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  1. When you describe something or someone whose attraction goes beyond mortal description, you can combine uncomfortable concepts and add adjectives where they do not belong, for example. Consider this: "Skirting the edges between human and classic work of art, this person's appearance both recalls and redefines the old masters' paintings and statuary. Free of blemishes, injury or any sign of having been alive at any point, this person is painfully symmetrical. Like butterflies in your stomach, or at the edge of your mind, you are assaulted by conflicting emotions between lust, hatred and greed. This person's every move causes the world to slow down ever so slightly, as if it sat up and took notice. When this person speaks, the words seem to flow out of reality itself, like an addictive honey. Horrible thoughts spark deep in your gut, as if this person's injury or death would bring forward terrible retribution from the fabric of existence that they move in." Or this: "This person's face is like a blur, a veil drawn across something that is a gash in existence. Seeing it would mean instant death, a heart stopped by just being a witness to a secret no one was meant to know. Even looking from the corner of your eye, little remains in your memory save a hint of something crustacean, ophidean and simian, all at once. Organs functioning like eyes, ears and mouth should be placed upon this molten canvas, and yet whatever holds their place is unlikely to also hold their familiar function. When it opens its mouth to speak, your heart skips a beat, as if steeling yourself against a fear most primordeal." Describing impossibly ugly or beautiful becomes close to absurdist comedy, at some point.
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