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    “That would be me.” Hiroki took her hand, eyeing her subtly. Not my type, but cute. He kept his speculation off his expression. “Henry Wu.” They shook as she said, “Rochelle McKendrick.” “Pleasure.” He checked his weapons with casual competence. “So I do have to ask – what happens to me if it is leaking? Death, sterilization?” “It wouldn’t be healthy,” Rochelle told him, then handed him a badge. “You’re fine until it turns red and buzzes, then you should get out.” “Red means run, got it.” He smiled at her as he took the badge and clipped it to his sleeve. Gesturing for her to stay behind him, he led the way into the wreck of the ship. “It’s a shame,” he murmured as they started to walk down the length of the lowest level, toward the transwave reactor. Rochelle nodded. “Yes, it was a beautiful ship.” “No, I meant that it crashed instead of landing safely.” Hiroki shook his head. “It’s been nice to use all of this as intended instead of crawling around in the destroyed wreck.” “Oh, well, yeah, duh,” she said with a laugh. He glanced at her, a little surprised at how cute she was when she giggled. He gave her a sheepish grin and said, “I guess that was obvious.” Still smiling, he picked a path into the heart of the ship. ~ * ~ * ~ The creature stopped, looking uneasy. It rolled its eyes up at Jaime and snorted irritably. It moved up next to him, taking up a defensive position at his side. To Jack, it looked as if the alien had adopted Jaime as a friend. George looked to his fenine, expecting her to be ready for his command. Instead, she was standing sprawl-legged, her head down and sides heaving. She looked awful. ~ * ~ * ~ The medic bit her lip lightly, looking unsure for a moment. “I’ll help you to the doctor, and bring it. She might be able to use it to help you.” She took his arm and put it over her shoulder, moving carefully. “Here, lean on me. Try not to move your leg, to reduce the speed its circulating in your blood.” She should have told you that before letting you stumble around forever. The young Uer helped him over to the blonde doctor, who glanced at them sharply as they approached. “He was bitten by this,” she said, helping Morgan sit on a spare crate before offering the creature to the doctor. By now, Morgan could feel something burning up his shin. ~ * ~ * ~ For Gabriela, Talina, and Moira I’ll post as soon as Moira does, which should be tonight.
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