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    I'm game with a Temporal Agency. I have been thinking about Psychopomp Inquisitor with covers in the technical side of the telecommunications industry. Access to information is going to be its bailiwick. The thousands of mortal hands that build the infrastructure of the world rarely have more than a glimpse of the greater whole. Collectively though, they have built the modern world and all of its telecommunication marvels. We know what guides those hands, for we were once a part of It. With that knowledge we can co-opt pieces here and there and build something for ourselves. We must have hands and eyes inside the system--for it is one system--in order to achieve any hope of security. Once I worked to continue the construction of that system, but now I work to suborn it, and make it work for us. Just as the God-Machine used some of us to direct the thousands of mortal hands to its purpose, so can some of us work to build back doors and side processes, and so much more. Our only hope of continued freedom is in understanding and identifying the machinations of what we face and being prepared for it.
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    The ideas I am looking at vary from a Guardian Tempter to... a Psychopomp Tempter. Yeah, either way a Tempter. --- So the Psychopomp would be more of... I was thinking in a sort of thief-y original job role, stuff like Without a Trace and such Embeds. So maybe part Smuggler/Stealthy Faciliator. My job was to take things. Others might do the exact arrangements or assembly of this or that formation, matrices and components. I was a procurer, and for whatever reason, The Big Machine in the Cosmos chose to have a lot stolen. I did that, and well. But.... you know. Just the goods specified. No keepsies, side snatches or the like. It was in a jewelry store, one of the best. For some reason, a hundred of the finest gold earrings would suit the God-Machine's tastes. Then there was this emerald set into a ring. It was just so pretty. I... just wanted it and took it. I Fell, then and there. --- The Guardian would be more of a security person. He had to stay alive, no matter what. And for whatever reason, they came for him. Criminals, the secret police, even some very annoyed vampires and worse. One of those democracy activists in a very closed country. It was tough, but I stopped them all. Then the sensory missive, just as the authorities were deciding damn the consequences and go crackdown in the streets. Step aside at the last minute. Let them kill him. ...Or was it a her, now that I think about it? Either way, all the hard work... rendered pointless in an instant. That wasn't my job, to abandon him... even if the God-Machine commanded it. I killed a whole swath and got him/her to a safe house... and I realized I was still in the process of Falling. --- Which looks better to you guys?
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    Took a bit, but I finally have a character concept for this game. Hotel owner. Yes, a hotel owner. Specifically a Carthian Ventrue hotel owner... who maintains said hotel for guest who might not find themselves terribly, er, comfortable elsewhere. Guests who prefer to keep things discrete. Guests who may make odd requests of the kitchen, or require rush service from the laundry, or the special services of our unique boutique. Guests who might have an unfortunate propensity to eat people, or sprout fur in odd places, or are otherwise don't feel quite a home at the Sheraton. I am Hans Dekker, and safe shelter for all the oppressed creatures of the world can be found at the Hotel Saint Jude! Bwahahaha-- er, um, may I show you to your room?
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