jason sounded intrigued and curious as he looked at Autumn, then shrugged at the others smiling faintly, a lopsided crooked quirk of the lips. "I thought it was just the car." Ian was still staring at him as though trying to figure out whether Area 51 was missing some alien experiment or cyborg - a not uncommon reaction to the new, post-summer party Jason. "Ugh." Autumn elbowed him gently as chuckles came from her family. She grinned at him through her fading blush. "Speaking of, when are you going to let me drive it?" "Get an A in Chem and we'll talk." Came the deadpan reply. Jacob snorted with laughter and Dana broke into snickering: even Ian smiled at that. Nathan watched the interplay with a raised eyebrow and a grin. "An A?!" "Winners drive the Charger." Jase shrugged in the face of the blue-eyed glare he was being subjected to, the glint of challenge in his own eyes unrepentant. "Losers get to sit in the passenger seat and look beautiful." He spread his hands in a 'what can you do?' gesture. "It's the rules." "Really?" Autumn set her mouth in a tight line to avoid the urge to start giggling, even as a renewed flush threatened her freckled cheeks at being called 'beautiful' by him again - and this time in front of her family. "An A, huh? And then I can drive?" "One 'A' in Chem or English means you get to drive the Charger on one occasion for a decent amount of time. An 'A' in both at the same round of assessment becomes five occasions. 'A' average over the course of the semester means you get driving rights until the end of the next semester." Jase stated, smiling slightly. "Sound fair?" "You own a Charger?" Ian looked interested, despite his evident humor and grudging approval at watching Autumn get challenged in such a way. Dana was in danger of choking on her cider at the expression on her daughter's face as the younger redhead stared calculatingly at her boyfriend. "1970 turbocharged V8. Found a junker with the engine in restorable condition for a few hundred dollars, then restored it myself with some help from friends." Jason explained, nodding. "It's been pointed out that perhaps she's not the most practical ride for a Montana winter, but I like classic muscle cars. If I get stuck in a drift, I'll push her out." Autumn considered Jason's profile while he spoke, her wide eyes narrowed speculatively as she half-listened to him detail for the others present the particulars of the great black beast, technical specifications that might as well have been one of the foreign languages he'd studied. Honestly, she hadn't really cared anything about driving the Charger at all- mostly she'd just been carrying on the running joke of people begging to get behind the wheel. At least, that was true until he'd said she could only do it if. That one word "if" suggested a lot, like, maybe he thought she could pull it off, but didn't think she would. Or maybe he wanted to see what would happen if she tried, or he was just giving her a hard time in front of her family because it was funny, or he was just interested in seeing her reaction, or he was actually thinking about her future career prospects, which was maybe not entirely unreasonable for an alien genius, or- At least three reasons, she reminded herself, chewing idly on the inside of her lower lip. So, okay. Screwing with me is definitely on the list. Probably he also wants to see if I'm willing to do it, and what'll happen, and I also don't think he'd bother bringing it up if he didn't believe it was possible. Hm. She didn't really care about the car. The car didn't matter. Driving the car didn't matter. What mattered was that he'd set the bar and dared her to reach it. Fuck it. Why not? What was the worst that could happen, right? "Hey, Dad? Uncle Nathan?" she chimed in decisively. "Can one of you guys teach me how to drive a stick?" There was a defiant gleam in her eye as she interrupted the guy talk, a bright smile drawing out the curve of her mouth and accenting the dimples that framed it. "I'm gonna need the practice for next semester." "Ahh, if only you'd been so enthusiastic about studying before," Dana quipped, the bemused half-smile lingering as she began clearing away the remains of lunch, packing up the leftovers and empty containers. As she reached across the table to retrieve the bowl of cherry tomatoes and baby carrots, Autumn very pointedly pulled it out of her mother's reach, curling one arm around it and claiming the little trove of snacks for her own. Dana gave a soft snort of laughter, resigning herself to rolling up the half-empty bags of chips instead. "Where was all this last year, hmm?" "Could we please talk about something besides school?" Autumn pleaded without looking up, eyebrows drawn together in a little frown as she studied the contents of her hoard and picked out some of the choicest tomatoes from the lot. "The semester literally just started, and all afternoon it's been grades and college, grades and college. This was supposed to be a day off." "Well," the elder redhead drawled blithely as she leaned over, deftly plucking a prize from the bowl and earning a huff of protest and an exaggerated scowl of mock-reproach from her daughter. "Jason's the one who brought it up this time, but I suppose we could always talk about that camping trip you two took. If you'd prefer." The crunch of the bite-sized carrot was audible, terminal punctuation to a statement that might otherwise have seemed open to interpretation. "School's fine," Autumn capitulated quickly, shaking her head even as she grinned in response to her mother's teasing. "I'm good with school." "Mmhmm. I thought you might be." Dana's impish expression grew more thoughtful as she regarded the self-possessed young man, but his eyes were on Autumn, and hers on him as he intently devoured the cherry tomato she'd placed against his mouth. Something about the gesture reminded her of seeing them together in the kitchen at home, and as Autumn's fingers brushed his lower lip, the pretty vet quickly intervened before there was another hands-on situation. This was definitely not the time or the place for PDA, especially with Ian around. And, poor Jacob... Although, she realized, he seemed to mostly be taking it in stride- certainly he was handling the news that Autumn had apparently moved on much better than Dana had expected. "Jase, would you mind giving me a hand getting these back to the Jeep? I think everyone's done eating, so that'll give us some more room." That icy jade gaze flicked from Autumn's face to Dana's as he ate the rest of the cherry tomato, his girlfriend's fingers still lingering in a brushing touch on his jaw, as though she were focusing on the movement of muscle and bone under his olive-tanned skin as he chewed. "Sure." he replied in his soft-spoken tone, smiling a fraction as he looked back at Autumn and took in the slight pout of her lower lip at having her fun-with-food interrupted. "I'll be back soon." he told her quietly, his smile widening and reaching his eyes as he leaned in and gently kissed that pouty lip before getting to his feet, picking up an armload of containers and letting Dana lead the way. "Oh! Hang on a sec, I'll help," Autumn offered as she hopped up from her seat, lips still tingling from the brief kiss in a way that left her feeling momentarily uncertain whether that warm effervescence was due to her Shine, or his pheromones, or some combination of both, and ultimately deciding that Today Autumn didn't care much either way. And of course, going with them had absolutely nothing at all to do with wanting to steal another one. Or two. Or three. She was supposed to help out with stuff like that, anyway, not just sit around and let other people do it for her. Jacob nodded, apparently reaching more or less the same conclusion as he stood up and stretched a little, taking a quick mental inventory of what they might still need for later. "So will I. What can I carry, Dana?" "No, no, don't be silly," Dana all but chirped in reply, breezily waving them off with a quick shooing motion of her free hand. "We've got it. Besides, if you're serious about this driving thing you still need to convince your dad over there. You take care of that, and we'll handle this." "But-" It was a fruitless protest. As she watched her mother conscript her boyfriend into helping with post-lunch cleanup, Autumn couldn't help but feel simultaneously guilty for not pitching in, and uneasy that Dana had pulled him away. She shot Jacob a quick glance across the table: Why are we being let off the hook? her expression demanded, but he looked just as confused as she felt. Being told to do nothing while the guest was put to work was, for the two young Shelly natives, an unprecedented experience that left them both unsettled. What was the protocol for something like this? Was it okay to not help? Autumn shifted her weight uncertainly from one foot to the other, torn between following after them anyway and taking the chance to talk Ian into helping her. "Tell you what," Nathan cut in abruptly, leaning forward and catching the girl's attention with a quick tap on her elbow. "If your dad'll teach you the basics, I'll cover the rest- bad weather, bad roads, bears- things like that. You know." He grinned affably, tipping back his drink and savoring the sensorial contrast of cold beer on such a warm afternoon. "Driving conditions." "Bears are a driving condition?" Autumn blinked owlishly at him, distracted momentarily from the conundrum of pursuing either filial duty or personal interest. "They are where we'll be headed." The warden winked at her, then glanced from the independent-minded redhead to her more conventional father. "If, obviously, your old man says it's all right." "Sweetheart, I don't mind helping you. I do, however," he emphasized, pausing slightly for effect, "have some concerns we’ll need to address, and I thought you said when you got your license last year you didn't actually want to start driving." "Yeah, no, I still don't. I mean..." She paused, frowning a little as she considered the practical limitations of a bicycle for long-distance travel. Assuming she managed to survive high school, there probably would come a time when it was no longer convenient. "Eventually...? Right now, though, I don't need a car, so I'm not gonna worry too much about it until that changes. Maybe if I end up going to college." "When. When you end up going." Ian shook his head, refusing to yield on this point. "Take a city like Billings, for example. If you go to MSU, you'll almost have to drive. It's huge, compared to Shelly: over a hundred thousand people versus maybe, maybe three percent of that here." "Okay, fine, when I go. I can totally get away with keeping my bike as long as I live in a small town, though," Autumn countered, grinning as she reclaimed her seat, resting her elbows on the table and swinging her feet idly underneath. "Maybe I could get a job monitoring the effect of tourism on the ecosystem around... Hmmm. Mt. Vesuvius, or something." "In Italy." Rarely had four syllables, distributed over two small words, ever been laden with such skepticism; Autumn suddenly got the impression that if she'd Googled "doubt" at that moment, a picture of her father's face would've replaced that old video game meme in the search results. "Just a thought! Bikes are legitimately a thing in lots of places in Europe. Or up in the Pacific Northwest, or something. The pictures I've seen of the mountains up there are crazy gorgeous. Or, I don't know. Maybe I could see if we've still got family over in Ireland, see what that's like. I could do like a study abroad thing after high school." She shrugged. That was more Future Autumn stuff. "Anyway, I don't need to own a car with a stick shift to be able to drive one, and Jase's happens to be available. -Ish." "Whoa, whoa. Just so I'm clear on this. You're seriously willing to try to get A's in Chem and English just so that you can drive Bannon's car, but not to get into college?" Jacob laughed incredulously. "No, not just," she tossed a carrot stick at him, unable to suppress an answering grin as her childhood friend caught the edible missile deftly and popped it into his mouth. "So, look, it's not about driving the car, really. It's more about proving I can do it." The earnest young woman hesitated, then admitted, "...And, also that I can do it first. Okay, okay," Autumn spread her hands as she laughed, fingers outstretched, "I know how that sounds, but he's always just said 'no' when people've asked before. And, honestly, now I'm kind of curious to see what it's like." "Well, if you want extra help, and your dad's busy, or mine is, or whatever." Jacob leaned back a little, stretching his legs under the table. "The truck's a straight shift. Besides, I've gotta admit I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Jason Bannon riding shotgun in his own car." The Effing Girlfriend's smile widened, lighting up her freckled features with mischief. "Same." Meanwhile... Having successfully maneuvered her daughter's slightly, er, peculiar new boyfriend away from prying eyes and ears and freckled fingers, Dana Keane was left with a new problem: the boyfriend himself. Specifically, she reflected as she pushed the button on the key fob, how to confirm or deny her suspicions about their supposed extracurricular-curricular activities. History project, my butt, she grumbled silently as the rear hatch of the Jeep popped open. For some reason, it just hadn't clicked into place that they'd talked about the old family ritual the night before, on the same day the kids had supposedly gone up to the reservation. But once Nathan had spoken up at the table, she remembered some of the other hints of strangeness, of changes she'd noticed lately, and the whole situation started to seem... What was the word Autumn used? ..."Sus." "Thank you," the slender veterinarian huffed softly as she heaved an overloaded tote bag into the back of the vehicle. "For going up there with Autumn yesterday. Our family-" She paused, rearranging the cargo a little to make more room for the containers Jason was carrying. "Well, my side of it anyway, Dad's family- has been here in Shelly for a long, long time, so there's plenty of history to be studied." Turning, she regarded the pale-eyed young man thoughtfully, leaning her hip against the frame. "So what kind of project were you guys working on?" "Autumn didn't tell you?" Jason asked casually, without any qualm or hesitation as he shuffled the armload of containers into the space provided, and Dana took a moment to be both amused and impressed at the attempted deflection without falsehood. Unfortunately for the lean youth with the direct stare, however, she had been expecting something of the sort, and her own gaze was unwavering as he straightened up and turned to look at her. "Oh, Autumn told me." Dana folded her arms and narrowed her eyes slightly, noting how Jason didn't shuffle, didn't shift his weight, didn't look away under the feminine suspicion. He simply stood, hands loose at his sides, regarding her with that omnipresent eerie self-possession. "I'm just curious what answer you would give." "Interesting." Jase's head tilted slightly, a faint smile quirking at the corner of his mouth. "What's interesting?" "That you think I would answer differently." Jason shrugged slightly. "It reminds me of a joke." Dana stared hard at him for a long moment, but when that didn't cause so much as an eyeblink she sighed. "Fine. I'll bite. What's the joke?" "Can you keep a secret?" Jase asked, leaning forward a fraction. Dana sighed again. "I'm supposed to say 'yes', and then you say 'so can I'." she shook her head, lips tightening. Jase straightened up again. "Oh, you've heard it." he said without any trace of surprise or disappointment. Dana counted to five. Raising her voice at him probably wouldn't achieve anything. Invoking parental authority, her instincts told her, would be a non-starter. Pressuring her daughter's boyfriend in any adversarial fashion would likely yield only negative results. Give a little, to get a little in turn. "Something's going on." she said quietly, her eyes searching his and finding only gleaming jade mirrors. She remembered the letters, and the talk with Autumn. "Autumn told me she went out to the reservation because of her grandfather's letters. My dad believed in ancient tales, and monsters, and Evil with a capital E-" she broke off, forcing herself to keep meeting that unyielding gaze. "Crazy tales. But Autumn hinted she believes in them too. And I know Nathan knows something about it." "You care about my daughter." she went on, seeing a flicker of something in the still pools of Jason's gaze as he nodded at that. "I just need to know... what's going on. That she isn't in danger. Please." He went still for a moment. It was similar to that time a couple of days ago in the kitchen, when she'd asked Jase what he'd do if he hurt Autumn accidentally. The youth's presence seemed to go away, somewhere behind the portals of his eyes. Then he took a slow breath, and returned again. "I think Autumn has things she wants to tell you." He said softly. "I think she is going to tell you soon, but wanted to enjoy a family day with you, and Ian, and the Crockers first. I can't speak for her, Dana. It wouldn't be right." Dana found herself nodding reflexively as the sounds of the afternoon- lively, celebratory sounds, the familiar background noise of human interaction, exclamations and laughter, faint music- drained away with the blood in her face. That wasn't a 'No,' she realized. It wasn't a denial, or even a polite reassurance that she was wrong, that her assumption was irrational and completely off-base. It wasn't a, 'Your daughter is perfectly safe and you have nothing to worry about.' Jason Bannon could have said almost anything, and the day would've carried on just as it had been. But he didn't. He very deliberately didn't say it, and what he didn't say drowned out even the dull underwater roar of silence in her ears. There was a moment, then, as the axis of the universe tipped beneath and around her, that Dana remembered the hospice nurse taking her hand as they'd sat with Owen. How the woman had said nothing at all, because there weren't any words to truthfully shape the sounds of those emotions. This... This was different, though. There was no bed, no dimly-lit room. Autumn wasn't sick- she was strong, she was healthy, she was vibrant and so, so full of life, and whatever was going on, whatever was really happening, it wasn't that. Her daughter wasn't helpless, and neither was she. Not this time. And Dana nodded, drawing in a slow, shaky breath as the world resolved from blurred, wavering shapes back into the sharp, stoic features of the strange, distant young man her daughter had brought home like some exotic lizard she'd found while roaming the trails behind the house. "All right then," she grudgingly conceded after a moment, running a hand back through her auburn hair as she exhaled and closed the rear door of the Jeep. "That's fair. I don't like it, but... it's fair. We'll revisit this later." The last was a firm statement, unequivocal in its certainty and as unyielding as her tone. Glancing back toward the picnic area, Dana extended her other hand toward the odd, green-eyed youth. "Come on, then. You’re right. She can speak for herself, but I want to be there to hear it."
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    Jason Jase had gone a short distance from the Keane's area when the text alert came and he fished his phone from his pocket, adroitly stepping around a running child who was chasing the family dog as pale eyes sought the touch-screen... And he stopped walking, staring intently at the text that Devin had just sent. His mind raced. Another Teulu - presumably not his mother, as Devin knew 'Ms Forster'. The 'owner of his bracelet' - the mysterious figure who'd rescued him on the Other Side. His thumbs tapped out a bland response, hoping that Devin would pick up on the fact that not everyone would know what a Teulu was and not say anything further on the matt- *ping* Do I have a sister? Jason sighed through clenched teeth, wondering who the person with Sean's phone was and when they'd realise addiction was a problem and to stop eating paste. He almost typed that, but considering that the damage was not yet catastrophic, restrained himself. Autumn's reply said plenty, in any case, he mused as he watched the exchanges and various responses, and a stronger reaction from him, in particular, would simply increase the suspicions of others. He wasn't even particularly vexed with Devin - his friend was as impulsive as Jason was calculated and, in his excitement at finding an attractive alien girl, could be forgiven an outburst. Devin's last message, regarding encryption, caused another sigh. Of course, there was the distinct possibility that their communications were being spied upon. Even if the Project was taking a more hands-off approach, they wouldn't leave the Fellowship completely unwatched. Well, the cat was out of the bag. Either the Project was listening and now knew there was an actual alien in Shelly... or they weren't. In the face of the coming fight against the Dark, that was a problem for tomorrow. He was curious about the stranger, though. A female of his species - a proper one, without the 'defect' that caused his mother to be more human in her manner and responses. What was she like? Friendly, according to Devin's texts... And unabashed when going after something she wanted - in this case Devin - which was similar to how he himself expressed his desires. Was she dangerous? Potentially, probably. A scout for a civilisation such as his mother described would be hardened to survival and battle. Jase experienced a moment of concern for his friend. The wrong word... But no. If the text was to be believed then the female liked him, and that would buy a lot of leeway - again, much as with Jason himself. Besides, Devin could handle himself, surely. It'd be fine. Probably fine. His lips thinning slightly, he made his way to the table Marissa described as 'Camp Cabin In The Woods', somewhat surprised when he arrived to find Hank was the only one there. The former Marine saluted Jase with his bottle idly as the lean youth sat down. "Hey kid. How were the in-laws?" Hank grinned lazily as the icy green eyes of his young friend narrowed, though a faint smile curved Jase's lips. "In-laws presumes marriage." The psychokinetic teen popped the cap off a bottle of root beer and took a drink. "That's a little far ahead of where we are, though Ian did all-but ask me what my intentions were." "Hah!" Hank laughed. "Did you answer that?" "I did." Was all Jase said, a sparkle of mirth in his gaze as he sat back in his seat. "Well, you ain't bleeding from shotgun holes, so I guess the answer worked." Hank shrugged, then leaned forward a little as a more serious light entered his eyes. "You need to talk to your ex." "My ex?" Jason paused for a moment, then "You mean Marissa? She's not my ex. We never dated." "Uh-huh, well, she's plenty pissed at you over something and wants to talk. Said something about burning the village down if people keep avoiding her. Personally, I think she's mad about you and Red, but if I were you I'd just go and see what she's got to say without making your mind up first." Jase considered for a moment as he took a drink from his bottle, then nodded. "I'll take care of it." "Good. Now I'm gonna go find a head." Hank tossed his empty into the trash and stood, nodding at his surrogate nephew. "You don't want bad blood before a battle. Get your shit tight, kid." "Right." Jase watched as Hank walked off, then pulled out his phone and tapped out a message. <<<To Marissa>>> From Jason: I heard you wanted to talk. When is a good time / place?
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    She rested her head against her bae's chest as a way of acknowledging his greeting. "If by that you mean to say that I'm the only person attractive enough to distract this ravenous pack of half-starved mongrels from the carcasses they're picking through, momentarily causing them to forget the gnawing hunger which will characterize the remainder of their impoverished, fruitless existences... then," she wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed, smiling devilishly as she did so. "You say the sweetest things. Also, yes. Yes. I. Am." "Sure," Cade chuckled under his breath. "Let's go with that." They made small talk as they ordered their plates and Marissa dropped offered the bumpkin girl a ten as they collected their bottled waters and wet-naps at the end of the line. They chose table further away from the main through fare of food enthusiasts which was occupied by a small collection of student from their school. After few well placed words and veiled threats the Queen of Mean had dispersed them, receiving a series of ill-tempered looks and disgusted sighs of frustration sent her way. Once situated she began to shear the meat from the bone in downward swiped with her plastic knife. Handling the food didn't seem to be her thing as she daintily pinched and picked at it, although she had no qualms about licking her finger tips clean. Afterwards she picked at some of the meat with her sharpened nails, pinching it and prepping it for consumption. "What?" She noticed Cade appraising her ritual silently. "Nothing," he shook his head, shrugging. "You just seem... irritated. Is it about ear-" "No," she cut him off. "Earlier is done with. I said my part and we're moving on." She wiped her hands with paper towel, something he noticed she did after every bite. She seemed to refuse to allow herself to remain dirty for longer than a few seconds. "But, yeah, I am a bit irritated. Not at you. Chet decided to pay me a visit in all his cro magnon charm." "While I have confidence in your ability to handle yourself, do you want to have a few words with him? Tell him to back off?" He gnawed on the bone taking most of the meat off in a single bite. Shelly was not the most exciting place in the world, to be sure, but Cade had to give it up to all the devoted barbeque aficionados who made this time of year totally worth it. "You know, it was sort of made to be eaten off the bone. It comes with it's own stick... see?" He displayed his rib, pinched tightly in both his hands, offering up a test bite as a tutorial for proper carnivore etiquette. "Ew, no. You look like a slob," she half chuckled. Her smile lit up the moment as the warpath trotting Queen of Mean rarely seemed to take much solace in humor these last few days. Cade smiled that corn-fed, down home smile of his and dropped a bare rib bone on a side plate. "Maybe, but I'm about eight more ribs away from being a fat and happy slob. I can live that." She laughed and shook her head, pinching up more of the barbecued meat with her talons. "You do you, sexy. Have you ever tried fine manipulation with acrylics? Especially with slippery food like sauce-covered ribs? It'd be sometime tomorrow before I got a bite and not to mention how much these cost me, I'm not about to risk messing up my manicure just for some 'what is best in life' moment with my food, and thank God for liquid lipstick and Sephora delivering out this far into nowhere or I'd be reapplying every five minutes. Besides, it's more classy this way..." she smiled petitely and twisted the cap off her water. "And thank you for the offer, it's sweet, but I can handle Chet. If it gets out of hand, I'll call you." "Fair enough, and Mari," Cade chuckeld. "We both know that's like plate twelve for you. Let's be real, 'classy' Scott Pilgrim'd out the window around plate three." Her water bottle cap bounced off his chest as he attempted to dodge, eat and laugh all at once. "Jerk," she said with a grin on her lips as she her own laughter matched his. "I can't help it, okay? I think it's these talents, or something but I am starving like all the time, but I'm putting on weight. I feel like my metabolism in on jackrabbit mode or something. I hope I don't transform into a rabbit or something." She 'pfft''d at the thought as it humored her. "Hare." Cade said with a mouthful of rib meat. "Jackrabbits are hares, not rabbits. Hares have longer ears, like a jackass, hence 'jack' rabbit, and longer legs." She looked at him, her faced scrunched up with doubt. "Really? I always thought they were the same thing. I mean, they look the same." "Nope," he chewed contently. "Totally harmless too. I could show you sometime, if you like. No surprises, promise." "Huh," she squeaked, actually having learned something new without it being thrust upon her in a tornado of whirling teeth, claws and random diseases. She narrowed her eyes at him, skeptical, considering his ambush in the past. Rabbits were sort of cute, and relatively harmless (or so she thought). "Maybe. They are soft and cute. We'll see."
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    (Collaboration with Dave ST) Devin "Clever too." Ellie remarked, smiling once more as he called her 'beautiful'. The smile reached her eyes, a glimmer of weird approval/sly humor at the wordplay that, yes, was also all-too familiar. Fuck. "Why does anybody need a hero, Devin? They need to be saved." She looked around at the clusters of people: families eating, friends wandering around in conversation, children running to and fro, then looked back at him. "Would you say a youth, scared, trapped and hunted by a monster in a hostile place, who elects to blow himself up to try and kill the creature that threatens him is a hero?" She tilted her head consideringly, watching him. "Doomed, but unwilling to give up. Surely that qualifies." She reached out and took his left hand, turning it in her grasp slightly to show the coppery-brassy glint of the bracelet on his wrist. Then she half-turned, looping her arm through his. "Walk with me a little?" Wordlessly he allowed himself to be led for a few moments while the beautiful, blonde distracted gears in head did their slow rotation of processing what was happening. "Wait. It was you. You were there when I was half-dead. You saved me." "H-how did you get here?" He asked, stunned by the revelation as a thousand more questions leapt into his mind. "And... thank you for being hot, and a chick. I was so hoping I wasn't imagining it all... that would have been so awkward." "You are welcome." she replied with another smile, looking sideways at him as they moved past knots of people. She was tall, he realised now that they were walking side by side. Her flat white sandals did not lend her much height, yet she was still only perhaps an inch or two shorter than himself. "As for your question: I got here through the Blight you found yourself in. It connects..." she hesitated a moment "...where I am from... with here. Like a cancer growing between two organs can link them up. A Blight causes wounds in the walls of the world. Weak spots where someone who knows how can exploit them - or in some cases blunder through." "After I placed my..." she hesitated, finely-formed brow furrowing slightly as she searched for a word. "Bracelet on you, you disappeared. Which surprised me greatly - and also left me with a problem. Without it, I could not find my way back to the door to my home. Searching, I found another door from the Blight, but this one was wide open, a gaping wound rather than a simple weakness in the Wall. I plunged through it... and found myself in a place surrounded by armed people." Her lips pressed together slightly, as if at a frustrating memory. "It was humiliating. I was trapped in a chamber with no way out, forced to choose between surrender and simply being overpowered anyway. They took my... armor, weapons, and then they studied me as though I were some... animal to be poked and prodded." The grey eyes hardened with a feral gleam in the otherwise impassive features for a moment. "They were complacent, and I escaped. That was perhaps four or five solar cycles ago. I emerged from that place into some mountains, that way." she pointed west. "I came here, to find you. And ask for help." Western Mountains? Site B, maybe? She dumped out at Site B? Wait... so the government or possibly Crossroads had a full-on breach into the Land of Upside Down Thunder? So not good. "Wait... wait... so... you're trapped here?" Devin asked the obvious, not because he didn't know the answer but because he felt a bit guilty. This girl had saved his life at the expense of not being able to return home. "Ellie, you sacrificed your way home to save my life. You don't need a hero, girl. You are one. And, to my credit I did not 'blunder', I was pulled through by The Dark, or it's minion that was hunting me, thankyouverymuch." He pulled her aside, away from the people and distractions to a few trees off near the park's edge. "Ellie, if you need the bracelet back, it's yours. Is that what you need? Someone to help you get home?" A million questions would have been lowballing what his mind was processing at the moment, aside from her beauty and athletic body. He wanted to know so much, but doubted if he had the time. "It's been five days, have you eaten? Are you hurt? Do you need a place to stay? After I returned from the Land of Upside Down Thunder... the... Blight as you call it... all I could remember was you. I want to help you, and I'm sure my friends will too." "I appreciate your concern. I am not hurt. I am hungry, though not starving. I killed and ate some kind of small animal two days ago, and last night I found some food thrown away behind a merchant place. After that I found a 'motel' - a place with many sleeping rooms, most empty. I found a way into one such room and slept there, though I had to flee this morning. I found this dress and these shoes in another merchant place." Ellie twirled a little, flaring out the hem of the sundress, smiling over her shoulder at Devin before turning back to face him. Her smile was gentle as she reached out almost fondly and touched his shoulder, though a touch of wry humor glimmered in her gaze. "But you credit me too much. I did not know you would disappear. In all honesty - because I want honesty between us, Devin - I was going to take you to my home. The tennyn bywyd would have worked if I was in contact with you, and would have protected you from the Blight... and also would mark you as mine." She smiled in amusement, her gaze direct once more as she looked into his eyes. "My motives were entirely selfish - I wanted for myself the brave handsome boy who would fight to the death." Something mischievous flickered in her expression. "So, if I am being honest, no. I do not want you to return it." "But you are Radiant. Like your friends. So the tennyn bywyd acted differently." She was studying him again, trying to figure something out. "I was able to home in on you because you wear it. I hid and watched as you and your friends practiced your gifts. Then I went away and washed and slept at the motel. And now I am here." She finished, spreading her hands to the sides with a small flourish. "Mark me as yours?" Devin chuckled softly, scratching the back of his head and looking for the right way to break up with a girl he hadn't even dated yet. She was from out of town, and he needed to play up to her culture, or at least what he'd gleaned of it up to this point. "Okay, Ellie... you've been through a lot, and I'm sorry for that, I feel a bit responsible. When you slipped this bracelet on me Ellie, I was already with someone else. I couldn't have been with you if I even if I wanted to, I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate your man being with another, after all, that's the opposite if 'yours', right?" "Our culture here is a bit different. So, instead of us starting with 'yours' and 'mine', lets set all that aside and get to know each other, hmm?" He motioned for her to follow him, offering her his arm once again. "Let's get you some proper food and something to drink. Also, great taste by the way, you look amazing, so congrats on your first successful shop lift, but let's not steal anything else, alright?" He led her through the people to one of the numerous spots where plates were available for a few bucks as fund raisers for the various things going on around the city. With a plate of food, a soda and a bottle of water each, they selected a quiet table away from prying ears. "So, these tannenbaum things," he held up his bracelet. "You can tune into them and track them? How's that work? I can't get this thing to do anything." "It was not made for you." Ellie explained between hungry mouthfuls of burger. She motioned at the bun with her free hand. "What do you call this?" "Cheeseburger." Devin watched raptly as the rest of it vanished in the next few bites. The elegant-seeming blonde chewed thoughtfully on the last mouthful, nodding in apparent approval, before taking a drink of water. "The tennyn bywyd," she enunciated carefully. "is given to us sometime during childhood. It is forged in our presence, and contains a part of our innate radiance. It is said that they anchor us, remind us of who we are. They also protect us from the Dark, can be used to mark property-" she indicated him with a slight smile "- and, if exchanged with another's, signify a bond of trust and unity." "Property?" Devin narrowed his eyes. Ellie smiled at him over her soda. "Not now, of course." she shrugged with no apparent embarrassment. "You are Radiant, not simply an admirably vigorous ni'Teulu male worthy of playing with and breeding from. If you wish to remove it and give it back, you can do so." She sipped at her soda, frowning slightly at the taste. "Oddly sweet, this." "Yeah, it's carbonated water with sugar syrup added. We call it a 'Coke'." He'd heard that word before, 'Teulu' when Jason was justifying his murderous behavior, blaming it all on his genetic disposition or some such. As he put it, it was the space race he belonged to... then that meant... "Wait, you're Teulu? I know one of you, but admittedly I know little about your culture." On any other day, from any other girl, Devin might have been choking on his Coke at the mention of wanton breeding with him, but 'never stick it crazy' was screaming loudly in the back of his mind. "What does me being 'Radiant' have to do with anything? We call it having Shine. Are you not allowed to date guys who're Radiant, or something?" "You know of us?" Ellie looked mildly surprised - which in human terms likely meant she was shocked, open-mouthed and goggling. She stared at Devin for a long moment, her interest in the Coke forgotten as she studied him from under raised eyebrows. "Know one of you." Devin corrected. "But I don't know much about you." The alien girl sitting across from him (and how messed up was that sentence) looked lost in thought, then seemed to snap out of it. "Shine." she tested the word, shrugging. "You being Radiant means you are not human, not lesser. Not to be treated as a prize." She tilted her head consideringly as she looked at him. "There are no Radiants amongst the Teulu - we were created by the Radiants of the distant past. That is," she shrugged "if you believe our histories. And I do not know what 'date' means... But by context I think you mean to couple-bond with?" She gave him a slow smile, a hint of suggestiveness in her gaze. "There are no rules about that for us. An unattached Teulu may be with whomever they please. A Radiant? Even more so I would imagine. I would not think that question has ever been seriously considered by our laws, since no-one has likely met a Radiant." "Well, you have," he smirked. "I'll bet we're certainly not as impressive as the histories, but here on Earth, trust me, I'm all kinds of impressive." "Dating is when two people decide to pursue an intimate relationship with each other, yeah. Usually it's used as a means of measuring compatibility with one another before marriage, or uh... a life bond, I guess? Earth is messed up, we generally go through a lot of partners before we find one we're compatible with and want to tolerate for the rest of our lives." He was still absorbing her words while he chewed his burger. She seemed to be so much more well put together than Jason that he wondered if it was a gender thing, or a cultural divide issue that made them so different. "Some of us don't and we just play the field until we retire with a house full of cats and World of Warcraft." "I don't think of myself as any better than the people around me, Ellie." He said finally as he finished his bite. "There is no one lesser than me, or greater, there's just," he shrugged. "People. People just trying to live their lives and make some sense of it all. You say the Radiants 'created' you? What for?" "War, or so it is said." Ellie tried some of the homemade potato salad on her plate and evidently found it acceptable. "The most common story recounts that the Radiants were not warlike - they had no need to be, as their power meant none could compete with them and their technology meant there was no scarcity. But that was before the discovery of the Dark. So some of the Radiants saw the need for warriors, picked humanity as the base stock due to their aggression and adaptability, enhanced the traits they wanted whilst eliminating useless ones and..." She shrugged, spreading her hands as if to say 'that was that'. "There are other stories which say that the Radiants who made us intended to use us as conquerors. Against other worlds, or even against the other Radiants. Teulu who believe that say that it explains why we are imprisoned, having to risk travel through unstable wounds in the Void in order to come forth into the universe." She nibbled on a stick of celery consideringly, then gave the impression of mentally shrugging and took a bite. "Those who believe the first story say we are set apart so that we will be ready when the Dark grows strong enough to become a real threat, and it is all part of our creators plan." She shrugged slightly. "There is not enough data to support either theory as pre-eminent. Perhaps neither is correct? Only the Radiants of old know for sure, and as I said-" "-nobody's met one." Devin finished, nodding as Ellie smiled slightly in agreement, studying him in that direct, appraising way she had. "You say you do not think of yourself as better." she stated, obviously weighing her words. "But you are. You are stronger, more agile, more handsome than many humans. You experience the weakness of fear, but it does not stop you. You seem clever. Objectively you are a superior specimen, through genetic advantage, training and talent. I think you would stand well in a match against a young male of my species, even without your powers." Her gaze was frank as she let it run over his features and build. " You are, as you say, all kinds of impressive. So how is it you cannot perceive yourself as superior?" "That's right, you're new around here," he chuckled. "Earth has a long history of segregating people between 'better' and 'lesser'. It's probably our worst character trait, to be honest." "I know that my sister and I will be going to a better college and most likely be more successful than ninety-five percent of the other kids in our age bracket around here. We work hard, take care of ourselves, and we have drive and ambition. We want to succeed. Others are content to simply 'go with the flow' and that's fine I suppose, it's their life." He peeled back the top of a small packet of peanut butter and dipped his celery stick in it and offered it to her. "Here, try it this way." After eyeballing it for a few moments, appraising it's rather bland appearance, she took a bite and allowed it to register as Devin went on. "I know I can be a bit arrogant sometimes. I don't apologize for being ambitious and wanting more than when what simply crosses my path. I want to do and be whatever I choose and I'm willing to put in the work for it. I've never considered myself superior, just... I dunno, better in the sense that I have drive and they don't. I mean, where is the cut off for the comparison? If some dude can do brain surgery and I can't, be definition he's superior to me... I have Shine, he doesn't, does that even out the playing field?" He shrugged. "It's a slippery slope, Ellie. I just want to be who I am, help those I can with these gifts, have a little fun while I do it and enjoy what life has to offer. I've seen what one group of people thinking they're better or superior to another group can do to the world. It's bad for everyone all around. Gods were meant to help the worlds they're born into, not rule over them." "Intriguing." Ellie scooped out some more peanut butter from the packet as she spoke, and for a moment it wasn't certain whether she was talking about the substance she was eating or about Devin's expressed philosophy as, with a quiet hum of enjoyment, she ate the snack. Then her grey eyes fixed on him again. "So it is not so much blindness to your potential as a point of ideological principle, this denial of superiority?" She considered him as she ran her tongue around her teeth behind closed lips, pondering both the new taste sensation and the novel point of view. "This is a path of discussion I would like to walk again some time." "For now, tell me about this other Teulu you met. Another scout like myself, I assume. This place has a very strong Blight underlaying it in the Void, so it is not impossible that there might be another doorway into it in these parts. I can also assume they were not as forthcoming as I have been, or you would know more about us than you did. Unless you were dissembling." She took a sip of her soda, eying him, then gave a faint smile and leaned forward a little. "Another female." she guessed, eyes gleaming with playful humor as she remarked "I may have competition." "Nah, it's a dude," Devin shrugged nonchalantly. It didn't surprise him that she was curious, though. Everything in Shelly seemed to lead back to Jason Bannon as a topic of discussion. Give any conversation three minutes and eventually Jason's name would pop up. "He's not a scout, he was born here. At least, that's what he says, anyway. Apparently his mom is from some other dimension and his dad is human and he's some alien with no capacity for remorse or fear... or so he claims." "He doesn't know much about his people or culture either, which is why he couldn't tell me. You um..." he wasn't quite sure how to tell her and before he realized it he'd leaned over and wiped away the large deposit of peanut butter from the corner of her mouth with his paper towel. "Got a little. Yeah... uh you gotta watch that stuff, it's sticky, clings to everything. I tried using my finger to spread it one day and man, there was peanut butter everywhere." He chuckled, feeling a bit of warmth rise to his cheeks. It wasn't like him to feel flustered around another person... "But... uh, yeah. Jason. He's good people, still. Prone to violent outbursts and a habitual felonist, but he means well." For a moment the compelling girl's lips quirked in a faint smile as he dabbed away the peanut butter, a warmth coming to her gaze as it lingered on his cheeks, then met his eyes. "If his tale is true, then he is correct about the remorse and fear. We do not have such feelings. But... A male? Raised here? Who would have trained him?" "Don't think anyone did." Devin shrugged, looking up from his phone as he dashed off a text. "Dude knows nada about it, mom ran away and left him with his dad, and he just found out." He eyed the pensive look in her eye as she sat back. "What?" "That cannot be true. No Teulu mother would abandon her child, least of all a male, to grow up with no preparation. We are predisposed to bond tightly with our blood, and our friends and mates. To form prides and clans. Males are rarer than females amongst us. A mother would never abandon one. Wars are fought over our young." She shook her head. "Your friend is lying, which we cannot do. Or perhaps deluded." she amended, placing a hand over Devin's. "I do not wish to offend you by insulting him. Though... that does not explain how he knows of us." She sighed lightly. "So many questions. The more I ask, the more I am ignorant. I came to ask for your help, and now I find I just want to spend time with you." A slender finger ran along the back of Devin's hand and brushed the bracelet, causing a faint vibration to sound in Devin's awareness. "Conflicted. I need to get back what was taken from me. I should seek a way home. And I want to just stay here in the sun and eat new foods, perhaps couple with you." Her eyes met his again, a mixture of humor and curiousity in her gaze. "That is, if you would find that acceptable. I am not sure which desire should take precedence." Devin laughed awkwardly, trying his damnedest not to blush. He blushed. "Um ,wow, uh... Ellie, look I uh, just said farewell to my girlfriend this morning and I kind of need some time to process that. I don't think coupling, with anyone, is in my immediate future. I need a bit of time. I mean, you're beautiful and wow, but... it's been like, twenty minutes. This is Earth, Ellie, let's work on getting to know each other and you seem very competitive. I already promised to go to Homecoming with Cassie. Last thing I need is you pulling a Jason and leaving her mangled corpse on my doorstep as a some gift of endearment." He sighed, not wanting to say more but felt it was necessary. "Also, look... I uh, I have something to do tonight. An enemy we need to face and The Dark had made him like, supes powerful. I don't want to be running all kinds of game on you and then not be around tomorrow to make good on any of it." He set his hand on hers, and offered her a smile. "I know you like me I get that, in fact, I get that a lot. Blondes go crazy for his highness, but I got so much going on right now, girl that aliens and extra-terrestrial hook-ups, as awesome as they sound, really aren't in my plans at the moment. I need to be focused on what lies ahead." "Look, if you want to stay, then stay." He shrugged and took back his hands to gesture all around him. "It's your life, girl. Live it up. We have an extra room at the house, you can stay there. Hang out, meet the others, take in the Earth culture. It'll be a blast. Sean could easily enroll you at Shelly High if you wanted to breathe deep the nuances of high school life," he met her eyes and raised in brows in an almost pleading manner as he concluded with a shrug and, "But only if you want to. I mean, could be fun, I dunno." "I understood perhaps half of that." Her wry half-smile was nevertheless genuine. "Let me try to understand. So, first: you are flattered at my attention but, most importantly, you just separated from a bond-mate. One you felt close to. And you feel it would be improper to couple again so soon." She nodded as Devin did. "I understand that. Good bond-mates should be honored." She studied him intently. "Second, you are attending a 'Homecoming' with someone called Cassie. In context, that would suggest some local festival or celebration, for which you have a partner to dance and talk with. Whom you think I might harm as a competitor because the other suspected Teulu you know has done such a thing?" "Well... that bit might have been a joke of sorts. Far as I know, he's not done anything quite like that." Devin shrugged. "But, you know. Cultural differences, a lot I don't know, yadda yadda." Ellie smiled a little. "If you've chosen someone else, my hurting them would only turn you from me. So would be utterly illogical. Your Cassie is safe from me. Indeed," her eyes sparkled with wry mirth again. "The wise course would be to protect and befriend her, so maybe she would share you." "Uh... share..?" "Of course. Males are rare where I am from. One male will have perhaps two or three females at a time. Pride leaders even more. The prime female agrees to share, assuming her mate agrees and finds the other female attractive. From such tightly knit groups is a pride formed." "Yeah. That sounds awesome." Devin felt like his face was never going to cool down as visions of hot blonde threesomes danced in his head. "But, y'know, this is-" "This is Earth, yes." Ellie sipped her drink, regarding his flushed features. She seemed to be enjoying his flustering. "So I will treat this as a scouting experience, and stay at least until you can find a way to help me get my belongings back and return home, and we will get to know each other." "As for your upcoming battle... I would offer to fight with you, but if you truly fight an envoy of the Dark I would be of little use without my weapons and armor. So I will say this:" She reached out and took his hand in hers again. "Fight well. Find life on the other side of death's shadow. I will be waiting there." The words had a soft formality to them as she smiled once more.
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    Marissa's phone chimed as she was licking the barbecue sauce off her fingers. Sure, she hated the small town boredom of Shelly, but she could appreciate that these people knew how to cook! She'd managed a few recipes, which seemed overly long and process driven, but she'd already streamlined them into more efficient means of creation. She couldn't wait to try them out and maybe share them with the rest of the Fellowship. “Wow, Marissa,” Chet's voice traveled longer than his shadow, but she raised her eyes up as her sunlight was suddenly stripped by his looming presence. “Stress eating?” “That,” she smirked and spun to face him, her hair whipping about in typical starlet fashion. “Would imply I have something to worry about.” She dropped her paper plate in near by waste bin and looking up at the tall jock whose nose was still pink and scabbed up from her brother's assault on him a few weeks ago. “Do I have to worry, Chet?” “Eh,” he slyly shrugged with one shoulder, delivering all the suave, social maneuvering one could expect from, say, a drooling cow slowly trying to speak through its cud chewing. “Just that you and your brother are off your game lately,” she loved the way he made everything a sports reference. “He's randomly attacking people, namely mwah. People you have a problem with are coming up missing and... well, you've been on a warpath lately with the rest of the clicks. People are loosing faith in you, is all I'm saying.” “First, it's 'moi', there's an accent there, it's French. Second, it's 'cliques', with an 'ee' in it. Again, French, so there's a smidgen of an accent.” She pressed her finger and thumb together to measure a smidgen for him. “Now, if you're done referring to people as verbs instead of nouns, let's get to the good part: if you want it, you've got it.” She shrugged calmly. “I have way bigger things to deal with in my life right now that playing Degrassi with a bunch of backwater high school window-lickers.” “You've gone completely nuts,” he chuckled. “Cheer squad will love to know how you think about them.” “I'm joining tomorrow, Chet. I'll tell them myself.” She shifted her weight to her left hip and refrained from snapping her fingers in his field of vision. So far he had yet to actually make any eye contact with her as his gaze kept shifting from her bust to exposed midriff. “Just so you know, Chet, The Game isn't about being popular, it's about staying that way. In terms you'll understand: once you sit your Joffery little ass on that throne, you have my whoring, conniving, and really intelligent brother to deal with on a social battlefield. When he's done with you, I will step in like a crazy bitch with dragons and Chet... I don't want the throne, I just want to watch the kingdom burn.” Now she snapped her fingers at him to capture his attention and with a blink his eyes were now fixed on hers for the first time. He could see the crazed fire dancing behind them like a animal defending its territory. “So, take it if you want it. Be the Prince of Shelly High,” she splayed out her arms wide to encompass everything around her. “But I will always be the Queen of Mean and I didn't earn the title by letting people talk to me like I was second to anyone or anything. Take your veiled threats and obfuscated intentions and challenges and save them for someone who is actually afraid of you.” Chet just glared at her, then swallowed a bit harder than he intended. “Y-you've lost your damn mind, girl. Jesus.” She slipped her phone from her pocket and read Cade's text only to realize she still didn't have any sunlight. She looked to Chet and waved him away. “We're done. Go.” He marched off with some curse under his breath, she'd caught the 'crazy bitch' part but simply rolled her eyes and placed her attention back to her phone. [Uh, duh! Come feed me and tell me I'm pretty. I'll meet you at the 'best ribs' competition area, it's only five bucks a plate. Bring your appetite.]
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    Devin hammered away on his phone, his thumbs moving at near light speed with the practiced proficiency nearly all teenagers possessed. He was texting Lona. They'd been on the road for a few hours now and although they said they would just make it a clean break, that lasted all of forty minutes before she was texting him with pics of the countryside and before they knew it they were on two or three hundred texts by now. It was idle chat; thoughts and opinions on the day, what the other was doing, how everyone else was doing and what they were up to. She wasn't coming back, that much he knew, but he honestly liked that they were talking. His senses were, much like himself, all over the place. He'd grow accustomed to being 'aware' of everything going on around him and like the rest of the Fellowship, on some level, had learned to 'mute' the background or face going mad with twenty-four hour stimulus overload. For the most part he didn't sense a whole lot in his casual everyday life, just enough in his general vicinity to keep him from bumping into things, or pinpointing his balance and acuity, making him look really cool and agile when he wanted to be. Out of them all, Devin was the show-off and he never passed up the opportunity to have a bit of fun with his abilities. He knew she was there after the first few turns he made and she was still on his heels, still he just made his way, monitoring her distance from him and soon enough he realized that she was just behind him for a few steps, she was following him intently. She was a simple arms length or so behind him. He could work with that. He slid his phone into his pocket and swiftly turned on a dime expressing like he'd forgotten something and just like that, they ran into each other. The gentle impact seemed to catch her off guard, and as her hands gripped his shoulders reflexively to keep her balance his hands braced her waist to help her keep her footing. With a still startled look on his face the con-artist teen could have let go, but didn't. "Oh, god! Oh, I am so sorry..." He let their eyes meet and background of his senses went almost completely silent. She was beautiful, more so than he expected and... not from around here. He knew everyone in Shelly and this girl didn't get though being almost his age and not getting hit on by him at least once in the three years he'd been living in Shelly. "Are, uh... are you okay?" He said to her eyes as much as the rest of her.
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    The question was obvious in Kat's tone and look. Sean shot his parents a covert glance, considering how to circumspectly answer, when the parental Cassidys gave him the perfect opportunity. He wasn't sure if it was coincidence or if they they had picked up on something or if it was something else. "Laurie, your turn to keep on eye on the grill," Jack Cassidy called out. He finished the rest of his beer with a single pull then nodded at Sean as he plonked the bottle in the small blue bin they had brought for the purpose. "Sean, take care of the baked goods we still have on sale for the Carousel fund." It was a knock on his son's masculinity or lack thereof that Jack asked him to look after the baking while his younger, yet taller, sister took care of the grill. Sean had made or help make most of the pies and pastries while Laurie needed more experience with the grill. "Your mother and I are going to take a spin on the Carousel before people slow down on the food and it gets even more crowded and the lines get longer." Laurie stood up to man the grill while Sean shifted seats on the picnic table to he was sitting next to the side table they had set up to display the baked goods. When Jack and Carolyn Cassidy had wondered off hand-in-hand, Sean turned back to the others, though his heterochromatic eyes were directed at Kat. "They know about me and figured it out about Jason. They know there are others - and probably have some suspicions about who - but I haven't told them. Don't feel it's my place. Up to you guys if you want them to know. And I haven't told them about what happening tonight. I'll tell them some when its over. Laurie will if we don't come back." Fire flared with a hiss at the grill, Laurie's lips a tight line, not liking Sean's assertion any better hearing it a second time. "How about you guys?" "Not anything in particular," Sean said, giving his hoodie a small tug as it began to stick to his back slightly, sun and rising warmth starting to make his sweat slightly through his layers. "Just enjoying the sun and the company, y'know, before..." He shrugged a slender shoulder. A grin spread across his fine, feminine features. "Despite everything, I'm practically vibrating out of my skin waiting for tomorrow. I might be, I dunno, two, three years ahead of schedule--" Sean waggled the fingers of one hand, "thanks to my Voodoo, but I still can't wait for ReGenesis to drop tomorrow." Sean frowned faintly when Devin made his exit, as he exchanged a pair of pies for several bills. He couldn't read thoughts or emotions, but he could sense the electric impulses dancing through nervous systems and the various parts of the brain. He was still deciphering what they sometimes meant, but could see something similar in Devin and his parents, mostly his mother. It wasn't animosity, not quite distrust. Even if he hadn't told his mom everything Devin had done to him, and even if he was well on his way to forgiving the exasperating, arrogant, gymn-ass, maybe even considering him a friend - of sorts - his mom still considered Devin very suspect. Sean couldn't quite tell what Devin thought about his parents. Sean arched a brow as Cade mused aloud. Whatever reconciliation he might have going on with Devin barely extended to his glamorous, devilish twin as yet. Still, he couldn't help feel a slight pang of envy. Another one of his disparate friends who had formed a relationship that was based on something other than friendship - or only friendship, at least. "Then don't keep her waiting, man," Sean said. He couldn't tell where Marissa was, but he could tell where her phone was, and that was practically the same thing. "You can do better, but I get it." "Pfft! As if!" Laurie scoffed, having reclaimed her seat at the picnic table. Sean snorted in rebuttal. "Go surprise her before she answers." He pointed off to the side. "She's that way."
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