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    Hi all I've got a couple of ideas for a game with Psions as the main characters. 1. Trinity based after the return of the Upeo, with at least one character as an Upeo (could be NPC), likely to be Star Crossed. Aim is to head towards the New Order in Africa and perhaps beyond. 2. Modern day, something happens to turn less than 1% of world population into Psions, but about 10% of population dies in the process.
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    Having given some more thiught, and discussion, to alternates I've decided to reduce there cost. First dot at a level in a Mode is the usual cost, Alternates are then 5xp at your highest Level in a mode and one xp less each level below that. For example if you had 3 dots in a Mode the 1 dot alternate would cost 5-2=3xp, the 2 dot would be 4xp and 3 dot 5xp In the unlikely case someone wants to start with an alternate it will be a straight 2 Bonus pts regardless of dots in the Mode.
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    ... I became a published author. And I owe thanks to you guys. I knew I was a 'decent' writer but I wasn't too sure of my talent when I first came here. Years of praise and ego-polishing made me confident enough to believe that people wanted to read what I was writing. So I wrote, and contacted a small publisher and found out she loved what I wrote. May she be the first of many. In addition to inflating my head, you have taught me about stories - what makes them interesting and what makes them great. I have laughed and cried and been inspired by everyone here. Thank you guys. You're all awesome, and I won't forget you when I'm as famous as Anne Rice. (Let's hope I don't go through the weird Catholic phase!) Dawn
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