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    Cass did her best to keep a straight face, but finally threw in the towel. She burst into laughter and ran over to Lilly to throw her arms around the athlete and give her a big hug. "I'm so glad you're back!" the wannabe-journalist exclaimed. "We had no idea what was going on! We thought you'd moved or something!" A bit bemused, Lilly returned the hug, looking around at everyone over Cassandra's shoulders as if to assess the danger of more hugs ensuing. "No," she said, chuckling and patting Cassie's shoulder. "No, it was just the trials." Happily Cassandra did release Lilly and back up a step, beaming. "Right, well, it's really good seeing you again. I mean, it feels a little weird to say I'm glad you're here...because here is a madhouse of danger and horror, kind of...but after some of the shit we've seen..." She shook her head. "I'm just glad you're okay."
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    Tawny slid closer to Devin, leaning in as Lilly and Jason had their brief talk. "Does she have," the blondes eyes bounced around a bit with silent inquiry. "You know." "Yes," Devin said quietly, but he left it at that, not seeing any reason to recant the litany of bad blood he and his sister had with her and Clara. She seemed visibly relieved, no longer fearing that she might say or do something that could put the group at jeopardy. "What... what can she do?" "When she flexes she over saturates an area with idealism." Marissa chimed in with her never ending supply of vitriol and sarcasm. "She's like Cade, a Spartan. Daddy taught her all about guns and knife fighting, which almost makes Jason's home life look stable, but hey, Montana, right? Land of savagery." "Not helping," Devin sung softly with a bit of sarcasm of his own. "But, yeah, something about military dads around here, it's a bit messed up. Truth is we don't know what she can do, we just know it's not brain magic." "Huh," Tawny took another bite of pizza, now a bit curious a to just how many variants of magic people were living out there in the world. "Neat." She said with her typical saccharine sweet perkiness.
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    "It's pretty amazing, huh?" the taller, freckled redhead asked- mostly rhetorically- as she approached Kat and nudged the petite girl companionably with her hip, the oceanic hue of her eyes tinged with reflected hints of green. "I've only been here once, but he's really not kidding about not touching things," she admitted, pulling her hair back with one hand and leaning down to breathe in the heady scent of the creamy white freesias nearby. "Some of these are really toxic and ohhh, holy fuck, that's sex in a flowerpot." She inhaled again, deeply, and sighed as her unspoken frustrations with the trip to Browning, Marissa's inexplicable 'tude, and the looming Serious Talk she was going to need to have with her mom all just sort of... dissipated like so much water vapor in the dense, humid air. It was easy for Autumn to forget, surrounded by the verdant glory of this miniature Eden, that she was still in Shelly, still firmly grounded in reality and not some primeval wonderland of warmth and botanical beauty. Yeah, she decided, smiling despite the deeply personal and existential concerns still lingering in the back of her mind. Definitely one of my favorite places. The sensory kaleidoscope of color, fragrance, and texture was no less captivating for having seen it once before; if anything, the growing awareness of life all around her only served to heighten the experience, layering a scintillating, intangible vibrancy over that which the redhead could experience with her more mundane senses. ...And yet, for all its seeming wildness, she knew that there was an underlying order in the chaos, each specimen meticulously arranged and cultivated according to the desires and aesthetic sensibilities of its creator. Here, the curious elemental polarities of his nature intersected perfectly- an idea which broadened the smile on her lips as it occurred to her, watching Jason disappear up the stairs to what she guessed was the second floor loft and "The Fortress of Jaseitude" (Working Title). "I'm gonna see if he needs any help," Autumn added thoughtfully. The garden would still be here after, and she could always sneak down if things got too crazy, or if she got bored. She'd also been late for the last big meeting here, so what lay upstairs was still a total mystery. Besides, she reasoned, it was only polite to offer, right? Right. Totally. It had nothing to do with stealing a couple more minutes of alone-time at all. She was just being a good guest, and he'd helped out at breakfast, anyway, so it was only fair. Breaking away from the others filtering in, she headed toward the door through which Jason had vanished, humming quietly as she did so. "Hey, Jase?" she called as she mounted the wooden stairs leading upward. She could hear him moving around up there, the sound of something scraping on the floor, then silence- that eerie stillness she remembered from the phone call earlier in the week. It sent a tiny shiver down her spine, that unearthly quiet, and the intrepid redhead fought against the instinctive urge to hold her breath for those last few steps. She knew he was up there, so it was fine. No big deal. "Do you need any-" "Sure," he replied, so calmly and from such close proximity Autumn was pretty sure she was dead. "Jesus fu-hmmm!" she just managed to clap a hand over her mouth, stifling the shriek of surprise as she whirled, leveling an accusatory stare at The Effing Boyfriend. "Ohmygod!" Heart pounding furiously somewhere just south of her larynx, the startled young woman blinked incredulously, wide blue eyes meeting cool green ones that sparkled faintly with amusement. "No, just me," Jase quipped dryly, moving to pick up another chair. "Ugh!" Simultaneously scowling miserably and trying desperately not to laugh, Autumn took in the 'war room' as she waited for her heart rate to drop again, and for her breathing to return to something resembling normal human respiration. It definitely looked more like a place Jason would just... hang out, than his room had, she decided, noting the workbenches and exercise area. Functional. Practical. Utterly apart from the lush world of the garden downstairs. When she'd recovered sufficiently, she grabbed a chair, unfolding it and positioning it in an empty space around the large table in the center of the room. It only took a couple of minutes, at most, the two of them working in relative silence as she glanced, now and then, at his shoulders, or the outline of his profile silhouetted against one of the open windows. Maybe Devin could teach her to draw... Hmm. As her eyes sketched the contours of Jason's back, movement followed, her outstretched fingers running lightly down his spine. "All done?"
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