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    She said something, but was looking at her phone, distracting herself with that instead of talking to him. He leaned in asking "What?" with a slight grin since she seemed to be being deliberately evasive. She mumbled it again while swiping through a playlist, only to get a 'Huh?' from her 'boyfriend'. "You! Okay? Geez." Cade was witness to the one the very few moments when Marissa's titanic composure was broken and she nothing like a twenty-five year old making power moves to secure a financial future and everything like the mildly embarrassed sixteen year old young woman she really who just said some considerate to the guy she sort of liked. "See? How hard was that?" He laughed. She sighed and rolled of to face him. Her cheeks just a bit flushed with the moment still. "I have not had a day to myself in so long, and I could not have imagined it going any better with anyone other than you, okay? There, I said it. Happy?" "Only if you are," he smiled warmly. Her eyes narrowed and she smiled a mischievous smile. She cooed, "Now you are learning." She kissed him once and rested her head on his chest. Why did she feel so okay with this? Why did just lying in the sun, relaxing and taking her time to enjoy the kissing feel so right? She could hear the rhythmic thumping of her heart and wondered of the cold, dead thing in the center of her chest sounded the same. Her mind was at war with itself as she half listened to what Cade was saying. By the way, I'm so wrapped up in my own guilt over selling you and everyone out to the bad guys, that I figured you deserved a girlfriend before my actions end you up a lab table getting cut to pieces to figure out your powers work. Blowjob? She was pretty sure a side of oral gratification was not going to make up for betraying him or the others so as Cade talked she thought about all the possibilities and ways it would all blow up in her face while she kissed his chest and traced her tongue along the outline of his nipple. "You are incredibly distracting," he laughed shirking his chest away from her mouth because it tickled. She returned from her thoughts and realized what she'd been doing just offered him a salacious grin. "Sorry. You know what?" She slapped her palm flat on his broad chest. "Let us get out here and get some burgers, I am famished already. On me." She pushed off of him and stood up. She spun about towards the Jeep to get her shirt and skirt and Cade didn't took a moment to admire the view, especially where her bikini bottoms had climbed up her bottom as they made out. With a swipe of her fingers everything was back the way it was supposed to be and she stepped into her skirt and pulled her shirt back over her body. It was getting dark and Cade collected his things as the sky turned shades of purple in the distance. The weather was still great, but the sun was going down earlier and earlier every night. As Marissa waited she stood looking at the water while finished rigging everything to leave until after several long minutes she could hear him approaching. "Hey," was all he said and she tilted her head to look back at him. His phone flashed and he snapped an image of her to remember the trip by. "I'm wondering which one is more beautiful." "Me or the sunset?" She asked softly, hardly able to break here eyes away from it. "Sunset? I was thinking you or your smile." He kissed her shoulder. "As if I could notice anything but you." She rolled her eyes and walked away, "Oh my god that was cheesy." "What?" He followed her, taking the left side and parting her company to get into the Jeep. "That was pretty good. Come on, give me some credit!" "Nooope!" She laughed as she hopped in the passenger side. "Just for that I am taking Haruka mini-skirt shopping." She held her finger and thumb to her lip and rubbed them together. Cade looked at her strangely. "What are you doing?" he asked shaking his head in the hopes of rattling loose a clue. "I am twisting my handlebar mustache, because corrupting your sister is evil." His date replied in a tone that suggested it should have been obvious. Cade rolled his and started the Jeep. "You are such a nerd." As the brake lights lit up the darkening clearing and the Jeep drove off into the Summer evening the wailing of his girlfriend demanding he take that back, echoed among the trees.
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    The spiced and savoury scent of baking stuffed peppers and stuffed mushrooms wafted into the living room. Sean's pale face was shaded into mixing hues of red, green, and yellow as orbs of condensed, deadly photons hovered about his head. Like Ioun Stones, now that Sean considered with a wan grin. His parents hadn't noticed he'd been manipulating the images from his laptop to the TV without an interface or had just thought it some big of technological trickery. So he had made some other, more flamboyant demonstration. His mom had gasped and his dad's eyes had widened in surprise, but they hadn't really believed. His dad still didn't, trying to figure out how he'd done what he had. His mom seemed to have reluctantly come around after he had asked her to trust him and tuned up the efficiency of the electrical impulses in her brain. She believed, but it didn't make her happy. "So, you're psychic? What does that mean, exactly?" Carolyn asked her son with tense interest. "Does is have something to do with this 'Dark' you mentioned?" "Psionic," Sean absently corrected. "Pardon?" Carolyn said, while her husband folded his arms and glowered, trying not to humour his son and wife, though doubt was seeping in. "Psionic, not psychic, it's a minor distinction, but one I'm keeping," Sean explained. "And it means I, and others like me have a means to manipulate or influence specific underpinnings of reality, in certain ways." "Harrumph!' Jack Cassidy groused. "Hey! I didn't say we were breaking the natural laws of the universe, it just looks that way," Sean protested. "Actually, I think we're actually still bound by them. It's just... we're able to read the super fine print and have access to, um, clauses and sub-articles, others don't." The slim, curvaceous boy nodded towards the kitchen. "Supper smells ready. Can we continue this over food?" ~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~ "So, who else is psy - excuse me, who else is psionic?" Carolyn queried casually, blowing gently on a forkful of red pepper, rice, and sausage to cool it. "All your friends who were quarantined with you at Marias, I suppose?" Sean stiffened, then swallowed down the stuffed mushroom he had in his mouth with a hard gulp. "I'd... rather not say, mom. I'm telling you what I can, because shit has gotten serious and I think you'll be safer if you know what's going on. But I don't know everything others may have said to their parents or what they want others to know 'bout them." He took a sip of water then worried at a lip, before nodding to himself. "He's been over a lot over the years, and I don't think he'll mind much, but Jase is psychokinetic." "Which is... he can move things with his mind?" Jack ventured, giving his head a small shake that he was even indulging this fantasy. "Handy, that." "Among other things. Fly, for one. He can move, slow, or speed up atoms, I think," Sean expounded. He saw the looks on his parents' faces." I can shock things and shoot them with lasers. He can freeze them or set them on fire." Sean took several quick bites of his own stuffed pepper, then cocked his head to the side in thought. "Wasn't quite as weird as Jase revealing that he is a psychopath." "What? Don't say such a thing, Sean," his mother scolded him. "Jase is a perfectly nice and polite boy, despite having such a hard life." Sean ran his fingers down his face from hairline to chin in frustration. This should have been another conversation. "Okay, about psychopathy..." ~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~ "Aliens, now? Government conspiracies and black ops agencies and secret bases under the hospital and prison? And Dr. Cook is all part of it?" Sean's father didn't quite bellow, pacing agitatedly through the living room, and running a hand through his thinning hair. "Sean, this sounds like one of the games you and your friends play." "It does," Sean admittedly, perching on the arm of the recliner to stay out of his dad's way. "I mean, I'm living it, and I wouldn't believe it is I hadn't seen it for myself, heard it from Dr. Cook himself. But it's real." He nodded at the TV, where he had shown them some - specifically edited - scenes he had captured from the Crossroads escapade and the events at Marias. "I wouldn't take any jobs at the prison, hospital, or on base, if I were you. Y'know, just in case." Jack gave his son a disgruntled look. He contracting business was a small one, so he didn't get many contracts from that group, and not big ones, and while he would miss the income, if what he son said was true, he had no intention on bidding for those contracts, let alone work for them. "I find it hard to believe Dr. Cook was part of this, has done all you say he has, hun," Sean mother said once again, with a sad shake of her hair, twisting a curl of pale, strawberry blond hair in an old habit that only cropped up when she was stressed. "He seemed so nice, and did so much good for you." "He did," Sean agreed with a sad, resigned grin. "But I think the good he was doing for me was really for him, to assuage all the guilt he felt for the bad he'd done, what lengths he's gone through in the pursuit of discovery." Site B... "He has helped me, but it doesn't make up for everything else he's done." "... Does this psionic ability, or did Dr. Cook, have anything to do with... well, with, you, Sean?" Carolyn's voice was gentle, but she couldn't help but ask, her blue eyes bright with unshed tears. "No, that's all me." And it's gonna kill me. Sean's grin turned brittle and tight, hurt to see the pain in his mother's eyes, the guilt that she hoped his awkward, unconventional development was due to another's influence and not something she'd done, even if was only contributing to his messed up genetics. ~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~ Sean sat on the porch swing under the covered veranda, rocking slightly. The old quilt his grandmother had stitched that usually rested on the swing, he pulled about his shoulders against a cool night breeze as he watched the stars, as he gave his parents some privacy to discuss what he had disgorged upon them. Turing, his grey cat, prowled out from under the swing and leapt up onto his lap. Green-yellow eyes regarded him impassively, head tilted slightly as he chirruped questioningly, then Turing began to purr as Sean absently pet him, brushing his cheeks and stroking him under the chin. There was supposedly a crashed alien spacecraft at Site B. Was there another, others, up there watching Earth? There was a soft footfall on the hardwood planking of the veranda and Sean recognized as his mother's gait, but didn't turn to look. Wordlessly, she joined him on the porch swing. Carolyn wanted to put her arms about her middle child, but Sean had grown reticent with being touched as he'd grown into his teens, so she contented herself with just bumping his shoulder with her own. "You know, when you said you had something to talk about with us, Sean, neither I nor your father even suspected it was something like this," she said, a bit of exhausted humour leavening her tone. "Yeah?" "Mmm-hmm. We thought you were going to tell us you were planning on a more... drastic, or surgical option to deal with condition, one way or another." Sean slowly craned his neck to look at his mother. She looked back, brows raised, expression patient and concerned, and judgement-free. There was the barest curve to one side of her mouth, bemused at her own jump to conclusion and being so blindsided by what Sean had actually told her. Sean laughed. It started as fitful, stifled giggles, then grew into full blown, full bellied guffaws. He laughed so far his cheeks hurt and it started to hurt to breathe. "All this stuff is happening," Sean hiccuped, trying to regain his breath. "And while I still don't care much for how most people who know treat me, or the comments they make, I'm actually starting to be okay with how I am. I can even see maybe liking it, someday." And it might kill me.
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    "What do you think, hmm?" Autumn asked, peering down into the luminous amber eyes of the shepherd who, likewise, peered back up at her with a soulful expression that- while completely insta-worthy- did nothing to answer the question. "Thanks," the redhead grinned ruefully, her fingers playfully tousling the thick sable fur around Dakota's neck as she turned to the confidant at her shoulder. "What about- gah!" she spluttered, laughing and shoving Lexi's big square head away and swiping at her now decidedly more slobbery cheek with the back of her sleeve. "Yes, very helpful, thanks. I love you too, Lex, but I'm trying to think." Shaking her head, still smiling as she pulled the sweet-natured Pit bodily down beside her on the couch, Autumn considered the dimmed screen and tapped it again to bring it back to life. Jason Bannon, the contact information stated clearly, properly; the generic photo, however, had been replaced by the cropped image of a certain fire-breathing wyrm. This shouldn’t be difficult. Sure, texts would be easier, but it was just a phone call. They were friends- they'd been through a secret prison together. Hell, they'd smoked out together. She'd already asked him, anyway, right? This was just, like... a follow-up. Yeah. Exhaling, the red-haired young woman nodded sharply and shifted a little on the couch, nudging her shoes and socks off with her toes as the dogs rearranged themselves fitfully around her. She tapped the little green icon, brought the phone up to her ear, and waited. The phone rang several times, Autumn remembering Sean's advice and waiting patiently as the number of rings reached five... then seven... then nine... and then the phone was picked up. "Hello." said an unmistakable voice - or rather, an unmistakable timbre and inflection. No upward lilt of curiosity at the end of the greeting - it gave the impression he was looking across the room at someone who'd just walked in rather than trying to include a question within the one-word salutation. Autumn was struck suddenly by the total consistency in Jase's manner- even his phone greeting was perfectly neutral and composed- and wondered briefly what else she would have expected from him. "Um, hey, Jase. It's Autumn. Do you have a minute?" "Autumn." Goddamn if she couldn't hear a faint warming in his tone as he spoke her name, as though his lips were curved upwards slightly and the skin at the corners of his eyes had almost imperceptibly crinkled. "I was just showering. One moment - I don't want to drip all over the floor." The handset was not set down, but Autumn could hear rustling noises of cloth on skin before Jason's voice once more came back. "What can I help you with?" She'd heard a record scratch before, although not a real one- you had to do that on purpose and vinyl was a collector's thing that could get super expensive- but the synthesized version they used in comedies. That was sort of the sound her brain made, as if all rational thought had come screeching abruptly to a halt, and all the heat in the room had suddenly whooshed up into her face at the mere suggestion that he had just stepped out of the shower... that she was talking to a guy- to Jason Fucking Bannon- in a towel. Maybe a towel. Oh, god. It occurred to her, in a distant, fuzzy sort of way, that he'd taken a shower when she'd ridden up to the farm on Monday, and that she knew what his hair looked like still tousled and damp. The remembrance did not help, but stuck there in her mind’s eye. As Dakota nosed at her arm, the redhead blinked, inhaling convulsively as greedy lungs demanded air. "Yeah, hi," she replied, a little hoarsely, as she wondered where her courage had fled. "So, uh. Listen. Just a couple things. I wanted to say thanks for going along with the change in plan yesterday. With the cats, I mean." "You're welcome." For a moment, she thought that was all he had to say on the matter, but then: "It was aesthetically correct, what you wanted to do. Those creatures did not deserve that treatment. It was offensive." Aesthetically correct. Huh. She considered that for a moment, poking at the thought like a tongue at a loose tooth, and nodded, as if the listener on the other end of the signal could see it. "It was… offensive, yeah. So, new question, then." Drawing her legs up onto the couch, Autumn absently renegotiated positions with the dogs, running her hand briskly over Lexi's warm, velvety side as she settled down again with a soft huff, her chin on the young woman's hip. "If you thought so, why didn't you say so?" There was a pause. And the odd thing about the pause was this: it didn't feel like he was there for that moment. There was no soft exhalation of breath, no sound of fidgeting. It was as if he went completely still - not just 'still' but Still - so motionless he faded from the world. She fought the urge to ask if he was still there. And then he spoke again. "Because I was attempting to see if there were actually any purpose to the cruelty I was witnessing. I was trying to understand what I was perceiving. I would have reached the conclusion that it was pointless and careless cruelty in a few more moments. I..." he hesitated. Actual hesitation, as though he was reluctant to admit something. "I have no instinctive aversion to the suffering of creatures outside the circle I choose to care about. It does not repel me like it does the rest of you. It doesn't excite me either, mind - it just does not touch me. But when you spoke up, it became a moot point whether there was any purpose to their torture - I set that aside and helped my friend do what she wanted to do." "No instinctive aversion," Autumn repeated slowly, weighing the words as she spoke them. She couldn't imagine that- not feeling that desire to help someone who was hurting, the same pull that had inspired her to hug Devin despite their differences. It was hard to wrap her head around, that oddly clinical way he had of looking at the world, but... "That... makes sense, I think? I mean, if you have to process everything in a cognitive way, like you said, it would be weird if just a couple of things were different. I can't really empathize with you there, but... I guess that's probably the same for you, huh?" She smiled a little, in spite of the subject. "And there was a... a purpose, yeah," the redhead continued, the brush of pale fingers over the dog's paler fur growing gentler as she remembered what she'd sensed in those cells. "Just... not a good one. It was, um." Now it was her turn to hesitate, unsure how to put into words the horrific extent of the scientists' explorations. "It was worse than it looked from the outside," she finally managed, and left it at that. There was no point going into the details, not when they'd already gotten both the feline prisoners out of that awful place- although, privately, she hoped the ones who'd done it had been in Etienne's room. Fucking sadists."So, anyway. Regardless of why you did it, you helped, even though it could've caused problems, and I appreciate it." "You're welcome." he repeated simply. Tipping her head back against the cushions at the characteristically laconic reply, she stared up at the rafters high above, the vaulted ceiling soaring up to the second floor. Right. This is Jason Bannon. If he had regular conversations with people, it would probably be a sign of the end times. It occurred to Autumn that she hadn't heard him moving around since he'd mentioned getting out of the shower, and she had to stifle a laugh at the weirdly incongruous image of stoic, composed Jase standing statue-like in a towel, talking on the phone as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do. "There was something else I wanted to ask you, though." Taking a deep breath, she focused on just shaping the words. Boring words. Plain words. Not at all difficult or complicated words. Just words. Just a question. "I was wondering... are you doing anything Friday night?" There was another of those pauses, this one lasting maybe a little longer than a couple heartbeats, and the be-freckled redhead wished at that moment for two contrasting things. Firstly, that she could see Jason's face, his eyes, try to gain a measure of his expression and compare it to the notes she'd taken on Bannon Facial Expressions for Dummies - a Work In Progress. The second thing she wished for was for, oh, a flaming meteor to hit her, for example. Just a sudden, painless and above all non-embarrassing death. Was that too much to ask? "I have nothing planned." Jason replied, and there was now a note of intrigue in his voice. Possibly. Probably. He sounded intrigued. "Why?" "I mean," she added quickly, "more like Friday afternoon. But also Friday night! And-" At that point, it was wholly unnecessary that the meteor should already have to be flaming when it struck, because it would probably be set ablaze the moment it touched her. Grimacing, she forged ahead. "And Saturday. Or part of it. ...I am totally fucking this up," she muttered under her breath with a quiet groan, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. "What I mean is, do you want to spend the night?" No! No, that is not at all what you mean, Autumn! "Camping! Do you want to go camping Friday night?" She was going to die. Or, no, she wasn't going to die, or at least not quickly and right now, and that was the problem. Fuck. Dakota’s ears twitched at the note of tension winding through her voice, and the big shepherd made an unhappy not-quite-growl in the back of his throat as he pressed closer to her side. "Camping?" Jason's voice was calm, but a suspicious part of the mortified girl's mind readily imagined that glint of wry, reptilian amusement he sometimes - okay, often wore when she was blushing. Not touched by the suffering of others, my ass. she grumped silently. "That sounds like it could be fun. Where did you have in mind?" "The place I mentioned on Monday." There was a note of caution in her tone, as if she were waiting for the sound of the smirk in his voice to pour gasoline on the flames currently scorching her face. "It's on my family's property, a few miles up from my house." "Any particular special equipment I need to bring to camp there?" he asked, apparently all business, his mind focusing on the proposal at hand rather than bedevilling her. Thank any gods that might be paying attention for that small mercy. "Hmm. Well," she considered what the actual necessities might be, and realized she didn't really know what Jase actually did most of the time, apart from tending the miniature Eden he was cultivating in the barn. He'd suggested at the farm that it would be easier to get to know each other by 'sharing activities,' but that also made it hard to guess what kinds of activities her new (and extraordinarily challenging) friend might enjoy. "Special equipment? No, not really. We've-" Autumn caught herself, exhaling quietly for a few beats. "I've been camping there my whole life, so even if I need to do some cleanup, the site's pretty well-established. There's no plumbing or electricity, though, so if there's anything in particular you want to do, it probably shouldn't rely on either of those things. Books, or cards, or something. Basically just... a tent, sleeping bag or blanket, any snacks or drinks or whatever that you want, clothes…” She thought about that last for a moment- normally this was where she’d recommend bringing something durable and easy to clean, sturdy shoes or boots- but Jase’s typical attire already met the criteria. “For you, probably just what you normally wear. Soap and stuff. Um. Towel. Something to swim in, maybe? There's a creek alongside it," she explained. "Normal camping stuff," she finished off-handedly, shrugging as she leaned over onto the drowsing pair of warm-furred bodies next to her. "I mean, you'd be my guest, so I can take care of most of the rest like meals and basic things, or whatever you don't have." "I've got some camping gear." Jase confirmed. "I should turn up - when? Just after lunch, Friday?" "Is that a yes?" the red-haired girl countered curiously, the reassuring press of the two lazing dogs helping restore some semblance of her emotional equilibrium. "Yes." Amazing, that a boy who redefined the term 'inscrutable' could pack so much dry humor into a single three letter word. In spite of herself, Autumn grinned up at the ceiling- a poor substitute for the friend on the other end of the line, to be sure, but there was a certain degree of safety in a phone conversation, too... mostly, that there were no pale green laser beam eyes laughing at her. "Then, also yes," she replied. "Excellent. I'll call to let you know I'm on my way, on the day." He paused then, a brief but noticeable one, then asked, as though remembering to do so. "How are you? School okay today?" "Oh." There was likewise a pause on Autumn's end of the line, in which she blinked up at the rafters overhead, clear blue eyes wide. She hadn't expected him to actually ask any questions. If anything, she was kind of impressed he'd stayed on the phone this long- it wasn't the kind of thing she'd imagined him doing, but... actually being around him recently, and spending most of Monday afternoon at his house, was giving her reasons to reconsider some of what she'd thought she knew about the Impenetrable One. Should she just say 'yeah,' and leave it at that? ...No, Jase didn't ask questions to be polite. "It was interesting. Got called to the guidance counselor's office, and now I'm waiting on Warden Crocker to come by, for some reason. What about you? Enjoy your day off?" There was a moment's silence, as he actually considered her question and his answer with due gravity. When he spoke there was a subtle guardedness to his voice. "My mother visited me. We spoke. I think I understand her better." He paused, then, "And I spent the afternoon working to get the farm straightened up." he concluded in a more normal tone - well, normal for Jason. The dogs protested, grumbling aloud as Autumn sat suddenly upright, but she reached back and patted them absently, focused on what he'd just said. His mother? They'd just talked about her two days before, and that was a whole thing, and he had definitely not been okay at the time. "Okay, well... That, um. Sounds like a good thing. Or at least, a better thing, I hope," she added tentatively, the concern in the redhead's amber-speckled features bleeding through into her voice. "It is complicated." Jason admitted. "I am still processing the encounter. I haven't been able to tell anyone about it yet." Autumn wasn't sure how to respond to that. She couldn't imagine anything so complex or intellectually demanding that even Jase would have trouble processing it. He was the smartest person she knew- maybe the smartest person she would ever know, she realized. Smart enough that she probably really had only the vaguest idea how intelligent he actually was. "Mmm." She hummed softly in response, the sort of subvocalization common in Autumn-speak that he recognized as an indication of commiseration or agreement of some kind. "If you're working on it, I know you'll figure it out. And when you do, you know... If you wanna tell somebody... You have friends," she finished quietly. "And I value them." came the sober reply with a pensive note to it, as though he were thinking about the words and the concept they contained as they were uttered. A pause, then "My father just got back. I should probably go." Another pause. "Thank you. For calling. For your friendship." "Oh, yeah. You, too.” That was a little disorienting, being thanked for being his friend- enough so that she completely lost the natural flow of the conversation. “...So, I guess I'll see you Friday? Or at school, 'cause... yeah. Classes." "Of course." Jason replied. "See you at breakfast tomorrow, Autumn." "See you tomorrow, Jase." As the call ended, timer flashing on screen, Autumn pressed the edge of her phone case to the underside of her lower lip, thinking. That had been, honestly, shockingly easy. ...Way more so than she’d expected, even if a little glimmer of worry flickered at the back of her mind about the fact that his mom had paid him a visit. If he was still processing whatever they’d talked about, there was a basically no chance it was something trivial. But… Nothing she could do about that. Better to focus on what she could do, and that was make plans for Friday. She was technically grounded, yeah, but being at the campsite was basically the same thing as being at home, right? And she wasn’t in trouble at school, or anything. Maybe she’d just bring it up casually that night, over dinner or something. Mom won’t care. Probably, she decided. Anyway, Jase had already agreed, so she’d have to figure out a way to make it happen, wouldn’t she? Glancing back down at her phone to check the time again, the energetic redhead sighed and rolled up to her feet and off the couch, accompanied by the sounds of canine huffing and whining as the freckled heater next to them suddenly disappeared. Padding barefoot into the next room, she tapped at her screen a couple of times, setting the phone down on the counter as Spotify’s algorithms busied themselves sorting through her preferences. She hadn’t really eaten lunch, instead heading down to walk a few laps around the track- even if there was no way to eliminate all the Weird that had suddenly intruded on her life, the simple pleasure to be found in the mechanics of motion usually worked to settle unsettled thoughts. Now, of course, she wished she’d at least grabbed an apple or something before she’d gone back to class. The fridge mostly held disappointment in the form of her mom’s nutritionally-optimized lunch containers, pre-packed for efficiency in an unpredictable workplace. Ugh. Hard pass. Autumn’s nose crinkled as she surveyed her options: there was a bowl of leftover potato soup she could throw in the microwave... Eh. It would do. Bumping the refrigerator door shut with her elbow, Autumn hummed quietly along with the music filling the sunlit kitchen, half-consciously matching her movements to the deliberate, percussive rhythm. She didn’t immediately recognize the song, but it did sound like some of the other stuff she’d liked, and her toes tapped on the cool tile as she peered out the window and waited for the soup to reheat. Whatever Nathan Crocker wanted to talk about, the idly swaying redhead had a sense that it was best addressed on a full stomach.
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    One lone Friday A voluptuous yawn stretched Kat’s mouth as she woke up, the sunlight softly caressing her features as it spreaded its rays throughout the teen’s room. The sort of routine she had established with her Dad started to kick in. Waking up early, jogging, shower, breakfast, school. Except there was no school today. Kat slowly mulled over that thought as she let her right leg hang out from the side of the bed, still lying on her queen size mattress, glancing at the room she was gradually getting used to. The walls were painted ruddy blue and duck blue, the darker hue on the window’s wall and the opposing one, the lighter hue on the two remaining walls. The wood work was covered in a delicate layer of chocolate cosmos paint, the whole room giving soothing colors, yet contrasted enough to please the eye. The room in itself had a lot of space, a rough three hundreds and fifty square feet, enough to contain a bed, a wide white wardrobe, a white dresser and a large black desk, as well as what Kat liked to call her “art corner”. When she was younger and went to her dad’s during holiday, she would spend afternoons drawing and painting on her easel, or playing some music, either on one of her guitars or her synthesizer. She sighed, the sight of her art corner reminding her she had to leave her Cort KX 300 in Rennes, as well as her Cordoba Mini II MH Acoustic, and two very old electrics she had not touched in years. She still had the synthesizer, a red and white Fender Telecaster Pau Ferro, and her favorite plug-in acoustic, a blue Rogue RA-090 outlined in black, but man did she like the Cort. The telecaster and the plug-in acoustic were currently hanging from wall mounts, right above the synthesizer, a Roland Cube-GX amp, a Vox AC15C2, and her latest purchase, a Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X Silver Jubilee Reissue, which she had been really enjoying using last week-end, as well as several effect pedals and a soundboard. Kat had been playing the guitar since her eighth birthday. It was her Dad who got her into it. She knew he had a “secret” room in the basement, with every guitar he had ever bought. She was still not allowed into it. He once had shown her the room, in fact, at her eighth birthday. She remembered the day very well. He had taken her on his shoulders, taking her to the door of the forbidden room. He had opened the door, and presented her to what he called his little world. A dozen guitars were hanging on the walls, amps, pedals, a real piano, and pictures of him, Kat and her mother there and there. Then he’d set her to the floor and told her to pick one of the acoustics. It was her birthday gift. She suddenly wondered what had happened to the pictures after the… divorce. Her gaze shifted to the very right of her art corner, where her desk was. On top of it, sitting there, her ROG G752. The “Beast” was getting old, but still held up. Further back on the desk a couple piles of colorful paper, the sum of every drawing of hers, throughout the years. A gentle knock on her door pulled her out of reverie. “Hey, baby girl. Morning jog in ten, don’t make me drag you out of bed !” Her father’s voice came muffled through the wooden door, sounding rather joyful. She did did enjoy these morning runs with her father, even though she had a real hard time working on her stamina. Josh was a loving father, but a ruthless coach. Kat slipped out of bed, her bare feet meeting with the fresh wood of the floor. She quickly left her night attire - a simple cotton short and a tee-shirt with a big panda head on it - and opened the drawers from her dresser, grabbing underwear, sport bra, a sport short and a synthetic tee-shirt, then stopped for a moment, staring at herself in the wardrobe mirror. She didn’t have much of those curves boys loved, but the naked silhouette looking back at her was undoubtedly feminine. Her gaze gently caressed every line of the tattoo adorning her skin, from calves to shoulders. A chef-d’oeuvre. Kat had always wanted a tattoo, and along the years, her dream rather turned into a project. A piece of art. She ultimately came up with the design she wanted a couple months ago, and she had spent two weeks drawing it. Making it happen had been expensive, and she probably wouldn’t have had the guts, if it weren’t for Alice’s support. A couple minutes later, Kat was noisily hurtling down the stairs. Her father was waiting for her, almost about to knock at her door again. “Hey there, sunshine.” He gave her an encouraging smile, gently ruffling her hair. “Ready or not, let’s hit the road !” He went to the main door to open it, and a fresh morning breeze invaded the hall. With a half-hearted smile, followed by a sigh, Kat went after her father, into the sunny morning.
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    "I'm not asking you to care Jason," he said calmly. "I'm asking you to take care. I know you know the difference. I'm not as smart as you, I don't react with logic, I react with common sense, because for us plebs, Einstein, it's all we have." He approached Jason extending his hand. "Bro, look, no one has stepped up to lead this small family. Everyone, if left to their would have been in trouble or worse by now. We are all we have, and I trying my best to help give us direction, to keep us from ending in a lab somewhere lock in cells and getting the needle treatment because the world thinks we're all out of control. It's not that I don't care about who, or what you are, it's just a lot to process and frankly we have so much going on, you being an alien, honestly, unless you're planning on ruining Shelly in the next few days, gets a 'deal with later' sticker while we deal with more important things, like imminent death from a forgotten god. When I'm ready to deal with that I will, and we will re-visit it." Jason took his offered hand and Devin pulled him in for a bro-hug. "I got your back, dude. Just quit being pain in the ass, Christ." They took a step back and Devin let go of the handshake. "No get off me before you make this weird and step aside while I show you how to make a steak."
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