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    Jason Jase had gone a short distance from the Keane's area when the text alert came and he fished his phone from his pocket, adroitly stepping around a running child who was chasing the family dog as pale eyes sought the touch-screen... And he stopped walking, staring intently at the text that Devin had just sent. His mind raced. Another Teulu - presumably not his mother, as Devin knew 'Ms Forster'. The 'owner of his bracelet' - the mysterious figure who'd rescued him on the Other Side. His thumbs tapped out a bland response, hoping that Devin would pick up on the fact that not everyone would know what a Teulu was and not say anything further on the matt- *ping* Do I have a sister? Jason sighed through clenched teeth, wondering who the person with Sean's phone was and when they'd realise addiction was a problem and to stop eating paste. He almost typed that, but considering that the damage was not yet catastrophic, restrained himself. Autumn's reply said plenty, in any case, he mused as he watched the exchanges and various responses, and a stronger reaction from him, in particular, would simply increase the suspicions of others. He wasn't even particularly vexed with Devin - his friend was as impulsive as Jason was calculated and, in his excitement at finding an attractive alien girl, could be forgiven an outburst. Devin's last message, regarding encryption, caused another sigh. Of course, there was the distinct possibility that their communications were being spied upon. Even if the Project was taking a more hands-off approach, they wouldn't leave the Fellowship completely unwatched. Well, the cat was out of the bag. Either the Project was listening and now knew there was an actual alien in Shelly... or they weren't. In the face of the coming fight against the Dark, that was a problem for tomorrow. He was curious about the stranger, though. A female of his species - a proper one, without the 'defect' that caused his mother to be more human in her manner and responses. What was she like? Friendly, according to Devin's texts... And unabashed when going after something she wanted - in this case Devin - which was similar to how he himself expressed his desires. Was she dangerous? Potentially, probably. A scout for a civilisation such as his mother described would be hardened to survival and battle. Jase experienced a moment of concern for his friend. The wrong word... But no. If the text was to be believed then the female liked him, and that would buy a lot of leeway - again, much as with Jason himself. Besides, Devin could handle himself, surely. It'd be fine. Probably fine. His lips thinning slightly, he made his way to the table Marissa described as 'Camp Cabin In The Woods', somewhat surprised when he arrived to find Hank was the only one there. The former Marine saluted Jase with his bottle idly as the lean youth sat down. "Hey kid. How were the in-laws?" Hank grinned lazily as the icy green eyes of his young friend narrowed, though a faint smile curved Jase's lips. "In-laws presumes marriage." The psychokinetic teen popped the cap off a bottle of root beer and took a drink. "That's a little far ahead of where we are, though Ian did all-but ask me what my intentions were." "Hah!" Hank laughed. "Did you answer that?" "I did." Was all Jase said, a sparkle of mirth in his gaze as he sat back in his seat. "Well, you ain't bleeding from shotgun holes, so I guess the answer worked." Hank shrugged, then leaned forward a little as a more serious light entered his eyes. "You need to talk to your ex." "My ex?" Jason paused for a moment, then "You mean Marissa? She's not my ex. We never dated." "Uh-huh, well, she's plenty pissed at you over something and wants to talk. Said something about burning the village down if people keep avoiding her. Personally, I think she's mad about you and Red, but if I were you I'd just go and see what she's got to say without making your mind up first." Jase considered for a moment as he took a drink from his bottle, then nodded. "I'll take care of it." "Good. Now I'm gonna go find a head." Hank tossed his empty into the trash and stood, nodding at his surrogate nephew. "You don't want bad blood before a battle. Get your shit tight, kid." "Right." Jase watched as Hank walked off, then pulled out his phone and tapped out a message. <<<To Marissa>>> From Jason: I heard you wanted to talk. When is a good time / place?
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    She rested her head against her bae's chest as a way of acknowledging his greeting. "If by that you mean to say that I'm the only person attractive enough to distract this ravenous pack of half-starved mongrels from the carcasses they're picking through, momentarily causing them to forget the gnawing hunger which will characterize the remainder of their impoverished, fruitless existences... then," she wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed, smiling devilishly as she did so. "You say the sweetest things. Also, yes. Yes. I. Am." "Sure," Cade chuckled under his breath. "Let's go with that." They made small talk as they ordered their plates and Marissa dropped offered the bumpkin girl a ten as they collected their bottled waters and wet-naps at the end of the line. They chose table further away from the main through fare of food enthusiasts which was occupied by a small collection of student from their school. After few well placed words and veiled threats the Queen of Mean had dispersed them, receiving a series of ill-tempered looks and disgusted sighs of frustration sent her way. Once situated she began to shear the meat from the bone in downward swiped with her plastic knife. Handling the food didn't seem to be her thing as she daintily pinched and picked at it, although she had no qualms about licking her finger tips clean. Afterwards she picked at some of the meat with her sharpened nails, pinching it and prepping it for consumption. "What?" She noticed Cade appraising her ritual silently. "Nothing," he shook his head, shrugging. "You just seem... irritated. Is it about ear-" "No," she cut him off. "Earlier is done with. I said my part and we're moving on." She wiped her hands with paper towel, something he noticed she did after every bite. She seemed to refuse to allow herself to remain dirty for longer than a few seconds. "But, yeah, I am a bit irritated. Not at you. Chet decided to pay me a visit in all his cro magnon charm." "While I have confidence in your ability to handle yourself, do you want to have a few words with him? Tell him to back off?" He gnawed on the bone taking most of the meat off in a single bite. Shelly was not the most exciting place in the world, to be sure, but Cade had to give it up to all the devoted barbeque aficionados who made this time of year totally worth it. "You know, it was sort of made to be eaten off the bone. It comes with it's own stick... see?" He displayed his rib, pinched tightly in both his hands, offering up a test bite as a tutorial for proper carnivore etiquette. "Ew, no. You look like a slob," she half chuckled. Her smile lit up the moment as the warpath trotting Queen of Mean rarely seemed to take much solace in humor these last few days. Cade smiled that corn-fed, down home smile of his and dropped a bare rib bone on a side plate. "Maybe, but I'm about eight more ribs away from being a fat and happy slob. I can live that." She laughed and shook her head, pinching up more of the barbecued meat with her talons. "You do you, sexy. Have you ever tried fine manipulation with acrylics? Especially with slippery food like sauce-covered ribs? It'd be sometime tomorrow before I got a bite and not to mention how much these cost me, I'm not about to risk messing up my manicure just for some 'what is best in life' moment with my food, and thank God for liquid lipstick and Sephora delivering out this far into nowhere or I'd be reapplying every five minutes. Besides, it's more classy this way..." she smiled petitely and twisted the cap off her water. "And thank you for the offer, it's sweet, but I can handle Chet. If it gets out of hand, I'll call you." "Fair enough, and Mari," Cade chuckeld. "We both know that's like plate twelve for you. Let's be real, 'classy' Scott Pilgrim'd out the window around plate three." Her water bottle cap bounced off his chest as he attempted to dodge, eat and laugh all at once. "Jerk," she said with a grin on her lips as she her own laughter matched his. "I can't help it, okay? I think it's these talents, or something but I am starving like all the time, but I'm putting on weight. I feel like my metabolism in on jackrabbit mode or something. I hope I don't transform into a rabbit or something." She 'pfft''d at the thought as it humored her. "Hare." Cade said with a mouthful of rib meat. "Jackrabbits are hares, not rabbits. Hares have longer ears, like a jackass, hence 'jack' rabbit, and longer legs." She looked at him, her faced scrunched up with doubt. "Really? I always thought they were the same thing. I mean, they look the same." "Nope," he chewed contently. "Totally harmless too. I could show you sometime, if you like. No surprises, promise." "Huh," she squeaked, actually having learned something new without it being thrust upon her in a tornado of whirling teeth, claws and random diseases. She narrowed her eyes at him, skeptical, considering his ambush in the past. Rabbits were sort of cute, and relatively harmless (or so she thought). "Maybe. They are soft and cute. We'll see."
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