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  1. “Em?” Devin yelled loudly as his backpack slid off his shoulder and he closed the front door of their home. He passed through the foyer and took a right into their massive kitchen/dining room area and saw half the contents of the fridge splayed out on the island like an orc raiding party had stopped by for a bite after looting and pillaging. “Emjay!” “Down here.” Marissa called out from the basement where the Jauntsen twins entertained guests. The Mirror was congratulating her on another successful workout as she was standing but bent over, hugging her legs in a display of her excellent flexibility. Slowly Devin walked about the island in the kitchen looking at all the food that was either gone or in various states of either half eaten or mingled with foods that should never be eaten together. Lunchmeat was torn open while lettuce and condiments were carelessly cast about the island’s surface. Every last remaining pudding cup looked like it’d been licked clean while two different soda cans were left on their sides next to open and empty juice cartons. “Jesus Christ,” Devin whispered to himself as tried to look away from the culinary train wreck as he followed the sound of her voice down into the basement. He thumped down the stairs, mindful of his aching muscles although they’d seemed to have loosed up quite a bit after being active for most of the school day. He saw his sister bent over and stretching, her ponytail sprawled falling to the carpet. “What hell, Em.” He thumbed towards the stairs. “The fuck happened up there? You okay?” “Oh my god, yes.” She sighed, standing up straight and arched her back to work out the rest of stretch. “I feel great, now. Guess I was just hungry.” “Em, that’s not hungry!” His thumb shifted to a finger as he pointed upwards. “That’s a full-scale raid on the fridge. Where did you put it all?” “I know, right? I’ve no idea,” she answered with more pep than he’d heard in a long time. “Most of me still hurts all over, but look,” she turned slowly, showing off the excessive amounts of skin she put on display when she worked out. “Most of the scratches are gone, Deej. Not even a scar.” He brother inspected her, looking at where he remembered a few of the larger cuts to be and sure enough, she was right; they were gone, not a red mark or a blemish. He traced his thumb along her side, where one of the larger wounds was just that morning, before Jason’s accident. “Fuel.” He said softly. “Hmm?” his sister asked, stepping away to retrieve her water bottle. “You needed fuel, Em. You were more injured than all of us. Shit, one of this things tried to eat you, I saw the entry wounds from its teeth, there’s no way… Emjay, your body needed to fuel the healing, that’s why you went all hungo. We need to call Annette, you need tests, there’s more to your abilities that mega-thottery.” “I’m not a thot, fuck off.” She snapped back, while chuckling. “And relax, I already called her. Thank to the school, Mom thinks I’m pregnant, so, yeah, there’s that. I’m going in so the Branch people can have a look at me and figure what the hell is going on. While I’m there, I’m going to shut Mom up by scheduling an appointment with Doctor Lassiter for a Paragard, since Dad’s insurance covers it.” “…a what now?” He asked. “A whoziwhatsit.” she replied. “That makes girl parts not do mommy stuff.” He nodded slowly. “Oooooh. Don’t you need a parent’s permission? Mom is I’m sure okay with you being safe, but after this, I think you’re banned from dick until like… 2090 or something. Just a guestimate.” “She knows she can’t stop me from having sex Deej, barring locking me in my room, and even then, you can teleport and open portals. I think Mom and Dad both know at this point; all they can do hope we’re responsible with our choices.” Devin laughed. “Which you obviously weren’t.” “We were!” She protested. “Devin trust me, there was nothing left to impregnate me by the time he put the condom-“ “I don’t need to hear this!” He clasped his hands over his ears and loudly proclaimed ‘lalala’. His sister was relentless and simply resorted to pantomiming every seedy, disgusting sexual act she and Cade had committed with a series of tongue in cheek gestures, hip thrusts and implying there was, at some point, the insertion of a fist into a cavity. As she slowed down, he gently lifted his hands to check if the coast was clear. “And then it was my turn…” she smiled wryly as he turned and fled upstairs, screaming ‘lalala’ as she chased him to their respective rooms upstairs while she loudly yelled every foul act, mostly made up, since he could no longer see her gestures. He only knew freedom after he’d slammed the door to his room. Grinning evilly, she retreated to her own room and prepared for a shower. They’d have company soon. ---===[@]===--- Between the work out and the shower, Marissa was feeling better. Her body still ached, her muscles feeling like sludge, but her and her brother had always toughed it out and pushed themselves, especially while not feeling well. No longer hungry, she went to clean the kitchen only to find that her brother was already on it. “Best bro ever,” she pecked him on the cheek and smiled as he shooed her away. “Nuh uh, you can’t kiss me anymore, I know where that mouth has been,” he joked. “Puh-lease,” she rolled her eyes, grinning. “I know your number. There’s no telling how much herpes you’ve smeared on my cheek. Rebecca alone you’ve been with what? Six, seven times?” “Uh, four.” He corrected her. He side-armed in a change of topic. “Feeling better? Everyone should be here soon.” “No,” she shrugged. She’d changed after shower into comfortable leggings and a crop top sweatshirt that exposed her midriff and hung off one shoulder, covering the sports bra she wore underneath. Her sweatshirt read: ‘Can’t talk right now. Doing Hot Girl shit.’ Her feet were bare and patted softly on the kitchen tiles. She was in light makeup, reasserting her position as the only girl in Shelly who wore lip gloss while dressed for lounging. “But I’m faking it well enough. Pretty sure this is going to be a complete shitshow, but, it is what it is.” “And if this doesn’t end positively?” he asked while wiping down the island and tossing the paper towel in the trash that was filled with the remnants of the fridge. “Then it doesn’t.” She shrugged and chuckled. “Made it through sixteen years of my life without them, Deej. Pretty sure I’ll be okay for another sixteen or so. I have superpowers, plus I’m gorgeous. This girl will be fine, trust me.” She drew her phone from the pocket on the thigh of her leggings and tapped to open an app. "I'm kinda peckish, think we should order pizza for everyone?" "Are you serious?" Devin looked at his sister in absolute amazement.
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