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    Cassandra's teasing grin faded as Autumn talked until it was just a little smile, then maybe not even that. There were thoughts on top of thoughts in her head, like time was slowing down and someone 'offstage' was narrating... 'there's four things you need to know about Autumn and Jase right now... Time started again and Cassandra smiled wistfully. "I guess I don't really know. I had a crush on a guy in grade school, but he moved away. Me and my boyfriend started dating just sort of...because? We already hung out all the time together anyway, it just kind of felt right. I guess I haven't really had that sort of...intensity you're talking about." She tugged a few strands of her blonde hair out from the rest and wiggled it around absently. "All teasing aside, if you're happy about it, I'm behind it." The grin came back then. "And I can spy on him to tell you if he's cheating on you. Cassie Allen, psychic detective. A hundred a week, plus expenses."
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    Keane Residence, around 08:20 "About time." Dana Keane, concerned mother to four dogs and a teenage daughter, grumped as Autumn shuffled into the kitchen, yawning, and made a bee-line for the coffee pot. An observant maternal eye noted the slight touches of makeup and attention paid to the fiery tumble of red hair as Autumn filled her mug, sweetened and added cream, then sipped, absently ruffling the fur of the large German Shepherd, Briggs, as he politely nudged her for a petting. "So Jason, Cassie, and Devin Jauntsen, hmm?" Hazel eyes narrowed. "This isn't some double date, I take it?" "What? No!" Autumn seemed jolted out of her distraction by the question, laughing a little. "I mean, Cassie and Devin are just friends, I think. And just because Jase is coming along doesn't make it automatically a date, mom." her daughter added, cheeks pinking a little as Dana made a feminine snort of disbelief. "Not technically, no." Autumn's mother said mock-sternly as though suspecting, and disapproving of, shenanigans. She then smiled a little as she turned back to the griddle pan. "Well, seeing as I'm feeding extra mouths, you'd better pull out some eggs and get to work." The two of them worked in companionable silence for a short while, music from the radio unobtrusively filling the air in the comfortable kitchen. Preparations were almost complete when the soft rumble of an engine outside sparked an excited bark or two from the dogs, all four of whom were hanging around just out from under foot, hoping for dropped tidbits with large pleading eyes. Dana looked at where Autumn had been, sighing and shaking her head with a smile as, with a soft patter of feet, the younger redhead hurried to the door. "Not a date, my butt." she commented quietly to Lexi, who merely panted good-naturedly and let out a little whine of protest at the lack of dropped bacon bits. Jason climbed out of the Charger as he removed his mirrored shades, hooking them into the neck of his t-shirt as he closed the car door behind him, and breathed deeply, pale eyes sweeping over the fields and woods surrounding the Keane home. The morning dew had already mostly burned away, but the day still felt fresh and new to him as he made his way around the car and headed up the front steps onto the porch. The country air was quiet, despite the sporadic barking of the dogs inside as they sensed a familiar presence, and there was a peacefulness that hung over the scene which was not lost on him. The front door opened as he approached, and Autumn slipped out quickly, closing it behind her and turning to face him, a smile curving her lips before she stepped forward and comfortably slipped her arms around his neck. "Hey." she murmured, smile becoming a grin as she felt his hands slide over her waist in a return embrace. "Hey." he echoed with a slight twitch of his lips answering her smile. He could smell the warm scent of her hair, and resisted the temptation to simply bury his face in it. "I just wanted to thank you for last night." Autumn said in a low tone, mindful her mother might be listening as she studied the flicker of reflected sunlight - as well as the deeper flame her nearness kindled - in his pale green eyes. He looked a little tired, as might be expected, but alert and focused as usual. "You're welc-" Jason started, but stopped as Autumn, grinning, put a finger over his lips, shifting her body against his, pressing closer. "I said I wanted to thank you, not say thank you." she breathed as she leaned up and kissed him, feeling the zip and zing of that flame running through her nerves at the contact, her arms tightening around his neck as, for a long moment, the two forgot everything else. So much so, in fact, that the purring whine of a high performance motorcycle didn't intrude on their private moment until it was too late.
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    Oh. So, this was a thing that was happening now. Because the fact that she- Autumn Keane- was dating Jason Bannon was A Thing. And, now, it wasn't just a between-them Thing, but an out-in-the-open Thing. A Thing that, she was suddenly reminded, had apparently made Marissa angry, which... kind of made no sense, unless she was upset she didn't hear it from her. That seemed like a girl best friend reaction, right? Maybe? Autumn sighed, resigned to spending the rest of the day as a hot blushing mess. Glancing back in the direction of the kitchen and the delicious smells of breakfast pouring from the doorway, she weighed her options. Cassie was a friend now, even if they hadn't exactly put a label on it yet, and although she'd always considered Jason a fairly private sort of person, he didn't seem to mind being open about their status update. Obviously. Her lips were still tingling, slightly warmer than the rest of her face, as the red-cheeked redhead pressed them together. ...Which was not helpful, because it only made her think about how different it felt when he was the one doing that, and- Whew. "As a boyfriend?" she repeated, pointedly focusing on the spirited reporter's actual questions and edging away from the doorway just in case either Devin or her mother happened to be paying attention. "I mean..." Autumn reflected for a moment on the events of the last few days, holding the warm mug in both hands as she took a long sip of her coffee. "It hasn't even been that long, just since Friday, so I don't really know. Like, no flowers and stuff, obviously, which is fine. The ones in his barn are way nicer, anyway.” She smiled at that, the sunlight catching the faint green flecks in her eyes as she turned to watch the dogs and squirrels through the sliding glass doors. “And no, we haven’t. Stuff just kind of happened when we went camping, like he said, and…” Exhaling, she took another drink, resolutely keeping her gaze fixed on the landscape and not on Cassie’s smirk. “And neither of us expected it to, so we weren’t… you know. Prepared.” The tone of her voice was suggestive, framing the word in audible quotation marks. “Or we probably would have. I don’t even know how to describe it, honestly, just like…” The sensation of sparks turning her blood molten, of flickering flames in his fingertips, remained vivid even in her memory; despite her embarrassment, the Titian-haired Girl Scout grinned. “Like fwoosh,” she elaborated, gesturing expansively with one hand as she turned back to Cassandra. “Fwoosh?” the intrepid journalist asked, her grin equal parts skepticism and amusement. “Yeah,” Autumn nodded, still smiling even as the pink in her cheeks deepened again. “Like the sound of something suddenly catching fire, you know? Physics. Chemistry. Honestly, I kind of feel a little bit like a crazy person around him in a very, um, sciencey way, and a totally different kind of crazy person when I think about how crazy it is. I mean, he’s Jason Effing Bannon, right? And that’s a whole thing on its own, but…” She glanced again in the direction of the doorway, the music, and the mouthwatering scent of bacon and lowered her voice. “But when we left Bunnee’s last night, I went to his house. I know, I know. I just showed up, and asked for a shower and a hug, and Cass, he just said ‘okay’ and freaking gave them to me. Like, sat there for over an hour and just hugged me while my clothes were in the laundry and talked to me until I calmed down, and then he brought me home and dropped me off at the end of the driveway so I could ride back up, and I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m totally out of my depth with him, and it’s probably either the best idea ever or the worst, but I need to know.” Autumn paused to take a much-needed breath, her expression utterly earnest. “You know?”
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    While Cass distracted the guards, Devin slipped away. He smirked and shook his head as he was mildly entertained by Cass wanting to be all in their business like the reporter in training she was. The kitchen was only a few steps away, and closer than the bathroom he'd have to look for on his own, so he made his way in there. Waffles and eggs and bacon were all on the menu it seemed and the wonder mom that was Dana Keane had everything well in hand. Still, it was more than one person could handle on any day and with her assistant pulled away for tabloid interview, she was nursing her coffee while juggling the morning's breakfast. Devin could see the headline now: "Bat Boy Found, But Captured and Eaten By New Power Couple, Jase and Autumn!" He smiled at that. "Do, uh," the back of his hand tapped nervously and gently into the palm of his other. "Can I uh, help out with anything?" He asked the lovely redhead. "Waffles! Nice. One of my favorites." Small talk that didn't involve being a pervert or an ass was easily one Devin's weak spots, but it wasn't just the Fellowship or the school he needed to endear himself to on his path to redemption, it was the families of those he'd wronged too. He'd learned that from his mom, or, more to the point, the few books she'd written on the topic coupled with copious internet searches. "I do this thing where I whip the eggs seperately from the yolks then mix them afterward. It uh, makes the waffle more airy, or, fluffy, I guess." Dana was annoyed that Devin Jauntsen was even in her home, let alone her kitchen attempting to make small talk with her. Still, for her daughter's sake, she finished her sip of coffee and set the mug on her counter top as she chopped the eggs in the pan gently, scrambling them. "You can make waffles?" She asked incredulously. It came out a bit more abrasive than she'd intended but with an diplomatic half smile she recovered her composure. "Up on the hill, lording over Shelly, most people just assume the Jauntsens have servants and maids to make all their meals." "Yeah, with the storm clouds and the bats... I know, but we had to do away with the weather machine, EPA guidelines. Bats, wouldn't you know it, are endangered in these parts, which I warned mom about before we moved to Montana." He shrugged defeatedly. "No one listens to me." Despite her current position on Devin the boy had mastered the art of schmoozing awhile back. He knew that Mrs. Keane, despite not liking him, wouldn't do or say anything that would embarrass or hurt her daughter's standing with her friends, let alone her new boyfriend. He stepped up and washed his hands in the sink, before picking up a knife and setting a strawberry on the cutting board and did a rolling cut with practiced accuracy. "The staff we kept sacrificing to our dark gods to keep us wealthy and young, so no one answers our ads for help anymore. Needless to say last Christmas was rough. All dark pagan worship and sacrifice, then we were stuck ordering pizza." "You never turn off the smarm, do you?" Dana asked with an appraising eyebrow raised. "Sorry, defense mechanism." He smiled that charming smile of his as another slice of strawberry rolled off the knife's edge. The thickness and angle were exactly the same as the one before it, as Devin's keen sense of distance, angles, and measurements unconsciously aided in this small task. "I learned to take care of myself, Mrs. Keane. Our parents really aren't the most nurturing sort. So, we've learned to watch after each other. I took up the cooking, and cleaning. Marissa handles the dishes and laundry and keeps up with our schedules so we don't miss appointments, dentist, doctor, stuff like that." There was an awkward pause, the sort one felt when the distinct feeling that the listener didn't care about what the speaker was saying, crept over him. "Your dogs are cool," strawberry slices were piling up giving Dana reason to pause as her proficient and educated skills of observation from years of work in the medical field, noticed the strange fluidity and accuracy of the sixteen year old boy slicing strawberries with laser precision like a chef who'd had nearly thirty years to practice. "We weren't allowed pets. They were a distraction, Mom said." "A distraction," she offered him a look of genuine interest now. Adding a pinch of salt and pepper to the eggs she mixed them together in the pan with the spatula and finally tilted the fluffy yellow goodness out onto a larger serving plate. As she cracked more eggs, she followed up. "From what?" "Oh, our Mom had this whole child stardom thing planned for us. It was up at four in the morning for workouts, rehearsals breakfast and school prep, then school, then back for workouts, rehearsals, auditions." He shrugged dismissing his past. "Typical MaliCali life. Pets, video games, friends... wasn't really in the cards for us. We had a social life, but it was with other kids whom our Mom had previously screened and would improve our image or positively promote our brand." "Sounds like it was rough," Dana commented dismissively yet with just enough compassion as a mother to understand that not all children were given the love and nurturing that her daughter was given. "So, what are you getting at, Devin? Hmm? Am I supposed to listen to your story and accept that everything you and your sister did to my daughter over the last several years is completely justified because the Jauntsen twins didn't get their pony?" Devin sighed and set down the knife. Twisting the stem from the cut strawberry he was cutting he popped into his mouth. "No, of course not," he chewed. "Look, Mrs. Keane, I know I've been a jerk, hurtful even. I-I'm not that guy anymore. I like your daughter, a lot." She raised an eye brow at him, shifting her posture like a jealous father ready to law down the law to protect her daughter from love triangle drama. Realizing how he phrased it, Devin scrunched his face at her and recoiled slightly. "What? No. No, not like that. I know it seems strange. That I sort of just pulled a one-eighty one day and now Jason and Autumn, and all of us are all chummy and it makes as much sense to us as it does to all of you, the parents. Believe me, the Cassidy's don't even let me into their home, let alone invite me to breakfast." "And do you understand why?" She asked him, tilting her coffee and realizing she just took a motherly tone with him. "What? Oh, wow," he seemed caught off guard for a moment. "Uh, so.. yeah, wow, we-we're doing this? The ol' pull the Mom card out and lay it on the table. Yeah, of course I know. I was an absolute terror, I get it. Bu-but, look at it from my end. I'm trying really hard at something that doesn't really come with an instruction manual. You adults are always telling how we're getting older and we need to start accepting more responsibility and put our adult pants on... but... you don't ever stop treating us like kids. Autumn is amazing and beautiful and fun. She's grounded and has her act together like no other person I've met before. I screwed up, I did things I can't take back but all I want is the chance to be a friend to her now. To be forgiven and offered a chance to start over, y'know?" She shifted the eggs in the pan and let them slide off onto the platter. "Have you told her that?" Devin stopped chewing his second strawberry and glared off into nowhere. Shit. He just got mommed. "I... I guess I haven't. Hard to start over if I've never bothered to apologize, huh? Good call, Mrs. Keane." "Yeah," she smiled to herself. "Been doing this for a couple years. I've picked up a trick or two."
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