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  1. Autumn, Weekend following Labor Day/Ep. VI: Off-Camera: Autumn will be working on the tree house, trying to get it finished before the weather turns. She will also be reviewing the journals from her grandfather’s study, and working on If possible, a return visit to Browning to actually go through the museum and have a long, non-plot-related talk with Joe about her grandfather will also be on the agenda. Thursday: No school. Charlie's funeral. Later: Boarding school with Cassie. Friday: First date with Jase? Available after school. Saturday: Autumn will be paying a visit to the Project facility to try to help repair some of the damage done to the smilodon and assist with the extraction of the cranial implant. Saturday night, Marissa will be coming to the Keane house to discuss current events. Sunday: Open. Autumn will be working on personal projects like the completion of the tree house, and studying Chemistry and English. TBD: As discussed in Discord, a story or scene involving Cass and Autumn talking to Sean about the physiological and sociological realities of his unique, uh... "circumstance" would be awesome. Autumn can basically, at present, flail wildly in an actual fight. Some specific efforts at improvement in this area would be advisable. Following up with Sophia to see how she's doing. Talk to her parents about the weird tension with them over the last year or so. Chat with Nathan Crocker about his role. Talk to Mari about Homecoming, make awkward conversation. First date shenanigans with Jason. Birthday planning with Carolyn Cassidy and Gar Bannon. After Site B?: Propose the camping trip. Ongoing: Attempt to normalize things with Jacob- or at least start things moving in that direction. · Specifics will be determined by player input and interaction, and all of this is subject to change!
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