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    Devin broke away from his games with Courtney, who refused to chase him anymore given she hadn't dressed for athleticism. He approached his sister and opened up the cooler, amused at the little things that irritated the hell out of her, like having to walk to the barn for water. He didn't mind so much, like Jason chilling his own drinks, Devin distance wasn't really factor for the teleporter so he'd just bring the drinks to him. "You okay?" he asked his sister as he collected a couple more waters. She nodded in the affirmative but didn't offer much, if anything, in the way of an explanation, just a few short words to keep his mind at ease and after displaying his concern he disappeared in a violet blur. He tossed Kat a water. "Nice work, New Girl," he winked at her. "Quite the bag of tricks hidden up there." He pointed to her forehead and left her to her business. It was collectively, the most words Devin had said to her since she'd started hanging out with the Fellowship. She knew his reputation as Shelly High's bully on a redemption path to try and grow up a bit. He didn't seem so bad, a bit intense sometimes, but not so bad. "Did you know?" Jason asked, as Devin approached imbalanced companion. His words were meant for just Devin and his low inquiry carried no more concern or urgency as any phrase that passed his lips. "Of all the things to help my dad save some money, Devin, the plough?" The teleporter grinned, then shrugged. "She doesn't talk much. When she does she doesn't seem to have listened to what's said or understand simple slang or twists in vernacular. She stares off into space a lot, lost in her own thoughts, where things make more sense to her. Classic ADHD, Jase. I wasn't a hundred percent sure, but I took a shot in the dark. Gave her a puzzle, gave her something that was broken, run down and complex and... well, just let her mind work at its own speed. Explanation would have only gone so far with her, she needs to do things and be engaged on her own terms." He hit Jase in the chest with the back of his hand. "Leadership stuff, dude. Gotta understand your people. Can't manipulate an entire school for years without understanding how teenagers function." "That's mildly disturbing," Jase added, as the corner of his mouth inclined slightly. "You can read all the medical journals, dude, understand what all those fancy afflictions are and what they do and mean, but sometimes the path to the cure lies in bedside manner, bro. Empathy." Devin shrugged. "It's not so much what people say-" "-it's what the don't say." The lanky psychopath finished. "Bingo." Devin tipped his water back and then twisted the cap back on after a large swig. "We'll work on it. If you're gonna step up with me, like we discussed, we gotta get you peopling. Granola can help." His gaze set on something off in the distance, away from their conversation. He raised his hand and pitched his empty water bottle off and up into an arch. It swiftly 'bamf'd out of existence only to reappear and bounce off Tawny's back. She spun about to look who threw it and there was Devin making faces at her as she took off in a full sprint towards him to take him down. "Gotta go. You and me, fifteen minutes, sparing match." Devin bolted away as Tawny passed Jason as a blur of golden hair and the scent of fruity shampoo.
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    She smiled warmly, but lazily. She rest her head on his shoulder and looked up at those azure eyes of his. "I'm fine," she said softly. "It's sweet of you to check up on me though." With a tilt of her head and a shift of her posture, she kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you." "It went well enough," she shrugged. "Typical argument though, since my brother and I were bullies our observations and concerns amount to nothing so it is what it is. It doesn't seem like our friendship has a very bright future ahead of it, but, I don't blame her considering all I did to her. Some things 'I'm sorry' just doesn't solve, I guess." Her bae's eyes sort of awkwardly avoided her as he pondered what she was talking about. "Uh, okay. I meant... the attunement thing. Did you two have a fight?" "Hm? Oh, no, quite the opposite in fact. We taught each other a great deal," she smiled weakly. "It was, I don't know... wow. I could feel everything going on around me, like I don't know. I could feel life. I've never felt something so pure, so peaceful, so... radiant." "Me too. Felt good, huh?" "No," she said quietly. "It felt horrible. It hurt. I'm so horrible that my Shine felt like it was flickering out. Like, I could become one of those things, or like Cody." The lump in her throat refused to be choked back as she huddled closer to her lover who shook his head. "Hey, no. You can't think like that." His arm wrapped around her and he gently stroked her arm. "Won't lie to you, Marissa, you have a lot of karma to burn off, like, slightly less than Hitler. So you're third..." He raised his hand and displayed it as if he were setting each name in the sky for her. "Stalin, Hitler, Marissa Jauntsen." She elbowed him in the side. "Dick." "Just, look at it this way, Marissa," he paused and looked out to the field where everyone was just being teenagers. "As long as you have that Shine then something within you is screaming to be more, do more, help more. It's hope. As long as you keep that, as long as you don't throw in the towel and give into all the cute and fuzzy bunnies of the world-" she leaned away from him and glared at him like he was a stranger. "Sorry, there was a John Cusack marathon over the weekend. Even an ember can grow into a roaring, radiant blaze. Just don't let yourself get discouraged by the past. You can't do anything about that. Tomorrow, however... well, that's on you." "That was," her tone was flat. "Mildly inspiring." Still, she kissed him again and rest her head against him. "Now... go. I'm fine. Don't coddle me, I'm just resting. Go be a dude and do dude things." As he stood up and finished his water she looked over the field and watched as her brother entertained Courtney and Tawny laughed as he tormented the redhead who couldn't catch him with all his blinking about. She couldn't be a part of this merry little band. She was a spy for Enterich and a spy for Annette and she was selling them out to the enemy for a hundred grand a pop. She knew Autumn's words didn't apply to her. That people fuck up, they could learn from it, and friends were supposed to forgive each other for that. She knew there would be no forgiveness for her. She sat and watched everyone enjoy themselves as her hope deep within, dimmed just a little bit more.
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    At the Miracle of the Tractor Reborn, Cassandra clapped her hands and whistled like she was at a rock concern. On some level she couldn't help but feel an inkling of something deeper though. No one had really talked about it yet, at least not with her, but what were they going to do with these powers after the whole Dark thing was finished? Go public? Live secret double lives? Find some kind of balance? Cass figured Jase probably already knew, but what about everyone else? And maybe more to the point, what about her? At first it might seem like someone like her could get a lot of mileage out of her powers. Track down secrets, stories, scoops...find the guilty and expose them... But it was that last, wasn't it? Was she prepared for that situation where psychic visions told her unequivocally that someone was guilty of something awful...but she couldn't find proof, so nothing happened? Or would she, in that case, act on her own, or with the help of the Fellowship, to exact justice outside what the law could? Because that idea troubled her. It felt like a no-win situation. Do something, and weaken the very concept of law. Do nothing, and let the spirit of the law be violated. It wasn't today's problem, but it was still troubling. No, today's problem? Well, seeing Autumn and Jase do their thing reminded Cassandra of some of the perks of having a boyfriend. She didn't miss Dylan so much as she missed the feeling of arms around her, lips against her. The warmth, the contact... It was nice. But yeah...pickings were slim. Jason was crazy, and also taken. Cade dull, also taken. Though the idea of stealing another of Marissa's boyfriends gave the mean slice of her brain a chuckle. There was Devin, and lets face it...she could do worse. He was good looking, he was fun, he had a cool power... For all his faults, she liked him. And they did have a weird kind of bond from way back when they'd both seen their very first Weird Thing together. And they were going to Homecoming. So why not? Maybe it was seeing him and Tawny. Or him and...basically every other person with tits that wasn't Sean. Maybe it was just that they'd been friends 'too long.' Maybe it was the thirteen-year old emotional affect. Cassie just didn't feel a romantic spark between them right now. Maybe that'd change if they went out a time or two or three. I just don't know who he is yet, she decided. Not really. Then who though? Courtney? The thought brought a laugh to her. Like, okay, sure you go and experiment girl, but Courtney? Cass got along better with Marissa than her...and that was saying something. Sean? The funny thing there was that, even putting aside the whole 'looks like a girl' thing, Sean and Cass just didn't have anything in common, it felt like. They barely ever even talked. Definitely no sparks there at the moment. Ugh. Maybe just no one. She was young, there was no hurry! It's not like there wasn't enough other stuff on her plate to focus on. Speaking of which. "If that's all the porn we're getting, lets get back to business!" she called out. "What's next?! Get naked or break it up!"
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    As the initial round of exercises drew to a close, Autumn glanced down at the head of the sleeping princess still resting against shoulder. It would almost have been endearing, except for the fact that she was thirsty and it felt like if she didn’t get up and do something she was going to start putting down roots. “C’mon. No falling asleep,” she admonished, shrugging the exhausted brunette off and ignoring the sullen glower directed her way. Despite her grumbled protestations, Marissa managed to sit up with the help of a steadying hand, scowling like a petulant child as the redhead brushed the grass from her dark hair. It was a surprisingly familiar gesture, one that carried a faint sensation of warmth as the Girl Scout’s freckled fingers smoothed the disheveled sable tresses. “Finish that water up, and if you feel all right after that, we can go over what happened. With the attunement, I mean” she added after a moment’s pause, considering everything that had been said, and how angry she’d felt, and how nice it was to just be for a minute. No point revisiting that just yet. “The rest… That can wait. I’m gonna go grab something else to drink. Don’t try to get up too fast, okay?” Stretching as she stood, Autumn sighed and briskly dusted bits of grass and dirt from her jeans and hoodie before tightening the knotted arms around her waist. She’d have to go back to the barn for another bottle, since she was pretty sure sharing anything wasn’t part of Marissa’s “Girl Code”… at least, if her reaction to Tawny borrowing a shirt was any indication. On the other hand… Autumn found herself turning, blue eyes unconsciously following the long, easy strides that carried Jason into the center of the rough clearing. …there was a long, cool drink of water not too far away, and it was hot out in the field. Yep. The thirst is definitely real. It must have been the sun. Obviously. In fact, she was feeling a little feverish just thinking about it, she realized, taking a step forward as she licked suddenly dry lips. And… It was probably okay to actually think about it a little more seriously now, right? They were dating, regardless of the reason, and regardless of whether Cassie or Marissa or anyone else liked it. Mari had also been adamant about her lack of interest in him, so there was no good reason not to take her at her word. Probably. Which also meant that she didn’t really have to think about it anymore; if, as the diva herself had said, Jase was now her “problem,” that made however other people felt about it their problem. Right? Autumn could feel the unbidden smile on her lips as she crossed the open ground toward the others, and the slow suffusion of crimson in her sun-warmed cheeks, just as she always did where he was concerned, but there was something else, too. Something new. She’d told him, and she’d told her mom, and she’d told Cass and now Mari as well, but she hadn’t really made it clear to anyone else, had she? She liked Jason Bannon, whether he was a high-functioning psychopath, or secretly a dragon, or an interdimensional alien, or… whatever. As crazy as it was, as completely foreign as he seemed at times, and as likely as it seemed that at some point this whole mad experiment- or whatever it was- would blow up in her face, this was A Thing. They were A Thing. And instead of just making some awkward announcement, or trying to convince people he wasn’t some kind of leashed wolf just waiting for the chance to bite, well… Actions spoke louder than words. “Hey,” she interjected a greeting as she approached, her Thalassic gaze lingering curiously on the seemingly-new plow and the gamine young woman who’d just turned away, red-faced, a moment before. Had Jason said something that embarrassed her? Admittedly, he did have that effect on people, herself included; there didn’t seem to be much room for middle ground. “Nice ink,” the taller redhead added with an appreciative smile, noting for the first time the swirling tattoo covering Kat’s bare limbs. What she could see was a sort of neo-Celtic design, and clearly part of a much larger work- which was, in itself, an impressive feat for a teenager. Someone paid a lot for that. And then, with a slight tilt of her head as she turned to peer up into those fathomless green pools, Autumn smiled again, all mischief and promise. “I’m thirsty,” she stated matter-of-factly. “Mind if I have some of that?” The tall, imperturbable youth nodded, the pale jade of his eyes warming slightly as he called the water bottle back to hand, and the impish smile became a grin. With a slow shake of her head, Autumn leaned up on tiptoe as her fingers slid along the line of Jason’s jaw, threading through the dark hair at the nape of his neck. “Not that,” she murmured, savoring the sight of the long, slow blink he gave as his brain shifted focus, quickly catching on to her intent. “This.” Her lips brushed against his, gently at first and then more deeply as she felt his hands slip around her waist- and, simultaneously, over her cheeks and through the tousled mass of copper curls that defied the best efforts of the little elastic hair band to contain them. She could just make out a soft feminine gasp- Courtney, maybe? she wondered- but then Jase was kissing her back, was pulling her closer, and everything else seemed mundane and unimportant by comparison. It wasn’t a particularly prolonged kiss; in reality, it lasted only a few moments. It was, however, visibly intense, each focused on the other to the exclusion of all else: the faint scents of smoke and green, growing things that she associated with him; the way her skin warmed under his fingertips; the sound of blood pounding in both their ears like some ancient drum. “Not that I’m complaining, but what was that for?” he asked quietly, eyes intent on hers as they parted, both a little breathless. There were tiny golden fireflies in his gaze, banked embers that smouldered lazily in their depths, and Autumn smiled in response, pressing her forehead to his. She hmm’ed softly, thoughtfully, meeting Jason’s eyes as her fingers slipped from his hair to rest on his shoulders. “I’d say I had probably at least three reasons.” That earned her another blink, and a slow, faintly crooked smile. “Have I mentioned yet today that you’re amazing?” His voice was low, lips tantalizingly close, and it was only by sheer force of will that she managed to engage her boring, normal, thoroughly human brain enough to draw back from the precipice of scorching emerald madness his eyes promised as they remained fixed on hers. “I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be my line,” the blushing girl teased, settling back onto her heels as the quiet thrill of what she’d just done danced, exultant, through her mind. “And now that I’m not quite as thirsty anymore, I need a drink.”
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    Jason's response was a raised eyebrow - Autumn's text on 'Bannon Expressions for Dummies' would have categorised it as the equivalent of a 'hmm'. He looked from the petite exchange student to Devin, who shrugged. "New girl stepping up. Awright." the teleporter raised his bottle of water in a salute. "Let's see what you got." "Very well, then." Jason stepped aside to give Kat a clear view of the plough, then stepped with silent grace behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. "My Shine will make it easier for you to affect machines or physical objects." he explained as Kat peered over her shoulder up at him, trying to repress a shiver of... well, it wasn't fear that was for certain. This close, she could smell the faint scent of rich tobacco and even fainter cologne, and though his touch was light on her shoulders her skin under his hands felt suddenly unaccountably warm. And then... His Shine poured into her, a powerful bright light focused through the prism of his will. It was clarity, crystalline clarity, and it's effect on the normally-chaotic mind of the young woman was electrifying. Courtney had calmed her with an active brush of her power - Jase's essence tuning to hers threw everything into sharp, clear focus as though her ADHD was never a thing. She was aware of his hands on her shoulders, his presence behind her, and the grass underfoot, and the plough in front of her... and none of it was overwhelming or distracting, everything processing normally as though Jason was grounding the scattered electricity of her thoughts. She bit her lip, taking a deep breath and blowing it out. Focus. It was hard, more complicated than anything she had tried with her gifts before. The rusty hunk of metal had many moving parts, and some were missing - rusted away, presumably. As Kat squinted at the machinery, she felt a faint pain in her head which she associated with the stretching of a muscle unused to such activity. Abruptly, she could see what needed to be done. The rust is oxidised metal. That can be de-oxidised. As the teens watched, the rusty splotches on the plough began to fade, shrinking as they transmuted back into shining sturdy metal. I need to find replacements for the internal mechanisms here and here... Fresh blades there and there... The towing bar is enough metal. And easy to replace. Yeah... The metal of the towing bar used to attach the plough to a tractor shrank, warped, ran like liquid before reforming into gleaming steel plough blades. Rivulets of liquid metal ran along and seeped inside the machine, taking shape under Kat's concentration. "Holy shit." Courtney laughed as, before everyone's eyes, the ravages of time were apparently reversed, as though Kat were winding back a clock. Tawny's eyes were wide, Cade was blinking as he looked from the plough to where Kat stood, Jason's hands on her shoulders, then back at the plough. Where once had stood something fit for the scrap-heap now sat a showroom-new eight-channel rotary plough - minus the towing bar, but still. "Impressive." Jason said quietly from behind Kat as she relaxed, sagging back against him for a moment. The effort had been greater than anything she had yet attempted, her head hurt a little, but despite that and her tiredness she was elated. It felt good to just lean back and take in what she had accomplished. A bona fide miracle. She grinned... and then recalled who she was leaning against. Oh. Yeah. Clearing her throat, she craned her head up and round to look up at him. He didn't look annoyed, which was a plus, but the feel of her back against his torso was enough to make the small French import blush a little as she straightened up. Jason's hands left her shoulders as she turned around, resisting the urge to step away - or closer. He gave her a small nod - of approval, or thanks, or some combination of the two? She wasn't too sure. "If I had some more metal to work with, I could reconstruct the tow bar too." she said, looking up at his eyes. "I'll take you up on that." he replied with a small grin that brought an answering smile to her lips. Suddenly greatly daring, she locked eyes with him and tried to 'speak' to him. She could 'feel' his mind's presence, just not what was going on in it, after all. So she spoke 'at' him rather than trying to connect. "I heard you deal weed. Can we talk about that later? And other stuff too, of course. But... yeah." His eyes narrowed a little, but he was still smiling as he nodded a silent response. "Cool" Kat said with a bright, slightly flirtatious grin, apparently answering his previous statement as, still feeling a little flushed, she stepped away and took a long drink of water. Whew.
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