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    Abel smiled as his feet touched the ground, and he looked to Kia, who was standing there with him. "Let's Kick their asses." <Sean, can you to use your esp to spy out that damn displacer beast. We can't let it get away. I'm going to try and keep these soldiers safe behind my shield. Worst comes to it, I can get one of the missile pods from the downed helicopter and throw it at the things, and Alec, at that point I'd want you to blast it. Should be a rather impressive explosion. Of course we'd wait for any of us to clear out before it comes to that.> None of them had any idea what exactly these things were aside from a threat, and he was passively scanning for the same sort of alien mental dissonance as at the cabin, when he'd felt the things before. He knew where three were, but the 4th was really what he was looking for.
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