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    George gave Yuan a second nod as he finished doing up the straps on Olivia's body armour before swinging his paramedic bag onto his back and picking up his rifle. Checking his rifle he walked over to the other security troops to fill them in. "Ok if you didn't hear we are going to be doing a sweep back through the ship checking on the passengers and the cryotubes with the help of an engineer. If the tube and occupant are good we leave them be, if either look dodgy we pull the occupant out. Once we complete the sweep we'll form a perimeter for the passengers with one team while a second team will move down the levels to check on the supplies and equipment below. Clear? Then grab your gear, we move out when the engineer arrives." Briefly contemplating the route ahead George scratched behind Olivia's ear as she sat patiently beside him. Turning he murmured softly to her, "Not the start we were expecting from this new world eh girl?" He smiled to himself and shook his head slightly as he spotted the aerial sticking up from her body armour. Activating his tactical radio on his vest he quickly put on his headset "This is Sergeant Kalnan to all security personnel in the cryotube bay, report in with a sitrep." Turning, he spots the man who had gone on to the bridge and approach Commander Yuan, so he moves to join them with Olivia padding along beside him.
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    "Da, da. YA besserdechnaya dama pytayetsya lechit' lyudey i derzhat' ikh v zhivykh.1 " Dr. Temnikova mutters at Talina's reaction to her as well as Jack's glare. When she hears the roar from the lift shaft she closes her eyes and sighs. "Eto prosto stanovitsya luchshe i luchshe. Bol'shoye spasibo , krasnyy .2 " she groans in her native Russian. With a pivot on a heel she turned to look around. Spotting one of the dead birds she grabbed it by the neck and casually tossed it into the shaft knowing there was a good chance the creature might go for the easy meal instead. Action Trying to toss the bird close to the beast. [Carver] 9:27 pm: Noir: To land it near the thing, you can use your Fighting skill, which is 2d6 Noir *rolls* 2d6: 6+6: 12 [Noir] 9:29 pm: Woo! Translation 1 "Yeah, yeah. I am the, bad guy. You know, trying to treat people and keep them alive." 2 "It just gets better and better. Thanks a lot, Red."
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