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    AND WE'RE LIVE! Here are some ground rules and notes: Each month is a contained time. All threads should be wrapped up by the end of the month and only actions posted during that time will be carried over ST-wise into the next month. Personal threads don't have to stick to this rule, but be careful of getting stuck in a thread as the game moves on. Keep main threads R rated at most. If you want to do explicit writing, go for it in personal threads. Please mark the thread with [Mature], [Explicit], or some other tag giving readers an idea of what they're getting into. Also, make sure that anyone you're writing with in such a thread/scene is down for what's going on *before* you start the thread; if a scene is going that direction and the thread wasn't started as a mature thread, please talk with everyone in the scene to make sure they want to continue and then edit the title to include the new tag. XP will be awarded at the end of each month. If you travel to an in-person domain with your character, please let me know. Your PC will be out of town during that time ICly, obviously. Dates will be post at the start of each thread and I'll try to keep a running calendar. If you are having an issue with a PC or a scene, please PM me about it as opposed to making scathing OOC posts. After over a decade on PbP boards, I've yet to see OOC fighting accomplish anything other than to annoy and polarize the other players and damage the game. Have fun guys!
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