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  1. Their hostess listened to her guests, poised elegantly with her blood red lips concealed behind her curled fingers in a standing ''thinkers' pose. "For now, Ms. Parsons," she pointed a digit upwards and took a few steps towards Amelia, her shoes echoing on the hard marble floor. "We'll do nothing. It's not uncommon for your kind to have to hide in the shadows and skulk about in plain sight of the kine." "Kine?" Amelia asked with an inquisitive eyebrow in her hosts direction. "A word we kindred use for your people. Mortals. Humans." The derisive tone in her accent reappeared briefly as she explained. "Our little shadow has gone on for millennia, those agents won't make a second attempt any time soon, but I've taken the liberty of relocating your apartment, you're welcome. You job, honestly, is probably quite safe. My people are working against them now so a direct assault on you again is not wise." Ravenna offered Amelia a matronly glare before turning her attention to Ravi. "But let's not tempt Fate, shall we?" "Let my people do their jobs, besides," her eyes locked on Ravi and he'd seen the expression of hunger in a woman's eyes numerous times, but nothing like what he saw in D'Sombra's. "Mr. FitzCoventry is not yet in any condition to be galivanting about the city, sleeping with it's estranged female populace while simultaneously completing a journey of self-discovery, now are you?" She leaned down and traced her finger gently up his abdomen with centuries of careful, practiced and erotic precision. A touch from her was like nothing he'd experienced and in the back of his mind he wondered if it was her, or just the nature of her 'condition'. She stopped at his wound, her finger tip smeared in half dried blood and withdrew it, rubbing it gently on her lips before indulging in a slow taste as her tongue traced the blood and cleaned her finger tip with a soft kissing sound. "My," she smiled. "You are a rare breed. Delicious." She had no need to, but the deep breath assisted her regaining control and restoring her poise. They could both a certain unease coming from her, like they were suddenly trapped in a room with a vicious animal and a brief moment later that moment had passed. "I hate to admit it," she said to them, turning once more to address them both. "But we need Mourne. My people are searching for him. He's not answering his phone, so chances are he's... conducting business. For now, Ms. Parsons, collect your thoughts, get cleaned up," Amelia noticed the way her arrogant gaze absorbed Amelia's appearance and she certainly caught the 'for the love of God', her hostess added a bit more quietly. "And enjoy my hospitality for the evening. Mr. FitzCoventry, these two gentlemen," she motioned to the ebony mountains that stood at the doors leading into the larger penthouse. "Will take you someplace more comfortable and we'll see about getting that bullet removed, save you some pain in the long run. Sable has an angel's touch, you'll be fine. I'll join you two shortly, after all, I owe you payment, Ravi. Do I not?" The two men left their post at a gesture from their mistress and proceeded to carry out her order. One gestured for Amelia to join them as the other assisted Ravi in standing and helping him along. The penthouse was a like a maze, consuming the entirety of the floor it was a combination of office and living space divided into dozens of large and small rooms. It was almost painful on the eyes how the color theme was so monochromatic, blacks and silvers everywhere with the only color being in the thousands of portraits that hung on the walls. Every ten feet was a painting, old and dated and in one instance, Ravi swore he saw 'Madame Monet and her Son' brightly lighting up the dreary décor of a meeting room as they passed by. The only white room they was a small infirmary, muted with grays and white, it didn't really surprise either of them that this room existed up here. In truth, Amelia was half expecting a Wal-Mart tucked into one corners of her 'how the rich live' experience. The man helped Ravi get situated on the table, lying him back and resting his head on a cylindrical pillow so he could see the room and still talk with Amelia. Despite their size and gruff exterior, bot men seemed gentle and professional, not manhandling their charge any more than was necessary. "Juffrou Sable sal binnekort by u aansluit." One said in a deep baritone as he and his partner left the room. "What?" Amelia asked. She shrugged looking at Ravi confused. "We- we don't understa-" The door closed, but it didn't seem locked. "Something about Sable joining us, I'm assuming," Ravi said calmly, winching and grunting slightly at the pain of not having quite settled in comfortably yet onto his new table. "Hints of Germanic... Afrikaans, possibly?" "You understood that?" she chuckled. "I am from Europe, Amelia. I know German when I hear it, not too hard to assume the rest. As for what they said? Not a clue." He smiled, reassuring her that he was just in the dark as she was.
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